Are They Trapped In The Closet Or Not? Celebs Accused Of Being Gay

December 21, 2012 ‐ By Meghan Williams

It seems like every celebrity has been called gay at some point or another. But for these celebrities, the gay accusations have been a bit more intense and a lot more permanent. True or not, I’ve refrained from making a case for gay or straight in regard to any of these celebrities, because a) my gaydar has never been exact and b) I’m just not touching that! Flip to see fifteen celebrities who’ve had to endure those pesky gay rumors. What’s your verdict?


"Oprah Winfrey PF"

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has been laughing off rumors of her being romantically involved with Gayle King for years.  The origin of such rumors, I wouldn’t know – though I assume they probably have something to do with Oprah’s long-term relationship with Stedman, which has always been discreet, in stark contrast to her friendship with Gayle, which has always been highly publicized. Nevertheless, those irksome gay rumors persist.

“I’m not a lesbian” Oprah once told Barbara Walters in an interview, “I’m not even kind of a lesbian.”

MadameNoire Video

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  • I get so tired of folks saying that just because some dude has a wife and child, they are not gay. People wake up!!!! There is such a thing as bisexuality and closeted gays? Hello!!!

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  • SelenaMillieux

    Alicia Keys is very talented and has to be gay I or at least bi,how else would I explain this girl crushing I’ve got going on here. Usually my gay or bi dar is right

  • Hasty Feeler

    what a stupid website this is – good grief

  • d w

    Not surprised by speculations of James Avery being gay. Heck, I thought even Steven Wonder could see that one.

    Alicia Keys has always struck me as kinda butch.

    As for John Legend…I suspect he’s more Asian than gay.

  • tori

    they forgot queen latifah…she belongson this list more than tom cruise lol

  • Zina

    I always assumed that people got James Avery and Reginald Vel Johnson mistaken for each other early on and that’s where the gay rumors came from because Avery was married with kids up until his death but Vel Johnson used to speak of his partner in interviews. Also I’m surprised that Queen Latifah didn’t make the list.

  • Danny Cooper

    who cares *yawn* .. these stories are worse than the National Enquirer

  • Doug O’Neill

    I think Jennifer Lopez’s “boy”friend is definitely a gaylord. You can tell just by looking at the guy.

  • Lisa

    Why do they have to use the word “accused”? Like they’re being accused of a crime? And why is this even an issue?

  • Bill Nedra Bill

    I pray the day people will get out of the dark ages and STOP making people’s sexuality a matter of news. Syria is in turmoil, kids are suffering in Africa, education is costly…these are news item and NOT one’s sexual attraction.

  • Akira J. Fox

    Trey songz is not gay. Smh. Some ppl will believe anything.

  • word

    I have always felt Alicia keys was gay (weather true or not) since ‘fallen’….I still think she is gay….but to throw a wrench in you public image, professional life and to toy with the sweet picket fence faux life she has tried to maintain (after getting pregnant for a man going through a separation from his wife…that is EXTREMELY trashy) now come out, kinda changes you life and possible ‘destroys’ it.

  • Ife

    i’m pretty sure Tyler Perry came out of the closet… how about a little edit on that one??

  • hello everyone. Hope i enjoy my stay here…

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  • atlasshrugged2u

    Why do they keep accusing Alicia Keys because I have never actually heard anything?…

  • lenaz

    Tyler Perry d*** print lips

  • Obsrvst


    If anything it’s J-BLO Who’s he’s fronting for!

    C’mon now, my gaydar has been going bonkers like a radiation detection device (crrkckckkrrrrkkkekkrkk) when ever I see J-Lo and all her Donkey Kong like dance moves and boxers nose.

    Casper also has my gay detection device going and I think he basically EXPOSED J-Lo and this fraud hookup up, c’MON people.

    She a tortillera.

    As is I suspect Alicia. But, I think she’s one HECK Of a gorgous woman oh and that body… at least when she’s all made up. Too bad.

    And Queen Latifa? Prffftt! Since the 90’s I could tell. She was busted once on the 10 freeway for driving smoking weed or something, and she was totally lesbo’d out with another sista, looked totally like those thuggie lesbo’s. Come the heck on! Where’d you been?!

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  • Paula Freeza


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    What is Disqus ??? is it like twitter

  • creamer versus creamer




  • Ronoh

    First timer here…hello everyone

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Mr. Avery is gay. I saw him in a NYC club with his boyfriend
    dressed all in his flamboyant style and the mannerism’s to go
    with it lol! He is a good actor trust me, because when I saw him in
    that club talking, and gesturing with his hands I couldn’t believe it.

    • Obsrvst

      Who is the gaucho amigo
      Why is he standing
      In your spangled leather poncho
      And your elevator shoes
      Bodacious cowboys
      Such as your friend
      Will never be welcome here
      High in the Custerdome

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Being gay or bisexual is a “rite of passage” in Hollywood
    It determines how far up in this “soul stealing business” you’re
    willing to go, and das real wrap, trust me!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    This is Hollywood, it’s assumed that they are all gay or bisexual.
    It would actually be easier to have a list of celebrities
    that we know are STRAIGHT. This list would be a whole lot shorter lol!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Tom Cruise is so Gay its not even funny!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Tom Cruise is so Gay its not even funny!

  • hjkfrezx5000

    fffffffuk-the gays

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Eddie Murphy is so gay its not even funny!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Eddie Murphy is so gay its not even funny!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    I know exactly what she means (Alicia Keys) I felt the
    same way growing up and also dressed like a tomboy
    (hated the constant attention from dirty old men) I aslo
    have 6 brothers (no sisters) so, I know exactly what she’s
    talking about 🙂

  • atlasshrugged2u

    I know exactly what she means (Alicia Keys) I felt the
    same way growing up and also dressed like a tomboy
    (hated the constant attention from dirty old men) I aslo
    have 6 brothers (no sisters) so, I know exactly what she’s
    talking about 🙂

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Travolta looks like a complete idiot with that
    hair piece lol! Is he kidding, I mean look at it?
    How on earth could he think that looks good lol!!
    Too much.

  • senola

    Only Black people obsess over who is or isn’t gay.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Raven Symone looks like a full-figured version of Paula Abdul in her picture.

  • Nadu

    Tyler Perry is at the very least confused. He admitted on Oprah that he had a very hard time being with women because of his past with being molested by a neighbor. “My body betrayed me” he said, which in essence says the experience caused him lots of confusion about his sexuality. Is he full on gay? Maybe not, but he’s certainly struggled to figure it out.

  • Realist

    Out of the ones mentioned above, only Chris Bosh, Alicia Keys, John Travolta, Neyo, Eve and Raven give me the gay vibe. Casper is not a STAR but after seeing those pics that surfaced after he got with JLO…. He was def one flamboyant gay dude. He’s with Jlo now. I’m sure he acts manly and stuff but once she’s done with him we’ll see him come out. Watch.

  • Uncle Phil has romantically linked with Sherman Hemlsley (the guy from Movin On Up) and Trey Songz has been photographed kissin a dude

  • CriticXtreme

    For some of these, coming out of the closet would help their “careers”.

  • hell no Eddie Murphy ain’t a fagg

  • Let me just say that Trey Songz reminds me of Tevin Campbell for more than one reason, okay??!!

  • Jerseysmelltours

    THAT JLO REALLY CAN PICK THEM HUH???? SHEMAR gay boy for sure he so gay boy!!!

  • Jerseysmelltours

    Eddie Murphy so gayGayGAyGAY!!! Or Gay Eddie Gay Murphy….

  • Jerseysmelltours

    Chris Bosh so gay…Travolta GAY!…That mushy preening flash Tyler Perry Gay! I hope he suffers through coming too terms with his gayness he’s put out enough trash TV/films he should suffer…

  • why

    worst website ever … i couldn’t even read the content because everything from the side jumbled over it.

    • Diane Gardner

      For real, absolutely ignorant, distracting and sickening. Worst site ever.

  • alicia and eve are hot. they have such bravado.

  • Not that it matters-but I’ve heard that George Clooney is in the closet.

  • Mariposa

    It really bothers me that it says these people are “accused” of being gay. As if it’s a horrible crime.

    • exactly. “suspected” is the word that i would’ve used.

  • NE8

    Uncle Phil has been married for many years to a beautiful and successful woman.

  • chanela

    “I got two kids and a beautiful woman at my side… Buy the album, though”

    so do clay aiken and ricky martin…. just sayin,neyo

  • Oprah

    Tyler Perry is gay. He said so on Oprah.

  • Shemar Moore is probably bisexual. Eh. Its not that surprising or terrible. I freakin love his adorable friendship/bromance thing with Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds. They’re so freakin cute.

    • SelenaMillieux

      Noooo that’s my future husband Shemar Moore (in my dreams)

  • Ai

    you can really tell which people this author likes and who she doesn’t care for

  • DeafQueen

    Never heard of Chris Bosh, don’t care about Tom Cruise nor John Travolta!

    Eddie – YES he and Arsenio – my gosh… (where’s Arsenio’s name?)
    Tyler – YES, waaaaaayyy too obvious
    Caspar – is NOT a star
    Where’s Da Brat’s name? Or is she finally out?
    Queen La?
    And agree with the non answer of Raven.

    I don’t care that any of these people are gay – it’s their HIDING that makes me nuts….

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    From what I have observed, most of the celebrities that have had to endure gay rumors have had to do so because as the general public, we have not seen them in relationships. Because they respect their privacy and we don’t, they are considered gay. I find this really ignorant of the general population.

  • Boshtrich just oozes sweetness

  • jjac401

    James Avery has always appeared to be “light on his feet.”

  • nolimit_soldier

    Heck yeah Trey Songz is gay his demeanor and responses on his last Wendy Williams visit told a hell of alot..women seem to think the dude can’t be gay but I’ll give it anouther 5 more years before the truth comes out..its seriously only a matter of time..women give this man tooo much praise..Being gay doesn’t have a look nor do it discriminate.

  • Coco black

    Who gives a shit?!?….and why is MN even giving this air time. You wouldn’t see such ad article in a white publication..complete and utter rubbish!

    • USAFSergeant

      You sure as hell would see an article like this in a white publication. I’ve got some younger white female airmen under my supervision, and all they read is those trash celebrity magazines.

    • Sandy

      Yeah Coco, in a white publication you wouldn’t have a lot of black models either. They employ a WHOLE lot of Caucasians here. What get me too is white publications never talk about or show pictures of celibacy interracial dating. .and if you do see it,its some fine black woman following behind some rich successful handsome white guy.Black people dogging black people,instead of uplifting its always looking for dirt!

  • Gigi

    Eddie Murphy isn’t gay, he’s a freak. I also believe John Travolta is likely a freak too. And as for Shemar Moore possibly being gay because he’s well-groomed: that was not always the case. I remember him having serious hair and eyebrow issues when he first hit the scene. He just found a good stylist. My so-called gaydar is pretty good, and James Avery and Trey Songz have both set it off. Oprah? No. Ne-yo? No. Tom Cruise? Don’t Care. I’ve wondered about Alicia and Eve in the past, but not any longer. As with Shemar, a good stylist can do wonders. Tyler and Raven’s non-answer (Queen Latifah said the same thing) leave me wondering. Oh well…to each his or her own.

    • BlackJack

      Eddie been slinging too much beef,to be gay.The man had all the black chicks in Hollywood and now working on the white ones. Gay guys don’t like a woman’s raw scent.

      • Miss Truth Hurts

        He’s “slinging beef” to a KNOWN HOLLYWOOD BEARD *lol So stop it. (Beard: refers to women who are paid to pretend to be dating/f*cking known celebs to throw off gay rumors)

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      Eddy Muphy is BEYOND GAY, anyone with eyes can see that. #1.He has sh1tted on and fvcked over every woman he has EVER delt with #2. Every one in L.A. KNOWS Eddie loves tranny-pr0stitutes #3.Most importantly, his one true love is JOHNNY GILL and always will be.

      • neicy

        Amazing he likes light bright dam near white women but like the chocolate-ly men…don’t forget Arsenio…he has to be bi….my open gay hairstylist will tell ya that a gay guy would never sleep with a girl..only be friends with

  • MLS2698

    Lol. In that one song where Alicia Keys was asking the guy out from the ” coffee shop, ” she was like, ” you order the hot chocolate everyday,” in her Barry White voice.

    • Amija James

      Bwahahahahaha! You wrong! She is hella dykey though!

    • IAJS


    • DeafQueen

      Omigosh ROFL

    • sonya

      I love her voice in that video. She sounded like a WOMAN with a deep voice. Nothing but beautiful and feminine.

    • LOL! Made my night.

    • rainydaze80

      followed up by “so what you doin?” hilarious!

    • Gimmeabreak78

      Bwahaha. Old school Alicia Keys reminds me of a guy from Brooklyn I used to date named Tony. She was such a dude back then.

  • Dru

    Their being very nice…..There is more info/details this article could provided….. Like, people thought Eve was gay, because there is a pic out of Eve getting ate by a girl at her old strip club

    • Blackbirdbefree

      ALL STRIPPERS ARE GAY!. and if she not ,she will be. Its not normal for a woman to see other girls naked without being turned on and out.

      • DeafQueen

        Wow! Generalizing pretty far….

  • bluekissess

    I don’t understand why my comment doesn’t post? I’d rather not comment on negative stuff


    If they were indeed gay, they wont say because follywood is about image and for some weird reason they believe coming out will hurt their “image”. There’s a site that list all the homos, lesbians and bisexual. Oh, and Katt Williams just outed Jamie Foxx lol!!

  • princess courtenay

    john travolta is like 75 with no grey hair…..that irks me a little

    • sabrina

      he looks really, really weird in that pic.

    • Im SURE he is a user of dye.

      • what?

        I’m pretty sure you all will use dye when you get that age what’s your point

      • what?

        I’m pretty sure you all will use dye when you get that age what’s your point

        • Soulswinger

          yeah and Aunt flow will stop coming around,and hair will grow in places you never thought,while your breast will look like flap jacks and your womb gets polluted! lmao!!!

          • atlasshrugged2u

            WellDamn! Shoot me now why don’t you lol!

          • word

            Soulswinger just took us ‘there’

      • housebroken

        Women use dye ,wigs,weaves and sh–t too? So when you in show business that would not be unusual.

    • TRUTH IS

      He oozes faggotory…smh

    • Amija James

      I know. He shouldn’t dye his hair such a dark color. It’s not normal for a man of his age to have such black hair.

    • blah blah rae

      It’s called a lace front.