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Tems.                                                    Source: Burak Cingi / Getty

Tems had a few choice words for fans who have been criticizing her. In a series of tweets, she made it clear to her fans that she isn’t here to please them with anything else but music. The Nigerian star took to Twitter after some folks had comments about her new Dazed Magazine cover.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but I am not your Christian savior. I didn’t come here to uphold your beliefs about God. I will not fit into this box you try to put me in. I won’t satisfy you in that area please find the person that will. Or ask yourself why you care.

So much growth this year. I’m here for my fans. I have worked so much on myself. It will all make sense when it happens. I started in 2018. Look at what music looks like today. Still Next level coming. I’m just about to start.

I don’t brag because I’m not playing the same game. I don’t need to brag, I am who I am whether you know it or not. It is the house that is built on the solid rock that will withstand the storm. I’m trying to impress myself not you.

Take a look at the photos from the Dazed photoshoot below.

Tems Was Met With Some Opposition After Her Tweets

One fan responded and questioned how she could only be concerned with impressing herself when she needs fans to support her.

“You can’t just impress urself tho,” they tweeted. Why do you go on stage and make music? For yourself or for the public to judge you, if it’s the first, you should make music [and] listen to it yourself in your room.”

Someone else said that her own past statements are the reason why fans have certain expectations of her. They pointed out that Tems spoke more about her religion earlier in her career.

“Weren’t you the one that said you were a church girl?,” they wrote. “Now you’re acting shocked because people choose to hold you by the standard you set for yourself. You initially wanted to form ‘from the industry but not of the industry’ until you realized that s*** almost never sells.”

While fans are criticizing her about her image, she told Dazed that she hoped she could help transform how the world sees African women.

“What I’m trying to do, or what I hope that God does through me, is for the image of the African woman to be [changed] to something luxurious, or desired, or sought after,” she said. “For the demand of the African woman to go up… Let us not be chasing foreign things, let us be something to be chased.”


Take a look at some of the responses to Tem’s tweets below.⁠



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