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The internet is eating up Christopher “Prince” Harty of Love & Hip Hop: Miami after he ran his mouth about his past alleged bedtime rendezvous with Lori Harvey on the We In Miami Podcast.

On Oct. 23, We In Miami posted a clip of Prince’s revelation to Instagram, where he also alleged that he slept with rapper Saweetie’s mother, Trinidad. When asked about the celebrities he smashed, Prince promptly threw out Lori’s name, knowing he would catch flak.

“It wasn’t like a smash, though…I was really fucking with her. She was really fucking with me,” Prince said. “She would Uber to my place on the beach and come out with me and stay with me some nights.”

Responding to a question about if sex with Lori was “good,” the reality television star stated it was “phenomenal,” adding he reportedly got with Lori before she lost weight.

“This is before she got thin,” he continued. “I was fucking with thick Lori. She wasn’t thin like she is now. I prefer the old Lori, honestly.”


Prince also alleged that he hit the socialite raw before popping his lollipop back in his mouth. Props to the podcast’s editor for the slurping sounds every time Prince put his sucker back in his mouth.

He should’ve kept his mouth shut after already saying too much, but he continued, claiming he tried to film them in the act before the skincare queen caught him.

“She was very conscientious,” Prince said. “I’m not going to lie to you. One time, I was trying to be slick and get a video. This girl was like, so on it.”

Speaking on how their relationship ended, Prince said he struggled to end things with people, resulting in his partner leaving. The reality star stated he “really, really, really, really” liked the model but loved someone else. He decided to sabotage the relationship. Prince shared he was insecure at the time, knowing he was nothing compared to Lori’s superstar exes, simultaneously spilling she dated rapper Tyga.

Commenters bashed the LHHM star for name-dropping and telling business that involved other people. Others were confused about why Prince dropped the bombshell when Lori was rumored to have her men sign NDAs.

“First off…why [you] trying to sneak a video?? Ask permission.”

“Men talk more than women these days.”

“Is she going to sue? Bc I heard Lori makes men she dates sign an NDA so they won’t talk about her.”

“Why don’t people (men and women) just don’t simply say ‘no comment’? Is that not a thing anymore or??”

“Nah, let him talk because it’s known she makes anyone she deals with sign an NDA. Worth a pretty penny ($1M, I believe). So, gone head and give her the money.”

“These new [ninja emoji], I tell ya.”

“Clout chasing. No more Zeus episodes [and] the fame dimming.”

“Kissing’ [and] tellin’ will always be a cardinal sin [and] corny as ever.”

Prince was shocked to see internet users bashing him, despite acknowledging in the interview that he would catch heat, and defended himself in an IG post.

“Lol, y’all eating me tf up, huh? Ima give y’all my paragraph [and] move on,” he wrote in the post’s caption. “Whilst I can appreciate [and] understand everyone’s view on the podcast, I disagree. I understand the manner in which the question came off distasteful [and] I tried to answer in a manner that would still be funny [and] salacious but still respectful. Clearly, I failed.”

He continued, “This is my life, my story, my truth. I would never get on any public platform [and] just lie or talk about a sexcapade. But whether it was public knowledge or not, I had a relationship with this person regardless if you consider it one or not. [And] I feel like I can speak on my past relationships. Had this been a hook-up or a one-night stand [and] I was being messy, I get it.”

Prince has the right to speak on his past relationships, but why did he throw out Lori’s name and not the name of the person he loved while messing with Lori?

The TV personality also claimed that he smashed Saweetie’s mom, Trinidad, while she was married. 

“I made sure she had a great time,” he said. “I call it the Prince-perience.”

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