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vaginal dryness

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Vaginal dryness. It’s a topic that nobody wants to talk about. In the same way a man’s masculinity might feel threatened when he struggles to get an erection, a woman’s femininity might feel threatened when she struggles to get wet.

Dealing with vaginal dryness can, of course, be uncomfortable and even painful during intercourse. It can also be damaging to relationships. The woman dealing with vaginal dryness might feel insecure that her body fails at making sex enjoyable. Her partner may feel that they fail at arousal. It’s a very sensitive issue, but nobody should feel shame or guilt over vaginal dryness. A woman’s body is constantly evolving and like all of our systems – including our bones, our skin and other organs – vaginas don’t function as they should. Some causes of vaginal dryness have to do with the simple process of aging. Some do not. Luckily, there are things you can do to address it either way.

Here are several causes and cures for vaginal dryness.

vaginal dryness

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Allergy and asthma medications

Antihistamines do a pretty good job of stopping things up. They block the effects of histamines in your body, which kick in when they detect something harmful, like an allergen. It’s great when your nose and eyes are not runny, but for your vagina—not so much. Histamines have a drying effect throughout the entire body, and the Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration Journal reports that they can cause vaginal dryness, Antihistamines can also be found in certain asthma treatments. If you are taking either of these types of medications, you can expect to experience vaginal dryness.

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