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seduction by design

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It probably happens a lot: you and your partner get into the mood, make your way to the bedroom, but before anything can happen someone stubs his toe on shoes left out or steps on the dog’s squeaky toy, which prompts the dog to jump on the bed. And sex is over. Your bedroom is primarily for sleeping, yes, but if you live with your partner then you have to make some adjustments to make sure it is sex-friendly, too. At the very least, make sure your bedroom doesn’t repel sex. I understand that the weeks get busy, and life has a way of making its way into your bedroom. But for the sake of your sex life—especially if it’s going through a difficult phase—make a few changes in your sleeping quarters so they become banging quarters, too. Please forgive that term. Here are ways to make your bedroom more sex-friendly.

seduction by design

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Remove photos of family

Mom and pop don’t need to stare down at you while you do the deed. Move family photos out in the living room, kitchen, or other communal areas. Reserve your bedroom walls for nature images that calm you.

seduction by design

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Ditch cutesy pillows

Something about embroidered pillows with butterflies and puppies just doesn’t quite set the mood. Get these out of there. Those can go on the living room couch.

seduction by design

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Keep it clean and made

Have you ever noticed how much sex you have when you go to hotels? Part of it is how liberating a clean, fresh room and bed feel. So wash your sheets regularly and make the bed daily.

seduction by design

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Get the dirty laundry out

Don’t keep baskets of dirty laundry in your bedroom. There’s nothing like skid marks on a pair of boxers, hanging over the side of the laundry basket, to kill the mood.

seduction by design

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Select bedding you both love

Pick out bedding that you both think is the most comfortable, luxurious bedding you just want to spend all day in. Treat yourself to some hotel-worthy sheets.

seduction by design

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Replace that creaky frame

If you have an old, creaky frame, it’s time to replace it. That creaking makes you both insecure about bothering the neighbors.

seduction by design

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Keep important items within arms reach

Lubricant, vibrators, butt plugs, and whatever else you’re into—make sure these are always in the bedside drawer. Waddling over to the bathroom to find them kills the mood.

seduction by design

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Give the dog a separate room

Try to show the dog that your bedroom is not her bedroom. Perhaps move her bed and toys (and the little stairs you bought her to help her get up onto your bed) into another room. When Fido jumps onto the bed, sex is usually cancelled.

seduction by design

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Remove gifts from exes

If you have any gifts from exes lying around, put those away. Even if it’s just a lazy-boy chair you got with your ex and you kept—put it in another room.

seduction by design

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Keep the bathroom clean

If you have an en-suite bathroom, keep that clean. Looking over to a dirty bathroom, in the middle of foreplay kills the mood.

seduction by design

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Make it smell nice

Whether it’s through candles, essential oils, or scented detergent, make your bedroom smell nice. Vanilla, jasmine, and pumpkin eye are all arousing scents.

seduction by design

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Keep the temperature right

If it’s too cold, then you won’t want to take your clothes off. If it’s too hot, then you won’t want to touch another human being. Set your thermostat to the right temperature.

seduction by design

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Set up your office elsewhere

If you have a home office, don’t have it in your bedroom. Filing cabinets and documents will only stress you out.

seduction by design

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Add textured pillows

Add some throw pillows with interesting textures like faux fur and corduroy. The sensation of these on your hands can be arousing.

seduction by design

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Add low lighting

If your only options are extremely bright lights or pitch dark, you may not get in the mood often. You need to see each other a bit, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re blinded by the light. Add dimmers.

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