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Don’t come at Ms. Evelyn Lozada on some “rah-rah” shit, a lesson Vanessa Rider learned on the latest episode of Basketball Wives LA (Season 11, Episode 2) that premiered Oct. 16.

Season 11’s premiere comprised Vanessa yapping her mouth about business unrelated to her — Evelyn’s 2013 relationship with MLB player Carl Crawford while he was reportedly with Vanessa’s friend, Amy Freeman.

In the recent episode, Vanessa stated she didn’t mean to bring up the matter at her event, but Evelyn clapped back that a different place wouldn’t have justified her actions.

“You have an issue with me for no reason,” the OG BBWLA member said. 

The BBWLA newbie called her butting in someone else’s business a “woman-to-woman” moment, adding she wanted to address her about the situation — even though she said that she didn’t mean to bring it up.

Evelyn told Vanessa that she spoke with Amy, who was “mortified” by how Vanessa tried to paint her in her conversation with castmate Jennifer Williams. 

The 47-year-old model then checked the 42-year-old newbie for starting drama, informing her that she was irrelevant.

“The people that I worry about are the kids,” Evelyn said. “My son is with her as we speak. He’s sleeping at her house, and what you did was wrong. We have a great relationship. You don’t fucking matter in this equation.”

Evelyn popped off, calling Vanessa an “embarrassment” and reminding her that she wasn’t a part of their family circle. Shaunie Henderson and Jackie Christine interjected by suggesting they let the matter go and start fresh, but Evelyn admitted that she couldn’t because Vanessa crossed the line.

“We could’ve been fucking cool. I don’t have a problem with nobody here,” Evelyn exclaimed. “But it’s women like you that come over here, wanting to fuck with my peace.”

The discussion escalated when Vanessa ordered Evelyn not to call Amy. 

“I’m going to fucking call her every time I want to. She’s with my son,” Evelyn hissed while standing, ready for action.

After Evelyn was escorted out by security to calm herself, Vanessa was asked if Amy asked her to address the matter with Evelyn, to which she replied, “No,” confirming Evelyn’s suspicions that she just wanted to start drama.

Vanessa approached Evelyn about the Carl Crawford situation by calling her a homewrecker.

Carl and Evelyn got together about ten years ago while Amy was pregnant. The situation may have caused tension between the three involved (Carl, Evelyn and Amy), but one thing’s certain: Vanessa wasn’t directly involved.

But as if she was the victim, Vanessa explained she didn’t “appreciate homewreckers” and wanted to come to an understanding, MadameNoire reported.

It was not like the 42-year-old drama queen deserved an explanation, yet the 47-year-old clarified Carl told her that he and Amy weren’t together, but she was pregnant with his child. Vanessa asked how Amy could’ve been his ex if she was pregnant and “held him down for 12 years.”

But what wasn’t clicking in Vanessa’s head was that Evelyn went off what her ex-boyfriend told her.

“That home was wrecked, according to him,” Evelyn stated, adding that the situation didn’t involve her.

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