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Traci Braxton son

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Traci Braxton isn’t the only one having issues with her sisters.

The star’s son, Kevin Jr., seems to have his own gripes, as he he exposed some direct messages sent to him by his aunt, Tamar, on Instagram this week. He reportedly shared a post that was deleted about not getting along with family, and Tamar took to his DMs about it. She told him, “Stay respectful. Stay blessed.” and “God honors that,” to which he replied to her, “Highly blessed and I honor my loved ones god sees that.” In a second slide, it looks as though Tamar unfollowed her nephew (because unfollowing family members is something she does when they’re going through things). He captioned both slides, “This is beyond me,” with the laugh-to-the-point-of-crying and face palm emojis.

People took to his comments to call him out and to say there was nothing wrong with what Tamar said. He hasn’t responded to the criticism and her private message to him still stands on his page.

And while he put his aunt on blast earlier this week, he’s defending his fiancée and the mother of his son, Oliviah. During the most recent episode of Braxton Family Values, Oliviah was accused of being a troublemaker. At Trina’s wedding, she told Traci that her sisters were laughing at her while she performed a duet of “Unforgettable” with Michael Sr. That greatly upset Traci, who was already in a bad place with Tamar and felt mistreated by her sisters. They all denied that they were laughing at her, saying they instead were laughing at their father for not knowing some words to the song. Traci didn’t want to hear it and put on a scene, behind-the-scenes at the wedding. The finger for the drama was pointed at Oliviah, especially by Towanda. What we didn’t get to see was that things escalated to the point where a fuming Traci and Tamar got into a physical altercation at the event.

People went in hard on social media at Oliviah for being in business that wasn’t hers. Kevin Jr. spoke up to defend her.

“@oliviahaaron she’s been with me since day one a lot of people she seen come and go,” he wrote. “All I have to say don’t worry about people coming for you we know the truth 10 years and your [sic] here in real life.”

She also defended herself, turning off comments on Instagram and sharing a photo of Kevin Jr. and their son Kevin III.

“At the end of the day this is what matters!” she wrote. “My son and my man is what keeps me going every day. I hope that everyone can feel this type of love one day!”

Add all of this to the growing list of reasons this whole family needs to move on from Braxton Family Values

Hit the flip to see all the things people had to say on Twitter about Oliviah’s interference in family issues and Traci’s reaction to her claims.

“I certainly hope: •The sisters got Oliviah ALL THE WAY TOGETHER! •Traci looks back at this & apologizes for her behavior @ wedding. •She get the help she needs. •I understand her grief. The rest of that animosity she needs to deal with and let it GO.”

“You’re son’s lil girlfriend, Olivia, told you some bullshit that she assumed and she was wrong. And you blew up for no reason. Girl, Tracie likes being mad. #braxtonfamilyvalues #bfv”

“Just like Traci wants Sean to stay out of Sisters’ business, Olivia should do the same. #braxtonfamilyvalues #bfv”

“There is a place for Olivia. It’s called a childs place. 🗣GO THERE….That was messy and even if she felt the need to tell Traci, she shouldn’t have”

All I got to say Olivia was wrong and so we’re the sisters for following Traci when she was trying to walk away from the situation and not cause a scene!!”

traci has always been treated differently , but Olivia had no right to start that mess at a wedding periodt.”

“All Olivia had to do was sit quiet and that could have been avoided. #BFV”

“Oliviah gotta mind her business. Just like Sean doesn’t need to get in sister business, neither does she. Regardless of age. #BFV”

“Traci needs to stop blaming her sisters especially Tamar and take accountability for her own actions. She has been blaming her sisters for years now and it has got her no where emotionally. Traci needs to move on from the past. She has too much anger buildup. #BFV”

“Traci coulda calmly went over and said ‘was y’all laughing at me?? No? Okay’ She took attention away from Trina over something petty #bfv”

“Wait…we didn’t know Mrs. Wanda had already told her it wasn’t true….yea, Traci, get some mental help…it won’t hurt, it will just help you; Something is off… and Olivia, your lil messy azz need to stay in your place #braxtonfamilyvalues”

“Traci definitely overreacted Olivia should have shut her mouth, because I don’t see not in once scene during that song where they they were laughing at traci. #BFV”

“Mrs Olivia needs to go because she just added some unnecessary drama! #BFV”

“I’m sorry. The only thing that traci did wrong was go off of Olivia’s words. Other than that she tried to remove herself from the BS. IM #TeamTraci #braxtonfamilyvalues”

“Why did Olivia have to say anything?! You know Traci is on edge. She already fell during the ceremony. Just keep quiet. And be accurate. They’re allowed to laugh at their father! Ugh. #braxtonfamilyvalues”

“Why would Kevin Juniors baby mother Olivia set Traci off like that? Has she or has she NOT been watching the show?!She should know that Traci is emotionally unstable & feels like she’s on the outskirts of the family !Why tell Traci they was laughing at her?!#braxtonfamilyvalues”

“if it’s traci vs EVERYBODY traci the problem. you don’t go to yo sister wedding acting a mfn fool from some lie your daughter in law told you”

“Oliviah starting stuff? if she don’t go sit down. Even Ms Wanda said that the sisters weren’t laughing. Now I see why Kevin Jr feeling some type of way cause they clapping back on his gf #BFV”

“Did I miss something because it did not look like they were laughing at Traci WTF. #BFV”

“Traci is tripping. Don’t mess Trina’s wedding up. #BFV”

“Traci has a lot going on and it’s bigger than her sisters #BFV”

“Traci is too f–king sensitive and you really gonn tear up your sister‘s whole wedding bc you think ya sisters were laughing at you?!? Did you go to them and ask them wasn’t nobody f–king laughing at you girl bye ! she has needs to be the center of attention syndrome #BFV”

“I’m sorry but Traci is so insufferable. She just wants another issue to have with her sisters and be bitter instead of communicating with them to find out the truth before showing her ass at Trina’s wedding. #braxtonfamilyvalues #bfv”

“First of all, why Oliviah get in the middle instigating? #BFV #BraxtonFamilyValues”

“Olivah was high key messy for that mess and even if they were laughing at traci you could have told her that after the wedding not during it #BFV”

“I’m usually with Traci, but she was wrong in this incident. First, she came to the wedding feeling a way. Then, she was acting distant. Last, she didn’t to get up there and show off her singing skills, anyway. #BraxtonFamilyValues”

“Miss Oliviah need to stay in her lil place. She done got a lil #bfv spotlight now she think she can be messy.”

“Traci is so freaking unbelievable it’s her sisters wedding my gawd and she trips off the pettiest of things #BraxtonFamilyValues”

“you can’t convince me that a large part of Traci’s issues with her sisters all lead back to them moving forward while she was pregnant. she’s been hurting for the duration of this entire series but it’s seemingly self inflicted. #BFV”

“It’s just the built up disrespect they put on Traci and the dismissive antics. The sisters treat her like a less than sister cousin. It’s like Traci’s there but invisible to them. She just wants to be included and treated like family. #BFV
@BFV_WEtv @TraciBraxton”

“There’s a caste system within this family. 1)Toni 2)Tamar 3)Towanda/Trina & Traci is at the bottom. People knocking Traci because she speaks on feeling less than her sisters/disrespected by her sisters but their treatment of her is not exactly loving #braxtonfamilyvalues #bfv”

“Traci has legitimate reasons 2 be angry @ her sisters but them not speaking & communicating is the reason why they can’t heal. They sweep BS under the rug & ‘act’ like things are fine. Then it festers and then BOOM!! Altercation. #BFV #BraxtonFamilyValues”

“Why is Traci (or any adult) so damned quick to believe the 1st thing she heard instead of just asking her sisters what’s up??? Why was she SO WILLING to believe the bull???
#BFV #braxtonfamilyvalues”

“I hope this whole season isn’t the sisters vs Traci. Can we go back to the made up songs and jokes #BFV”

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