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TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé is holding up to giving folks something to talk about. In the latest episode, there’s plenty. One fiancé comes clean while another has audacity. One isn’t pleased and another is making bad decisions. The tea kettle is on the stove and the water is boiling. We’re waiting, patiently, for the cast to stir up some good tea. It’s brewing.

Shaeeda and Bilal 


A good night’s rest has done wonders for Shaeeda. She seems to be getting more comfortable in her fake home. She apologized to Bilal for her behavior.  When Bilal left, Shaeeda immediately Facetimed her mother to express her disappointment. Although Mom agreed that Bilal’s raggedy ass ceiling doesn’t match his Hermés belt, she thinks it’s because he doesn’t have a wife to help him with such things. Umm—OK.

Mom advises her daughter to give Bilal a chance, but to come back home if Bilal doesn’t quickly get his act together. Subsequently, the realtor decides to stop the shenanigans. He takes Shaeeda to his actual house. Sis was beyond relieved to learn she would be living in this “oasis of sophistication.”  Although, she was both grateful and relieved, she is still perturbed by this prank.


Miona and Jabri

In true over-the-top-Jabri style, he showers Miona with gifts. Although she liked her new pink cowboy boots, Miona has no desire to live the country lifestyle. Jabri keeps alluding to them staying in Rapid City and Miona corrects him by reminding him that they will be moving to Los Angeles. Jabri claims they will only be in South Dakota until he has saved some money, but it’s becoming apparent that he plans on staying. 


Miona meets Jabri’s parents and it goes better than expected. Jabri’s mom Mahala admits she didn’t want to like Miona but she does. However, the pleasantries didn’t last long. When Mahala laid down some house rules during dinner, Jabri had the audacity to get upset.Yep, Jobless Jabri moved a whole extra human being into his mama dem house and didn’t expect any rules. Make it make sense.

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Emily and Kobe

Kobe is excited to meet his son, but Emily has other plans. She tells her baby’s daddy that she has booked a hotel, so they can share one night alone before going to her parents’ house. Kobe is eager to meet his son and tells Emily that it’s selfish of her to make him wait. 


The couple start out their romantic evening with dinner in a local restaurant. Kobe immediately notices that he is the only Black person in the room. Emily asks him if he’s uncomfortable. The red flags started flying when Emily asks Kobe how much money he’s saved. After avoiding the question several times, he finally says: “it’s a surprise.” Sounds like Emily will be picking up the tab for that night and tomorrow night and the night after that. 


Ari and Bini


Viewers met Ari and Bini in season 2 when Ari moved to Ethiopia to be with her man. Many people were dumbfounded when Ari invited her ex-husband to come live with the couple. When she returned to the United States for a visit, she was told that Bini was having parties in their home. She grew even more suspicious when photos of “strange women” surfaced on their shared icloud account. Amidst all of this toxicity, they procreated and brought a child into the world. 

After learning that their son Avi needed major surgery, Ari decided to move back to her hometown of Princeton, New Jersey. Bini’s first wife was also an American woman. When she divorced him, she took their son, moved back to the U.S. and cut off all contact. The musician has not seen his oldest son in three years and fears that this will happen again. He is headed to Princeton, New Jersey to reunite with his on-again, off-again girlfriend. 

Bini has not told his family he is leaving. He invites them to a premiere party for his new music video, where he breaks the news that he is leaving abruptly—as in the next day abruptly. 

We’ll have to wait until next week to see his family’s reaction. It’s safe to predict that this will not go well. 

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