How Is Your Sign Handling Isolation?

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Have you noticed that some friends are taking social isolation very hard, while others seem to be fine, or thriving even? Even within couples, you may see one partner dealing with a mild form of depression while the other is happy as can be, working away at some project peacefully in their room.

While humans are social creatures, those social tendencies live on a spectrum and our astrological signs may have something to do with that. Some signs are homebodies while others need to visit new places. Some love routine while some respond well to change. I spoke with Adama Sesay, astrologist and founder of Lilith Astrology, about how each sign may be responding to isolation. See what she said on the next few pages. For more astrology info, follow Sesay on IG @LilithAstrology and Twitter @13LilithAstro.


Adama Sesay

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Geminis miss connection

“The Gemini has been going through it with not being able to connect in person. That’s what their sign is all about,” says Sesay. “Most air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are about that.” Aquarius is an exception, though, says Sesay. “They’re like ‘bring on the silence. I’m my own unique person.’ They channel their extra energy into learning new things.”


These signs are showing fortitude

The Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn was predicted to result in major shifts in economies, political boundaries, government…Sounds about right. “The way the Pluto/Saturn aspects are happening are ravaging other people…but Capricorn and Scorpio typically can handle hard work and crisis and aren’t that social. They can go for long periods of focusing on their own thing. “


This sign struggles, but can transform

“Aries would have a hard time with not being as active. Aries rising, sun and moon…they generally need physical activity as an outlet.” Says Sesay. This could, however, be a time for Aries to make some important pivots in relationships and career. Sesay says, “For Aries, Mars is currently in retrograde on your sign until November 13th – that’s your identity. It’s time to review who you are.”


The social signs

As Sagittarius loves to travel, and that experience can’t be replicated online, Sesay says they can feel cooped up right now. Other signs that may be feeling that way are Gemini and Libra. “They are the social butterflies,” says Sesay.


These signs love to stay in

On the Tarot section of Lilith Astrology, you’ll find the “Taurus Energy” post, which covers how the Taurus is all about self-care and finding pleasure in the little things. “Taurus loves to be comfy and cozy. They love to be at home,” says Sesay.

Another sign that may be thriving? “Cancer has loved this time secretly because those are the two signs that love what’s familiar. Taurus loves their creature comforts – if they could sit home on a Saturday night with favorite popcorn and a movie, that’s fine.”


These signs are learning and getting sh*t done

“Virgo and Capricorn and Scorpio. They’re very diligent in what they do. They might see this as a time to perfect what they do for work. Take classes. Clean the house. Balance a checkbook. They would make this a time of learning,” explains Sesay. She also notes that “Mercury, the communication planet, actually rules Virgo, but it isn’t the social side of Mercury like Gemini. This energy represents the numbers/analytics/data side.”


A lonely but innovative sign

“Leo is having a hard time. They love to be around their loved ones. They love to express themselves creatively in front of other people. When there’s no audience, this is a time for them to come up with new and innovative ways [to express themselves]. They’re good at finding alternative ways to express themselves, but it’s hard not to do the things they love in front of an audience.”


Be aware of retrograde

On October 14th through November 3rd, Mercury will be back in retrograde. Sesay says this is a great time to “Observe your inner world, revise, revisit, and take time for yourself.” Overall, the remainder of the year is a time to look within and seek validation in yourself. She says that’s when her business started to grow – when she was putting time into herself.


Stay focused now

“It’s easy to get distracted in the retrograde period,” says Sesay. She lists practical tips one can take to survive Mercury in Retrograde, here. Some include backing up devices, checking your vehicle before long drives, and double-checking written work before sending. In the article, Sesay notes: “Mercury rules over all types of communication. It is what is responsible for our analytical thinking, thought processes, unique ideas, and how we converse with others.”


Work with what you have, given the circumstances

For those hoping to stick their head in the sand and wait out the pandemic, you may be waiting a while. “Having things return to normal is not in the charts,” says Sesay. Rather than focusing on what the pandemic has taken from you, Sesay recommends, “Focus on what you do have. Focus on the tools that you have. This income. This check from the government. [Think] ‘I have this right now and I can create the tools around me to do what I need to do.’”

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