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Baby Daddy Drama: Is He Responsible for Her Other Kids?

August 28th, 2015 - By Charing Ball
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This question has been circulating widely around social media and I am curious to know what folks thing about it. Be warned: baby daddy drama ahead.

Here is the question:


Viral Internet Meme


I am not a parent, but I do have an opinion.

Let me also say that while I am not a parent, I am also a product of a single parent, woman-led household too. So I think I have some insight here.

The obvious answer is no, the anonymous questioner is not responsible. He is only personally responsible for the child he created. However there is personal responsibility and then there are the responsibilities we have for the greater good. In this instance, the responsibility of maintaining a positive environment for children to become caring and well-rounded adults.

With that premise in mind, there are quite a few things really bothersome about buying 18 pairs of sneakers and 40 outfits for one child during one school year – or should I say half a school year. Children grow. And they grow fast. And there is a really strong possibility that what that child could fit in the first half of the school term will become obsolete before you can say, Easter Break. Not to mention the changing of seasons. So you brought your kid 40 Gucci sweaters in September, but what is he or she suppose to wear when it is 75 degrees in April? It’s like folks don’t think about those things…

But besides the impracticality of it all, there is also the rampant materialism, which makes me cringe. I mean what kind of school is this kid going to that he needs that many pair of shoes?

Don’t get me wrong: I understand folks want to reward their children for getting good grades (sometimes hard work does pay off). And I can also understand that there are some folks who can afford to give to their children in abundance. But I also feel like there are better quality, and more practical, rewards we can be giving children. I mean what about 20 outfits, 10 pairs of shoes and a laptop computer? Or a cool vacation somewhere out of the country, where he or she can be exposed to something new while also having fun? What does it always have to be stuff?

Not to mention the sheer pettiness of the question itself. And it is petty. He is petty for calling the kids her mistake. He is petty for writing in caps, “MY OWN HARD EARNED MONEY…” Like whose money isn’t hard earned? And he is being petty for shaming both the mother of his child and the fathers of her other children for not being as affluent as he is.

Without knowing the background of the poster, it really does sound like he is passive aggressively looking to create division and strife in a household. And perhaps that is what the mother of his child was trying to tell him? She wasn’t telling him not to reward his child, but rather stop showing off.

Speaking as that product of a single parent household with a sibling who “half-belonged” to another, I can tell you I felt very uncomfortable watching my brother get upset over the things my dad brought me, which his absentee dad could not. With that said I was a bit of a brat, particularly in fights. And while I felt bad for my brother’s circumstances, I also took great pleasure in rubbing it in his face that I had something more than he did.

Now you can blame that on the bratty child for being a brat; but as a parent, I just don’t understand why you would want to contribute to that sort of sibling rivalry in a household?

Folks talk all the time about how it takes a village to raise a child. And yet when it comes to actually being that village, we suddenly turn into staunch Republicans, talking all of that, “every bootstrap for himself” mess.

He said so himself, he is in a good financial position in life. So why not kick in an outfit or pair of sneakers, or two, for the cause?

But that’s what I think: what do other folks feel about this question?

‘I Have No Home:’ Eric Williams Cries Broke & Homeless In Response To Child Support Lawsuit

April 21st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN


For nearly a year, we’ve been reporting on Eric Williams’ child support drama. In case you’ve been in the dark for a bit, allow us to catch you up to speed.

Last summer, we told you that a judge issued a warrant for the retired NBA star’s arrest behind his refusal to submit to a DNA test. A woman accused Williams of fathering a child that she gave birth to back in  2011—while he was still living with his estranged wife, former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams.

By February of this year, the troubled ex-athlete was making headlines again. This time, Williams was being taken to court by the mother of his 13-year-old son, who claimed that he owed nearly $25,000 in unpaid child support. Though a judge ordered that Williams pay his son’s mother the owed amount, she was unable to collect because she was unable to locate him.

After a stint of what the unnamed woman’s attorney has described as “exhaustive” efforts to track Williams down, he’s finally cooperating with the courts—but not in a way that his son’s mother may have been hoping for. According to TMZ, the athlete claims that he has not been present at previous child support hearings because he’s homeless.

“[The]court-ordered citation for me to appear was not delivered to my home address as I have no home,” Eric stated in a recent filing.

As if that weren’t enough, Eric is also claiming he’s so broke that he cannot afford airfare to appear at scheduled court dates or to even hire a lawyer. Currently, he says he’s volunteering at a non-profit organization.

“I’m in the rebuilding stages of my life,” he added.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.


‘He’s Completely Embraced His Mom’s Perspective On Me:’ 50 Cent Discusses Strained Relationship With Oldest Son

April 16th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

The relationship between Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his teenage son, Marquise Jackson, has been deteriorating for quite some time now. And interestingly, both parents blame each other for the demise of that relationship. As you may recall, last winter Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Thompkins, claimed that 50 abandonned Marquise shortly after his other son, Sire, was born. During a recent interview with Philly’s Hot 107.9, 50 insisted that Shaniqua has turned Marquise against him.

“He’s completely embraced his mom’s perspective on me. It’s apart of that entitlement that you said it builds,” 50 reasoned.

He also credited the fractured relationship to Shaniqua’s parenting style.

“Kids are never equal to parents. So if your mom conditions the child to feel like you should come to them on their terms and everything else that has to be done.”

Despite being Marquise’s primary provider, 50 claims that Shaniqua has been intentionally seeking to sabotage their relationship.

“Everything in his life, I have provided for him regardless of if I’m there or not,” he explained. “She hasn’t worked since 2000 so tell me how you do that as a single mom. You being a working mom while being a single mom is being a provider in a different way. Her being in the actual home since 2000 living off of what I provide for him is enough for her not to go to actual work so it already takes that pressure off in that way but it’s still not quite enough.”

“She still would feel like destroying the actual relationship is her way of getting back,” he continued. “She was getting a half a million dollars a year.”

As for Shaniqua’s dating life…

“I feel like women require maintenance. If that mental maintenance is actually taken care of, you can have a woman under any circumstance. You can put her in a room full of billionaires and she’ll be there until she looks down on her watch and says ‘We got to go he might be hungry.’ In her case, she hasn’t found anyone that’s able to do the maintenance required on her.”

Listen to his interview here.

50 Cent’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Abandoning His Son After His Second Child Was Born

January 9th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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50 Cent

Source: Instagram

50 Cent recently introduced the world to his infant son Sire Jackson via a series of Instagram posts. But the mother of his first son, Shaniqua Thompkins, says don’t be fooled because he certainly isn’t father of the year.

According to TMZ, Shaniqua is claiming that 50 hasn’t seen his 17-year-old son, Marquise, since May of 2012—several months before Sire was born. It is also being reported that 50 hasn’t spoken to his son since their huge January 2013 fall-out. If you recall, the dispute began when 50 went to visit his son and ended with 50 allegedly telling  Marquise he no longer has a son and threatening to write him out of his will. He later blamed Shaniqua for staging the messages.

“That was his mother texting me as him,” 50 tweeted. “She sold that to a web site. She hate me for Winning. It’s hard to replace me.”

Now Shaniqua is claiming that Marquise feels abandoned and replaced by 50’s new son. Representatives on behalf of 50, however, deny the allegations.

“50 is saddened by the attention-seeking tactics of his son’s mother,” a rep told TMZ. “He remains a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons.”

Hopefully 50 has reconciled with Marquise.

Are you surprised that 50 and Shaniqua are still going at it?

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Hey, I’m No Deadbeat Daddy! Mathew Knowles Responds To Ugly Child Support Allegations

December 6th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Mathew Knowles

Source: WENN

Earlier this week new reports leaked about the ugly support dispute between Mathew Knowles and his ex-mistress, Alexsandra Wright. According to the reports, Mathew has been skipping on their agreed upon $12,000 per month payment schedule, which has been placing a huge financial burden on Alexsandra. One source claiming to be a friend, even went as far as to insist that Alexsandra was forced to pull their three-year-old son, Nixon, out of preschool because she could no longer afford the tuition. Apparently fed up with being painted as a deadbeat dad by the media, Mathew had his attorney, Ken Harris, issue an official statement to Sister 2 Sister refuting the allegations. The statement reads:

“There have been several media reports [this week] suggesting that Mr. Knowles has a delinquency concerning his child support obligation to Ms. Alexsandra Wright. At this point, Mr. Knowles’ financial advisers indicate that he is current concerning that obligation.

Mr. Knowles takes his obligation related to the support of his son very seriously. To that end, Mr. Knowles has consistently provided support during all periods for which he has been legally obligated. Mr. Knowles’ child support obligation has been the subject of substantial litigation over the past year. A mediation concerning this matter has been scheduled for later this month.”

If their issues are not resolved during the upcoming mediation, Mathew and Alexandra will be heading back to court for a hearing early 2014.

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Woman Arrested For Stabbing Friend In The Face With A Stiletto Heel

August 20th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: News One

Source: News One

An August 18th baby shower in Nebraska ended on a bloody note after two friends got into a physical altercation over a man that they both dated. According to the Smoking Gun, Julia Bol, 28, and Rebecca Boss, 41, exchanged words in a heated argument about the nature of Julia’s relationship with the father of Rebecca’s child. The fight escalated when Julia took a six-inch stiletto shoe that Rebecca was holding in her hand hit her in the face with it. Reports say that Julia struck Rebecca so hard with the shoe that the heel punctured her cheek.

“The stiletto heel punctured the victim’s cheek and had to be pulled out of her face,” a police report on the incident read.

After hitting Rebecca with the shoe, Julia allegedly knocked her to the ground and proceeded to choke her. Following the incident, the victim was taken to Bryan West Medical Center where she was treated for neck bruises and a facial laceration, the Inquisitr reports. Julia was arrested on suspicion of strangulation and assault, and taken to the Lincoln County Jail. She, too, had to receive medical attention for a minor arm injury. She was scheduled to appear in court yesterday over the incident.

What  a mess.


Baby Drama! Celebrities With Major Child Support Issues

July 29th, 2013 - By Ashley Page
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First comes baby, and then comes plenty of bills. Many celebrity dads will boast that there is nothing better and more delightful than having a baby girl or baby boy. However, some celebrities find that once the hype of a new child dies down, so do their child support checks. It’s not uncommon for a celebrity dad to have to pay child support, especially if the parents are not married or at least dating. Here are 13 famous dads — and one woman — who owe child support and are causing all sorts of baby drama.

Shawty Lo Ain’t Got Nothing On Me: Unemployed Man Brags About Loving All 22 Of His Children And The 14 Women Who Mother Them

June 6th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

It’s stories like this that really make me believe that humanity is doomed!

Meet 33-year-old Orlando Shaw of Tennessee. He fathers 22 children (whom he sometimes refers to as his “siblings”) by 14 different women. Although he confidently boasts about knowing all of his children’s names and loving all of their mothers, if you ask him on the wrong day, he may lose count and tell you that he has “roughly 18” children by 17 women.

He’s currently unemployed and has been dragged to court by all 14 of those women over unpaid child support, but he insists that he’s a great father because anytime his 18 22 kids call, he comes running. While being a great father doesn’t necessarily mean you have a load of cash to spend on your children, it’s still pretty hard to believe that one man is able to effectively give all 22 of his children the time and attention that they need. Nashville’s CBS affiliate recently caught up to Shaw as he made his way out of a Tennessee courthouse and hot, ghetto and mess are the only words that come to mind to describe his his interview.

“These are my kids we talking about— my siblings—nobody else’s,” Shaw boasted outside of the Nashville courthouse.

“I love my kids and I could careless what anybody thinks,” he continued.

He also shared that he hopes to be “fixed” soon and that  he’s mentoring children because he’s unemployed and doesn’t have a job.

“They know I can’t pay no child support. Why you think I’m out her mentoring and talking to these kids?”

“I don’t want no more kids. I wanna be fixed.

When asked if he could name all of his children, he bragged that almost all of his boys are named Orlando and that most of his daughters’ names are also derived from his, for example, Orlandria, Oneisha, Omika and so on. It doesn’t appear that he plans on seeking gainful employment so that he can support all of these children either. When asked if he hopes to get a job soon, he responded:

“Listen, don’t nothing come to a dreamer, but a dream. I go everywhere looking for a job. Where am I gon’ get one at with my linkling [sic] record?”

“I’m just hoping one day I get lucky and might scratch off the numbers or something. I play the hell out of Tennessee lottery,” he admitted with a straight face.

I could go on and on about the stupidity that continued to spew out of this man’s mouth, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Check page two to witness the insanity for yourself. Is anyone else feeling tempted to launch a kickstarter so that we can all chip in and get this dude snipped? 

Girl, Be For Real…You Want A Baby? 10 Signs He Should Not Be The Father!

January 26th, 2013 - By Brooke Dean
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So you’ve been seeing this great guy for a few months and things seem to be getting serious. You start scribbling his last name with your first name (do people still do that?), envisioning your wedding day and picturing him cutting the umbilical cord. It’s only natural that if you want to get married one day you’ll eventually start sizing up your partner to see what kind of husband or father he’d make.  While his little quirks might be cute when you’re dating, those same character traits might be red flags when determining if he’d make a good father to your child. For some, these may not be deal breakers and who knows if a man will change once faced with the responsibility of fatherhood. However, be careful not to overlook these characteristics if you’re thinking of making him your child’s father one day.

Straight From His Mouth: Do We Need Your Baby Daddy’s Approval?

November 26th, 2012 - By WisdomIsMisery
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Source: WENN

When it comes to single mothers dating, a couple of questions always come up if her child’s father is an active presence in her kid’s life: Should your child’s father meet your new man and how much weight should his opinion of the guy you’re dating hold as far as influencing whether you decide to move forward with him and, of course, when is the right time to introduce each other?

For starters, there is no “right time” to introduce your current boyfriend to your baby daddy, but some situations are unavoidable. The holidays are a good example; I’m sure many of you navigated the awkward conversations that ensued as children exchanged hands and homes in an attempt to honor the holiday spirit with some form of tensely negotiated civility. Still, holidays or regular days, introducing your current beau to your old beau is always complicated. It’s only further complicated when there is a child involved. But there are a few considerations you can follow to make this already awkward situation slightly less awkward.

Be Honest About the Status of Your Relationship with Your Baby Daddy

In theory, your baby daddy should have little to no influence over any of your future relationships, but in the real world, Isht happens. First and foremost, it’s important that you and your current boyfriend are on the same page. I’m not saying you have to unite as one force as if you’re calling on Captain Planet to defeat the toxicity of your prior relationship. I am saying that you and your new man need to have an honest discussion about what you both deem as important for the child, the influence you believe your child’s father should have on the current relationship (if any), and if it’s important to you that in the everlasting words of Rodney King, “we all get along.”

It’s equally important that you’re honest about the overall status of your relationship with your ex. This includes being honest with your current boyfriend and with yourself. If you’re still in love with your baby daddy, have feelings for your baby daddy, or you’re only bidding your time with your new man until your baby daddy decides that he wants to take you back, these are all things that should be communicated.

I’ve been in situations where I only realized afterwards that I was merely a pawn in a much more complicated ex-relationship chess match. Some women use the men they date subsequent to their baby daddy only to make him jealous, which is fine, as long as the new man is aware of his role. Some men are perfectly fine with being the side-man. Like side-women, most men are generally content with the status of the relationship as long as they know the role they are expected to play. What’s not fair is to pretend like you’re building a legitimate and “moving on” when you know damn well your heart (and other organs) still belong to your baby daddy. If the new relationship is nothing more than a complicated charades game to get your ex to start caring about you again, just be honest with yourself and your new man. It’ll save everyone a lot of headaches and heartaches.

On the other hand, let’s say you’re over your ex but your ex isn’t over you. This is also important information to share with any new man in your life. I know dealing with kids and emotions complicates things but somebody has to be the adult in the situation – and it likely won’t be the kids. If your baby daddy 1) hates you; or 2) equally as bad, is still in love with you, this is the type of info the new man in your life should know about. You don’t have to tell him on the first date, but he shouldn’t find out when your baby daddy is chasing you, him, or both down the street with a sawed off shotgun. For example, I once dated girl who “got along fine” with her baby daddy. You can imagine my surprise when I started receiving anonymous text messages ranging from pleas to leave her alone to threats to kill us both if we kept dating. We all know that some men, exes or otherwise, believe in the motto, “once mine, always mine.”

I know you can’t be expected to control another human being, especially if that human being happens to be your child’s father and is bat Isht crazy, but what you can do is let me know your ex-man is crazy and deranged so I at least know what I’m getting myself into sooner rather than later. I shouldn’t have to find out your baby daddy is crazy after he does something crazy if he has a history of doing crazy Isht. If we’re going to be in a relationship together this is the kind of information you should share early on.