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Time is so precious. It’s never more or less true at any given point in our lives. It is always true and, yet, most of us don’t really seem to realize that until we get into that midpoint of our lives. If we’re lucky, we realize it in our thirties. But, to use that term “midpoint” is silly, too. Who are we to say when the midpoint is of one’s life? The reality is that longevity is a myth. It is not promised. It’s interesting to say, when we see 50-year-old men getting 20-year-old girlfriends and buying sports cars that these men are having a “mid-life crisis” at 50 or a “quarter-life crisis” at 25 because that is to assume we’ll all live to be a 100, and very few people actually do. The future is not promised, which is why every day is so precious. If you’re lucky, you’ll begin to live with that thought prominent in your brain and when you do, you may start making these small shifts in time-management, to make the most of your precious time.



If you’re driving far, you make the most of it

If you’re driving to the other end of town—easily a 45-minute-drive in traffic—you consider what else you can do/whom else you can see when you’re over there. Have a couple of good friends who live there, whom you don’t see enough? You call them up, and ask if you can just pop in to say hello. You won’t let that long commute go to waste.

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