Habits That Make Your Home Look Dirty

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clean and tidy home

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Are there some friends whose homes you visit that always look spotless? You know they’re very busy, and can’t afford a housekeeper, so you’re just wondering…how do they do it? Do they spend every free moment cleaning their homes? Maybe. Or they may just know about a few tricks and habits that keep a home looking clean. There are simple things we do that make our homes look really messy and, on the flip side, there are things we can do that just take a moment that instantly elevate the cleanliness of a place. I’m all about those hacks because I do not have time to do much cleaning. Not everyone with what appears to be a clean home has intricate organizational systems. Sometimes, it’s just about the little habits and décor choices. And remember that, a clean environment does so much for our mental and emotional wellbeing. If you feel you’ve been struggling to focus, or even feeling a bit depressed, your physical space could have something to do with it. When we don’t take care of our home, the site of that mess sends a subliminal message to our brains that we don’t take care of ourselves. Here are habits and decor that make a home look messy, and how to fix them.

clean and tidy home

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Bulky shelves

We’re used to the traditional shelves. They are large squares with a base, two sides, and a top. They may have cubbies. They may be part-armoire with shelves on the top. We’re accustomed to buying these standard pieces of furniture. But bulky shelves are a thing of the past, and though dragging them inside, dropping them down, and leaving them be seems like the easiest choice, if you can invest time into installing floating shelves, your floors and walls will instantly look cleaner.

clean and tidy home

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Letting laundry pile up

It’s such a simple thing, but we forget to do it: just do your laundry more. Having a basket with a mountain of dirty clothes nearly toppling over in your bedroom or bathroom almost undoes any other cleanliness going on there. If you’re lucky to have a washer and dryer inside of your home, just get in the habit of doing your laundry regularly – don’t let the basket get full.

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