So, Is The G-Spot Real Or Is It In Our Imagination?

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Why Do Some Doctors Say It Doesn’t Exist?

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Here’s the problem with doctors trying to find the G-Spot – it’s not exactly about seeing a zone, but rather about having an experience. For some women (and only some), when the CUV is stimulated (and in varying degrees, by different things), an orgasm can occur. Women who have experienced that would tell you that they have, and found, their G-spot. And they’re correct!

However, it’s important to remember that everybody is a little bit different. You could take 10 people who all have belly buttons, and each one will have a belly button of a slightly different size or shape, and even a different location. Sometimes the belly button is higher on one person and lower on another. We acknowledge that we’re all anatomically slightly different, and that’s true of the CUV. Each part of it might be in a slightly different position inside the vagina for one woman compared to another. These tiny differences in layout can be the reason that, for some women, stimulation of the area does nothing, for some it does everything, and for some, it depends.

When we say it depends, we mean that, having a certain part of your body touched can feel good or bad depending on who is doing the touching, the context, the pressure, the size of the object doing the touching and more.

When a stranger grabs the back of your neck it’s terrifying and even painful. When your partner gently rubs their face on the back of your neck, it’s relaxing and possibly arousing. This is all true for the G-spot. For some women, fingering does nothing for the region but penetration from a toy or penis does. For some, more pressure is required for stimulation than others. For some, nothing happens when their G-spot is stimulated.

Just because some women get nothing from having this area stimulated doesn’t mean it isn’t real. The G-spot is ultimately experienced – but not exactly visible to the human eye.

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