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Paige MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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It’s become increasingly hard to watch the drama unfolding between Chris and Paige on “Married at First Sight.” It’s clear Chris is being abusive in his manipulation and Paige is not only recognizing the signs, she’s not in a place to protect herself from any of it.

We’ll discuss more later. But let’s talk—briefly—about what the other couples

Ryan and Clara

I’ve been telling y’all from jump I wonder about Ryan. I wonder if he will be able to accept Clara’s personality and outspokenness. I wonder about him never having been in love—or never having said it to another person. What I do like is that while Clara and Ryan haven’t had full on p in v sex, they do other things. I’m here for that. Nothing wrong with taking back to middle/high school days when many of us were still learning and exploring our sexuality. It’s a good opportunity for them to learn what they each like physically before they go all the way. Folks online believe it’s Ryan’s religious background that has him holding off on the sex. I didn’t get that but it’s certainly a possibility. We’ll see. They are different but I have hope for them.


Virginia might not have been entirely ready to be married if she’s fighting to still spend the night on her guy friend’s couches after a night of drinking. Lol. Like sis, this is not the hill you want to die on in terms of things you’ll have to compromise in your marriage. There will be plenty more left to fight for. It was also interesting that she thinks she’ll need so much alone time. Believe me, I’m all for alone time. It’s very important. But with Erik being out of town for work half the week, how much more does she think she’ll need?


All that being said, I also get the sense that Erik would like to control her too. I think one of the reasons he’s not bothered by her age is because he feels entitled to tell her what to do. He takes every opportunity to tell her what he knows and has experienced that she hasn’t yet: him being married, living with someone before, etc. But those relationships didn’t work. We’re in the same boat, buddy. I didn’t have a problem with him wanting Virginia to text him when she arrived at certain locations but the thought that she would have to ask his permission to go somewhere is crazy. She’s grown.


Bayyybee, Jacob is different. There’s no getting around that. His obsession with the eighties is odd. When he pulled out that Member’s Only Jacket. LOLL Bruh. Haley is still in her twenties, meaning she was born in the nineties. She doesn’t know anything about that.

Not only is Jacob a bit strange, his resolution skills could use some work. During his first conflict with Haley, he jumped to some wild conclusions. He swore she was seeing another man when Haley hasn’t dated anyone in seven years. Come on, now. Then he started throwing out clinical terms to describe her behavior. And that is completely inappropriate. He dislocated his shoulder with that reach. But what I do really like is that Jacob will address how he’s feeling in the moment. While the way he delivers the message needs work, it’s good for people to say how they’re feeling as it’s happening.


Now, Ms. Haley. She played quintessential white women Instead of the acknowledging the fact that she did lie to Jacob about having a girl’s night—when she was really spending time with some of the other couples and just didn’t want to him around. Lying this early in the game is a big deal and a huge blow to the trust they are still working to build with one another. It would be hard for me to get over that too.

And instead of acknowledging the role she played in Jacob’s accusations, she made herself the only victim. She was the one suffering, talking about she hadn’t been eating. Maybe that was your conscience, sis. I get the sense that Haley has checked out and is trying to save face for the camera in order not to look like a jerk on national television.


So our perfect couple had a great fall. Thankfully, it’s not a major issue, just one that was blown out of proportion.

Dr. Pepper said she wished Briana’s family hadn’t put the word bossy in their description of her so many times. And I agree. It might have planted a seed in his head and at this point, he might interpret normal conversation between partners as her being a dictator. That being said, she does have some work to do in terms of how she speaks to people. There are certain people, especially Black folks who use ribbing as jokes. It’s bonding and all fund and games. But that type of playing generally comes from very intimate, close relationships. And there are some people who just don’t play like that, no matter how close you are. As someone who doesn’t like too much of that myself, I can understand how Vincent was made to feel a bit small in that moment. Associating his name with clumsiness when she’s only known him a weak might have been too much for him. And I get that.


But the way Vincent handled the situation was terrible. The thing about Briana is that she is able to read people very well. While she might be communicating a little too harshly, she is attune to people’s feelings. And she immediately noticed that Vincent’s energy had changed. And she asked him about it right there in the moment, repeatedly. At first, he tried to act like it was nothing. He brushed it off as him being tired or wanting to give her space. Finally, he told her that he felt the way she spoke to him was degrading. She told him she didn’t realize she was doing that. And it wasn’t her intention. If Vincent had been able to keep a level head for just two more minutes, this whole thing would have been squashed and they could have had a great night in their new apartment. Instead, he left.

This is clearly an issue of insecurity. Even if Vincent doesn’t like that type of humor, he knows Briana well enough by now to know that she wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt him. And if he didn’t, he should be comfortable enough to tell her that she hurt his feelings. She would have apologized, learned that he doesn’t like that and they could have moved on. Instead he behaved a bit immaturely leaving the house.


Chile. It’s been clear for some weeks now that Paige’s self confidence is not where it needs to be. But after last night, it’s clear that we’re watching someone who doesn’t recognize that she’s being abused. There have been so many opportunities for Paige to recognize what is happening to her and leave. But she’s let every one of them pass her by. Just in the past couple of days (and episodes) he told her that he was in love with his ex. That, among other things, should have been enough. Still, she’s trying to fight for this relationship. Why? I understand she’s religious and values marriage. But she should also know that it is not God’s will for her to be repeatedly and consistently disrespected by anyone, let alone someone she met less than three weeks ago.

I thought that Paige might have been a little naive before but when Chris whispered that he was scared of falling in love with her and she smiled after all the sh*t he pulled, I realized sis was not in a place to advocate for herself properly and Chris is taking advantage of that at every turn.


What can we say about bruh? He’s embarrassing. A poor example of how Black men act in relationships and even worse, a disgusting representation of what a Christian should be. His actions are too heinous, too vile. His behavior is the exact opposite of anything Godly. I get the sense that Chris likes playing with both women, manipulating both Paige and his ex just enough to keep the two of them hanging on a string, believing that there is hope for the both of them.

He was very strategic in whispering in Paige’s ear. He gassed her just enough. But if he’s ever questioned about what he said, he can always deny that he said he was “scared of falling in love with her.” He’s gross. And for the life of me, I still can’t understand how he made it past all of the experts. be

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