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Despite saying she’s in the I-don’t-want-to-talk-to-anybody phase of her pregnancy, Cardi B tried to be social by stepping out with fiancé Offset to a club in Atlanta for a birthday party this week. Set to give birth in July, the 25-year-old had as much fun as she could in her condition, rapping to the music and showing off her rainbow-colored hair.

But her soon-to-be husband drank and smoked for the both of them. And at one point, he could be seen, on video, taking a puff from what seems to be a blunt, with the smoke blowing into Cardi’s face. The moment it happens, she closes her mouth as to avoid ingestion and makes a face, but he doesn’t seem to understand why he should probably put it out.

Social media was quick to criticize both parties, though many focused on Cardi and said she shouldn’t allow her partner to smoke weed around her while she’s pregnant. She noticed the critiques and comments and had her own criticisms to share:

Still, it should be stated that medical experts say smoking weed, cigarettes or whatever else you can think of around a pregnant woman is problematic. And while people tend to look at the use of marijuana recreationally as much less of a problem than smoking cigarettes, the smoke can still be harmful to an unborn baby:

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), marijuana has a number of the same chemicals found in tobacco smoke, so exposure to weed while pregnant can put mom and baby at risk.
  • A study from the Journal of the American Heart Association in 2016 found that pregnant women who are exposed by a friend or partner to marijuana smoke should know that it could impact circulation to their fetus.
  • While people might immediately think that smoke could harm a fetus’ airways in the way it does a child, because the fetus is still in the womb, it’s the brain that can be impacted, as well as overall development.
  • Research has suggested that the use of marijuana by a father in the year leading up to their child’s birth is linked to an increased risk of the child developing rhabdomyosarcoma, or RMS. This is a rare sarcoma that most often impacts children. This cancer forms mostly in the soft tissue, particularly, according to the Mayo Clinic, in the head and neck area, the bladder, reproductive system, as well as the arms and legs.
  • Dr. Karen Wilson, a former associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital in Colorado, has studied the impact of marijuana use on a fetus and children. She recommended that if parents want to keep up this habit, particularly a partner during a woman’s pregnancy, edibles are the way to go. However, as your children grow, it’s obviously the best idea to keep edible marijuana “under lock and key” to avoid possible risks of poisoning.

Offset may not be used to spending a majority of his time around a pregnant woman (though he is already a father of three), but for the sake of his unborn child, it would be a good idea to go the edible route or save smoking for when his pregnant fiancée isn’t around. And as for Cardi, if he doesn’t, it’s something worth speaking up about. This is especially important since this isn’t the first time he’s smoked around her in public while she’s been with child (meaning he’s likely doing a lot more of it privately). It’s a habit that’s simply not worth it right now.

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