Things A Man Will Only Tell You If He’s Really Comfortable With You

February 3, 2014 ‐ By Julia Austin
 things a man will only tell a woman

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Before you become freaked out or offended by something your guy opens up to you about, maybe you should be honored: there are some things a man will only tell a woman he is extremely comfortable with.

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  • Santana

    Hehehe those are things men tell me when they want a sympathy chaw.. really, every one of them- Oh except for the part that No One Likes My ideas..

  • channy

    Lol if this list is accurate a lot of women just realized their men don’t love them…oops lol

  • Lelee

    This list is stupid!!

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    yea okkk

  • **SayItWithMe**

    Here’s my list. 1. SSN # 2. How much he earns 3. Pin numbers 4. Where he keep his spare key 5. Love you

    • taz

      Ha! I would never tell anyone #1 or #3

      • Rebecca

        I got 1 and 2 really quickly along with bank account numbers… Then again I’m an Accountant and did his taxes and his sisters so yeah lol.

      • Mzauthentic

        I have all if those, but we do live together, so that might make a difference

  • bigdede

    This list doesn’t make sense to me. Guys who I was just sex buddies with told me a majority of this stuff. My friend with benefits tells me this stuff. Even guys who I have only had a couple of dates with. Maybe because I’m a talker.

    • BabyClover

      Just means that they are comfortable with you….I dnt get the point of your objection……just means tht your guys feel comfortable with you in short time spans.

      • **SayItWithMe**

        I get it. I know a lot of these things about some of my former male co worker’s. The list is not right.

    • bigdudu

      BIGDEDE….its about being comfortable with you… that means they are..

    • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

      Maybe because you are a hoo ker

      • bigdede

        Um ok