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TLC network’s 90 Day Fiancé presents some real scrupulous situations that occur between couples dating toward marriage. While many of the scenarios are typical of relationships–compatibility, insecurities, finances–some leave viewers scratching their heads and mumbling WTF. Such is the case with this season’s episode 2. Unsupportive friends and childish games are par for the course. Tensions rise as the couples prepare to reunite with their future spouses. 


Miona & Jabri

Jabri is preparing for Miona’s arrival. His best friend and bandmate David is ready to get the band back together, but Jabri is hesitant because he wants to focus on his relationship with Miona. The singer is disappointed when David expresses his disdain for Miona, and he is hopeful his bestie and future wife can put differences aside.  

All clad in a pink suit and cowboy hat, Jabri heads to the airport to scoop up his future bride. He lays out the red carpet for her—literally.  Well, actually, it was a red blanket–and as can be imagined–Miona was the least bit impressed. 


Emily & Kobe

Emily grows increasingly nervous while anticipating Kobe’s arrival. She is worried her fiancé may not be attracted to her post-baby body. She is also concerned they won’t have the same chemistry since she is no longer the party girl she used to be–she’s a mother now. Ma’am is apparently forgetting that he’s a father now. And truth be told, Kobe appears to have a bit of a dad bod himself. 


Shaeeda & Bilal

With the support of his sister Nefeteria, Bilal decides to “test” Shaeeda’s loyalty by leading her to believe he is poor. Not only does Bilal constantly allude to his wealth, but his ex-wife mentioned his “flossing” on social media — where he met Shaeeda. So, basically, he wants his fiance to think that he’s a fraud. Instead of bringing Shaeeda to his home, he plans to bring her to his unoccupied childhood home that is in desperate need of repair. Instead of picking her up in his Mercedes Benz, he borrows a beat up van and fills it with junk. But what’s more problematic?: Bilal thinking this was a good idea or his sister helping him with these shenanigans.    

Shaeeda appears to be shocked when she climbs into the junk-filled van, and she doesn’t waste any time expressing her feelings to her soon-to- be husband. Her disappointment is understandable. She could have been more tactful in stating her disapproval other than making Scooby Doo and Sanford & Son references. 

Bilal had the nerve to be hurt by her words which became more venomous when she saw the deteriorating home. Not one to mince her words, Shaeeda told Bilal the house isn’t a representation of a man who carries Louis Vuitton luggage, wears designer clothes and expensive watches. Bilal had the audacity to gaslight her by referencing the Qur’an. Though, we can be pretty certain there’s nothing in the Qur’an about “testing” your fiancée with childish pranks. Despite her dismay, the Trinidadian beauty said she is willing to help her future husband make repairs on the dilapidated house. However, she made it clear that she would not live in these conditions. Good for her.  

Bilal presented himself as a man of means. The couple discussed finances before getting engaged so when she saw his substandard living conditions, Sis felt deceived. Her snide comments were unnecessary, but her anger and disappointment were justifiable. Shaeeda is a grown-ass woman who has built a successful brand of her own and she certainly wasn’t going to live in squalor. She shouldn’t be expected to sleep peacefully under a caving ceiling to prove her love. Women are allowed to have standards—period. 

We cannot wait to see Shaeeda’s reaction when she learns the truth. We will be counting down the days until episode 3.

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