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teenagers in love

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For the record, my parents never really had the sex talk with me. When I was 17 years old and had my first “serious boyfriend” who invited me to vacation with his family at their ski cabin, my mom just said, “You know how to be safe about sex and all of that right?” and I said, “Yes” and she said, “Good” and that was that. I mean, I was 17 years old so, I think my parents understood that, with the Internet having been around for a while, I’d figured things out on my own. That being said, nobody should assume their kid is figuring things out on her own. And even furthermore, there are a lot of things that the Internet, or even your kid’s school sex education program, don’t cover, that would be very useful for teens to know. Here are things we forget to tell teens about sex.

teenagers in love

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Condoms can go bad

Kids get free condoms from a number of places and store them in their backpacks, wallets, or purses. But they don’t realize that heat exposure, and just being repeatedly sat on and smashed, can wear down this type of birth control, making it ineffective.

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