Drake, Chadwick And Other Famous Black Men Who’ve Gone Vegetarian And Vegan

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Drake is no longer a meat eater.

The rapper hinted at this major change in diet (and lifestyle) early in the month after posting an Instagram picture frowning with the caption, “If two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?”

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If two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?

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He seemingly went on to confirm his switch to meatless eating while taking part in a video game live stream match on the social media platform Twitch  this month. When the players were discussing their food preferences, the 31-year-old said, “Chicken and pineapple on pizza could work – but I don’t eat meat anymore.”

It’s a rarity to find famous men in rap, or famous Black men in general, who openly commit to such complex dietary restrictions. But Drake is definitely not alone. The list is growing and has been over the last few years. If you’d like further proof, check out a few other famous vegetarian men — and full-blown vegans as well. And maybe some of the single ones on this list could make the perfect match for uber-disciplined raw vegan Mya. You never know…

famous vegetarian men


Chadwick Boseman

Wakanda Forever! But meat? Not so much. The Black Panther star revealed in his recent Rolling Stone cover story that he’s jumped past vegetarian and is about “90 percent” vegan. That probably explains his slender look these days.

famous vegetarian men



After being scared into a healthier diet following his time with the Netflix documentary What the Health, Ne-Yo announced last summer that he had gone “completely vegan.”

“I ain’t messing with that meat no more,” he said. “Sorry, I can’t. After watching that. Can’t do it. It’s really a little mind-blowing at how blissfully ignorant I was for so long.”


Kyrie Irving

Moving from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics was one of the best decisions NBA star Kyrie Irving could have made for himself — that and going vegan. He said in October that he’d adopted a plant-based diet to get “away from the animals and all that,” and it had increased his endurance levels in a major way, making him untouchable on the court.

“I had to get away from that,” Irving said.”So my energy is up. My body feels amazing.”



In a 2016 interview with The Breakfast Club, the rapper said he was ready to make a change for his health’s sake, so at the time, he announced that he’d gone vegan.

“Just seeing people getting cancer and dying from it, and me hearing that that’s the stuff that we put inside of us is what’s causing this cancer….it was my peoples who passed from cancer,” he said. “I’m asking around like, ‘Where this cancer s–t coming from?’ Everything we eat–the processed food and the stuff they put inside it.”


Waka Flocka Flame

While Waka no longer likes the label and just recently decided to integrate fish back into his diet here and there, for years he was a disciplined vegan. Now he prefers to call himself a “conscious eater.”

“I’m a conscious eater, meaning I’m conscious about the things I put in my mouth,” he told TMZ. “I know the ingredients in the food, I know the chemicals, if there are chemicals, I know what that cup is made of, and if I’m eating out of this plastic utensil, I know what it’s doing. I’m a ‘conscious eater.'”


Cory Booker

The senator made it plain back in December how he rolls:

He said not living in his truth pushed him to make the vegan lifestyle his own for good.

“When you find yourself trying to avoid the truth about something because it’s inconvenient, because you know it doesn’t align with your values and your moral compass…I wasn’t living my truth.”


Mike Tyson

Iron Mike said a temporary change with the help of his wife turned into a permanent one that improved his health and helped him drop beaucoup pounds.

“I was real carnivilous [sic] when I was training for fights – a lot of meat, cheese, bread,” he told ABC News. “I devoured everything besides pork. I used to eat a lot. As I got older I didn’t like the way I was feeling. I had a lot of arthritis, joint problems and I was morbidly obeast [sic]. My wife who was not my wife at the time, she changes her diet all the time. I says, ‘what is this you’re doing?’ And she says, ‘I’m eating vegan for a month or two weeks.’ Well, I said that’s what I’m going to do too, I want to do that. Cause I was just eating things without even figuring out what they are. And that’s how I’ve been for four and a half years.”


Forest Whitaker

Forest made it known that he was vegetarian in a PETA video with his adorable daughter True. He said it was “one of the best choices I ever made.” Because of him, his young daughter decided to follow suit.


Russell Simmons

The mogul has been vegan for many years, saying that a desire to not hurt animals spurred the decision.

“Well, it started with my yoga practice and you know, the practice of non-harming, ‘ahimsa,'” he said in 2015. “So I became a vegan because [of] compassion [for] the animals.”

He added, “The vegan diet was being discussed around me all the time, so finally, I just made the choice.”

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