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Don’t Sleep: Why You Should Ditch Your Shea Butters And Baby Oil For In-Shower Lotions

February 9th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Everyone has their go-to form of skin conditioner.

For instance, my mom loves to keep a container of petroleum jelly by her bed and put baby oil on her feet after taking a bath.

One of my good friends swears by Shea butter because the greasier and shinier her skin can look, the better.

My boss, on the other hand, just throws on whatever lotion she can find, no matter how watery, and wonders why her skin is ashen an hour later.

Personally, I grew up a fan of Palmer’s cocoa butter. Then Palmer’s olive oil lotion. Then, I went through a baby oil gel phase (lavender or nothing at all). After tiring of being so greasy, I switched it up and mixed lotions with raw Shea butter. And most recently, I was put on to Nivea body lotions, my favorite being the essentially enriched lotion.

Since then, I’ve become obsessed with Nivea’s in-shower lotion collection, specifically, the almond oil concoction for “Very Dry Skin.” It took a while for me to get there, though, because I will admit that I assumed such quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry lotions were for White folks, and wouldn’t really penetrate my skin keeping it moisturized all day. Frankly, when some of us hear “lotion,” we immediately think “cheap and watery.” If it isn’t an oil or a butter, it can’t be right…

And before you act brand new and say all skin is the same, know that I call “lies!” Dermatologists have spoken in detail over the years about the differences in skin structure based on race. In an Allure piece from 2011 called “Do Different Races Have Different Skin-Care Needs?” these distinctions were thoroughly explained.

Fran Cook-Bolden of the Ethnic Skin Specialty Group in New York City said the pigment-creating cells found in Black skin work abundantly to protect the surface against premature wrinkling and skin cancer, but may also work a little too hard, which is the reason some of us end up with dark marks on our skin. Jeannette Graf, the dermatology professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, also in New York City, said the skin of White women is sensitive to sun damage, which can cause premature wrinkles, as well as parched skin. And clinical instructor of dermatology at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, Jessica Wu, said Asian women have collagen-rich skin, which is a good thing, but can also be very sensitive.

So, in laymen’s terms, one woman’s Suave body lotion is not another woman’s saving grace for dry skin. We all need different moisturizers and exfoliators, and what might work for one person could be too harsh or too weak on the skin of another.

But knowing how much I loved Nivea’s almond oil lotion, I pushed myself to give the in-shower lotion a try. It wasn’t cheap (at Duane Reade here in New York City they’re about $9 with tax, but are on sale for $4.99 on Amazon…). Still, I was determined to see what all the hype over this form of lotion was about.

Well, I’m here to tell you to believe the hype. The almond oil in-shower lotion is quite thick. You slather it on your skin after scrubbing yourself good and clean, and when you’re finished, you rinse the moisturizer off before stepping out and drying off. I wouldn’t recommend going too hard with your use of the in-shower lotion at one time because too much rinsed-off cream could leave the floor of your tub a dangerous, slippery mess. I’ve almost had one of those Life Alert moments a few times when trying to step out too fast. Still, just enough not only saves you the time you would have wasted trying to get really into the cracks of your drying skin after stepping out of the shower, but it also leaves your skin feeling quite supple and soft.

If you’re trying to kill two birds with one stone, applying in-shower lotion after cleaning up and quickly rinsing it off will make your get-ready-for-work or get-ready-for-bed regimen much faster. Plus, it smells great and keeps you moisturized for 24 hours.

I can’t say that the results I had with Nivea’s almond oil in-shower lotion will be the results you have with it, or say, Olay or Eucerin’s in-shower options. But I hope that you’re encouraged to step out of the box (and the large clear tubs) to maximize your moisture. During the harsh winter season, your skin will thank you for it.


Nivea Talks New Album, Christina Milian And Why She Doesn’t Listen To Beyoncé

January 13th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Slowly but surely, Nivea is making her way back to the spotlight. During a recent interview with Team Curtains, the mother of four discussed her new album, Nivea Revealed, his issue with Christina Milian and Lil Wayne’s relationship and why she doesn’t listen to artists from her generation. Check out some highlights from her interview below.

On her new album, Nivea Revealed:

“I’m currently working on one [an album] now. It’s called ‘Nivea Revealed’ and you can expect something at the top of next year. ‘Nivea Revealed’ is on the way. The title is really the premise for the album. ‘Nivea Revealed’ will be my way to expose and reveal a lot about me that people don’t know. Not just me personally, but the story and my journey and why, what happened and where I am now.”

On the sound of her new project:

“I’m pretty much staying traditional R&B, but it’s got hip-hop and my essence. I’m R&B and hip hop and I’m sticking with that. That’s my lane.”

On why she doesn’t listen to Beyoncé:

“Everything I listen to is old. I love Brandy and Beyoncé and I do listen to Brandy’s third album, but I’m not really a fan of listening to too many artists who came out when I did or started when I did because we all kind of pull from each other anyway. My upbringing is what I come back to because that’s where I got my voice and my sound.”

On juggling motherhood and her career:

“I’ve had a lot of time home with my kids and I’m just now taking that time away. They’re at a certain age to where I feel like I can do that. My youngest is almost 5. I have twin boys that are 8 and my daughter is 9.”

On the status of her relationships with her exes Lil Wayne and The Dream:

“We’re very much great co-parents. [Wayne] is very much involved with Neil, his son with me and the rest of his sons. We make sure all of the boys see each other. The children front is good. As co-parents, we’re great. That’s all that matters.”

On her issue with Christina Milian:

“For me, it’s been that we are mothers of siblings. It’s such a damn crazy a—story. She married the same dude I did. She has a daughter by my ex-husband who is now her ex-husband as well…Now she’s dating my other baby daddy. Go figure. I haven’t talked to her. The only thing that I was concerned about was making sure that Violet, her daughter, was in my kids’ lives. They know their little sister and that’s my main thing. All of the other craziness is just people being damn crazy. There’s nothing I can do about that. I definitely don’t support the craziness, but it is what it is. All I can do is focus on raising my children and telling them that people are crazy in the world so they don’t be surprised like their mommy was.”

Speaking of Christina Milian, it does not appear that she intends to pump the brakes on her whirlwind romance with Lil Wayne anytime soon. Just yesterday, for Man Crush Monday, the E! reality star deemed the rapper her Man Crush “eeerday.”

#MCM eeeryday #TNT

A photo posted by Christina Milian (@christinamilian) on

Watch Nivea’s interview below.

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Instagram User Gets Shock Of Her Life When She Criticizes Christina Milian For Dating Lil Wayne On Her OWN Page, And Milian Responds

November 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Splash News

Splash News

What are the chances that as an everyday person, you would make fun of a celebrity on your social media page, only for them to find out and respond? One woman got the shock of her life when she took a dig at Christina Milian and the women of “the circle.” The circle, according to this individual, is the group of women who all know each other, get along (for the most part), and oh yeah, either have children with Lil Wayne or have dated him. She posted a collage of all of the women, including his ex-wife Toya Wright, Nivea, Lauren London, Sarah Vivian and of course, Milian. She shared it with the caption, “These hoes love Wayne!!! #IJS #AllHisBabyMommas #ChristinaAndNiveaBothHaveBabiesByDream #TheCircle” In essence, she was trying to call the women, specifically Christina Milian, messy.

But things didn’t go the way she planned, because Christina Milian actually ended up being tagged in the collage, saw it, and responded with something short and simple: “Sho do.”



Once the woman saw that Milian had responded, she tried to backtrack on her statements: “@christinamilian no offense boo. its all love.”

But it was too late. Once Milian ended up commenting, her fans went on attack mode and started insulting the woman’s looks and calling her everything but a child of God. She eventually had to make a whole new post to defend herself.

“Post made #TheShadeRoom quick. Probably only because @christinamilian commented but now my neck is being chopped over it. Simply because I used the word hoes instead of females. Lmao. I really didn’t mean they were “hoes” but okay. Wayne refers to all his females as hoes but that dude is loved. Feeling like Wendy Williams right now. Lol. People claiming I got 5 seconds of fame. Lmfao. It’s IG. This ain’t sh*t.”

While I personally wouldn’t date a man who has a child with a woman whose ex-husband I used to be married to and whose children call my daughter their sister (waaaaay too complicated), people need to let these grown folks live. But what do you think of all this?

Lil Wayne Takes Aim At His Exes And Defends Girlfriend Christina Milian In New Song

October 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Threw a Bossy @$$ surprise party for the REALest I know.. #HBD #CakeDay Part✌️ #Duecé! The Queens of YM came out to play.. Love you guys!

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Ever since news spread that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne were having more than a working relationship (she’s an artist on YMCMB, which Wayne is the founder of), people have had quite a bit to say about their relationship, but more so, about Milian. People like Wayne’s ex, Nivea (and the mother of his son), and Candace Cabrera, a reality personality he was seen with for a little while, have been vocal in slamming the “Dip it Low” singer. And even everyday people watching from the outside looking in have tried to criticize Milian for getting involved with the rapper, knowing that he’s the ex-boyfriend of Nivea (Milian was also married and a had a child with Nivea’s ex-husband, The-Dream). They all have children in common. Through all of that, Wayne has been pretty quiet. But in a new song called “Take Kare” by Young Thug, Lil Wayne drops a verse about his appreciation for his new lady, while simultaneously slamming his former flames. His verse goes as followed:

They be hatin’ on my girl, though/And they wish they was the b***h they’re hatin’/Salutations to my old h*es/And thank you for your participation/No chaser for my girl though/She go harder than me on occasion/Gettin’ wasted with my girl/Then we 69 ’til we need ventilation/You don’t know about it/Gotta open new accounts ’cause the others overcrowded/Gotta open up the stores when they’re closed when we shoppin’/For my girl, wear the clothes that ain’t nobody rockin’/She so bad, I don’t know what to do with her/I know just what to do in her/Homies hit me up, they said they’re goin’ out tonight/I said I’m with my girl, tonight I can’t f**k with you ni**as/I’ma take kare of her

While I’m not sure how far things will go between him and Milian (especially since the rapper reportedly flew out his daughter and ex-fiancée, Dhea Sodano for his birthday last month, just days after Milian threw him a big Mardi Gras bash), but clearly they’re both happy with one another.

You can check out “Take Kare” in full here.

“This Is Not Cute To Me. I Don’t Condone It”: Nivea Continues To Take Shots At Lil Wayne And Christina Milian’s Relationship

September 24th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The-Dream and Nivea


We told you last month that Nivea was none too happy with Christina Milian because of the fact that the “Dip It Low” singer started dating Lil Wayne, the father of Nivea’s youngest child. Nivea posted a video clip on Instagram from The-Dream’s interview with VladTV where he basically throws a little shade Milian’s way for not thinking about the fact that all four parties are connected by their children. And she would also post her own response where she stated that such decisions can “confuse the s**t out of your kids” and are not cute. Neither Milian nor Lil Wayne have publicly responded to Nivea’s issues with their relationship, but the “Laundromat” singer is still talking about it. In an interview with Malcolm Music, Nivea said she wasn’t trying to be “messy,” but was trying to clear the air so that people wouldn’t think that she likes sharing exes with Milian.

“There is no situation anymore. I really didn’t have any feelings outside of just being a parent. We share an ex-husband together. She has a daughter and I have three by Dream as well. So we make sure they see each other and that they’re in their sister’s lives and vice versa. And that’s where it stood.

Her other decisions led to my involvement because she’s dealing with or appears to be doing the other father of my youngest child. So I was like, ‘What the hell!?’ It felt crazy as hell! I’m like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ But I haven’t addressed her about it. I don’t really care to. I just thought it was very, very crazy.”

Malcolm went on to ask Nivea if she would keep her composure if Lil Wayne brought Milian around for family gatherings with her kids.

“Oh that’s not–he knows better than that. What the public doesn’t know is that there’s a conversation that’s already been had between Wayne and I before that was ever…before I ever posted that video. So it was not a messy thing. It was my way of saying to everyone, ‘I don’t condone this.’ You can’t control what people do with their lives. A lot has been going on with my relationships in the past to where people were like, ‘Oh my God! I guess they all…’ and just a lot of speculation. So, that was me saying, ‘In this regard, this is not cute to me. I don’t condone it.’ I was just coming from a parental standpoint. I mean, we got children and we already have an “ah what happened?” kind of thing. And then that just adds more mess to stirring the pot…I just needed that to be known publicly. I’m not with it basically.”

It’s kind of interesting that Nivea hasn’t talked to Milian about this and doesn’t “really care to,” yet she’s dragging her on social media and in interviews. I get that the relationship between Lil Wayne and Milian isn’t the best idea, but drama between all the parents involved isn’t going to do anything but make things more messy. Check out her chat with Malcolm Music below and share your thoughts.

Despite Shade From Nivea And The-Dream, Christina Milian Holds Hands And Wears Matching Shoes With Her Man Lil Wayne

August 25th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Christina Milian and Lil Wayne


We told you that recently, Christina Milian has been criticized by her ex-husband, The-Dream, and his ex-wife, Nivea, for continuing on in a relationship with Lil Wayne, knowing that they’re all connected by the children they have. Milian never responded to their statements, and really she denied that there was a relationship at all when speaking to TMZ last month. But after the rapper hopped on stage last month and called Milian his “baby,” she gave up on trying to deny or hide their their connection.

The two have since been spotted holding hands on more than one occasion, including this past weekend, when Lil Wayne skipped the VMAs to focus on his tour with Drake. They made a stop in Philly, and afterwards, the rapper stayed in town with his friends and his lady. Weezy and Milian were spotted holding hands and wearing identical Nike trainers, looking like they didn’t have a care in the world. They were also spotted laughing it up together as cameras snapped.

And on a side note, Nivea has since deleted the original post she put up on Instagram where she called Milian a “scarecrow.” Guess the backlash must have made her feel some type of way…

You can check out more pics of the happy couple below:







Nivea Continues To Lash Out At Christina Milian For Dating Lil Wayne, Says It’s Not “OK To Confuse The S**t Out Of Your Kids”

August 18th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The-Dream and Nivea


We told you last week that The-Dream and singer Nivea had some words for Christina Milian because of her choice to date Lil Wayne. If you’ll recall, these four individuals all have children in common, as Nivea has a son with Lil Wayne and kids with The-Dream, her ex-husband. Of course, Milian was married to The-Dream, and they have their daughter, Violet, together. In case you missed it, The-Dream said this about her decision to date the rapper even though they’re all connected:

“I think that’s what everybody was thinking when the news broke. Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. She wasn’t thinking of that at all. I have no idea how she could NOT be thinking of that…”

And to make matters worse, Nivea agreed (reposting The-Dream’s statements), and went on to call Milian a “scarecrow.”

Fans of Milian didn’t take too kindly to Nivea’s comments and threw shade her way, but she had no problem responding back to them on Instagram. She had this to say to people so quick to defend Milian:

“Ppl ppl ppl… Its actually hilarious that the ‘offeneded’ ones believe its “cute” or “ok” to confuse the sh*t out of your kids  To not know about the history we already share, with kids as half siblings…nevermind, smh but u DON’T HAVE TO COMMENT…duh”

Another individual told Nivea that Milian never did anything to her and that age the age of 35 (they were just throwing a number out there) she should do better. Because of her comments, that person said that they were no longer a fan. Nivea responded to them with this:

“awe I hate to lose a fan! Don’t care abt the other bs u said but I’m 32 lol please don’t rush my age I’m old enough as it is.”

Again, Milian hasn’t bothered to comment on these statements, and again, Nivea didn’t share this same confusion or irritation with Lil Wayne, who is also well-aware of the perceived messiness of his relationship with Milian. As I said before, it takes two to tango. But then again, this isn’t the first time Milian has called out a girl Lil Wayne is interested in. Back in 2009 she took to MySpace (throwback!) to call YMCMB singer Shanell “the background sl*t that sings with lil wayne” and “a piece of trash not to be respected!” for smiling in her face while getting involved with Weezy behind her back. Clearly she doesn’t play when it comes to this man, but then again, she DID have that song, “Don’t Mess With My Man”…

The-Dream And Nivea Criticize Christina Milian For Dating Lil Wayne Since They’re All Connected By Their Children

August 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Splash News

Splash News

During a recent chat with Vlad TV, singer-songwriter The-Dream was asked his thoughts on his ex-wife, singer/actress Christina Milian, dating Lil Wayne. Of course, Lil Wayne has a child with Nivea, who is The-Dream’s other ex-wife, so all four individuals are connected by the children they brought into the world. In that interview, The-Dream said that when he heard about the news of Milian getting close to the YMCMB head, he joked, but said it was, and still is, awkward.

Interviewer: “How is that dynamic between the three of you?”

The-Dream: “Super dynamic, that’s pretty good, right? But uh, I think that’s what everybody was thinking when the news broke. Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. She wasn’t thinking of that at all. I have no idea how she could NOT be thinking of that…”

Nivea went on to post his chat with Vlad TV on her Instagram, and had this to say: “Hmmmm.. drops mic.. #She’sAScareCrow”

I must be old-school with my disses because I have no idea what makes someone a “scarecrow,” but word is, such a comment is referring to the fact that a scarecrow has no brain. But whatever Nivea was trying to say has folks talking on her page. Some think this budding relationship is backwards, but just as many are saying that Nivea needs to sit down somewhere and focus on her music. Milian has not responded to either comments, and it’s probably best that she doesn’t, especially if Lil Wayne doesn’t have to respond to such criticism (it takes two folks)…

You can check out what Mr. Nash had to say below:

Despite All The PDA, Lil Wayne And Christina Milian Deny That They’re Dating

July 18th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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So are Lil Wayne and Christina Milian really dating? We told you yesterday that the two showed up looking real chummy for Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards. And they were first spotted out and about in a more than friendly manner after hitting up a BET Awards after-party together. But the rumors hit overdrive when they were spotted holding hands as they made their way to their seats during the ESPYs.

So what’s really going on?

According to sources close to both Milian and Lil Wayne who spoke with TMZ, they’re not dating. Instead, they were just enjoying one another’s company publicly to get Milian’s face out there in order to promote upcoming music projects she has in the works (she is signed to YMCMB and signed with the music group in 2012). According to TMZ, the sources said that Weezy brought her to the show for press sake, but that’s about it.

If they were a couple, that would be very interesting considering the fact that she’s his artist as the founder of the popular record label. And oh yeah, it would also be interesting because of their exes. Milian used to be married to, and has daughter Violet with The-Dream. The-Dream used to be married to Nivea, and has three children by the producer and singer. Nivea also was involved with Lil Wayne, and has a son by him. Six degrees of separation anyone?

But what do you think of the possibility of them being an item? Considering that she just ended an engagement with Rap-A-Lot Records CEO Jas Prince, I would say that Lil Wayne is just a rebound, but who knows? Could be true love. Now that would be interesting…

Despite Domestic Abuse Case With His Ex, The-Dream Reportedly Marries New Girlfriend: “God Has Restored My Heart”

July 4th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The-Dream believes in love!

Either that, or he really just likes getting married, because the producer and singer reportedly tied the knot yesterday with his new girlfriend. According to TheJasmineBrand, Terius Nash quietly wed his new girlfriend LaLaonne Martinez, introducing her by saying on Instagram: “THE MRS. I LOVE YOU with my Whole Entire Heart and Spirit, God has blessed me in a Time where any man would feel overcome! God has restored my Heart!”

The time that Mr. Nash is referring to is his current battle with ex-fiancée, and mother of his son, Lydia Seung Nam, who accused the producer of strangling her while she was pregnant. Ms. Nam also put out pictures of her injuries, and claimed that Nash threatened to kill her. He turned himself into the New York City police department and after posting bail, told the media that Nam was just trying to make a play for his money.

“They always telling me, you get this much money just know someone is always going to want it.”

It was also alleged that Nam made such claims so that she could stay in the United States. Her visa is set to expire soon and victims of crimes are given special visas to stay when they have to go forward with cases.

But back to the positive stuff.

Nash and his new love were spotted by photogs coming out of the San Francisco City Hall, she in a white lace gown and him in a tuxedo with a black top hat. So unless he was filming a new music video, they tied the knot the quick, easy and inexpensive way–at the courthouse. He posted a photo on his private Instagram page of his lady with both the engagement ring and wedding band on on the car ride home.

Nash was first spotted out publicly with Martinez in June, as he was just engaged to Nam late last year. This is his third marriage. He was married to singer Nivea from 2004-2008 and they have two children together. He also wed singer Christina Milian from 2009-2011 and they have their daughter together, Violet.

Congratulations to Nash and his new wife. Third time IS supposed to be the charm!