Why Are Black Women Attacked? Simple: Black Don’t Crack

October 27, 2011  |  

By Ramona X

In the past couple of years, the ego of Black women in this country has taken a very defined hit. Every other week, a story about the low marriage rates amongst black women emerges, painting us in a very negative light as women who are lonely, doomed and undesired by all men, including our own.

And let me tell you something, the abundance of articles and books pointing out our dubious plight is not only based on marriage statistics, it’s rooted in something more deeply psychological that many refuse to acknowledge.

I’m not going to go on a whole long Isis-Papers –inspired soliloquy on why black people are so hated and so loved at the same time, but let me just share with you what the primary, subconscious reason is for all this hate: Black don’t crack. That’s right, the fact that black women do not age as rapidly or get attacked by wrinkles at a relatively young age is a source of jealousy of our melanin-challenged counterparts. And as we all know, jealousy breeds contempt.

Laugh if you’d like. It’s the truth. This subconscious envy of a people, who have a relationship with the source of energy that doesn’t wrinkle them to death, who can spawn and influence world culture by their very natural existence, is real. But let’s take this discussion down a notch and allow me to explain how Black women are being attacked because of this subconscious contempt of our melanin.

I’ve been around Black women all my life so it came as a surprise to me when I discovered that many of my non-White college classmates and, later, my twenty-something co-workers were investing in expensive Estee Lauder anti-aging creams. This panic of aging and the idea that beauty had a fast-coming expiration date was an overshadowing theme in many of their lives. In contrast, any discussions about beauty at my Sunday brunch outings involved sharing hair care tips and recommending moisturizing conditioners.

Another epiphany struck when I was discussing this idea of how it seemed more acceptable for white women to “get around” as opposed to Black women, who were judged for being sexually free, with a Black guy friend of mine. He joked that it was okay for white women since they had a shorter shelf life. In other words, they were aware of their dwindling beauty and had to capitalize on their youthfulness fast.

Although he was joking, there seemed some truth to it. By the time many white women hit age 30, they look their age. A 30+ Black woman, on the other hand, will most likely look like she’s still in her 20s. Age is just a number but for many ladies, how you look at your age feeds into how you feel about yourself, your level of confidence, and not feeling insecure if you’re still at the club past your ideal marrying age.

Black women certainly don’t remember to be grateful for the fact they’ll look good for many years past their 21st birthday and their 40th for that matter, but many on the outside are resentful of it. I don’t blame ‘em. When I gaze at white celebrities like Rachel Zoe sometimes, who at 38, looks ten years older than 45-year-old Halle Berry and 44-year-old Kimberly Elise, it makes me grateful. When I’m 45, I’ll probably look as youthful in the face as Berry, who although looks good for her age, is not an anomaly in the Black community.

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  • gigi

    this is extremely ignorant and racist.

  • Denisewigg123

    I agree black women do look very youthful longer and there is a large amount of hate..
    Against us.. We cant have confidence or speak our mind or we are having an attitude.. But is ok for a white women to speak their minds? I get most of my compliments from white women. Thanks ladies.

  • J Chato91

    Wow….lmao why should it matter whose better or whose not i think we should all love ourselves and embrace the fact that were all woman we go through the same s**t everyday doesn’t matter where we come from or what color we are. if “ONE” or “Handful” of men wants a white,Asian,black or Latino  woman then that’s just his preference. Oh! and for the Dark skin and in-betweens  on here who are just plain hypocrites or just ignorant, The best form of flattery a person can get is a imitation! So love the fact people wanna imitate your style don’t throw it in there face!

  • J Chato91

    Wow….lmao why should it matter whose better or whose not i think we should all love ourselves and embrace the fact that were all woman we go through the same s**t everyday doesn’t matter where we come from or what color we are. if “ONE” or “Handful” of men wants a white,Asian,black or Latino  woman then that’s just his preference. Oh! and for the Dark skin and in-betweens  on here who are just plain hypocrites or just ignorant, The best form of flattery a person can get is a imitation! So love the fact people wanna imitate your style don’t throw it in there face!

  • J Chato91

    Wow….lmao why should it matter whose better or whose not i think we should all love ourselves and embrace the fact that were all woman we go through the same s**t everyday doesn’t matter where we come from or what color we are. if “ONE” or “Handful” of men wants a white,Asian,black or Latino  woman then that’s just his preference. Oh! and for the Dark skin and in-betweens  on here who are just plain hypocrites or just ignorant, The best form of flattery a person can get is a imitation! So love the fact people wanna imitate your style don’t throw it in there face!

  • white women dont have a**

  • Milagrosgvillamil

    I think the opening statement is true Black won’t crack unless you crack it?  lol  Seriously  there are ssiters like myself who look 20 yrs my junior and for this reason there appears to be a lot of envy in places i go to often like the gym the track field and the grocery stores. The issue of age and  the old ” OH you don;t look old/or u have no wrinkes??? .Or you have  NICE butt? HOW DID U GET YOUR TIGHT BOOTY?
    Some of the comments are flattering until the issue of my BUTT comes up..
    My thoughts are  why my but and why no wrinkles?
    YES, bottom line  some White women are extremely envious and a bit obnoxious  Since when does another women who is hunting a black men  COMMENT ABOUT HIS WOMANS BUTT?..I imagine its also low self worth or someone who is a bisexual

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  • Nicole

    Lets not fool ourselves. It is a commonly known fact that blacks as well as others of color age significantly slower than whites generally. By aging slower i mean typically people of darker skin tend to have a more youthful appearance dispute getting older, they develop fewer lines and wrinkles compared to whites of the same age. It’s called melanin which darker skin tones have more of. Hence the term “black don’t crack”. I think if the author was a little nicer in outlining this fact it might have been better received. However it is a fact non the less. 

  • Angie

    This is laughable.  Black women are jealous of white women’s nice complexions and REAL HAIR.  I can tell you, no white woman in her right mind wants to put stinky grease on her scalp and wash her hair every two weeks.  I don’t think black women realize that they smell really bad, and your men agree.  I went to a Black school and I was bullied by these crazy ghetto girls for absolutely no reason..it’s no wonder Black men are running away from you all.  You yourselves WISH you were half white so you could have nicer skin and hair.  Look at black movies, the pretty girl is always the light skinned girl.  Keep telling  yourselves that white women are jealous just to make yourself feel better. 

    • Angie

      And for the record….I’m not white!!  Hmmm, why is it that when a black man becomes successful, he drops black women like a bad habit??

      Moral of the story is:  stop hating on others, realize that YOU have a problem, nobody else.  Try to fix your bad attitudes, etc. The fact that black women are single more than any other women is proof that most men don’t want you. 

      • Danceroflife

        I think that that America’s determination to destroy Black men is more the reason than any other.  On another note, white men historically have always lusted after Black women – we just don’t them too much cause they are pretty small in the gonads department.  Actually, white men are little, bitty in the gonads department so I can understand why white women are salivating for Black men.  You feel me?

  • J Love 21

    This is so true.. Not only that but i am a very beautiful black woman, who has worked around enough white women to notice that they can not stand when a black woman is more attractive than they are. They cant take it.

  • It is funny too, the examples you used…Zoe may have a couple more wrinkles but she is WAY better looking than Kimberley (my opinion of course), and does not even have many wrinkles… many women have those lines next to their mouth (Regina King for example)There are as many white women of that age who do not have many wrinkles as there are black women of the same age who do…Look at 65 year old Glenn Close she has remarkable skin.

  • LOL white women are not jealous of black women it is the other way around that is why black women are always talking about how jealous and threatened white women are…please…The most beautiful women in the world are white women…You can take the most beautiful black woman you have ever seen and put her next to a pretty white woman, and the white woman would be more desirable. I think it is funny how the example black people use are of light skinned women who may be african american but are not black!!!! they are brown or “malado”. Also I keep finding articles of black women calling white women evil and devils…but why would people do this unless they were jealous? I think it stems from the fact that many black men choose white women…even find the fat ones more appealing. A big part of it is that they are angry that white women are “taking” (not really) rich famous black men from them. I am sick of hearing and reading how much women change their features to look black…this is funny just so you know when we tan we are not trying to look black, we are trying to be tan and have a glow, we are sorry you do not have the option. The fact is many black women bleach their skin, wear fake hair, wear contacts,and even get nose jobs because they are not happy with the black features that they think white women are so envious of. I do not hate or dislike anyone but I am just so annoyed with all of the racism against whites that people think is okay…NEWSFLASH black people are more racist against white people…White people did not start slavery…We put an end to it!!!! This is a little off discussion but I just want to make it clear that I don’t listen to any BS of someone saying I am racist because I am not and black people think they can say whatever they want but white people are afraid to say anything in fear they will be labeled as a racist. I find many black women to be pretty but everyone has individual tastes and people should except that and not blame people because they do not find black…or white attractive but their is no need to be mean about it and insist we are jealous because that just shows that you are the one with the problem. It doesn’t matter what color, size, ethnicity, disformity anyone has if someone finds them attractive then so be it. Also…I love my white skin- wrinkles are a sign of age and nothing to be ashamed of, if a white person takes care of their skin properly they would not “age faster” than a black person, but some choose to tan in the sun which causes wrinkles earlier on (it is a choice).

    • Danceroflife

      White women are beautiful until about the age of 19 – then everything goes south after that.  Even if they keep their thin skinned body together, the face will tell all.  I know that when I see a white woman who looks 40, she’s actually just celebrated her 20-something birthday.

  • Ava

    This is completely racist. Absolutely despicable.

  • I agree, people talk all the time about how black women are angry and bitter.  But when the shoes on the other foot, they act the same way  I’ve been dating a good looking white man for a year now, and oh boy do I get some glares!. From black men and white girls!  They think black women are the bottom of barrel, “what’s he doing with her?”  I also noted that when Halle Berry married and divorced black guys, it was there fault, but when she dumped the white guy, suddenly everyone said there must be something wrong with her “how dare she”.  White women can’t stand to see us with their men. It’s hilarious.    

    • I’d like to make one thing perfectly clear.

      This has happened to me.

  • I’m lacking in the melanin department…am I safe!?  >_>; 
    IDK if white women really envy our anti-aging ways, I agree with the whole lot who opposed this article’s intentions.
    Eh, besides the craze for being wrinkle free, I think it’s most important for people (of all races) to adopt a better diet/regimen to preserve longevity. *ahem* Like the east Asians…jaja. J/K J/K

  • Andersonc381

    I’m very younger than you so if you try to create an argument with me you are considered childish. First, I think it is wrong that we are comparing others for there are ugly people in every race. Trust me, there are unattractive people in EVERY RACE. Also, so it seems you have self-hatred. Of course I’m not going to blame you or anything because that’s psychologically your problem, and not ours. How very immature of you to claim superiority, yet you are in no place because you are a mere human. God is the superior one so watch what you say human. Since you are “East African,” you have no right to claim that “East African women are home to the best looking black women” because don’t forget that there are other people of African descent around the world. Heck woman I am beautiful INSIDE and OUT and I REFUSE to let people like you try to bring others down. I have good genes sweetheart and God says I’m beautiful too :] If Judgment day were to come you’ll definitely go to Hell my friend because you have not fulfilled the wish that Jesus and God wanted us to fulfill before we leave Earth. Didn’t God say all is equal? Didn’t God say he created humans in his image? How dare you disrespect God and his people! You and other prideful beings are a disgrace to humans, you have no tolerance and this is why there are wars, murders, etc. in the world. We, the next generation is suppose to learn from the adults? HA! How can we if there are so many immature, wicked, stupid, dumb, buffooneries of adults out there huh?! HUH?! Sorry, but we can’t learn from dumb people hahah. Welp, I guess someone needs to learn their history and do more analyzing in the world! 😀 Stop living in your little dream lala land! Plus, you have a horrible personality which makes you very unattractive and……evil -_- There are people on here who like to sign on as other people. lololololol If you are black or if you are not, you are still very strange, and you have guts starting a race war on here. Ummm…..WHY THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN ON THIS WEBSITE YOU….YOU……WHATEVER YOU ARE! A PERSON WHO JUST LIKES TO START RACE WARS BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO LIFE AND YOU FIND BEING BEHIND A COMPUTER AN EASIER WAY TO HATE ON PEOPLE! I highly doubt God likes people who are ugly on the inside. Although he still loves you, you so far are not getting on his good side >:[ You are a very immature person and you better change up your act before Jesus comes back, or he will get you :O Not just you, but others who are on here and around the world who thinks in a sinful manner. May God Bless you and I hope you will solve your own issues.
    From a very mature 13 ½ year old girl who will be the next generation and outdo today’s adults :] POWER TO US KIDS 😀 By the way, I don’t care what people think, or do because humans will not get me into Heaven.  These type of articles are just mere useless information that I just happen to stumble across when I search the internet 😛 I had to reply to you, and I replied to you in a civil manner to get my point across. One more thing! I don’t like how you said you were mixed like in a pompous way. Both of my parents are black, and I have Native American blood. You don’t see me bragging about my African blood and Native American blood. Sometimes I want to hahaha, but I do not do that because God doesn’t like boastful people. Alright, my work here is done lol.
    These type of articles are just mere useless information that I just happen to stumble across when I search the internet 😛 I had to reply to you, and I replied to you in a civil manner to get my point across. One more thing! I don’t like how you said you were mixed like in a pompous way. Both of my parents are black, and I have Native American blood. You don’t see me bragging about my African blood and Native American blood. Sometimes I want to hahaha, but I do not do that because God doesn’t like boastful people. Alright, my work here is done lol.

  • dbrook

    wow. what if there was an article in people magazine saying that black women are jealous of white women because of so and so… heads would roll…white heads.

  • MNM116

    Kimora does not have a white mother.   Neither does Amerie. 

  • MNM116

    Huh?   She isn’t Mexican, though.   Your comment makes no sense.

  • Quiet Yourself

    You know, I think it’s extremely narcissistic as well as racist to write an article such as this. All women, regardless of age or ethnicity are beautiful in my opinion. Stacking one against the other is fruitless way of showing your own ignorance. I am half German and half Cherokee, and I am SO tired of hearing women of this generation verbally brutalize each other. I am not jealous of Black women, nor am I jealous of Asian or Latino women. This is of course because I am comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t feel the need to suggest another race is jealous of mine for whatever self-gratifying reason. Get a life, and grow up a little. I’ve never said anything towards anyone about their race negatively, and it hurts to find another person so happily bashing a part of mine. And before anyone posts “Well, welcome to what I’ve been dealing with for hundred of years.” Look into the history of my people, and realize that everyone is the victim of racism, and every single race on this planet has been treated as less than. You’re not making things better, you’re just fueling the fire of a mini race war on the internet, and that’s the saddest thing of all. That this isn’t over yet.   

  • MonaAQ

    wow this place is great, first time one here =D I love it already. 

  • Frye_jessica24

    You picked a 38 year old woman who smokes for comparison? Nice. Had to level out the playing field there, didn’t you. 😉

  • Jade is lying to everyone.  She’s not Black.

  • Guest

    white women hate black women because of their own racist and chauvinistic nature. I mean, white women have been told all their lives they are the acme of human beauty and wondrousness, and they buy into this bs because the popular culture and the education system feeds the silly notion to them at every turn. I have always preferred black or latin women over white women, but I hate how white women make life difficult for everyone else through their support of redistributionist policies that take from men to give to themselves. I would love for black women to start fighting back against white women en masse, but black women (and the rest of us) appear unwilling to do that or incapable of doing that. there is not a more hateful, disingenous and macchiavellian group in our society than white females (saw it frequently in academia and in the professional world). By the way, we now have a black man being destroyed by a bunch of white women; I wish black americans would see what these people are doing to herman cain and speak out against it, but i sadly doubt they will.

    • MNM116

      I find this comment disturbing…”I would love for black women to start shooting white women en masse”.    Really?    What kind of sick person are you?

      Some white women are racist b*tches, but there are also kind and decent white women in this world.   You are promoting violence and racism while accusing others of the same.  

      I am biracial.   I’ve met white women who were racist toward me.   They believed they were better and prettier than me.   But I also know that not every white woman holds these racist attitudes…just the ones who were raised to believe that they are superior.   I know I’m beautiful inside and out.   There is no need to hate ALL white women just because some of them are evil.  

      Herman Cain is not being destroyed by anyone.   He doesn’t need Black people to defend him.  He is a grown man.

  • my white man loves me hell many white men loves me including the redneck country boys, funny how they always talk down about their own women.

    • A white man will screw a dog, horse etc so you haven’t said nothing!!!!

  • Torontochick

    As a black woman whose best friend is white (but born in Bahrain), I actually took offense to this article on her behalf. I agree that the media needs to stop the assault on unmarried black women (and stop assuming that all of us even WANT to be married; I, for one, don’t), but what does that have to do with white women? It makes us look petty and I don’t want to be represented this way.

    • Seconds until best friend says or does something racist, 10… 9… 8…

  • guest

    Seriously? LOL Sounds like a lot of generalizations.  Wrinkles are more from lifestyle (smoking, tanning, ect) than ethnicity.  I’m 40, white, and have been mistaken for as being in my mid twenties, so much for your theory….

  • They also are using techniques to keep our men away from our beauty and by keeping us constantly away from them. I was complaining about never having shows with men with us. Majority of our shows keep our black men away from us. From our first televisions show Julia there was a hate of single family shows, then single party shows, now force interracial shows which is leading us into gays shows!! E-mail the median that black women are still waiting to exhale. We have been waiting to exhale before Desperate Housewives,

  • Guest

    We do not have the highest OWW rate, that is a lie. We actually have the lowest, 26%. The 70% figure came from OWW rate for that YEAR, not the overall national average. Stop believing these so called studies. Whites actually have the highest OWW rate, and then hispanics and THEN Blacks.
    Also, 70% of Black women are NOT single…that is a lie as well…that would mean that approximately 14 million black women are single and that just isn’t true.

  • Of course people will get upset. The truth is, women who are “black” (Brown African) will have more melanin and will show signs of aging to a lesser extent. It’s true. Like it. Hate it. Throw it out of the window. I really couldn’t care less but I am very proud and feel fortunate to have skin this hue because I know as long as I take care of myself (do not take drugs, drink excessively, work out and eat right. Lots of water) my body will show the rewards with each passing year. I am now 21. I can’t wait until I am 40 because I know I will still look amazing. 

  • Sherena13250

    This is a racist article. And the comments are even worse! 

  • Nicstew

    That’s right!!! I love it!! I am 42 in December…and I look good!!!! Someone even had the nerve to ask me if I was planning on having more children!!!! Black don’t crack!!! And by the way..my hubby thinks I am still hot!

  • Gemini

    Do you know what all of this is pathetic! Honestly.

    First of all, Jade, Marcus, Love whatever you make your name to be on here – you’re sad. Really sad. You say you live in the UK. From what I’ve read you’re either up north or in Essex because in London, it’s multi-cultural and black girls do not have a chip on their shoulder. IN FACT black, white, asian and mixed race people all hang out with one another.

    I know this because my best friend is white, of Irish descent, and we always praise one another on what makes us different. What we’re jealous of (because you do get jealous sometimes), and speak of our different experiences because we are of different races, all of my friends are. 

    If anything mixed raced girls had the chip on their shoulders trying to say you got the best of both worlds (lighties), which makes you better than white or black people. WHO CARES?

    We are WOMEN! That should come first. Colour shouldn’t matter!! We all get jealous, because we forever want things others have, but don’t let that ignorance get in the way of that. Women need to learn in general to work together instead of against. It’s not worth it. Every race is beautiful. We need to learn to work together and become better people. How can we expect the next generation to get over the prejudice we have now, if we’re not willing to let it go ourselves!


  • Melissa

    Really, you know what the adoption requirements in Eritrea two generations ago? 60 – 80 years ago?:

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Gimme a break!  I Googled the same site you did. Just because you can read doesn’t mean you KNOW anything.  Those restrictions were NOT in place generations ago.

    Enlightened?  More like Unenlightened.  Full of hate as well. So sad.

  • Lizza

    This is article is horribly simplistic and inaccurate, and seems to have been written with the intention of bringing out the trolls. The author clearly has little insight into non-black women. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but in general white women don’t spend a lot of time obsessing over black women or feeling jealous and bitter of them. From the tone of some of the articles on this site it seems to me that the reverse is more likely to be true and some projecting is going on here…

    If anything white women are far more likely to feel threatened by asian women (but that’s another story). I will say that one typical black attribute many white women may envy is a curvaceous butt, but that is achievable through the right exercises by women of any race.

  • KissingUp

    This is a pretty good article — innovative, thoughtful, so controversial it’s offensive.  This is what comes of Black women being in control of the dialogue and of media.

    Keep it up, MN!

  • pinkie

    This article is so silly. Not all black women age well and not all white women age quickly. There is much variety between individuals. But honestly, who cares? Shouldn’t we as women be supporting each other rather than trying to one-up each other? We get judged and rated by men enough, do we have to do it to each other too?

  • berry pie

    Is this author still in middle school? 

    Grow up and start seeing people as individuals,  and when you do grow up you’ll realize that true beauty comes from within.

  • Lashonne31

    Strange, all of my messages were deleted.

  • nativebeauty

    I agree with you on the statistic perspective. Lets break the numbers. I am mixed and for AEONS Ive been mocked by my peers for dating white men. There is racism within every race, whether it be black white or pacific islander (all the races i am). Its shocking to see that people hold grudges against races for what happened centuries ago. You are what you make life to be. 🙂 Props to you for being a SUCCESSFUL woman and not using the race card. It is your determination and character that make you who you are, not the color of your skin. 🙂

  • Aoki Takara

    Interesting article. I don’t understand the whiny comments. It must have struck a chord with some of you guys. Didn’t bother me. Black certainly don’t crack with me and my fam. 🙂

  • NativeBeauty

    Im native american and my family is as well and our skin is perfectly fine. Maybe you should include other races, oriental and asians have youthful skin too. I also have part black as well.My friends are slightly offended by this report, LOL

  • Jillian

    As a white woman who enjoyed (in the past) reading this blog, I find this article appalling.

    The writer is guilty of perpetuating stereotypes and gross generalizations, which is the very thing she professes to be fighting against elsewhere on this blog.  I find this article to be sad, hypocritical and fairly vicious.

    The article labels me as a man-hungry and biologically desperate hag with a secret agenda to bring down my fellow women simply because I have fair skin and need to wear sunblock?  Really?  That could not be further from the truth.

    And I’m consumed with jealousy that “black don’t crack”?  Honestly, I’d never heard that term before.  It is ridiculous and insulting to presume such pettiness from an entire demographic of your fellow human beings.

    And thank you so much (sarcasm) for reminding me that black women have rhythm.  I wonder if all my black sisters would appreciate that bizarre little comment you seemed to tack onto this already silly article in a fit of smarmy self-importance.  By the way, I can dance, does this surprise you?  I’ll be heading out tonight to dance with my beautiful group of multi-racial and multi-ethnic friends tonight.  Thank goodness none of them are as small-minded and shallow as you are.  In other words, I won’t use how I feel about you to judge all of them.  You must hang out with some very bitter and ignorant people indeed.

    Many women of all skin colors and genetic backgrounds age well due to lifestyle and genes.  And yes some women (no matter their race) become easily threatened by another woman being more attractive than they are.  

    Your bizarre and rather transparently bitter theory holds no water at all.

    Good luck with your hatefulness.  Careful, mean facial expressions cause wrinkles!

    • nativebeauty

      That is a fact about the mean facial expressions, ladies negativity ages! 

    • mwpolitico

       You are just jealous. 

    • Melissa

      Thank you for your post, Jillian.  I too am Caucasian and read this blog, and this article is not only vicious, it makes me sad.  Like the other articles about white men with black women, and black men with white women, which assumed all inter-racial couplings had some sort of sociologically ulterior motive and that NONE of them could simply be the result of two people simply finding the right partners, regardless of ethnicity.  I assure you, though I’m not a good dancer due to old sports injuries, I do not fit into the other stereotypes of white women published here.

      I agree that most black women age better, at least in the face, as the melanin in their skin provides superior protection from many environmental factors.  I do not agree that white women are jealous of this.  Please stop perpetuating the myth that all whites are always looking for ways to tear blacks down!  You do us, and yourself, a massive disservice in doing so.

      • me

        she never said all whites are looking to tear blacks down. you white women sure know how to twist around some words and give them new meanings.

      • denise

        First of all you are not black so how in the heck do you know how we feel and are treated. The civil rights movement was just foe exercise it was for people to have the right to breath freedom and equality something that we still have to fight for today. The problem isn’t us its you and your coharts that don’t know what the hell your talking about.

    • Amanda De Carvalho

      Here, Here Jillian! This is just ridiculous. People are people
      and everyone is going to age different no matter what the race. This article is
      terrible. Won’t be telling any of my girlfriends about this site ever!

      • me

        why would you become a member to this site, read the article, and then respond if its so ridiculous?

      • denise

        Who cares go to a site that uplifts whites and puts blacks down just like you want. So you can feel superior, but how dare a black person want to feel good.

    • me

      how is she hating you when shes only explaining why the media attacks black women. she never used any hateful terms so stop being mad because you know that you are jealous. i would be too.

      • melaninisthekey

        I am a black woman and I couldn’t agree more with this article and I will even take it further… there is a mental, and physical genocide being conducted against black women and it is time that we black women stand up for ourselves. And to all the white ladies outraged on this post you have the whole world to sing your praise so stop invading our space of discussions where we desire to talk about our VERY REAL issue and the way we are being treated by you, your men and your children, and the way we have been treated by your ancestors and the founders of this country. Never ever think that you have the right to come chastise us and dim our very real feelings. As black women we are natural good beings, we are nurturer and we seek no harm and no war with anyone but to my black women i will say PLEASE express your VERY REAL frustration out, continue to have faith in the fact THAT YOU DESERVE BETTER than what is being given to you right now and invocate that right every day until it becomes true. This article spoke the truth, we black women OF STRENGTH know it. …. who ever is unhappy about it needs to go read COSMOPOLITAN OR VOGUE because as far as I am concerned this is MADAME NOIRE. “Assante Sanaa”
        PS: Jilian, this is just a pay back to your sarcasm but dancing from black women comes from the soul we dont count our step or over do our movement, the melanin in ur skin resonates with the rythym giving us a natural movement… Your arrogance on this post proves that you do not have that. If you learn to respect us and bond with us, the black women goddess who by the way CREATED you, then you will understand dancing. PEACE AND TRUTH everyone

    • denise

      Oh,We are not sorry for thus response. Its ok for white women to be put on a throne above everyone else getting the lead roles But a black woman cant point out the obvious hatred towards black women. maybe you’re not the perpetrator but others are. The root of hatred sometimes is jealousy.. Nothing is petty when ur on top..

  • LovelyStones

    It’s like people come on this site just to bash the writers.

    If you don’t agree, why do you keep reading?

    Anyway, I agree with the author.

    There are certain things that are truth, that is SCIENCE, not racism.

    And the fact that people with darker pigment age better is SCIENCE. Look it up.

    That means that out of everyone, dark skinned people of color (whether they’re black, Hispanic, etc) age better than our lighter skinned counterparts.

    What I would like is for people to stop screaming ‘racism’ and ‘ignorance’ about EVERYTHING that does not show a particular person or ethnic group in a favorable light.

    It really makes a person look uneducated.

    Although we were all created equal as far as being human beings, GENETICS say something totally different about how we carry age and weight. Darker skinned people (in general) just do both better.

    Seriously people, it’s okay to call an apple, an apple.

    Just stop trying to make the orange feel like an apple too.

    • Charlie

      Wow lol…whether you think someone ages well or not is an OPINION, not fact. Certainly not science. You are the one who is truly ignorant.

  • I realize that white people can secretly hate blacks/minorities and put a smile on their face. Some/most black people, on the other hand, show anger and resentment, and that probably explains why they never move ahead with their life. 

    Enjoy life. Be who you are. Get rid of the anger and other negative feelings you have. 

  • AllyC

    I think Jade deserves this award for most ignorant person ever.

  • Urban Romance

    someone knows their fashion histroy 🙂

  • Momma

    This article is complete crap .. some people just have to make up stuff to make them feel better about themselves .. sad and warmongerish.

    • Mommasgun

      u mean it make u want to pick up a gun and finish the job you started?? the one of killing black people? well go head …that’s what you’re best at!!!

  • ray man

    people don't know what racism means it means to hate a race of people for the color of their skin i don't think black people hate white people for the color of their skin they don't like white people for what they have done to them not for their skin color which isn't white at all it is no skin color at all no white person is the color of paper so white people can be racist because they have been disliking people for their skin color show me one incident where black people just hate white people because of their color it doesn't exist our hate for white people is based off of persecution not skin color their hate is based off of skin color and not persecution so technically black people can't be racist i know someone out there will comment to their defense without understanding what i am trying to say i ready for it Bottom line most black people hatred towards whites has nothing to do with skin color for the comments saying black people are racists how can i hate what i already have is skin color the white man don't have it which is why he hates it

    • Rdog

      Thank you so much for your rambling discourse on the state of race relations in our current society. Furthermore as a white man, I truly appreciate you explaining to me how all white people think and what motivates our thought processes in the most stereotypical way possible. If you weren’t black, I would say that your entire rant, and opinion of white people is inherently racist, however, as you explained in your post, black people are incapable of racism. No matter how hard you try to justify your “hatred towards whites”, it is still hatred, pure and simple. If you are unable to judge others on the merits of their actions, and get beyond the color of their skin, than you are as guilty of racism and discrimination as the next ignoramous.

    • MNM116

      Your comment is completely incoherent…punctuation is your friend.  

      Anyway, if you are saying that it is impossible for Black people to be prejudiced or to hold racist views, I disagree.  

    • How are black people persecuted you are given equal if not more rights than white people…if you are referring to Slavery, there aren’t any black people a live who were slaves in America…AND slavery was not created by white people…where do you think white people in America got slaves from, Africa…by BLACK people selling them…White people helped end slavery…something that still exists to this day in Africa. Black people are racist against whites….you apparently do not know what racism is…there are black people who will admit to not liking white people…that is racism, no matter the reason they do not like them. Black people would not be where they are today if it were not for white people helping to free them in this country…if Slavery never existed, black people would not have been brought to American to live the great lives they  have.

  • Guest

    black men stay silent when bw are attacked but they're very vocal if you talk about their white women, or them.

  • Lucoli

    I honestly never knew racism still existed to the extent in this day and age. When I step outside my door I hear people tell me how beautiful my skin, teeth, hair are, how intelligent I am, how bright my future will be. When I step back indoors and log online all I see is black women are this, white women are this, blah blah blah! Seriously, let's stop this people! Everyone is beautiful in the own right, and if some of you's don't realize that shame on you!

  • sweetrose78

    I'm pretty sure this article wasn't made to be racist. It seems as though it's more of an empowerment article meant to boost black women's moral.

  • Phosa

    um, sorry to break it to you but the ghanian (and that's how its spelt, plus its in west africa not sub-saharan africa) is 59-60 years, not 81, i don't think any african country has a life expectancy of 81…. google dude, google….

  • ssljc

    i cant wait til the day, when MY FATHER question some of you on who gives YOU the right to HATE HIS creation, to destroy a race of HIS ppl. I cant wait for that day when MOST of you have to give an acct for the things u have said and done to HIS PPL of this world. I wonder what bunch of crap do you think is going to fly that day, and YES, THAT DAY is coming, Keep it up ppl, you r doing a great job. you have a rude awakening coming ur way. Just keep it up!!!! you know urselves, and if u dont, a sure way of recognizing who u r, u r going o jump all over this with hate, persecution and everything else. bring it on tho, u all cannot phase me.

    • ray man

      right on brother peace be upon all the Most High true believers

  • tlee

    i loved this. its about time black women get praise. white women arn’t the only ones who “have it gong on”. thank you for writting this. and as for “smdh”, yes, you would. you just haven’t looked hard enough.

  • offglass

    MMMmmm, you sound like a hater too. Typical bitter black women statement! Up your game and stop worrying who's on her arm and worry bout who's arm your on….. Black or White

  • guest

    Why can't we all just love and admire the wonderful things about each other as women? As mothers – whether biological, adoptive or mother-figures, we have the power to change the world because we get the first opportunities to mold our children's character and values. If we teach children to value others, their similarities AND their differences, and to accept responsibility for their own successes as well as their shortcomings, we will come a long way to making this world one that celebrates the inner strength, successes and inner and outer beauty of people of all cultures,colors and abilities and that judges people by the content of their character. Amen.

  • chrissy

    Jada is a dude…….yall arguing wit a dude……if she is mixed it ain't african……cuz no self righteous black women (because when they look at us they are not saying oh she not black she from africa)…..would diss there own……jada is a dude….yall keep it up wit this dude…..lol…

  • MST

    This stupid article doesn't represent all black women.

    Lots of white women are single too, and how come you are always bleaching your hair and getting ridiculous looking boob jobs?

  • Smdh

    They honestly don't. You will NEVER find an article like this degrading black women on a white website

    • Lucky

      When’s the last time you went to Stormfront?

      • Torontochick

        That’s not a normal white person site, though, that’s for sociopaths. Madamenoire gets more traffic than Stormfront! Look on alexa.

  • Lady

    I am obviously very grateful to have the skin of a black woman because we know it's true but stuff like this is soooo petty. I would not want my white female friends thinking that I believe this of them! You are making us look no better than that Eurocentric mainstream media you are criticizing!

  • Thank you for this:)

  • I am a black woman and I feel very disappointed after reading this article. For weeks I have been reading how black women are less desired and how we are unmarried. First of all this article is no better than those i mentioned. It just drives a wedge between all races. In all races I can see beauty. I do believe black women grow old gracefully but I also see beauty in other races and learn valuable things from women of other races I am friends with. I love the long black straight hair of asian women or japanese women. I I love the smooth skin of some of my friends who are african. I love learning from my white friends all their beauty secrets. I love how my mother and my grandmother can all be together and people say we look like sisters. The list can go on. Every woman has something beautiful about her no matter what race. I agree that media can spread the hatred but we as individuals can stop it.

    • I also feel sorry for the girl who is mixed. You are a part of two cultures and yet you hate one. I think you hate your black culture because you feel the world hates blacks. But let me say this when you embrace ALL that you are you will be so much more happier. You should be fighting against the hatred against black women instead of promoting it. I wonder how your parent the one who is black feels about your comments you have made on here. You are rejecting that part of you that came from them. I bet they would be so so sad to hear what you are saying. I am not married because I am willing to wait for that man whether he be black or white or whatever race that will accept me as i am. Accept who you are.

      • Sityoassdun

        CAN Y’ALL REMIND ME WHO SAID “I FREED 1000 SLAVES, BUT I COULD VE FREED 1000 MORE IF ONLY THEY KNEW THEY WERE SLAVES?” ~Francee Winter don’t you got to go get a new wig or some lighting cream?? What u doing here?

    • me

      sounds like a white person pretending to be black.

    • denise

      Isn’t that pretty.

  • FDDliea

    Articles like this. Excellent example of racism at its best. Absolutely disgusting…

    • nativebeauty

      Indeed! Lets suggest an article for all women of color and how we can take care of our skin, and maintain the youthfulness in it? 🙂

    • denise

      Yeppers its ok when on most soap operas movies magazines white women get to shine but thats not racism huh!! If it’s not then I don’t know what is. But the population is changing white women keep having black babies that is making white people extinct..

  • Reese

    What a silly article? They could talk about good images of bw. Or give a real theory as to why so much media is all of a sudden concerning bw getting married because most white people don't care and haven't cared for awhile so why all the interest now is a valid question.

  • WTF

    Am I the only one who can see that “Jade” is nothing more than an angry black man-troll? Trust me Jade is a black man.

    • Lucky

      I don't think Jade is a Black man. She's a bitter, angry white woman. The kind I enjoy battling with!

  • Anonymous

    I love how black women need to put white women down and bash them in order to feel good about themselves. Rachel Zoe may have more wrinkles than Halle Berry, but she also has a successful career, her own show and a rich husband. Halle is a washed up, twice divorced baby mama who can't hold on to a man if her life depended on it. As much as you all exalt yourselves and put yourselves up on pedestals, you're still the least married demographic in the country.

    • sweetrose11

      In this day and age, who really cares about marriage? It's not the sacred bond it was once; it's a joke. It's entirely possible for anybody to be in committed, long term relationship and not have to be married to do so. It doesn't make you less of person and you're not going to be condemned to Hell because you're not married. As long as their is love, respect, honest etc…. that's all that matters.

    • Me2

      We should be put on pedestals, we deserve. As much abuse as black women endure on a daily basis, it's refreshing when someone writes an article saying that black women are great. It has nothing to do with putting other races of women day, even though facts don't lie, and most white women DON'T age nicely. Halle also has a very successful career, shared some great moments with the father of her child and has a beautiful daughter to show for it.

  • fatima

    The tone of this article is out of place on this site. I was a bit surprised by the entire theory. Asian women also age much better then white women, but I don't think anyone is going to suggest racism against asians is caused by this. You are making racism seem petty with this whole concept.

    • sweetrose11

      Racism is extremely petty. Racism is intolerance or hatred of another race or races…. Sounds very petty to me.

  • Lucky

    They're no longer copying black women by wearing bustles. These days, they buying those "Booty Pop" fake asses. They're still selling like hotcakes! LMAO.

  • Mico

    You can’t change a known fact. Hally Berry and all the other u are speaking on can afford to get rid of those heredity wrinkles. Black women are blessed with youthful looks even as we age. Unfortnately white women don’t have that blessing. I know a white woman who looks like a human prune and my grandmother barely has a wrinkle. I’m 37 and look like I’m 24. I will say white woman are gorgeous when their young but its sad to see it go down the drain so soon. It costs them a arm and a leg to look young and with us its free….god don’t like ugly.

  • GNB

    Let's make this clear IF the aging process were reversed by race white people would be writing, research, talking, publishing and yelling from the rooftop how great white women were due to their slower aging process. This would be another means to try to prove how "superior" they think they are, or how inferior black women are to them. So yes the author is right to call it what it is!

    • Black&Proud

      I agree 100% with you on that…

      • offglass

        And meanwhile all this article and you are proving is how INFERIOR you truly feel!!! Get some confidence boo…. Be proud you "don't crack' and move on with your day. (jeesh, I swear women are always trying to put eachother down…. now we callin out a whole race for theit wrinkles…. GET OVER IT)

    • Well if that were true, wouldn’t it be racist? and if so, doesn’t that make this racist?

    • emvamp

      I also agree with you about the age but I cant cosign about WW being more loose than BW too many out of wedlock births and other things for me to believe that

      • lovelylake

        White women are looser sorry. I know white girls who partied and did more drugs then any crackhead i know. This article is true imitation is the best form of flattery. White women want to be the symbol of beauty,yet black women are seen as ugly. The funny thing is it is their whitemen who is creating the technology for them to purchase our features!I’m all about truth and i don’t care who gets offended. Black people can not be racist,hell we didn’t even creat the word! I get followed by white women all the time who think Iam 21 and i have to explain to them that iam 37 years old. Boy do they get pissed. Iam a make up artist . Sometimes they just want to stare in my face while i apply their makeup. it’s crazy. Anyway white women are going to get offended because they can’t handle the truth.That’s why they barely put beautiful black women in the media,because white women would look pale in comparision. Black women with their natural high big butts,small waist,large breast full lips ,high cheekbones almond shape eyes curly lashes,long legs ,smooth silky unwrinkle skin,from Carmel,mocha and chocolate,with the variety of hairstlyes and hair textures it’s too much for them to fathom.Look at a black woman in her sixties compared to a white women in her sixties without cosmetic surgery,hell you would be jealous too!

  • I would also like to take this time to apologize to my black sisters for this article. You don't need a "false sense of pride" retained from a hate based blog article to signify that dynamic and awe-inspiring beauty of the black women, you are the epitome of beauty on this earth, if only many of you REALLY knew that. I would also like to apologize to my white sisters as well, as no woman wants to be called ugly or un attractive, as many of you are so beautiful as well, it is sad that the legacy of racism and colonialism have had your particular beauty to be patronized in a way that is dishonorable to say that least. Women are gods gift to this universe period,end of discussion. And I can say that objectively, being a gay multi-ethnic black male.

  • I was not going to comment on this article, but I feel my viewpoint as a multi-ethnic black man is needed. I am creole from Louisiana and brazil (mother is fro La, and father is from Sao Paulo). Both my parents contributed to my unique genome, and both of their distinctive genes, DNA,etc. is in my bloodline, therefore created a hybrid-based human-being. This argument is silly at best, as most African americans are hybrids themselves, many being mixture of french,spanish,and portuguese based bloodlines, courtesy of the world-wide slave trade some 400 years ago. When I see another multi-ethnic individual like myself, I see the beauty of BOTH parents, and am marveled at the delicate "genome dance" that has created this "hybrid-based" human being. There are very few human beings on this earth that have not had their bloodline(s) conjoined with other "foreign" bloodlines, creating a mixture that is as diverse and beautiful as the earth we live on. People, we need to celebrate our differences, as these very differences are what makes each one of us beautiful in our own ways. Being raised predominately by my mama, my "southern culture" is immersed in my soul, but I have not neglected the cultural contributions from my papa. I celebrate both, and that gives me peace. Black women, pointing out flaws in other races, is not going to make you feel better about yourselves, and the same goes for white women, all this does is creates a "distance of spirit", that need not to exist in the first place. This article is flawed in so many ways,instead the author should celebrate the differences of each ethnic identity, and pint out that beauty is like light, and will find its way into every race,and shine so brilliantly.

    • Black&Proud

      At the end of the day we still originate from one continent and we are black period…. It doesnt matter what youre mixed with because you will still be viewed as black.

    • beautiful


    Jade is a donkey so please stop giving her the attention she obviously lacks in her life. Why is she on a black woman's blog? Ignorance is bliss so let this chick continue to be a happy fool…..

    I am an east-coast, private college educated Black woman, married to a Black attorney, whose father was also a Black attorney. My father is an attorney and so is my brother. Marriage goes back generations on both sides of my family as well as my husband’s. Families like mine exist in this country. We may not be on reality tv but, we exists. Trust me when I say I was raised to ignore folks (like Jade) who would be deemed by my snooty mother to be “beneath” me).

    I will say this: Black women need to stop having babies out of wedlock. We as Black people need to stop approving it by putting folks like Nia Long (who is on her 2nd out of wedlock pregnancy) on the cover of our magazines. Having babies out of wedlock is nothing to advocate or condone. It is destroying the institution of family in our community. NO WEDDING, NO WOMB.

    Make it a great day, everyone…..

    • Guest

      Great response, Counselor…

    • MST

      I like your post. My family consists of professionals, (my daughter is third generation college grad — she went to Spelman) and no one in my family has been a baby mamma, lived in the hood, etc. I am not saying this to sound "bougie" but I just wanted to point out that there are quite a few black people like us.

      Shame on Ebony for putting Nia Long on the cover! Beyonce is pregnant and happily married, couldnt they use her?

  • Auna

    At first Jade’s comments were pissing me off … Now they sadden me. My heart goes out to that psycho she has issues

  • Guest

    We have the highest self-esteem among all races of women. That's why we are copied to the very bone.

    And why would our confidence have to be validated by who wants us? Many men are known for being intimidated by beautiful and powerful women. In fact, it's quite common and not the mainstay with just black women.

    Nice try tho'…

  • KLP

    I'm so done with Madame Noire. The quality and content of the articles gets worse by the minute…..

  • All I will say to that is: Thank God for melanin. 🙂

  • Lesley


  • Sit Down Please

    Why do the trolls always end up on these sites? Jade, go sit down somewhere with all of that hate. It's so unbecoming and ignorant.

  • I have to agree, I'm 29 with a daughter and people think I'm 18. I even get stopped by the police on school days because they think I'm skipping school, LBVS! My mom is 66 and don't look like a day over 50. I guess it's the moisturizer we use and not smoking and drinking that make us look young.

  • Kenya

    @Jade- You said that your mom was from Eritrea right? Where are you located in the world now? You may have mentioned it already but I forgot.

    • love

      UK. But born In denmark. Mixed race people in Europe do not worship black women, in fact many distance themselves from BW as you are known as having chips on your shoulders.

      • Reese

        Black women who have been to Europe know this isn't true. Go to Sweden, Finland or Germany. Black women are so popular there. There is bw who is the princess and they have websites where they are looking for bw. And if you don't like bw it is simple don't come to the bw site. You see we are not on the website for mixed woman.

    • Kenya

      Where in the United Kingdom because the UK is a known fact that there is a high population of black people in the United Kingdom.

      And wasnt J.K. Rowling the author of the Harry Potter books from the housing projects in the UK?

  • Los

    This article makes me sad. I am VERY proud to be a black woman. I love my skin, hair, bone structure and anything that distinguishes me as an African American. However, I will not pit myself against a white woman (or ANY woman for that matter) to make myself feel better about any supposed (or imposed) shortcomings. This article is divisive. It plays the blame game and unnecessarily attacks white women for their physical differences. How is this any different from what you are conjecturing that society does to Black women? How is it any different from the juvenile stance of, “she hates me because she wants what I have?” Those aren’t the laurels that your pride should rest on. We as a people should know better and we should be more secure than that. Black women should be proud of what they have, as should white women. Why not? We are all women. So often we get fooled into thinking that this is a Black vs. White thing. It really isn’t. When you get down to the nitty-gritty, we are all the same. We all eat, breath, reproduce, give off waste and respond to stimuli. We are all one people. We do better when we learn from and embrace our differences, rather than when we use them to tear each other apart. Let’s be better than this, ladies. You’ll never see this type of article on VSB or any male targeted site.

    • love

      Your women started this. No white female magazine would do that. I got attacked for speaking out and the editor of this thread came to attack me too. This is why no one like you black women. Always using the race card and blame game

      • Gasp: horrors — no one likes us!  Oh, black women, let’s come run now and dive to our deaths in the sea, an envious nonblack woman has combed all the world and deduced that none, no, not a soul in the cosmos, loves us… 

        I lol’d!

    • Boomboomroom

      OK well, if you don't like what Black women have to say THEN LEAVE!! Go to a White blog site!! BTW, how come you are not addressing me? Because I "pulled" your card? Sorry!!

      • guest

        …they don't his black bitter azz on their site neither…

    • Very well said. I hate this article also. hatred causes more hatred

    • JDub

      Well said, Los. Thank you!

  • SYC

    i do wonder what she says when white women/men attack black people since she keeps stating how racist the article is towards white women…do you defend other races the same way? because they do it MORE than any other race

  • Kenya

    I think Jade has finally left the building…. *bbm wipes forehead*

    • jade


      • Boomboomroom

        Look at this broad stalking Black women!! Have you taken your meds YET JADE?? Remember the "blue pill" at 6p.m? Maybe you need to get some stronger meds. One that will "cut down" on all of those multi-personalities that you have!! Be careful Black women tonight when you are taking a shower pull back the shower curtain and stab in an old granny wig and housecoat!!

        • I’m a New Yorker. That baseball bat by the bathtub is ready.

      • Kenya

        I really feel sorry for you and you wouldnt last a day in America with that type of attitude especially as diverse as this culture is.

        • jade love

          I have family in the USA. I have been here millions of times. No problems. My family is Danish, and they live in the white suburbs, so we do not see your kind.

          • SYC

            JADE YOURE NOOOOOTTTTT WHITE! lol keep repeating that….and if you visit the U.S. that much then you should know that black people live in the suburbs too! smh …you have no idea how uneducated you sound tonight do you?!

            • love

              Most blacks ar epoor in the hood. I my aunt's state of Montana, I did not see one black person. Actually I saw a black man ( he acted very white ) with his white wife and white looking mixed kids. The kids were white acting

              • Kenya

                How does one act white? What do you think a black person acts like? Besides there are many affluent black people here in America that are doctors, lawyers, CEO's, entrepreneur's, and the list goes on and on… Black people here in America are living better than many white people if you really want to know. Besides there is nothing in Montana and no one want s to live there.

                FYI: White people live in the hood also dont get it twisted.

                • SYC

                  exactly her comments are soooo freakin stupid it's kind of sad! how do you "act white" smdh at this ignorant nonsense lol

                • Kenya

                  Besides i live in America and English is a subject that is taught from elementary school through high school. So we learn pretty early how to speak english the correct way. I can give you some lessons if you like.

  • vee

    Black is and will forever be beautiful

    • jade

      And so will mixed, white, Asian, Arab etc. Admit that and move on. Take that chip of your shoulder. In the UK, they say black women have chip on their shoulder and We see why.

      • love

        Look at you trying to force me to be black. I am mixed and look like a few different races.

        • SYC

          jade…kelly…whatever you want to call yourself, i am done with you! "never argue with stupid"

      • AllyC

        Jade, NO ONE is saying that other races are not beautiful! You are making up  things to fuss about because you are insecure.

  • starelessfame

    Rachel Zoe is a special case because I don't see white women in their 50s that are as wrinkled…she is just aging way more than any average woman of any race. But on the whole, beyond black, brown and yellow folks have more resilient skin. —-And, many white women marry men they should that's why they divorce before they turn the corner. But who cares. Just be happy.

    • jade

      Rachel Zoe is still mega rich and doing well. She had gotten married and had a baby boy. WINNING!

  • guest

    Jade is a bitter black male…

    • jade

      I am mixed race and female. You are hated by more than black men. Remember that!

      • Reese

        The majority of bm are married to bw all over the world. You know who is hated is a mixed up women like yourself who is so feeled with self hate. You are hated by more than yourself remember that.

    • jade

      I am female and mixed

      • Boomboomroom

        Right *Sideye*

    • Lesley

      I agree "Jade" is either a bitter black man or a bitter white woman. Either way I pity this person.

      • love

        Bitter black men and white women are still not as hated as black women.

      • love

        You always say that. What makes you think a mixed race WOMAN would not think that? Sorry, but a lot of mixed girls in the UK hate black women too. I could also be a white man, if a white woman is on this site, so can a white man, White men racially abuse the hell out of black women online.

        • SYC

          and you approve that behavior but take offense when its the other way around? seriously are you retarded???

  • SYC

    I cant believe she's from eastern Africa and is talking this way? how embarrassing!!!! lol

    • jade

      East African women are not raised to go round attacking white women like you. That chip you have on your shoulder is not common among East African women.. We know there are beautiful white women and say so. You will never see this type of racist abuse at white women on East African blogs. They know they are beautiful and loved by their men. That is the difference.

      • SYC

        "East African women are not raised to go round attacking white women like you."
        when did i attack a white women??? you're beyond stupid and embarrassing and your grammar is awful!!!! lol

      • Boomboomroom

        Actually, you know nothing about East African women either!! East African women are VERY TRIBAL and don't like Whites. Which is why VERY FEW of them IR marry with White people!! Ever since the Italians tried to conquer East Africa they have a deep seated hatred for them!! Hmmm? Surprised that YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT!! And you are EAST AFRICAN YOU SAY? SIDEYE!!!

        • love

          My mother was adopted. Many East Africans are adopted, Angelina Jolie girl is from East Africa and she will grow up like my mum. Also, East africans do not date out ( some do in europe) but it is because of religion, not hatred of white women like you black usa women.

          • Boomboomroom


        • Phosa

          oh dear. ethiopia was colonised by italians, not all of east africa. most were colonised by the british and french. and we don't have anything really against white people. its more against our other tribes. google people. its really not that hard. oh and they are a lot of east africans married to whtie people. just saying.

        • Lena

          You tell it!

      • Phosa

        yo, please just speak for yourself and not east africa. thank you.

  • Lesley

    Jade is half black

    • Lucky

      Jade CLAIMS to be half Black. This is cyberspace. A troll can make any kind of claim he/she can think of…

  • Lesley

    Ladies and gentlemen don't pay any mind to JADE, she is a TROLL and is extremely jealous of black women! Yet she is HALF-BLACK herself. SMDH

    • jade

      Dont like black women? No Jealous? No one who is mixed would envy their black side. Especially if is a black woman. They always say mixed kids with white mums are better looking

      • Lesley

        Obama is mixed and he says he's a BLACK man, and wants nothing to do with his white side… that must hurt his white mother.

        • jade

          He did not say that. He loved him mum, but if he did say that, look how the whites are destroying him. Karma!

          • Whites here in America are destroying Obama?  Insulting to every white person I know who supports Obama and is voting for him again in 2012, much?

            You tragic self-loathing muppet of darkest damned midnight.  “Whites: all perfect or evil incarnate”, which is it?  

            You watch too much America’s Top Model there in the UK.  Stop pretending to be Jade Cole and diversify your reading.  

            Jade’s a few thousand Galaxy bars smaller than you will ever be.

        • he was raised by white people… he says he is a black man because that is his skin color and it helped him to get elected…with his history he would not be President if he was white..

      • MNM116

        There are lots of beautiful mixed girls with black mothers.


  • jade

    If was there was any phrase that describes black women in the UK………….It would be black women have chips on their shoulders. Everyone says it out here. Even on famous black women. They even said Kelly Rowland has a chip on her Shoulder. When Brits read madame noir, they will see how right they were all along.

    • Do we have to order drinks at every set?

      This is stand-up comedy, right?

  • SYC

    i really don't think you understand the statements that you're typing….and fighting ignorance with ignorance makes you (and everyone else) sound like you're bitter and angry with yourself!

    • Anonymous

      So true!!! this chick is ugly lol,,,on the inside. And if you're mixed…i cant wait for a white person to call you a n***** lol!!!

      • I can’t either!

        • Her whole world will crumble and that b—h will cry tears like Diana Ross in a Sixties film going all out for the Oscar.

  • jade

    Let me sum this up. White women age more and have lines and wrinkls. And? Still not gonna change a damm thing for black women and how the world views them.

    • jade

      Maybe because a white woman from Denmark adopted my Eritrean born mother and have her a chance of life?

      • SYC

        JADE STOP this is sooo embarrassing!

      • Jadesuckass…

        oh she is eritrean..these ugly monkeys think they white LMAO

        • jade

          All east African women are better looking than bald baboon black women.

          • Jemmiilliiciious

            You are so deluded its beyond funny..

            Please stop you are embarrassing yourself really..

            So what you mixed.. gosh im mixed too but i appreciate both sided..
            Sorry that you dont believe you are not white..

            Gosh no wonder Ethiopians hate you guys.. STUCK up I tell you

            Again.. please stop defending asians- we dont need racists like yourself standing up for us..

            And please do us all a favour and get in a world studies class or something and LEARN something cause everything you said is a load of BS.. as we would put it.. 

      • jade

        what? They do not teach ebonics in Denmark

        • Nan

          You're right Jade, because the "world" views beautiful black women as a threat! And what do you do with a threat? You do everything to dismiss them just like your idiotic rants on this site is attempting to do.

    • Go home.  Insert head in bag.  Seal.

      Stop breathing.

  • jade

    I am mixed actually Best of both world. I will not age…………..but my eurocentric will give me the edge over bitter black women in the way it did Halle and Dorothy Dandridge. You have no life. That us why you have a thread like this.

    • Black&Proud

      "I am mixed actually Best of both world. I will not age", is what you wrote. You are either confused or mentally challenged. You just confirmed that being mixed is having the best of both worlds so I am going to assume that you are half black. And with that being saif you are actually acknowledging that black is beautiful. You really need guidance, where is your mother because y'all need to have a heart to heart so you can cut out all of this ignorance.

      What you just wrote shows that you are experiencing self hate and you sound ignorant. To basically say that your European blood will give you a better edge than your African blood is crazy. Embrace who you are as a person and you will be beautiful no matter what. Remember every race is beautiful in their own way, but unforutnatley we all have ppl in our race that do not represent our race to well.

    • People who actually are half-European know the proper spelling and contextual use of the word “Eurocentricity”.

  • SC

    Seriously what is wrong with you guys?! You’re making yourself sound ignorant by bashing an entire race of people!

    • jade

      Blame your black women. It was a bitter black women who started an uncalled thread that white women are old looking. Even if they are, what does have to do with why the whole world hates and disses black women?

      • SYC

        this one article does not in any way compare to the many things white women say on a daily basis about blacks (including east African women lol) ….every race has their issues!

        • Smdh

          White women don't say s*** about blacks because they don't care! And MN shouldn't care about them either. Stop wasting time writing these ignorant racist articles!

      • Shh!  Shh, everyone — hush —

        — listen:

        I faintly hear the sound of all eight billion people in the world hating and “dissing” black women!

  • jade

    If the MN editor had raised the issue of black women getting globally dissed as a problem by whites or the white man, that would have been better. But she used it as a chance to attack white women on with the oldest trick in the book: Her wrinkles. Is this another one of your cards? Like the race card you always use.

    Anway, who has the highest life expectancy ? White women or black women? Answer that!

    • Lesley

      You sound so uneducated! White women will NOT protect you the same way you're protecting them! Why are you here again???

      • jade

        But at least I am not bitter, uneducated , ghetto or childish to attack and blame them for things they have no control over. That why they us mixed race girls do get a bashing by society like you black girls. We are cool and not going on a rampage attacking white women to their own white men. DUH! People do not hate mixed girls, everyone hates black women. Even the blacks guys down in Europe hate he black woman, they think us mixed chicks are cool Even your hair product, Carols Daughter does not want to use you in her ads. You are trouble.

        • Lesley

          But you're half black Jade.

  • This comment just proved the articles point. Next!

  • Anna Marie

    Jade; sigh. Obviously, you care about color. You are ignorant and racist. It is sad. Get a clue.

    • jade

      This site is racist. What kind of thread is the reason why black women are attacked is that white women are jealous that black age better. It is untrue and a lie. White women already know that darker people – not just blacks – age better. AND? They still are the standard of beauty. They still use the old supermodels over any young black girl. Christy, Cindy, Claudia, Elle, Linda, Twiggy etc are all working. Your attempt at taking cheap racial shots at white women, because you are jealous that you are being attacked and other women are not is a joke. What if I was mixed race, but my mother was white? HUH? No wonder mixed race girls in the UK hate and stay away from black girls. Look at the things you say about their mothers, add to the fact that you hate on mixed girls because they are more desired and have the hair you pay for.

  • jade

    You should be. You have to take action on this racist site, if the white women blogs or magazines did this, you would be pulling the race card. This is not a healthy site for black women and makes other races see you in a pitiful bad light. Boycott this site and complain. She mentions halle berry, what about the millions of '' black women with white mothers? They would not like you black women attacking their mothers like this because you are insecure

    • Boomboomroom


    • AllyC

      This site is for black women. Why are you on here? Checking out the competition??

      • Ladyred

        The site is for anyone you monkey

        • Callies

          =and you are a Yetti…..

  • jade

    Funny that the MN editor said she will be just like Halle Berry at 45. Halle gets her eurocentric beauty form her white mother. I have seen her half sister who is pure black………yeah…well, it is from her white mother, who she looks just like. I do not think baby Nahla will be jealous of black women who do not age. Have you see how pretty the 75% white nahla is?

    • Boomboomroom


    • AllyC

      Halle would not be as pretty if she had no black in her. Look at her features, THEY ARE BLACK.

    • MST

      That kid is not attractive. She looks like her beady-eyed, white trash daddy.

      • MNM116

        Wow…is it necessary to insult a child?   Nahla might not be pretty in your opinion, but that was just mean.   Shame on you.

    • Nata

      WOW, Girl are you Ok? Halle Berry does not go around calling her daughter 75 percent white,
      Plus hon, even if you are mix you are and will alway be consider black.
      you from a country that only has model type blacks, please some of you are ugly as hell, but that's not the point
      the point is their is so much hunger and diseases in that part of africa and you only talking about beeing white???????????????? get help ASAP. their are beautiful black women, and white women the fact is black people do age really well i don't think that was a diss to white women. if white don;t want me that is ok, and if some black men only want white women that's also ok. jade why don't you go to a white women blog instead where you will be accepted as their own cause i'm not claming you at all.

  • jade

    Black women think if they take shots at white women, it would magically make white men turn on white women and defend black women. It will not. It just makes the world see black women as evil jealous haters who would give anything to look white or have white daughter like Stacey dash. Then people see why black men kick black women to the curb for other races.

    • Lesley

      This proves just how stupid you really are. Stacey Dash isn't white she's Black and Mexican idiot. lmfao

      • jade

        This just proves how stupid Lesley is. Her daughter came out pure white. I have seen what the girl looks like. Even your black actors do not want their kids to look like black women. Stacey would rather take a white girl over black one. Idiot. Her daughter is WHITE. She only dates white men to get white daughters. Who wants a little black daughter? Not Iman. Not Halle, Not Stacey. No one.

        • Lesley

          If Stacey Dash is Black and Mexican what would that make her daughter you f&*%ing moron? She's mixed. She's Black, Mexican, and white. Stupidity at it's finest!

          • jade

            So why do you black women claim stacey as a black woman? Stupid. Mixed chicks do not want to be black. Stop claiming us

            • guest

              …spoken like a true tragic mixed nut…


            • Kenya

              Jade please log off of this website. Because as a black woman you are really embarrasing the hell out of me. You are black so its obvious that one of your parents werent ashamed of having a black child so why be ashamed of who you are. And in this country if you are not 100% white you are considered a minority, and no one cares if you are 2%, 45%, 78%, or 90% white.

              Have you ever filled out an applicattion that asked you to check off your race. I'm sorry to inform oyu but mixed is not an option. Why? Because it doesnt matter silly.

              • jade

                In Europe we are mixed. I live in Europe. I ma no damm black woman. Even my mother ( who was born in Eritrea ) says I am not a black woman.

                • ????

                  You are right you are a stupid woman… lol…

                • Robert Mugabe

                  Jade – You are a foolish young person. (For all I know you could even be an asian man…lol or a black woman) If you really are half Eritrean, I think you should focus on more critical issues like figuring out how you can save your relatives in Eritrea from war and hunger. Before your mum sold her soul, she was probably taken in by black Kenyans in a refugee camp called Kakuma. (Most Eritreans in the diaspora go through this. Ask her about this) Comparing the life she lives with what she went through in the refugee camp could explain her resentment for black people, but make no mistake about it, we are not the enemy. We couldn’t even care less about you. Keep your negativity to yourself troll.

                • Wow, this is a lot of projected anger at the allegedly black mother of this adopted thing/person.

              • jade

                I am mixed. We are mixed in Europe, that is the European law.

            • Lesley

              Stacey Dash called HERSELF a Black woman on the Wendy Williams Show. Try again.

              • Lucky

                Not only that, Halle Berry calls herself a Black woman….and she's half white!

            • AllyC

              IGNORANT. Look, let me EDUCATE you. During the start of the Civil Rights Movement, (and even now) when people started mixing white and black, those mixed children were called black because one of their parents were black. The same thing happened when a child who looked white until you looked closer at them who has a black great, great grandparent was called black. WHITE people felt like the child was tainted and could not be called white because they were even 1/100th black. Get educated before you speak. I mean, really educate yourself. All black people don't hate or dislike white people or vise-versa. the people on here calling you ignorant, are stating facts because ignorance means you just don't know.

              • AllyC

                This is for JADE by the way.

                • Jordan

                  Who cares what they were called. I can call a white woman an Indian because she looks Indian but in a court of Law, if her DNA states that she is white, Guess what, She is white.

                  Facts are facts and the fact of the matter is that anyone with a white parent is mixed.

            • Jemmiilliiciious

              i seriously hope you are not planning on breeding..

              WOW i feel sorry for your spawn…

              Ignorance is very contagious… :(((

            • She’s so ick. Seriously, if she’s even real.

        • Marcus

          My name is not kelly and I have never threatened to kill any body or any blog. So there. I will voice my opinion and what is right and wrong. And you are wrong for attacking women because white men make fun of you on TV shows.

          • Boomboomroom

            I didn't say that you were Kelly. However, I said that you were another troll on Bossip. I didn't attack anyone. However, this Kelly broad was violently threatening Black women.

    • Allyce

      I like that way my African-American daughter looks. She likes the way she looks also. Go suck rocks jade. You probably don't like the way you look.

    • Mixedchickmj

      First of all be very specific when you say "black women" too broad of a term. Second of all Stacey Dash is a woman of color with African-American descent. I am a woman of color with german and african ancestry and I am not a jealous hater nor have I been kicked to the curb by anyone. STOP homogenizing "black women" and be specific. We come from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds….and everyone should be judged on an individual level. Ignorance breeds ignorance lol. SMH.

    • She’s so ick.

  • jade

    That is true.. The media attack has come from DR Drew – who is a white man – as are his produces. YET THEMN editor came up with a thread praising white men/ paul Walker and attacking me for asking why?

    A few hours later, she made up this sad attempt to justify her whole waste of oxygen by saying black does not crack and white women are old and wrinkly. White men have the same skin, meaning they age too.

    When the white man attacks black women in the media, black women do the easiest thing………..blame white women. And they wonder the whole world hates black women, even more than the black men.

    • MNEditor

      Jade, there are multiple editors for the site. The person who wrote this and the person who wrote the Paul Walker story are different people, we just happen to use the MNEditor name to comment. Just give it a break already. Thanks.

      • jade

        Hallle Berry ( who crown as the black queen ) has a white mother – the very same people you attacked in your jealous rage. Paula Patton, Kat Graham, Alicia Keys, etc all have white mothers…… One could argue that they get their beauty from their '' wrinkly old '' white mothers. Considering white women are '' old hags with lines '' they sure do make some of THE – of not the best looking black women and men . Shemar Moore anyone?

        Chew on that.

      • jade

        You forgot to mention about white men aging badly compared to black men. Can we have your take on white men aging ?

  • offglass

    Wow, this author seems very bitter. Her claims are unfound and she supplies no supporting evidence. What a waste of time reading this "bitter (wrinkle-free) betty's" article. Who cares about your wrinkles, what type of career do you have? what type of education have you completed? what's you credit score? I mean really???? Black is beautiful and the media reflects this. However, this article will have young black girls thinking everyone is hating on them. Let's get serious, if your ageless face is what your concerned about, then you have far more issues than these successful white women you've named. Worry bout your own sucess and inner beauty. AND NO, WHITE WOMEN DO NOT GIVE A DAMN THAT BLACK DONT CRACK. They get beautiful black men regardless.

    • jade

      Well said

    • Kenya

      And black women get beautiful white men regardlesss and your point is…. Besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And pretty people get further in life than not so pretty people no matter what type of credentials you may have. This is the truth no matter what race you are. And if you lack beauty its obvious that you have to go the extra mile in order to make up for failing in the looks department. But nothing beats having beauty and brains because the truth is that you dont stay young forever.

      • Kenya

        Girl you sound really retarded.
        Every person has their preference in who they will and will not date. Not only are there black men that wont date black women there are black women that wont date black men either. So it really goes both ways child. Why is this? Most of the time it has to do with self hate and that is all. And those same white women that go for men like Thierry Henry that only dates white women are the ones that go into the relationship because of the monetary things that they can gain and when things go wrong they dont try to work it out instead they leave these men and take hal of everything that they had ever worked forf. i.e. Tiger Woods

      • Lucky

        That's because y'all can't get enough of that black swag. Admit it, hon. You love them. The majority of black men marry black women just as the majority of white men marry white women. Keep that in mind.

      • Callies

        Jade, all of Robert Deniro's children are black… In fact 2 of his kids are with Spike Lee's sister. What about the German Tennis player Boris Beckham, kids are black. Santana kids are black, Wulfgang Puck, wife is black. Film critic Roger Ebert, Robin Thick, David Bowie, and the list goes on an on. Please if you don't know… Here is another list:

        • Callies

          -Keisha Sharp and husband Swedish Film Producer
          -Debra Wilson and Cilff Skelton
          -Eve the rapper and Shane Powers
          -Tatyana Ali and Italian fiance’
          -Werner Klemperer and wife, actress Kim Hamilton
          -Legendary Punk Rocker Iggy Pop and girlfriend Nina Alu
          -Naomi Campbell and Billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin
          -Olympian Mary Wineberg and Husband (her Coach)
          -Model Alec Wek and Riccardo Sala
          -Canadian Singer Fefe Dobson and Boyfriend Michael Seater
          -Kim Wayans and husband Kevin Knotts
          -Shane Lynch (formerly of pop group Boyzone) and wife Sheena White
          -Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz’s daughter) and boyfriend Ben Foster
          -Mark Ecko and wife Allison
          -Chris Noth and Tara Wilson

          • Callies

            Keisha and Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Alex Karev)
            -Mildred and Richard Loving
            -Alison Stewart (former MTV News reporter and MSNBC anchor) and Bill Wolff (VP, MSNBC)
            -Tamala M. Edwards (former ABC White House correspondent and ABC World News Now anchor and former Time Magazine correspondent and current ABC anchor in Philadelphia) and Rocco -Lugrine (Philadelphia pastry chef and business owner)
            -Daniel and Marianne Pearl
            -Count Ferdinand and Countess Mary Von Hapsburg of Austria
            -Shantanella and husband McSerch (Detroit Radio Show Co-host and former rapper)
            -The Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein and Princess Angela Brown
            -Robert DeNiro and wife grace Hightower
            -Angela McGlowan and John Venners
            -Chuck Tiller (Houston talk radio host KNTH 1070 AM) and Wife Mary
            -J.J. Murray (author) and wife Amy Renee Murray
            -Thandie Newton and Ol Parker
            -Erica Dunlap (Miss. America 2004) and Brian Kleinschmidt

  • jade

    Yes! They are angling all the anger at white women, and not white men. It is the white men who '' run the world '' . Black women are a sad, sorry lost cause.

    • Kenya

      Jade you are black no matter how you look at it. it doesnt matter if you are half black because at the end of the day a white supremist will view you as black no matter what you may think. So in other words you must feel like you are sad, sorry, and a sorry lost cause. You have issues sweety.

    • Callies

      Stop being bitter because you don't look white…. And your sisters do.

  • jade

    If everyone wants to mix with blacks….why did they kill Gaddafi for trying to create a currency to help the lives of the very same black women like you? Why did the west take him out, rather than allow black women in Africa to have the chance of an equal life that white women have? And where I live I see know mixed kids, just whitee.

    White women go to gyms where you cannot afford to go. Not the ones in the hood. I have two passports. I am a Danish citizen but live in UK. You need a passport, everything you just said about white women in the gym is what a ghetto black america would say.

    Ghana life expectancy is lower than any western country. Is only 69. France, the women live longer there than any other country in the west – including america. It is actually pronOUNCED Ghanian, ms ghetto.

    The murder rates are part of life expectancy.. Also blacks are still not as healthier as whites or Japanese all that fired food.

    White men age too? Do white men care about that? Even if white women and men age…they are still the standard of beauty and black women have to live that.

    Most of the clubs in Europe do not even lets blacks in. I live in thE Uk and hail from Denmark, and white women rule out in europe. Where do you live '' gurl '' Compton? Thought so!

    I think you need to educate yourself on which countries REALLY have the highest life expectancy in the world. It is only European and Asia countries. With white and Asian women coming out on top.

    • nappyandhappy

      @jade hahahahaha your soooo sad and mad and bitter hahahahahahahahaha im black and im happy and according to the study i posted above i like myself way more than u like yourself and it shows in your comments BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH im #winning !!!!!!
      You can have all the white men i dont care you can have all the black men in the world i still dont care whatever the problem is its yours and yours alone im good and for the record everyone from eminem to angelina jolie wants to be black soooo bad

      • jade

        LOL LOL If that was the case, black women would not be on Russian TV getting dissed. Angelina Jolie wants to be black? So why does she only marry white men? Emimen wants to be black? He is the biggest rapper, the black rappers cannot touch him LOL LOL LOL LOL He had a song dissing black women. It was a good song.

        Black women hate themselves. That is why you created madame noir. White women do not even talk about you in their magazines, but you make threads on them HA HA H HA HA Bitter, angry and widely hated.

        * SMILES* Winning!

        • Lesley

          Eminem dated a black women, he also made songs about killing his baby mother (which is white), you did know that didn't you?

          • Lesley

            Eminem has dated black and white women, but he WON'T touch Japanese women I wonder why that is? *Smiles*

            • jade

              Emimen dated a black woman, when? Not when he was a star. I am not japanese, but If em was to find love, he would pull a John Lennon and marry a Yoko Ono. John Lennon never made songs dissing japanese women. Em made songs dissing black women……now everyone is doing it LOL LOL LOL

              • Yes he did diss black women but it was because one had broken up with him and he was upset and acted out- he is not racist and his best friends were/are black. He is proud to be white does not want to be black he loves what he loves and does not hate

            • Anon

              A bit assinine, darling, to throw out racist crap such as this and ask to be on the same level as white folks. This blog and comment stream just made me hate black folk a lot more. Congratulations.

              • Callies

                Oh wow. You mean Anon, you are so simple that a blog could make you hate blacks even more, wow…. Looks like it didn't take much. But, I still love you anyway.

        • nappyandhappy

          @jade what? i didnt say anything about Russia…i dont live in Russia what does Russia have to do with me?

          like i said, studies prove that 1.black don't crack and 2. we love ourselves. and your right Eminem is a good rapper but he did it BECAUSE HE WANTED TO COPY BLACK PEOPLE. do you know how bad Angelina Jolie wants to be black? go see the movie A Mighty Heart where she played her best friend Marianne Pearl a bi racial woman who was married to Daniel Pearl one of the first journalist to be kidnapped and killed by al -queda during the Iraq war. SHE PUT ON BLACK FACE BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE US!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHa YOUR PATHETIC BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

          I LUV self hating trolls such as yourself Jade, you make my day fun and interesting by debunking your myths and you make me like myself way more than you could know. i am literally laughing out loud at your ignorance. Thanks for that xoxo….BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • jade

            Dont make fools of the black race. I suppose Elvis wanted to be black too? Em and Angie do not want to be black. Shoot hardly any black people want to be black or have black kids. Daniel Pearls wife CHOSE Angie because she did not want a black woman playing her. Myth? The myth that all white people want to be black. Black are the poorest and most hated in the world. No one wants to be poor or hated.

            Even in your race you have Micheal Jackson and Halle who want to be white men. Halle wanted a white kid. There goes your theory.

            Even the Russian TV are making fun of you. You are global, nappy Blacks do not love themselves.

            • ANTOINETTE MING


          • jade

            Even Michael Jackon did not want to be black. Tiger Woods does not want to be black, Bu Angie Jole does? SMH at how stupid BW are.

            • Black&Proud

              @Jade- Speak for yourself… You dont want to be black so you are trying to justify your reasoning that is all.

              • Marcus

                I am not black. My mum is a fair skin woman who was born in Eritrea; her hair is straight. My dad is from Denmark and he is blonde. How is that black.?

                • BWchiponshoulders

                  am not black. My mum is a fair skin woman who was born in Eritrea; her hair is straight. My dad is from Denmark and he is blonde. How is that black.?

            • Callies

              Can you explain one thing to me Jade….. Here goes… Why are you so interested in what Black women from America have to say, how we look, how we act, what we eat? It is apparent from your language and tones that you are very proud of your East African/Dutch heritage. And believe me, I'm happy for you, but what I don't understand, with all the hunger in East Africa, the killings, raping of the women and children, don't you think your energy is better used on pages, blogs and websites dedicated to the genocide commited in your native land?

              • Callies

                If you don't like black women that is fine, who really cares because frankly, there are enough people that do here in the states and across the pond. Also, I have found that when people of bi-racial heritage are angry at their black side, it is usually in part because they long to look like the white parent, but the darker parent genes are more pronounced. So, throughout their lives, they are burdened with the knowledge that they are mixed but, because they don't look like it, it makes them bitter. So, I'm thinking you are mixed, but you took more of the darker hue, therefore when you are in a conversation and it comes up, you have to defend your background and it makes you angry.

          • Angelina Jolie was playing a ROLE you are so disillusioned it isn’t even funny…get help for you anger and hate towards white people

            • Nicole

              You’re one to talk about someone getting help for hatred. You need the most help for that. Talking all your crop.Why are you even on this site. You feel you need to put black women down in order to feel good about yourself. You’re sad and pathetic. 

      • I do not fully agree with Jade but you are so dumb and hateful you are as bad as she is…Angelina Jolie wants to be black because she has beautiful features? If you ever seen her mother she looks just like her she did not have her lips done (im guessing that is what you are referring to) I am sorry to break it to you but MANY white women do have full lips as some black women have thin lips, not to mention Angelina Jolies lips are not HUGE like many black womens, there is a difference between full ad huge. I think it is funny when A black women says that a white person who supposedly has black features is beautiful because of that HELLO!!!! SHE IS WHITE therefore they are white features stupid. And as for Eminem- He loves rap and talks “like black people” so what of the black people who speak properly? do they want to be white? Also isn’t it funny how the most attractive black women are the ones with lighter skin, smaller noses, long light hair, and not HUGE lips…(beyonce, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry…and many more). 

    • Black&Proud

      Jade this article must have hit home because you are taking what one person feels about black people not cracking really personally. Let me guess ,you are 25 and you look 45. You really need to stop. This article is a generalization of how alot of white women age but that doesnt mean that all white people look really old by the age of 30 or 40. Look at Heidi Klum for example, she is up in age and she looks good as hell… but then again she is married to an African with 3 bi-racial children… But all im tryng to say is that there are many white women that also look good for their age. But its not cool to downgrade the black race because of one author's opinion. What you need to do is go get laid by a black mandingo and you may have a different opinion… Im just saying honey because you sound very bitter.

      • jade

        I am not white. I have the best of both world. I will not age, but I have beauty and hair that is respected by the global mass. No, I am in my 20's with wavy hair to my butt. NO weave and no chemicals.

        This article was started by a bitter black woman who is angry that Dr Drew is dissing black women.

        • jade

          No, I did not watch ghetto chris brown good hair

          • Lucky

            LOL, Chris Rock can easily buy you and sell you AND your whole trailer park.

        • jade

          And you cannot comb it, it is short and puffy and the nape area looks like coco pops. Black little girls are near bald.

          • Black&Proud

            This statement is very racist.





        • Miss

          Everybody, pray for Jade.

        • Dear Planters Peanut company, you missed a mixed nut

      • Tragique

  • JAY Bird

    I like this article its the TRUTH nd Yeahh as Blacks we go through alot but this is a article that’s talking about the good side of being Black So Jade why waste time coming back to back writing ESSAYS?! And everbody else stop being negative!

  • Sprinkles

    Well what should we do now that Botox is cheap and inexpensive … Now no woman who can afford it will “crack”,lol. It’s actually so common these days they offer it at many spas and athletic centers.

    I’ll date any woman that I find attractive and have a connection with, black, white, Asian, etc… Too many woman put pressure on themselves to only date one race. Relax a bit….

    And in my opinion – wrinkles don’t matter much in the long run……

    • Lucky

      Well, wrinkles may not matter to you, but the anti-aging cosmeceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. So since black doesn't crack, who the hell you think is spending all those billions?

  • jade

    @MN editor,

    Aww, you were attacking me on that Paul Walker post, saying black women had the right to say a white man is fine, but here you calling white old and ugly? Jealous of white women are we? Of course. You are so threatened you done two articles in one day proving how jealous you are that white women can GET the Paul Walkers of this world.

    Anyway for your list of stylish and beautiful white women: Amber Heard, Camille Belle, Jennifer Lawrence, Megan Fox, Elsa Pateky, Cheryl Cole, Freda Pinto ( indian ) Ash Rai ( indian ) I mean, who cares about their race……right?

    • guest

      …d@mn, GET OVER IT!…

      …take your mixed nut azz to a mixed race board and btch and moan there…

      …nobody cares…

      • jade

        And you wonder why mixed women want nothing to do with you ? No wonder they crown us the most beautiful black women. We are standard. Black women cannot represent the black raqce, so us mixed chicks have to do what you cannot do.

        • Boomboomroom

          YOU ARE NUTTS!! If you are so much better!! Why are you threatening to kill Black women? My guess is that you are probably some 60 year old White chick with some mixed kids are very jealous of Black women. OTHERWISE, you wouldn't be stalking them the way you are!! White women may be beautiful BUT YOU MY DEAR ARE A JOKE!! And personally I don't care about mixed women!! I WOULD NEVER DATE ONE!! ESP. if they act LIKE YOU!! BLACK WOMEN FOR ME ALL THE WAY BABY!! MIXED RACE WOMEN HAVE TOO MANY IDENTITY AND EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS!! And YOU are a "classic example" OF THAT!!

        • MST

          Honey, the more you talk, the crazier you sound. Please take your meds ASAP.

      • Jade isn’t Black “Guest”.


      Poor Jade

  • AllyC

    I agree with this article. Americans and the rest of the world have been brainwashed into thinking that black peoplee always get the negative, short end of the stick. Think about it, white people tan, get lip, breast, butt, hip, etc. injections and implants to mimic black women. But, a black woman is called fat or ugly when they have all of these things, even with a flat stomach and a pretty face. America is messed up and I wish people would stop being so ignorant and open their eyes to what is happening.

    • zzzzz

      I agree

    • Boomboomroom


    • Lucky

      Not even 10% huh? Many plastic surgeons across the nation have made their services more affordable by offering to take payment installments based on credit. I dare you to check out the number of plastic surgeons in one major city. JUST ONE! And if you really believe that bull about "not even 10%", then cite your source of information. Post a link or two to back up your statements

      …..we'll be waiting!

    • AllyC

      I guess you don't realize how ignorant you are. However, it's not your fault.

  • jade

    White women are still seen as more beautiful than black women and Asian women do not age either. I have been to Hong Kong, all the women have no wrinkles; amazing style and natural hair and they never EVER get fat. Even a 60 year old Hong Kong woman has a slim body like a 25 yrold. Black women get fat with age – even without age.

    So now what? Why do you think white women are running to marry them over YOU! after white women?

    • Lesley

      Jade says she's half black and from east Africa smdh

      • Black&Proud

        Jade needs a good African American spanking to knock some sense into her head.

      • Marcus

        I read the leo dicaprio thread. How was the girl threatening black women?

        • Boomboomroom

          I am sure you did *Dude Lebowski.* wink wink

    • dejaevu

      Jade what is wrong with you??? you have spent the whole time downing black women for talking about white women but have been doing the same to your people. You say that you are mixed. In the eyes of anyone who is not black …… YOU ARE BLACK!!! wake up sweetheart. they will put you right in the statistic with us there is no place to check "mixed"

      • She’s not Black Dejaevu.  


      Wow is that the best you can do jade! I'm black, slim, long hair, and married!!!!

      Poor Jade!!!

    • Dark Chocolate

      You've done nothing but type your little heart out and try to put down the information in this article. No one cares what you think Jade. Please go crawl back under the rock you came from.

    • IamLegion

      Can't love your reply enough!!! Color means NOTHING when applied to human behavior – it's immaterial, even a non sequitur to try to apply it!!

      But as far as the article goes? Yes, I've heard "Black don't crack" – I've seen it in action – more power to you, I;ll just sit over here & admire (yes, I'm "white"). But the article itself was, as others have put it, childish. Racism is far more serious than just how women look!!

    • saturn

      After living in China & Japan for a few years, I noticed that Asian women do maintain their lithe and youthful appearances much longer than that of their European counterparts; however, Asian women suffer from what I like to call "insta-elder". What this means is that their attractive features stay intact, but after a certain age, these traits diminish at an astonishing rate. One day the beauty of Ziyi Zhang, and the next–the sagging visage of the lady that makes my favorite veggie baozi in Wudaokou. But really, no one was talking about Asians. Can't black women have one site on the entire World Wide Web? Ugh, remember people: trolls come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. Oops, did I just feed one?

  • jade

    How sad and childish of black women. Black men age better than white men…but…..Who has the highest life expectancy ? White and Japanese women. Black women die younger. Now what? Your just jealous that life is not working out for you, so you resort to sour grapes attacking white women. White men age bad too, but you do list praising them.

    • AllyC

      …It is not sad and childish, it is the truth. Anyways, this article is not even talking about life expectancy. It is talking about physical aging so your comment is not even relavent. Someone sounds bitter…

      • jade

        Yeah…..black women are bitter. If your life expectancy is not important to you…………no one will miss you when are gone. Trust me on that one. Any way, Japanese women do get fat or old and they have the highest life expectancy in the WHOLE world. So the winners are Japanese women and the losers are STILL black women.

        • Lesley

          Jade you're just jealous, because when you get old and wrinkled you're man will trade YOU in for a black woman.

          • jade

            I am not a white woman

            • Lesley

              Poor uneducated Japanese woman name jade is sitting home all alone on her computer wondering why black women look so young. Jade you're so bitter, go get a life. For your information white woman aren't very fond of Japanese women. They slant their eyes to make fun of you. You're a loser go, get a life.

              • jade

                I am not from Japan, but let me answer this ghetto uneducated black woman. The book, Japanese women do not get fat or old is a best seller – worldwide. Japanese and the women in Hong Kong earn more than any woman on earth. They spend the most money on designer brands. White women do not stoop to childish antics like making fun of their eyes. You know WHY? there are over one hundred thousand white men living in Tokyo alone married to these women.

                In japan alone 5% of japanese women is married to a white man. White women are big fans of Japan. I have been there. They do not make fun of the very country they fly 12 hours to visit. For your information. You are a loser, dumb, and need to get a life…and passport.

                Japanese women look young and never ever get fat like black women. Even after 3 kids and over 45, they are still slender. You are jealous because black women are huge like buffalo's.

                Poor Lesley, sitting all alone in her computer wondering why 70% of her kind cannot find a man and why American men fly to Japan to bring a wife home when she sitting right here.

                The highest life expectancy is 87 years old. Japanese women are the winners. HE HE HE EH EH

                • Lesley

                  So what race are you Jade?

                  • jade

                    I am mixed.

                    • Lesley

                      Mixed with what???

                    • Lesley

                      You're half black, and you're dissing other black women??? Wow. You have just opened up a whole new can of worms. I bet the tea party would love your black ass.

                    • Lesley

                      You know what Jade I'm not going to continue dissing you any further, in fact I pity you. You're half black and you act as if all white women love you, you act as if you can't be called the N Word and other ignorant names like other black men and women just because you're mixed. Whether you like it or not you're still half of us, so if you diss us, you diss YOURSELF. Get a clue sweetheart.

                    • Jimmy Swaggered

                      Cat fights are great!!!

                    • love

                      Actually, more blacks have given me trouble than whites. My family is white, my mum was adopted and dad is white.

                    • Bees

                      The beauty of the internet lies in its anonymity. You can be of any race or ethnicity on here. She may very well be asian but it doesn’t matter. Her comments are still ignorant. Someone quoting a book like “japanese women don’t get fat” or referencing “Iman and Liya” as if you can’t easily find more beautiful black models from other parts of Africa and the world or a fat japanese women across the street inherently admits their ignorance and inability to conduct proper research and look at peer reviewed information. She probably hasn’t heard of the term “peer reviewed” before.

                    • hinda

                      heey jade you are fake  we dont prais white women we couldent care less you seem like a slave  for them eww and from east africa btw

                • whitesonlock

                  sorry my great grandmother who is 102 still has long hair and beautiful skin is a beautiful black woman. Also she marched in civil rights movement which came right past her house. Im from Montgomery, birthplace of the movement. Try again "jade". Asian women have short waistes and long torsos, not a cute shape hun. I have long thick hair and I'm black. You seem to base everything off of white folk but they respect us more so than you because we have a voice in this country unlike you. The white folks you keep referring to, love our music, our culture,style of walk and dress. They watch everything we do so that they can emmulate. You always attack what you can't beat …lol

                • Jeff

                  Wow! So much misinformation here! I am a white male in Japan married to a Japanese woman and your numbers are plain WRONG! There are only 60,000 foreigners TOTAL in Tokyo. Most of those are Koreans and Chinese. VERY few are actually white men. In my typical day out and about I will usually see ONE other white man in the city. To say that 5% of Japanese women are married to foreigners is ridiculous. the pop. of Japan is 120,000,000 – 5% of that is 600,000. There aren't even 600,000 foreigners living in all of Japan!!

          • jade

            * Smiling * Wonder how many asian women ( who do not age or get fat and have natural hair ) lose their men to black women? Not any! LOL LOL LOL Asian women are second to white men.

            * Smiling *

            • Lucky

              Any head of hair that is free of strand-altering chemicals IS natural, regardless of race. If you don't think ANY Asian men are hooking up with the Sisters, then obviously you haven't Gooled it, huh?

            • Love_Sexy

              I see someone has been drinking the “Haterade” today…….LOL…….Amazing how you anti-BW people always be rolling up in the BW websites and be all up in our business………OR ARE YOU PLANTED IN THREADS TO KEEP UP ARGUMENTS?

            • That’s because Asian women are easy like white women!!!!

        • THEWIFE

          Hahahaha!!! poor jade!!

        • Hey Jade, as you’re old smelly Leathery mother who has the best skin!

        • Azuriace

           Its funny how these women come to a sight dedicated to the black womans experience to insult. Actions speak volumes!

      • amber

        Thank you AllyC!

        We are talking about ageing. Who mentioned anything else.

        Someone once said that when a positive discussion about BW women occurs, someone wants to counter it with something negative.


    • Reese

      Who is attacking white women?

    • You know what’s funny I’m black and the women in my family live to be in their 90’s and 100’s so your comment does not apply. I’m not bitter about anything, I don’t hate on white women, but I find it funny when they constantly ask me why my skin is so smooth and why I don’t show the signs of aging. At the end of the day black women may have more stress in their lives but they adapt and handle it well, we are strong unlike submissive women in other races including white women. 

  • Tami

    This article makes perfect sense…Don't hate on the author because you don't understand…There is a reason why Black women are being attacked in the media…People are jealous of our darker hue, our swagger, everything! When we were brought over to America our culture was stolen and replaced with another…Why is this so hard to believe? Open your eyes, people.

    • jade

      Black men age better than white men. Look at the guy on Xfactor who is 60. He looks better than any of your vanilla men. Who has the highest life expectancy? NOT YOU! I would rather have wrinklies and live to 90's than look young and not have great health at 50 like many black women. The reason you are being attacked because people do not like you or want to breed with you, whether you force it or not.

      • jade

        That is in Africa, In the west the black race is dying out. In the UK, there is more mixed people than blacks, Latins are breeding the fastest in the USA. White women have ten years on you in the USA, but over 20 in Japan and western Europe

        • me

          actually the black population is increasing and the white population is decreasing and going extinct in russia and other european countries. check the census. Also, black women have wayy more babies than white women so get your facts straight.

          • me

            And in the uk, the white population is decreasing but the mixed (which is basically black) is increasing. White people all over the world are dying out.

      • THEWIFE

        HAhahahah! poor jade!!

      • Azuraice

        Now why would a bonifide racist keep visiting articles on Black Women or any Black race. Your insolent comments just justify this article…but keep it up. You would be control A…if this was a lab experiment.



      • denise

        Black women have black babies everyday and black men have black mothers dont forget this. You dont want your white men but want black men for sex because thats what ur good for. And that all your not more attractive or smarter just more available for sex like a hooker. Tiger woods likes young white hookers He couldnt handle a real black woman because she wouldn’t put up with the mess. You put us down because you want our men yet most of the good ones like black women yhe teash you can gave Thanks for taking the thugs,ballers and players take our trash we dont want to breed more ignorance you can though.

    • donalda

      True. The plan is to keep the white woman happy. She's happier thinking she's more beautiful and feminine than we are so that's what her men deliver through the media. FACT: Blacks age slower than whites, black women have better body image and higher self esteem, black women are making huge strides in work and education and competing with white women for the white man. These things are NOT appreciated. Hence the extra helping of hate heaped on black women. The fact that good black don't crack is just a small part of the backlash.

      • Rain

        I am a white woman, almost 50 and still being told that I look much younger, but I do have a very poor body image and low self esteem. I agree with your statement that black women seem to have better body images and higher self esteem. I find the same is true with the the Latina women I work with. Sometimes – no, most of the time – when I smile at a black woman in public, she does not smile back. This has prompted me to ask a serious question, and hopefully without being criticized for overgeneralizing: am I simply imagining that many black women hate me on sight, or is it genuine hatred? Do black women have a general disdain for white females; something that I, by the coincidence of being born to white parents, can never understand? I won’t say I can’t see color, because that would be akin to denying the existence of racism – something I hate and assumed all other people hated alike. But in this anonymous forum, I feel comfortable making this statement:  When [you] hate me just because I’m white, it hurts my feelings. Race is not a tool to be used in the determination of a person’s worth. But when you see me, and the only thing you can tell about me is my skin color, I don’t know why you can decide I’m not worthy of a smile.

        • Sorry for this, Rain.

          • did you ever think that is is not that they are racist but just grumpy and rude people? I smile at everyone, and usually only get return smiles from old white people…and the least amount from black people but I don’t assume they are racist, I assume they are just rude or having a bay day. By visiting black sites that I am genuinely interested in the articles I have found SO MUCH hate from black women on white women…we are devils, evil, trolls, gold diggers (of course because of the white women dating famous black men…of course they can’t love them, and there are no black women dating people because they are famous)… There is only one reason for this hate and that is jealousy all they keep saying is how much they love themselves and talk about how white women are jealous and hate themselves…WHAT is gods name do   we have to be jealous about…You can ask just about any man who they think is the most beautiful women and I guarantee most of them will not be mentioning any dark skinned women. I feel bad that black people face that but they are blaming the wrong people for it, it is not white women holding you back, making you feel uglier or less important…HATE is holding you back

            • denise

              If you don’t like what we have to say get off the site. Who cares what men say most black men marry black women so get your stats right buffy oh and Italians love chocolate so dont ask them what they like you might get your feelings hurt. Black women get put down, stomped out by the media to put a young white girl on tv Its not our falt white women have a shorter shelf life so stop putting us out like where nothing. Its about time white woman are being pushed off that pedestal and now yoy have to share it too bad!!

        • Meme

          I’ll be honest, I am a friendly person but I choose not to smile at white people because I don’t wish to engage them in chat/conversation. I have found white folk to be a very nosy bunch and so the less said the better, in my book. I prefer to smile and be friendly with people of color…..makes me rather bigoted but comfortable.

        • seriuo

          dO you ever wonder if slavery and its impunity has ANYTHING to do with it? i mean do you need to see what your people have done to us? do i need to upload images too?come on….black women do not hate white women, we just don’t trust them because they never tried to stop their men from killing ours ..aurevoir!

        • denise

          No we don’t hate you its the stranger in you. We get so much hatred from whites.

      • LOL most white men do not find black women attractive because they are bigger and uhh black…it is known that most white men prefer skinny women and that is why fat white women go to black men…because many skinny white women dont want them and they dont want the black women

        • denise

          You are stupid black women are desired. I have three black friends happily married to white men. Weare not all big I see fat white women and men all the time slobbing around and she will usually have a thugg black guy that most black women dont want.If anything you white women take our trash thanks!!

      • ALSO it is a known fact that white women are higher educated than black women are…you have better body image because you dont mind being overweight…Overweight people live shorter lives than healthy sized people. It is not that people hate on black women because it is the black women talking about the hate LOL it is all in your heads because you are paranoid about it…thats how happy you are with yourselves.

        • kee[pem

          being more educated has no connection with being naturally gifted and intelligent, which most black women are. the blacker a HUEman is the more gifted he is…. we surpass you genetically on so many levels which is why you created a sneaky society and system so that YOU can compete… don’t get it twisted. Everything you scientist supposedly discovered, our ancestors had… we are just missing a chunk of history…
          Also black women don’t really want white men, yeah its true they tend to have more money because the system makes sure of that but they are awkward in their bodies, they are weaker physically and sexually, and they aren’t very good hearted, they have a lot of vices and they are disconnected from god, we call it wicked… it is rare to find a good one spiritually…so eerr u can keep em 🙂

        • denise

          White women are not more intelligent than anyone. All theblack execs, judges lawyers please smh!! Oprah is a freaking billionaire white girl)…:) dont hate!! We aren’t paranoid wejust put you racist haters on blasts!!

    • You were sold over to America by black slave owners… TRUST ME nobody is jealous of your darker hue…if we want color we can go out in the sun to get as much color as we want to…go lay in a bath tub of bleach like the other famous dark skinned women do. The famous “black” people for the most part are light skinned (brown) not black there is a difference

      • me

        There are many dark skinned famous black people. And white women hated when white men use rape black women during slavery. now all you white girls are bitter and out for revenge. lol



    • You were SOLD over to America by black slave owners (slavery-another thing white people were  blamed for when black people created it)…TRUST ME nobody is jealous of black skin color…we can go out in the sun to get as tan as we want to… There are not many famous BLACK women because people don’t find that attractive, sorry…most of the famous colored people have light/brown/malado skin…Tyra, Beyonce and many others lighten their skin tones…and ALL of the famous so called black women that people find beautiful are not very black…

  • Shan

    As an initial matter, Rachel Zoe is 40 not 38. . . I think that this is an over simplistic view. It may be a factor for some but. . . yeah no, we are not being oppressed because we look good. lol

  • chdkrow


  • section8queen

    We must find a way to look down on ourselves, we can never take a compliment or try to find the good in an article ment to lift us up instead of knock us down. Since you know all the problems in the black community, why don't u solve the equation and give us some answers?

  • Kayla

    I just can't with these articles……….

    • Native Gear

      Me neither

    • Miss

      Best comment on here. Agreed.

    • WinGhostHunter

      First time visiting here and I'm disappointed with the "us versus them" tone to a lot of these articles. They are not positive or uplifting.

  • nappy and happy

    we also have higher self esteem and i think that sense we are happier with ourselves, no matter our situation, that pisses people off. check out the findings of a study that indeed finds that Black women have higher self esteem than white women


      Jade is a donkey so please stop giving her the attention she obviously lacks in her life. Why is she on a black woman's blog? Ignorance is bliss so let this chick continue to be a happy fool…..

      I am an east-coast, private college educated Black woman, married to a Black attorney, whose father was also a Black attorney. My father is an attorney and so is my brother. Marriage goes back generations on both sides of my family as well as my husband’s. Families like mine exist in this country. We may not be on reality tv but, we exist. Trust me when I say I was raised to ignore folks (like Jade) who would be deemed by my snooty mother to be “beneath” me).

      I will say this: Black women need to stop having babies out of wedlock. We as Black people need to stop approving it by putting folks like Nia Long (who is on her 2nd out of wedlock pregnancy) on the cover of our magazines. Having babies out of wedlock is nothing to advocate or condone. It is destroying the institution of family in our community. NO WEDDING, NO WOMB.

      Make it a great day, everyone…..

      • donalda

        LOL. I agree with that!

    • Love_Sexy

      LOL…..so true and I just made a comment about that point in another thread….You right on point!

    • why? because we like to better ourselves…it is fine to be happy with your life but some people strive to look and feel the best they can and work hard to achieve the goals they set for themselves..I am not pissed off about somebody being happy with a sh*tty situation, that just shows how pathetic a person is honestly. I hate to resort to name calling but that was a moronic statement to say you are happier with yourselves than white people are…that study was based on the fact that black people are loud, outgoing, and have no shame…you should be offended by that. Just remember self esteem is not based on a fact about someone but the opinion they have of themselves…I would rather have self actualization than self esteem, as some people are disillusioned and believe they are something they are not and that is why they don’t try to become a better person. Funny how black people stereotype themselves more than white people do…and then blame us for those stereotypes.

      • Azuraice

        funny, coming from a person who would  post a pic of themselves in what appears to be thier underwear.

      • denise

        We do better ourselves and that burns the very hateful hearts of racist whites. That was a nasty study about black women we dont all act loud and roudy Stereotype!!! Oh but girls gone wild,jersey shore the hills,real world lindsay lohan. So is this how white women better them selves. Maybe a study should done on white women and selfworth..!!

    • denise

      We look good and some people hate us for it. I love seeing a beautiful black woman confident and strong. It makes me feel beautiful…