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dilemmas in friendship

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Some people would tell you that success ruined their lives. Success opens the doors to a lot of people, experiences, and things—some good, and some not so good. I would say that success doesn’t actually ruin anyone’s lives. I would say that those individuals already had the capacity to mess up in the ways that they do—that they would have eventually, one way or another—and success just gave them easier access. But it is good to be aware of those precautionary tales, especially if your star is currently rising. Why are so many famous, successful, high profile individuals depressed? When they appear to have everything? It’s simple: they don’t have people they love in their loves. They don’t nurture relationships with the right people. Success charms them in a different direction. Don’t be like that. Here are ways you shouldn’t mistreat your real friends if you become successful.


Feeling your problems are bigger

It’s easy to feel, when you’re mulling over a five hundred thousand dollar deal, that your friend’s concerns over the rising cost of diapers or her rude neighbor are miniscule and unimportant. But that’s not true. If you care about someone, and something is bothering her, then shouldn’t it always be important to you? And don’t forget that you once completely understood what it was to worry about such things.

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