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Lil Fizz, Apryl Jones and Omarion

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For Apryl and Fizz to be the innocent friends they pretend to be, they get super defensive anytime people ask them what they’re doing together and why the hell they’re doing it.

Granted, we all get the idea that they’re adults and they can do what they want, but there should be no questions as to why their “friendship” wouldn’t sit well with people considering that she has two whole children and was in a full-blown relationship with his former friend and band mate, Omarion.

But I’m no longer entertained by the idea that they think their carrying on is so harmless and that everyone else is overreacting. It’s glaringly obvious that they are looking to hurt Omarion, and it’s clear through the animosity they have when he’s brought up.

In last night’s episode, Fizz caught flack for inviting Apryl to the L.A. stop of the The Millennium Tour, which was a hometown visit for the guys of B2K. He was forewarned after the fact, by neutral party Boog, not to bring Apryl to any more stops out of fear for what such mess could do to their “bag.” In response, Fizz doubled down on that whole “friend” story, and said that if Omarion had an issue with it. he certainly doesn’t come to him and speak to him about it. Despite initially pushing back, he got the message that for the greater good of the other people involved with the tour, he needed to keep their friendship, relationship, whatever, away from performances. Apryl, on the other hand, didn’t.

She spouted that she was a grown woman and could do what she wants, tried to compare Omarion taking their son Megaa out on stage to her being Fizz’s special guest on tour, and believed that she couldn’t break up B2K — because they already have issues. She overall was quite defensive and asked “Why do I care?” about the possible embarrassment of the father of her child. She said she didn’t care about “what my baby father is feeling” because “I was your trash.”

Said defensiveness continued all the way to Chicago, where she was hoping to be part of the Millennium Tour stop in her hometown, to further annoy her ex.

During the trip to Chicago, she explained to friend Paris that she was still hurt about the fact that Omarion broke up with her out of the blue.

“I can not tell you why we’re not together. I have no clue,” she said. “He came home one day and he was different. He just didn’t want to be in a relationship with me no more.”

Because of that, she found herself drawn to Fizz because he was there when Omarion wasn’t.

“Dreux has been there. When I am deranged, when I have not had no sleep, when I’m falling into a depression, when I’m literally about to lose my mind, he’s like, ‘I’m coming over, I’m about to get these kids. I’m going to take them to the park. You need to rest,'” she said. “That man is the one reason I’m still standing here. Dreux chose to do what was right because he saw that I was dying.”

I don’t doubt that Apryl cares for Fizz. It’s clear that she is very grateful to him for helping her when she was down and out and heartbroken. But at this point, with all this pain that she carries, it seems that she is more concerned with trying to hurt and publicly play her ex more than she is about trying to have a harmless, true friendship or make whatever they have into a healthy relationship. And for his part, Fizz has always made it sound like he and Omarion aren’t all that friendly, and his only true friendship is with Boog. He’s used this awkward situation in more than one episode to try and goad Omarion into coming to him and speaking to him, but it’s never worked.

Look, neither party needs to tell Omarion about every decision they make when it comes to each other, but the fact that they’ve been so comfortably reckless about everything — bringing her on tour when Omarion is obviously there, going on trips together with all their kids, being on reality TV with all of this and throwing shade at O every chance they can get — just makes them look slimy. No one cares if they really are in a relationship. People just want to know why they’re trying to play the world like boo boo the fool to try and annoy a person who clearly doesn’t give a damn…

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