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When she is smiling, all dolled up and holding a drink, any woman looks friendly. But then, you walk up to her, you rehearse your practiced line and…uh oh…you’ve got a Ball Buster on your hands. And you’ll be lucky to walk away with those balls. Here’s how you can spot one—or how you know if you are one:

She pulls her friends away

All women are protective of their friends, but only a real Ball Buster walks right up to her girlfriend who is mid-conversation with a sleaze/chauvinist/or overall annoying man and says “okay, we’re leaving now” and whisks her away, leaving the man standing there.

She is the loudest

She is the one belting out a song, or drawing everyone’s attention to a toast she is making, or sitting on the counter of the bar, with her friends gathered around her, laughing her *ss off. She draws attention to herself. She shows that she is a ring-leader.

She’s tough to talk to

It takes not one, not two but countless little witty comments, while you’re standing right next to her, to get her to even turn her head and acknowledge you.

She’s challenging everyone to a game

Whether it’s darts, pool or shuffleboard that the bar’s got, she hasn’t left it. She is winning every game. Why? Because she likes to dominate men. She practices these games so she can monopolize that pool table/darts board and make every man walk away feeling less of a man.

On a date, she calls you out

“You’re late.” “You’re wearing that?” “Aren’t you going to open the door for me?” How she is treated is much more important than your ego. Always.

She suggests things you can’t afford, and she pays

She’s got money, and you don’t. She constantly wants to do things that you can’t afford and before you get the chance to mutter “I can’t really pay for…” she is punching in her credit card numbers to buy two tickets. She wants to do what she wants to do, she doesn’t realize this makes you feel like less than a man because she never lets you provide for her.

She asks you a dozen questions

You walk up to her, thinking you’ve got the conversation planned out, but you’re wrong. She is ready with an arsenal of questions. What do you do? Why do you like doing that? How did you get into that? Where did you move from? What was wrong with that place? She is sizing you up. But more importantly, she wants to watch you squirm while you are well aware that you are being sized up.

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