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They say if you don’t have trust in a relationship, then you have nothing. I believe that to be true. If you don’t trust your partner, then anything you do is shrouded in the dark cloud of worry. You worry that if you aren’t perfect/engaging enough/attractive enough/attentive enough that he’ll stray. Heck, you worry any time he isn’t directly within your line of sight. You can’t really enjoy a relationship if you don’t have trust, because if you don’t have trust, then that means that you don’t believe your partner has your best interests at heart. When you know your partner would put keeping you safe and loyalty to you above all else, then you feel relaxed and free in your relationship. If you don’t believe those things to be true, you’ll never feel at ease. Here it is, plain and simple: signs you have total trust in your relationship.


You can go MIA on a trip

You don’t need to check in on your partner every X amount of hours when you go out of town. You can fully enjoy the fact that you don’t have a schedule on vacation, and don’t have to set alarms to text or call your boyfriend at set times.


You ask him to check your texts

If you receive a text while you’re washing your face or otherwise occupied, you ask your partner not only to read it for you, but even to reply for you. And he’s asked you to do the same.

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You ask him to send an email for you

If you can’t make it to your keyboard, you ask him to log into your email and shoot off a quick email for you. He, again, has asked the same of you.

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You’re comfortable having any friend around

There is no friend that you worry about having around. You aren’t worried that your partner would pick up on some flirtation with any of your friends, nor are you worried any friends would tell stories that would make your partner jealous.

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Your partner can hear about your past

Your partner can hear about your past without getting upset. Sure, you had your fun in the past. Maybe you were promiscuous. But he knows you’re with him now, so the past is the past.

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Mentions of exes are okay

If an ex somehow comes up in conversation, it doesn’t put you or your partner in a bad mood. You understand that exes are exes.

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You have each other’s passwords

You’ve actually written your passwords for your laptops, phones, and other devices down on a piece of paper for each other, should either of you ever need to use one another’s things.


You have no urge to check his phone

If you are left alone next to your partner’s phone, it doesn’t even cross your mind to go through it.

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He can say someone else is attractive

Your partner is allowed to acknowledge that another woman is attractive, just like you’re allowed to acknowledge another man is attractive. You realize that you both have eyes and can see simple facts like, “That person is good looking.” It doesn’t mean you want to be with them.

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You encourage him to do his own thing

Nobody is possessive in the relationship. You encourage one another to have your own lives—to go on that trip with friends, to take that class, to grab that drink with that colleague.


You can spend time with someone who is attracted to you

If you must be around someone who is attracted to you—say a coworker—your partner doesn’t become worried. He knows that you have your boundaries and you keep to them.

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Bachelor parties do not make you nervous

You don’t worry for a second if your partner goes to a bachelor party—even if the party is going to a strip club. On that note, your partner tells you if the bachelor party is going to a strip club.

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You can hang with male friends, one on one

You can hang out with your male friends, alone, at their homes, and it doesn’t bother your partner.


You feel safe showing your ugly sides

If you worried that your partner would stray, then you’d attempt to always appear perfect, for fear of losing him. If you feel safe showing him your ugly sides (literally and figuratively) then you have total trust.

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You believe his stories, and he yours

If your partner tells you he couldn’t call you because his phone died or he was late because he ran out of gas, you believe him. You never doubt him for a second.

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