Signs You Don’t Believe In Yourself

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believe in yourself a little more

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It can be hard to admit that we have perhaps less-than-positive thoughts about ourselves. Life is all about asserting confidence, faking it ‘til you make it (though that’s not always smart), and saying, “I’m fine” when people ask how you are—even if you aren’t fine. But the reality is that many of us hold, deep in our subconscious, ideas about ourselves that may not be kind or productive. Your conscious mind might say, “Of course I believe in myself” and “Of course I love myself” because you understand that, logically, that is a healthy mindset. But sometimes, if you look at the course of your life and your circumstances that have been brought on by your actions you may realize, “Oh. Maybe I don’t love myself” or “Maybe I don’t believe in myself.” It’s possible that you heard words about yourself when you were very young—when your mind was still malleable—and they implanted in your mind. It can be hard to shake those as an adult. But the first step to starting to truly believe in yourself is admitting if you currently don’t. Here are some signs.


There are a lot of shots you don’t take

There are a lot of opportunities that you never went after. They were certainly in your realm interests and skillsets. But you have often decided that you weren’t ready for something—even though your peers, who were just as ready, went for it.

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