Tried And True Health Tricks From Naturally Thin Chicks

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You know that extreme diets and workout plans never pan out. What you don’t know is how those obnoxiously, naturally thin people who are telling you, “You know that extreme diets and workout plans never pan out, right?” do keep thin! They do it through small, easy habits practiced throughout the day.


Work out and forget about it

It’s easy to think, “I can eat an extra cookie—I worked out today!” And then you end up eating more calories than you burned off in your workout. That’s why once you work out, you should forget about it. Pretend you didn’t, and eat as if you haven’t: cautiously.


Work out in the morning

Most successful exercisers get in their workouts first thing in the morning, and that could be because it’s the easiest way to forget you worked out! If you workout in the evening, then what? You get home, turn on the TV, open up Facebook and essentially have nothing to do. Oh yeah, except eat! And that workout is so fresh in your memory, you feel entitled to half a bottle of wine. But if you work out in the morning, odds are when you’re done, you have to hit the ground running, getting ready for work, and going to work. Life forces you to forget the workout.


Eat a big lunch

Thin people do not skimp on lunch, and that’s good! Because almost every calorie consumed at lunch gets burned simply fueling you throughout your day. Think about it: you have a good 8 to 10 hours until you go to sleep after lunch. That’s a lot of time you’ll be awake, thinking, working, walking. You need that fuel. And if you let yourself have a big lunch, you won’t graze on snacks void of nutrition throughout the day.

Don’t go to bed full

Much of your weight loss success can be determined by your fullness each night when you go to bed. If you feel full, you have excess, unburned calories from the day still in your body, ready to turn into fat. But if you go to bed feeling simply satisfied, that means all excess calories were done away with in your daily activities. Being full during the day is smart. But being full to…sleep? That makes no sense.


Plan an after dinner activity

This will motivate you to not fill up at night. Nobody likes to go on a date, go out with friends, attend a salsa dancing class or even clean the house on a full stomach. Give yourself a reason to remain digestively comfortable.



Do eat starches

So you’re avoiding empty carbs like white bread and pasta: good. But you still need some form of starch for your brain. If you avoid starches all together your mind won’t function at full capacity, you’ll feel lethargic and you’ll crave sugar. So get friendly with brown rice, potatoes or whole-wheat pasta.

If you need to snack, snack on protein

Protein packs the biggest bang for your buck. You can consume very few calories of protein, and still feel satisfied. So if you need to snack, grab a few slices of turkey, or some cheese, or a hard boiled egg.


Walk away from your plate for 20 minutes

Slightly overweight people polish off their plates, worried about feeling hungry later. But try this: when you’re not sure if you’re full yet, walk away from your plate for twenty minutes. If you’re still hungry, the food will still be there. But you’ll be amazed at how often you’re not hungry any more. You just saved yourself useless calories!


Eat whatever you want, in small doses

For the most part, losing weight isn’t about what you eat but how much you eat. Eating a smartly portioned steak is better than eating your weight in salad—enough salad will rack up the calories. Plus, depriving yourself of all the foods you love will only lead to binge eating. Eat what you want, but if it’s calorie-loaded and fatty, eat less of it. Eat half of a cheeseburger, make a pasta dish but portion it to 50 % pasta, 50% veggies. Eat what you love, just do it smartly.

Eat the moment you wake up

And I mean the moment you wake up. Don’t shower, read the newspaper, get dressed and then eat. The more your metabolism works, the more it works, so make use of the hours you’re up and get it going first thing in the morning! If you eat breakfast too late, your metabolism isn’t prepared for your lunch.


Walk to kill time

If you’re ten minutes early to meet someone, instead of sitting and waiting, walk around the block. If you’re in a car, park it far away so you have to walk to the destination. During a layover in an airport, walk all around the terminal. Why not burn calories when you can?

Never let yourself get too hungry

If you wait to eat until you’re starving, you’ll overeat. So, even though we warned against snacks, if your friend can’t meet until 8 pm for dinner, but you feel a rumble in your tummy at 6:30, grab a small protein snack so you don’t arrive at dinner ravenous.


Have open-faced sandwiches

Just remove the top bread on your sandwiches. It lets you enjoy the flavors on the inside more, and cuts your carbs and calories dramatically.


Water down your juice

It’s hard to believe that refreshing, light-tasting glass of juice — so essential to enjoying your meal — is adding an extra 150 to 300 calories. But liquid contains calories too. Save money and calories by filling up a glass of water, and just adding a splash of juice. Or even mixing 50% water with 50% juice.

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  • Lulu012

    i’m naturally thin but working out and eating right are for my health not so much my weight so these sort of rules mean nothing.

  • kb

    I’m slim I am 6’0 and I size 2-4. I am also over 30. I do all of these, except plan an activity after dinner. I work out in the morning, 3X a week. i eat a big lunch, dinner is always small and I pretty much eat whatever I want but only in small portions. I hate feeling full so I hardly ever eat until i am too full. So yeah the suggestions are on pt.

  • Ace

    I don’t think you understand the concept of “Naturally thin”, Author.

  • Candacey Doris

    Most naturally thin people i know eat like teenagers. The people i know who live healthy lifestyles on the other hand…

  • Guest360

    I’m naturally thin and I probably follow about 4 of these tips lol. I don’t limit my food options but I also don’t overeat to the point of being so full that it’s uncomfortable. And I kinda disagree with having a big meal for lunch. Our bodies are programmed to rest after big meals which is a no-no if you’re at work or have errands to do throughout the day. So instead I eat throughout the day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner (which is my big meal), and a snack before I go to bed. And I do tend to walk more. Not because I want to stay thin but because I’m impatient and can get where I need to go faster by walking lol. All in all, I just don’t think or obsess about weight. I try my best to stay healthy but not to the point where I’m counting calories or forgoing my fave foods because they aren’t “healthy”.

  • Ooh La La

    This is pretty ridiculous. I am one of those “naturally thin” people and I can tell you there are no tricks, or even a strategy for that matter. My mom and aunt are naturally thin and I couldn’t put on weight if I tried. It’s just genetics and it’s not fair. But for the sake of no one hating me, I do deal with my diet in my skin and break out if I eat too badly, so that makes it a little more fair lol.

  • Cakester

    The title of this article needs to be changed… I came in just to see what naturally thin people do to stay thin WHEN THEY ARE NATURALLY THIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tips are good but the title is all wrong!

  • SheBe

    This is BS. Every “naturally” thin person I know (ok I only know 3 but still) eats EVERYTHING and does so all day. No matter what it is. Skinny body, don’t care. YOLO on the McDonalds. When they work out its not serious. Theyre talking and texting and when it does get intense they are half arsing and get tired quickly and/or quit early. Come on now.

  • Kendra Hawkins

    Someone help me understand why there’s article containing diet tips from women who are “naturally thin”. It makes absolutely no sense. If it’s natural, then it requires no effort on your part. How about tips from women who actually have to WORK at keeping their weight down?

    • RJA

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Diso98

      I clicked on this article just to say the same thing! ….. Though most of the tips are good

    • SheBe

      Point. Blank. Period. THANK YOU! They can shut the comments section down and trash this article because nothing else needs to be said.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven


    • Kahekili

      Dang. You beat me to it! That is what I thought as soon as I saw the title.