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After The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired last night, people are even more confused about what’s really going on between Kenya Moore and new “friend of the show,” Latoya Ali. The pair, who have seemingly become really close rather quickly, came across as more flirty than friendly in Sunday night’s episode, leaving many viewers baffled and a tad weirded out, to say the least.

Last night, fans watched throughout the episode as a nude photo of Kenya came up as a topic of conversation, twice. LaToya, who received the photo of Kenya from the “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” star herself, brought it up multiple times, seeming really eager to show everyone what her “fast-friend” sent to her. The first time the photo came up, Kenya, LaToya, and Cynthia were all together shopping for some lingerie when LaToya pulled out Kenya’s naked photo to show Cynthia. Even though Kenya laughed and squealed, seemingly trying to appear shy about the photo being shown, once Cynthia saw it, she was shocked. In her confessional, she had more to say about how weird it was that Kenya sent LaToya the image.

“This is very un-Kenya,” she said. “Sending naked photos of yourself? Honey who’s thirsty now?”

When producers interviewed Kenya about why she sent the photo to LaToya in her confessional, all she said was that her new friend made her feel good about herself.

“It’s just nice to have someone like LaToya around to make me feel sexy and vibrant, and desirable,” she said with a wink.

The second time Kenya’s nude photo to LaToya came up was even more cringy. At the surprise engagement party Kenya and Kandi put together for Cynthia and Mike, while the group was at the dinner table, LaToya brought up the image again to all of the party’s attendees. In their confessionals, Kandi, Porsha, and Marlo all shared their confused and shady reactions to that.

“I know that quarantine has definitely gotten people horny, but this is ‘new and nude.’ Like what is happening?” Kandi asked.

Porsha shadily commented, “Wow, maybe it’s been a blessing I haven’t been her friend this whole time because I don’t know if I would want a nude photo of Kenya.”

Last but not least, of course, Marlo chimed in with her two cents, simply saying, “that freaked me the f–k out.”

Users on Twitter were also puzzled by the weird energy Kenya and LaToya were giving off, many wondering if Kenya was openly coming out as bisexual on the show. On the other side of the commentary, some thought Kenya was just pretending to have the hots for LaToya so that she could have a storyline this season.

In the end, this season of RHOA has been pretty dry so far. The sexual flirtiness between Kenya and LaToya doesn’t seem real to me, so the fact that it’s basically its own storyline this season shows that not much else is happening within the cast. Kenya and LaToya probably bonded on a few things quickly, and grew to like each other, even if they did display their weird connection through “performative lesbianism,” which is problematic, on this show. Also, people noted how hypocritical it is for Kenya’s “bi-curiousness” to be explored on the show when she was seemingly the main person exposing her castmates during #strippergate, something we’re supposed to see pop off later in the season.

Do we really see these two being last friends? If you ask us, we’re betting Kenya and LaToya’s flirty friendship will probably be dead by the reunion, if it even makes it that far.

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