Why Men Are Attracted To Pregnant Women

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Did you know that pregnancy can be a fetish for some men? If you are a single pregnant woman and seem to receive a lot of attention from a man, be on the look out. Obviously, it would be nice to think that men are such saints that they would swoop in and want to form a long-term relationship with a pregnant woman, knowing that means becoming a stepfather. But, the reality is that that is not the way the male mind typically works. Some men are just sexually attracted to pregnant women. Even if you are in a relationship, you may find that other men test your fidelity, all because they find pregnancy so attractive. What is it about the expectant mother that turns men on? I can see it. Pregnant women are beautiful. They are glowing. They are doing an amazing thing with their bodies. But I admire them as a straight woman. The pregnancy fetish is a whole other thing. Here are reasons why men are so attracted to pregnant women.


If someone else has it, they want it

You know how a married person can be so attractive because someone else has claimed them? Well a pregnant woman is a hyper version of this. A man has truly claimed her, by putting his seed in her. Men want what other men have. And men perceive a pregnant woman to be very much possessed by another man.


It’s competitive

It’s in a man’s DNA to spread his seed. It’s in their biology to perpetuate themselves by impregnating women. In an odd way, men can feel competitive when they see another man has claimed a woman’s womb. Even though they clearly can’t get in there now, because she is already pregnant, pursuing her is still their twisted way of being competitive.


She is nurturing

Men are attracted to a nurturing people. And who appears more nurturing than an expecting mother? She has literally given her body up to grow another person.


The hormones

A woman does put off certain hormones when she is pregnant that can attract men to her. She obviously doesn’t mean to, but her body is going through a lot of hormonal changes.


A full figure

To put it simply, when women are pregnant, their breasts get larger, their butts get larger, and they look more voluptuous. Men tend to actually be more attracted to a body that appears curvy and fertile than a super thin body.


It’s a challenge

Some men just like a challenge. If a woman is pregnant in a relationship, they feel like it is a double win if they lure her way. Even if she is a single mother, they know she is probably on high alert and not very open to a relationship. That challenge is enticing.


A woman in distress

A pregnant woman is not in distress. She is not fragile or waiting for someone to save her. But something tells the male brain that she is. And some men are attracted to whom they perceive as delicate. As soon as she is no longer pregnant, that man will not be attracted to that woman.


If it is his baby

Now on a positive note, let’s talk about when a man is attracted to a pregnant woman, and he is the one that got her pregnant. That is biology at work. We evolved such that we appear more attractive to the biological father when we are pregnant, as a way of making him stay and provide resources.


And there is a psychological element

The woman is putting her body through basically hell in order to provide the most amazing experience in life for this man—having a child. That is attractive.


She can’t cheat right now

This is another side of the competitive time. If a woman is currently pregnant, and she cannot become pregnant by another man’s sperm, she is essentially safe and cannot perform the ultimate form of cheating a.k.a. becoming impregnated by somebody else.


It’s a project

Now going back to men being attracted to single pregnant women. You know how some people are just attracted to those who are currently having some sort of major life change? This is a form of that. Some men like to feel like a hero helping during a difficult time.


The ultimate loyalty

It makes no sense and it’s odd, but some men are attracted to pregnant women because those women are clearly loyal. It’s the same way someone is attracted to a married person. They are attracted to the person’s ability to commit. Pregnancy is an even more serious commitment. Of course, if this woman were to cheat on her partner with the interested party, the very reason she was attractive in the first place goes away.


They get to play with responsibility

If a man meets a single pregnant woman and gets into a relationship with her, he gets to play with the experience of being responsible. He can duck out anytime, because he is not the biological father. If he is toying with the idea of wanting to be more responsible in his life, he can do so by dating a pregnant woman. But that is obviously very selfish. It is not a game.


The lack of insecurity

Pregnant women have this incredible confidence about them. They have given up on the idea of looking perfect. They are more focused on the important factor of growing a healthy baby. They don’t care if their body is perfect. They don’t care if their make up is flawless. That lack of caring is actually very attractive.


The good girl complex

A pregnant woman isn’t out partying. She isn’t drinking. She is probably staying home and going to bed early. Men who like women who appear to be “innocent” women are attracted to that. It’s creepy and messed up but it’s real.

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