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SWV and Xscape - the queens of R&B

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The ladies of  Xscape and SWV have been all over our social media feeds recently. The girlies are fighting and it’s getting real ugly on these internet streets. Episode four of SWV  & Xscape: The Queens of R&B provides us a little more insight as to how we got to this messy place. Let’s talk about it. 


Auntie to the rescue 

Coko and Taj meet up for a workout with their banging-ass-bodied trainer. Taj says that Coko is no longer the “catty” diva from 20 years ago. The two have mended their relationship and they are such a joy to watch. The two singers discuss their recent meeting with Xscape. They both agree that if Xscape doesn’t want to co-headline their upcoming show, there will be no show. 




Coko tells Taj that her son Jalen plans to drop out of college to pursue music. Auntie is not having it. She tells her play nephew that the music industry is fickle, and they can throw him away at any moment. She goes on to tell him that when SWV broke up, she found herself with no education or employable skills. The singer was forced to take a $9 dollar an hour job to support herself. Taj reminds Jalen that education and music can exist at the same time. She encourages him to stay in school and pursue his original goal of becoming a dentist. Jalen doesn’t agree to go back to school but he does say he will “think about it.”



Top Billing

Both groups meet to discuss the potential joint show. Tamika decides to flex her producer muscles — she is working with the creative director to come up with the concept for the show. LaTocha isn’t happy about this. According to the elder Scott sister, this used to be her role until they “took it away” from her. Miss ma’am barely shows interest in being part of the group so why is she mad?  

Coko interrupts the planning process to ask who is headlining the show. LaTocha makes an executive decision. Both groups will co-headline the show. Kandi is a little salty that LaTocha is speaking on behalf of the group when she appears to have one foot out the door, but she agrees to share top billing with SWV. 

Coko, LaTocha and Kandi are in charge of putting the set list together. Coko says she is uncomfortable being in the room with the two Xscape members because the tension is thick. LaTocha has no answer when Kandi asks for her input. Mrs. Scott -Bivens admits that she hasn’t given much thought to the SWV- Xscape show because she “has a lot going on.” She was just complaining about being excluded, but now she has nothing to add—LaTocha is exhausting. 



The ladies of Xscape meet for rehearsal. When LaTocha doesn’t show up, they assume she’s running  late and begin without her. They soon learn that she is not coming to rehearsal or to sound check. Sis plans to only show up for performances. We are going to have to give the audacity award to LaTocha Scott. 

Meanwhile, LaTocha and her husband-manager, Rocky, are having a celebratory mimosa while Tocha signs the contract for her deal with Motown Gospel. LaTocha’s voice is beautiful, and her new gospel song is a banger, but treating her group members like trash doesn’t seem very Christian-like. Just saying. 


Red solo cups for the win

The much needed comic relief comes from SWV member, Lelee. When her manager stops by, she serves him a drink from a red solo cup because she “doesn’t like doing dishes.”  We  feel you, sis. She reads him an excerpt from her new audio book, which is a story about a pastor standing up on the pulpit with a slong hanging halfway down his leg.

How can we  not love Lelee? 



SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. 


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