Ex in the City: The Do’s and Don’t’s Of What To Do When Running Into An Ex!

March 23, 2013  |  


As someone who shares the same city with an ex or two, I’ve always imagined what it would be like to bump into one on the train or at an event. But as big as NYC is, it took a couple of years before I actually ran into one of my exes.  When it finally happened, I was totally fine with it. There was no real awkward moment; we both had moved on and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

But that may not be the case for most people who share a city with an ex. You could run into each other at a mutual friend’s party, at a concert, Starbucks – at anytime, anywhere. You could experience a full range of emotions and depending on how the breakup went down or how the other person reacts, it could be pleasant…or you could want to stab him in the eye with one of your high heels.

There are a million possibilities as to how you’ll feel, but there should be one overall way to react. If you have an ex in the city, a run-in may be inevitable – especially if you share mutual friends – so here are some Do’s and Don’ts on how to behave when you run into your ex.

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  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    Ain’t it funny how Heaven works?? EVERY time you look your best you don’t bump into a soul…BUT that one day you know you going to sit in a salon chair all day so you rock Uggs and sweats with your hair looking like buckwheat every ex, frenemy and B*tch you hate drives up or walks up next to you!!!!! Almost collapsed when that happened, was looking like who did it and why?? But I just looked up to the sky and smiled…..
    God has a sense of humor!

  • MsLadyE

    I recently ran into my ex-boyfriend about 2 months ago at church. I just smiled, said hello, and kept on moving.

  • Superwife

    Who cares….if I ever run into my ex…I will simply flaunt my 3+ carats on my ring finger and smile real pretty…How you doin?

  • maggie

    I can’t ignore, half of these images are of white women. Can I go to one black site without all this interracial crap? Other races don’t throw it down people’s throats, why do we?

  • shalane

    lord i just dont want to be busted-looking. ignoring, conversating, ackward moments is fine, as long as i look foiiiiine. ya dig? lol

  • more

    I saw him and I COULD NOT stop making a fool out of myself!!!!! 🙁 fail

    • Lauren S. Clark

      Um, you sound interesting.

  • Lauren S. Clark

    Just ignore.

  • bigdede

    City? What about running into your ex at work? What if you work directly with your ex?

    • bigdawgman

      Oh snap!! That’s why you don’t date at work!

      • Lauren S. Clark


      • bigdede

        It’s kind of hard when you move to a new city where you don’t know anyone. So everyone I met was from my place of work. And the guy I met and liked was at my job. So it I didn’t really have a choice…