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I have to admit that writing about Tamar Braxton right now seems a little off. Perhaps it’s insensitive, given everything she’s going through publicly and personally. But her show on WE tv, “Get Ya Life” is still airing.

And while we’ve acknowledged that the show probably should have never happened, the things that are being revealed are not only interesting, they shed a lot of light about the things Tamar was facing before she decided she didn’t want to take anymore.

In a clip from tonight’s episode of “Get Ya Life,” obtained by The Jasmine Brand, Tamar discusses the deteriorating relationship she shared with her sisters. Speaking to Mona Scott Young, Tamar sheds tears telling them that she’s not going to chase her sisters or beg them to love her.

Tamar: I feel like I’m being penalized for being Tamar.

Mona: Is Traci coming up on Saturday, for his party?

Tamar: I know I talked to the rest of my siblings and my mommy. They’re not interested in coming.

Mona: What do you mean not interested in coming?

Tamar: I don’t know but I can’t chase anybody anymore I am tired.

Mona: Are you telling me that you are completely prepared to dismiss, cut off ties with, never have any interaction again. People cut family off. Be clear. Sometimes you have to make a decision about your blood.

Tamar: It’s very hard to talk about, especially with the baggage around.

Baggage is Tamar’s code word for the production team.

Tamar: It’s hard for me to talk about when they’re around because of all of the things that have been perpetuated on our family show. Even going back to second season not knowing everybody was upset with me. All of a sudden, it’s Tamar vs. everybody. It’s deep and it’s no resolve.

Even from the time my mom decided that she would talk to TMZ and not have a conversation with me. The first time I seen it was on the news like everybody else. It’s a problem!

Mona: So wait, how do you guys interact with each other when you see each other.

Tamar: Umm…we don’t really see each other outside of the camera.

Mona: Are you kidding me?!

Tamar: No! No. No. I’ve tried. I invited everyone to David’s party, to my house for Thanksgiving and no one wants to come.

Mona: Tamar, I am not a therapist but there is something incredibly unhealthy emotionally about accepting the fact that you are on the outside of your family, emotionally. It cannot be healthy.

Tamar: No it’s not. But I cannot do anything about it. What Ima say, ‘Oh, please, please, please love me. Please be nice to me. Please. Please be here for me. Come see me.’

I believe with family you never stop trying. But sometimes, you end up hurting yourself even more when you are constantly being rejected. And that’s where I am.

You can watch the full clip below.

#GetYaLife airs Thursday’ 9pm on #WEtv.

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