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Source: Dr. Tosha Rogers / Dr. Tosha Rogers/Clean And Clean

Have you ever thought about what wellness practices you implement — if any — to care for your vagina?

While many of us pursue wellness regarding our mental and physical well-being, prioritizing vaginal self-care often flies under the radar. 

MADAMENOIRE chatted with Atlanta-based OB/GYN Dr. Tosha Rogers, also known as “The Black Dr. Ruth,” about practicing vaginal self-care and how her Clean & Cute Delicate Panty Wash can help us do just that.

Rogers explained that traditional laundry detergents one might use to wash their delicates can be full of “chemicals and fragrances” that can irritate your vagina. 

“More importantly, irritation also comes from panties that aren’t cleaned well and when the vaginal sweat and bacteria on your delicates isn’t completely removed,” the OB/GYN noted. “Patients may experience persistent itching, overactive yeast, skin eruptions, redness and the sensation of, or actual vulvar swelling.”

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The OB/GYN says Clean & Cute‘s panty wash differs from laundry alternatives for delicates because her product supports vaginal health by keeping “the skin of the vulva and buttock area non-inflamed and non-irritated.” 

Rogers shared that when it comes to panty washes and crafting a vaginal care routine, “less is more.” 

She recommended women cycle out old underwear with new pairs every 6-9 months, and when it comes cleaning the vagina: “Don’t shampoo your hair down there hair in the shower. Don’t use any fragrant liquid detergents, bubble bath soaps, feminine washes, over-the-counter vaginal medication or baby wipes for your vagina.”

“I usually recommend Dove White Bar Soap ONLY!” the OB/GYN said for vaginal maintenance.

Just as she advocates for increased reproductive self-care, Rogers encourages all women — and particularly Black women — to do the same. 

She shared with MN that because women are so often “bullied” when seeking healthcare, she feels truly empowered as she provides “women with knowledge to disarm their fear.”

As a testament to that, Rogers runs The Wellness Boutique out of her OB/GYN practice in Atlanta, where the mission is to educate on women’s health, provide alternatives to traditional Western healthcare via holistic and herbal medicine, and serve as a safe space where women can become accountable for their own well-being and lifestyle.

“It means the world to me,” Rogers said of her work and its impact. “I’m built for this. I can handle this. I’m ready to bend, but never will I break.”

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