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In a series of recent posts made on her social media, actress Tyisha Hampton is now claiming that her ex-husband, fellow actor Kel Mitchell, owes her 1.2 million in unpaid child support, spousal support, and tax debt. Using the hashtag #PayYourExKel to emphasize her various claims, Hampton says she’ll continue to demand Mitchell be held “accountable.”

Being married from 1999-2005, the exes share two kids, Allure Mitchell, 19, and Lyric Mitchell, 21. In her first post about all the drama, Hampton shared a video where she claimed Mitchell made $630,000 last year and brought an $800,000 home. Alleging that at one point she had been homeless due to Mitchell selling their marital home in their divorce, Hampton questioned how her ex could justify being a pastor and say he cares about his children when the actor supposedly went 10 years without seeing theirs. In her caption, the 42-year-old mother even claimed that Mitchell’s tax debt led to her being incarcerated.

“#payyourexkel I’m no longer going to be a victim,” the caption of her first post read. “I’m collecting everything I’m owed! If you are a fan of his, let him know #payyourex! You can’t be a man of God and not take care of your past responsibilities! You cannot continue being a hypocrite!” Then, alluding to her following post, she added, “Part 2 will explain how I went to jail for his IRS TAX Debt! Yep, I’m spilling it all, until I get my money 💰 !!!! #payyourexkel #deadbeatdad #deadbeatcelebrity like and share! Let’s let him know you can’t do this to your kids and your ex!!! Make him accountable!!! #payyourexkel.”

In the second video she posted, Hampton shared her “receipts” — which included some legal paperwork citing Mitchell as the petitioner and her as the respondent. Notably, amongst the number of accounts she tagged in the post, Nick Cannon, Kat Williams, Nickelodeon, and Kenan Thompson were all included — in addition to an unverified account called @iamkelmitchell.

“Alleged? Nah baby, facts….” she said to those who doubt her claims and intentions. “Some people are mad at how I’m doing this… some people want to tell me how to dress… others want to tell me about my motivation… more people want me to stop doing it this way… ” she explained of some of the commentary surrounding her posts.

“Let me say this,” she sternly added. “I will never listen to other people. I don’t care about anyone’s opinion of me, or of what/how I’m doing anything. Everyone has opinions about other people. I used to listen to these opinions — I was a good Christian girl, I was an awesome wife, I’ve been a student, a mother, a teacher, a friend, an inmate, a felon, a victim… but now I’m just being me, and living my unapologetic truth in the exact way I want to portray my life! I guess I’ll keep doing my thang until Kel decides to do something! Thank you for your support of my journey! #payyourexkel #payyourex #deadbeatdad.”

Hampton definitely seems serious about holding Mitchell “accountable” — and only time will tell how things will end up going down between the two. For the record, Mitchell is currently married to singer Asia Lee, and the two welcomed their second child together, a son, last November.

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