#MAFS: 10 Things Michael Said To Meka That Were Either A Boldfaced Lie Or Just Absolutely Ridiculous

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Michael Married at First Sight

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What is there really left to be said about these couples on Married at First Sight? Season 10 has been a trainwreck. There are some close contenders when it comes to who might be the biggest trainwreck of all, but if there was someone in the clear lead, it’s Michael Watson. Yes, he has even been worse than self-absorbed Zach. Because while there is something really wrong with a man who claims he wants to marry but won’t live with his wife and show her affection but will maintain an inappropriate relationship with her friend, there’s something really really unsettling about a man who will lie about everything. According to Meka Jones, Michael has lied about where he’s traveled, what he does for a living and the things he’s said. So with another lie uncovered during episode 13 about his pay stubs, we thought we’d just rewind and take a walk down memory line to see all of the stories and ridiculous things Michael has said this season. It really has been a lot.

Did He or Did He Not Say He Needed Sex During the Honeymoon?

The first big red flag, of course, was a comment Meka said Michael made on the plane when they were on their way to their honeymoon in Panama. She claims he said that if they didn’t have sex during the honeymoon, it would be hard for him to move forward in the marriage. When asked if he said that once cameras were on, Michael denied it and probably still does. Instead, he blamed that whole snafu on miscommunication during a conversation about where they stood sexually. Either way, it greatly threw their very young marriage off course and they haven’t been able to get back on.

He Lied About Being a Yoga Instructor

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a yoga instructor, but if you’re not one, do not lie about it. Michael had everyone scratching their heads when he invited Meka to check out a yoga class at a studio he supposedly taught at. However, when she got there, not only had the class for them to take not been secured, but she was also told by a manager that Michael was not an instructor. Instead, she was told he would occasionally help out with cleaning the rooms. He claimed that specific manager was new and didn’t know that he fills in from time to time.

He Got Upset That She Talked to Other People…About His Lies

Following the revelation that Michael was not a yoga teacher, and the argument that ended up happening because he couldn’t just come clean about that, Michael shut down. When Meka found that her fibbing husband felt like he couldn’t open up to her and tell the truth, she vented her frustrations with friend and fellow struggle show participant Taylor Dunklin. He got upset about that, and used it as an opportunity to turn the whole situation around on Meka for not keeping their issues in-house.

He Bragged About a Principal Job That He Later Claimed He Decided Not to Take

From early on, Michael told Meka, Pastor Cal and pretty much everyone that he was starting a new gig as a principal at a Catholic school and that the opportunity was going to bring in big money for him. Then, all of a sudden, he claimed that despite having signed a contract, the terms of the job changed, he wasn’t comfortable with what those changes entailed, so he left behind the job. He thought telling Meka he was able to find a new job right after that opportunity fell through would keep questions to a minimum, but the story just didn’t make sense.

He Forged an Offer Letter

When recommitting to her marriage, Meka said she would only be able to move forward if Michael started being more forthcoming with the truth, including how much he makes. So she sat him down in last night’s episode and asked him to pull out his pay stubs. She showed him her own, and he followed up by telling her that he hadn’t been paid yet to be able to show her a pay stub at his new gig. Instead, he pulled an offer letter out his drawer, all by itself, and started complicating things by talking about how much he made after taxes. Meka told him the numbers he was saying and showing her didn’t make sense, and of course, he shut down.

He Lied About His Financial Situation

As it turns out, Michael was lying again. He would share with Dr. Viviana and Meka that his new job didn’t make nearly as much as he was expecting with the principal gig, and he was somewhat embarrassed about it. He didn’t want Meka to reject him because of the financial changes, so he lied. This is interesting when one considers that after initially telling Meka he was able to find a new job quickly following the principal job falling through, he claimed that his income would NOT be impacted or really change.

He Lied About the Mileage on His Car

Now, this isn’t a lie we’ve actually had the chance to hear on the show, but when running off the list of things Michael has told her a story about, Meka claimed that he lied about the mileage in his car. Other off-camera lies she’s mentioned also include where the man has traveled to.

About That Trip to Jamaica

Instead of just opting to be honest moving forward, Michael decided to try and butter up his bride as they celebrated their anniversary with a lavish gift — allegedly. After giving her boxes of candy as gifts (which, looking back, probably weren’t helpful since she is trying to maintain braces), Michael wanted to make up for the blown Panamanian honeymoon by taking her on a trip. After a long and awkward intro to tell her what the gift was, he told her got them tickets to go to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and swim with dolphins. No word on what has come of that and if they were able to go before their marriage imploded. Either way, folks on Twitter were skeptical about it from the moment he opened his mouth about it.

Him Telling Her That He Needed Her to Be Vulnerable…So He Could Stop Lying

One of Michael’s consistent excuses for his stories has been that when he fears rejection, he starts embellishing things because he doesn’t trust the person to accept him for who he is. With Meka’s temperament being the type to shift quickly when she feels like he’s not being honest, he has blamed that on his choices and the experts have backed him up at times in trying to get Meka to give him a break. However, some say that his desire for her to be more vulnerable, which he hasn’t done a good job of explaining to what that requires, is really him saying he wants sex. We can’t call it, but we’re just glad we don’t have to deal with him.

About This Adoption Situation…

I can’t imagine how confusing it probably was for Michael to find out that his mother gave him to his aunt and grandmother to raise, and I sympathize with that. However, I struggle to understand how still getting to be with your blood family and being a somewhat awkward kid drives you to just lie about anything that makes you uncomfortable. It is especially hard to understand how Michael goes about doing it when he’s been called on it by Meka and the experts time and time again. Still, this is Michael’s go-to tearful reasoning behind his embellishments when put on the spot. This goes back to my theory that while he may have thought he was ready for marriage, what he really was ready for was some therapy.

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