Here’s Everything You Wanted To Know About Human Hair Closures — According To An Expert

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human hair closures

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When it comes to protective styles that don’t require leave out, human hair closures are a versatile and stylish option. 

As Brittany Johnson, hairstylist and senior content manager for Mayvenn, discussed with MADAMENOIRE, closures have come a long way from the often unrealistic offerings found in beauty supply stores back in the day. 

Today’s contemporary HD lace closures provide an ideal alternative for those seeking the look of a realistic hairline without venturing into the world of full-on frontals. 

Closures often come in sizes 4×4 or 5×5 inches — which makes them different from frontals that graze the full length of one’s hairline. 

Despite their size, closures and their parting spaces can be customized to give you the slayed look you desire regardless of its placement.

Closures can be sewn down or applied using an adhesive, depending on your preference  

“Someone who has a more active lifestyle may want to stick to closure wigs instead of full closure sew-ins so that they can more easily cleanse their natural hair and scalp,” explained Johnson. “Either way, make sure your base of braids is always fully dry regardless of whether you’re wearing a sew-in or a closure wig style.”

Johnson also spoke to the best ways to maintain and style human hair closures at home.


human hair closures

Source: Courtesy of Mayvenn / Mayvenn


What Are Tips For Maintaining A Closure In Between Salon Visits?

“For maintaining a closure at home, making sure your lace is properly and thoroughly cleansed the best thing you can do,” said Johnson.

Tugging and pulling at the hair attached to your lace while combing and brushing will cause unnecessary shedding. Instead, Johnson recommends gently detangling the hair on your closure and ensuring it’s fully dry before applying any heat.

Treating your closure with care will help maintain the longevity of your hairstyle and the hair piece in the long run.


What Tools And Products Should Someone Have In Their Arsenal To Maintain A Human Hair Closure Install At Home?

For styling the hair piece, Johnson recommends “using a strong hold spray or gel like the one’s in Got2B’s Glued line.”

“It’s a great alternative for creating a seamless hairline with your closure,” the hairstylist said. “Especially if you’re not comfortable using lace glue or having your closure sewn down.” 

You’ll also need haircare staples including a quality rattail comb, an edge brush, a silk or satin scarf, shampoo, conditioner and a lightweight leave-in heat protectant to keep your closure looking its best.

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Once you have your arsenal, Johnson shared that “applying the scarf around your hairline as your styled closure sets will help the piece lay more flatly against your hairline.”


What Are Tips For Washing My Closure At Home?

Johnson highlighted that targeting product buildup is the most essential key.

Regardless of how your closure is attached, the hairstylist recommends using shampoo at the lace and hairline. Also, if you need to, don’t be afraid to use a clarifying shampoo.

“Using a bit of rubbing alcohol can help break up glue or product residue that is more stubborn,” Johnson said. “If you’re wearing a sewn in closure, try not to pull on the lace or create too much tension. That way, you won’t be pulling on your natural hairline in the process of cleansing your hair piece.”

“For a closure wig, flip the wig inside out and pay special attention to the underside of the lace. That way, you can really see and feel which areas still need to be cleansed,” the hairstylist continued. “Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly and apply your favorite conditioner before moving on to drying your unit.”


human hair closures

Source: Courtesy of Mayvenn / Mayvenn


What Combats Closures From Shifting?

If you’ve had a closure sewn down before, you’ll know shifting is inevitable as your natural hair grows out.

Many stylists can provide routine maintenance to your closure by moving it back up to align with your hairline again. In addition, taking advantage of a professional’s styling will help your sew-in last longer.

For those wearing closure wigs, Johnson advised using a strong hold gel, glue, or lace tape just in front of your hairline to keep your wig in place.

To avoid a closure wig from shifting back, it’s important that whatever method you’ve used to adhere your unit is applied properly, with time and care.

“Making sure that your wig is pulled far enough towards your hairline so the lace is sitting where it’s supposed to be is crucial,” Johnson explained. “Using a strong hold gel, glue, or lace tape where applicable can help set your hairline and lay the lace down so sliding and shifting isn’t an issue.”

“Stick to gel and leave the glue and tape to professionals if you’re not familiar with healthy application and removal methods,” the hairstylist added.

Read more about hairstyling and wig maintenance down below.

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