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Melody and Martell have a whole host of problems in their marriage. And though the two are in the midst of a divorce, the drama between them has yet to end.

From the outside looking in, we could tell that it wasn’t just one thing with Melody and Martell. There was the huge issue of his infidelity.

But then other episodes showed them seemed to be a lack of respect in terms of communication, specifically about gender roles between the two.

You may recall we wrote about Martell expressing his grievances at having to cook for his own children, while Melody was out working.

And now that the two are estranged, attempting to still parent four children, the challenge of coordinating schedules and not letting resentment take over has taken its toll on the couple.

Instead of working it out amongst themselves, they’ve resorted to discussing it all on social media.

It started with a post on his Instagram stories.

Martell wrote: “When it’s your “ex’s” time to get the kids and they’re no show. #rolechange [clown face emoji]”

Afterward, Melody hopped on Instagram Live in order to share her side of the story.

“When I went to get my clothes today from the marital home, you blocked me in our driveway for hours. Martell decided that he was going to take certain purses and certain furs of mine and lock them up in his truck and say that I can’t take ‘em. So, with something that should have been easy and should have been on some, ‘I just want my stuff, I’m out’ it turned into something more because he wanted it to be something more because he’s bitter as hell.

Ladies, I’m sure many of y’all, at some point in time, dealt with mental abuse, emotional abuse and all of that. After that whole scene, and I recorded it. When I literally couldn’t get out of my driveway, I had a  migraine out of this world and it definitely set me back from what I was trying to do today, which was get my new home in order for me and my children, real talk. But instead, I had to deal with hours of the foolishness.

He does stuff like this to me all the time, but y’all don’t see me coming, running and telling y’all about it. But you’re not going to keep coming for me and keep coming for me about my children, straight up.

Second of all, Martell wants to make it seem like he wanted the divorce, he wanted the divorce. But every other day, or every two days he’s asking me to be with him. He’s asking me to be his woman again. Now if I’m that damn bad of a person—this whole narrative about him saying I’ve been cheating our whole marriage—then why the hell would you be trying to be with me. That don’t even make sense. Just use some common sense.

At the end of the day, sometimes people don’t expect consequences for bad behavior. And when they get those consequences they can’t deal with that sh*t. And that’s real talk but that’s not my problem. That’s not my problem.

As I shared with him, and he knows this, I already dealt with the tears, the depression because you publicly have embarrassed me. You publicly have humiliated me. You have continued to cheat, other people calling me stupid for giving you other chances all this extra stuff and now that I’m walking away from you, you can’t handle it.

I literally just got an email at Friday at 12—let’s be together—our beautiful kids. We can start anew.’ All of that.

Now, for all the women, we love our kids. Second of all, I still have to do what I have to do. Ad what I have to do right now is get this home in order for me and my beautiful babies, which I could have done if I wasn’t blocked in my driveway and had stuff taken out of my hand.

So now, the consequence is, you got to keep the kids today too. Period. Cuz now I gotta do this sh*t tomorrow.

I hate that I even have to come to this level. Y’all see I have been on my grind. However, you not gon play about me and my kids. That’s so childish. I don’t want to say I can’t believe, I already told him, ‘I don’t put nothing past you. I see the way you move. You just say lies because you feel like it makes you look better. Bow out gracefully. Move on.

You been talking to this chick for five years and then after I leave you, I find out about other chicks you been trying to holler at. People in my inbox sending my screenshots of stuff. Move on because I have.

And then, I mean, sh*t. It seem like he would leave and keep it moving and bow out anyway because I left you, I filed for divorce and you told me you had a baby on the way. You told me you had a baby on the way and she wasn’t getting rid of it because she’s gotten rid of kids for y’all before and she wasn’t doing it this time. So why are you even bothering me. So I’m asking you now, just leave me alone.”

You can listen to Melody’s full 12 minute address in the video below.


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