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valentine's day gifts for a boyfriend

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Statista reports that most money towards Valentine’s Day gifts is spent on jewelry. Without the risk of sounding old-school, I think we can guess which gender is the recipient of that. But not everyone wants jewelry! In fact, not everyone wants anything truly romantic in spirit. Flowers die. Large boxes of chocolate go stale before we can finish them. A couple’s massage is nice but, to be honest, I don’t really want my partner watching me or hearing me make my weird noises during a massage. Isn’t there a way to express your love that isn’t so…lovey? If there is going to be the expectation to shell out cash on Valentine’s Day, it should at least go towards something the gift recipient actually wants. Why not get your beau a gift that will make him think of you throughout the year, rather than just a few moments when he consumes his chocolate or drinks the champagne?

When the big displays of roses and teddy bears happen, a lot of that is just someone giving into societal pressure. Everyone smiles, posts photos, and pretends they have an actual clue of what they’ll do with that life-size stuffed animal. I’ve always hated to see someone waste money on useless gifts for me, or anyone. Maybe your partner is the same way. But you also can’t be the jerk who ignores the holiday. I know, doing anything for it can also be a form of giving into societal pressure, but ignoring it has a sort of Grinch vibe. So if you want to get your partner something he actually wants and can use that he won’t be embarrassed to tell friends about, try these ideas.

valentine's day gifts for a boyfriend

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An OnlyFans subscription

Look, it is what it is! Men are going on OnlyFans. Like it or not, your partner probably already goes on there or is interested in going on there. So just get him a subscription. I’m not a big believer in turning a blind eye to the fact that our dudes pleasure themselves to other women on the Internet. In fact, masturbation can be healthy for a relationship. Are you available and willing to have sex every time he’s in the mood? Probably not. So, if you love him and don’t want him blue balled at those times, just help him out by getting him another outlet.

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