We’re Done: Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2012

December 31, 2012  |  
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This year was full of drama from all sides, but some celebrities took the foolishness way too far; consequently, we’ll never look at them the same again. Here are 15 famous folks we lost respect for in 2012 and who we hope can get their ish together in 2013.

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Too Short

Dirty lyrics are one thing, but Short crossed the line when he gave gross and probably illegal advice to young men on how to take it “to the hole.”

The details are too gross to include here and, thankfully, XXL took the video off their website shortly after this was published, but the “fatherly guidance” included graphic details on what to do with your fingers when you’re alone with a girl. I don’t know how anyone could buy another XXL or Too Short track after that.

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Chad Ochocinco

Chad and Evelyn lost a lot of people’s respect once they joined the reality TV bandwagon and let people know who they really were, but Chad makes the list for domestic violence. Hitting a woman is never OK and I don’t know why he doesn’t get just as much shade as Breezy.

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Evelyn Lozada

We feel for her ordeal with Chad, but let’s not forget it was this same year that she was throwing bottles at every chick in her path, jumping over tables like a maniac, and putting men before her best friend. It’s not like we had a whole lot of respect left for Evelyn, but on top of all this her opportunistic post-domestic dispute interviews left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

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I just don’t think K. Michele would lie about getting beat up and robbed of her royalties. Plus, Memphitz has let his wife and her friends dog out and try to silence a victim of domestic violence rather than speaking up as a man. Not cool.

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Kevin Clash

We don’t care about him being gay. We don’t even care about him messing with younger men — as long as they were of legal age — the trouble is Kevin Clash made the same dumb mistake of so many men before him: thinking with his little head instead of his big one. Why he thought sending emails of a sexual nature from his office computer was a good idea we can’t say. It’s just unfortunate that mistake, and several others, has now completely tainted the legacy of the man we’ll always remember as Elmo.

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Kenya Moore

Not just because she’s phony enough to fake a relationship for TV but because her attitude is so ugly. It’s time for Kenya to get over herself because we’re just about over her riding that Miss USA wave. The wheels have most certainly fallen off and that bougie attitude is around 15 years past its expiration date.

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Kanye West

In 2012, Kanye’s career became more about drama than music. I had a feeling he was phony and his relationship with Kim Kardashian just confirmed my suspicions. He needs to get his mind on his day job before more people walk out on his concerts.

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Kim Zolciak

I was never team Kim, but she went on a lot of black folks’ ish list when she “allegedly” dropped the N bomb after she fell out with rest of the real housewives. Ne Ne said she was racist all along…and even if she didn’t say the n-word, her reaction to Kandi’s home and her “ghetto” neighborhood were enough to eliminate all tolerance we had left for her. Plus, she’s keeping her parents from her kids. There’s not much salvageable about her.

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Deion and Pilar Sanders

I don’t know which one of these two should be more ashamed about how they acted during their divorce so they’re both up here. Pilar jumped her husband in front of their kids, Deion supposedly wanted her to trade sex for her alimony. They are both ridiculous.

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Mona Scott-Young

Mona Scott made the list because she’s the producer in charge of all the drama of Love & Hip-Hop. During the reunion special, almost everyone pointed to Mona as the cause for the drama and fights.

Apparently she set situations up to pop off for ratings. And ratings are all well and good but some of the folks who agreed to be on the show were trying to help out their careers. Instead of helping their careers, Mona’s show ruined some of them. I can’t get down with profiting off of other people’s downfall.

Stevie J

I can’t respect Steebie because he uses his financial power — however little that is — over the women in his life to control them. That made me sad for MiMi, sad for Joseline, sad for other women trying to come up, and sad for whatever is so broken in Stevie J that he feels the need to treat women this way.

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Stacey Dash

I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.

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Halle Berry

Some of ya’ll are going to disagree. But I can’t respect a woman who would bring her relationship drama around her babies. The type of relationship you choose to have by yourself is your business. But if you can’t be in a relationship without fighting at Thanksgiving in front of the baby, you need to be single for a while while you work your issues out in therapy.

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Clint Eastwood

Most people didn’t know Clint Eastwood was a Republican and that wasn’t really the big deal. The question was why would he come out of the political closet for Mitt Romney of all people. And after that talk to the chair incident, we weren’t sure of the man needed to be committed or if he was actually serious about what he was doing. Since we never got a clear answer, our respect remains dangling in the wind.

Keyshia Cole

Sorry, but we just can’t rock with that whole, “Well, I’m biracial” caveat to participating in Black Girl’s Rock. Don’t get brand new Keyshia. Her fan base may not be going as strong for her now as they used to, but she is sadly mistaken if she thinks the white side of her that she doesn’t even know if she has is going to replace the people she lost. All she did was shrink the remaining few who were gunning for her.

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  • Arlene Kara

    What a horrible article headline. Basically if your a republican and have different views from this liberal rag your deserving on no respect. What a bigot!

  • AgentSpy

    I wouldn’t loose respect for Stacey Dash because of that. If I used that to judge respect for people I wouldn’t have any friends. I’m sure the person who wrote this isn’t perfect.

    • Dr. K. S. Ananda Kumar.

      Please inform my Password. Yours Sincerely,Dr.K.S.Ananda Kumar

  • grapes

    a black woman voted for a white presidential candidate was booted out of respect?. give me a break. those who loss the respect for stacey dash are losers. well informed voters are color blind. they use well thought out verified info on decisions who to vote for. the D voters are sheeple.

  • naturalnicks

    wow this is sad before i read the comments i was asking myself why is everyone on this list black…this must be a racist…wow, how is this allowed on a site like hln

  • Trey

    Your website is a joke. Racist

  • garyjminter

    I was worried about Clint when he was doing that “talking to the empty chair” routine, but he seems to be OK and still making great movies…(I think it was supposed to be humorous, but it fell flat)
    Poor Elmo….btw, what is so bad about sending sex videos or texts? The Fairfax County VA police department (and our local news media) wasted taxpayers $ and lots of time “investigating” a teenage boy who texted a photo of his penis to his teenage girlfriend…so what? That’s what teenagers are SUPPOSED to do! This police-state Big Brother nonsense has gone too far, in my opinion. Viewing or possessing pornography should NOT be a crime, MAKING child pornography SHOULD BE a crime.
    Are the cops and prosecutors so lazy and stupid they can’t arrest the real villains, those who recruit young kids to make child porn? and the worthless parents who let their kids do it?
    Instead, they pick on some suburban teenager for texting his girlfriend….what a waste of taxpayer $ and our time. No wonder people are losing respect for the government.

  • Tobi J

    I am black and I voted for Mitt Romney. I stand alongside his morals. I do not hate Obama, I just do not agree with what he stands for. The fact that he is black did not change my vote. I am not voting on a color, I am voting on a president who will take America to heights and at the time I felt as Mitt Romney could have done that. I am using my right to vote and my right to choose.

  • KatRob

    What a ridiculous and racist comment about a black woman voting for a republican. She should be like all the stupid blacks that keep voting democrat and their lives never improve? Democrats want to forever keep them in the ghetto. No wonder the average IQ of an african is only 70.

  • BipartisanLawsOnly

    LOL – I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I
    can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash
    is both of those. ‘Nuff said.

    So the title of this should be celebrities YOU have lost respect for. I use to come to this site to read funny stuff, but now that I know it is a steaming liberal cess pool… no more.

    Have fun… whatever piece of trash keeps up this site.

  • Bill Smithers

    How come the majority of the celebrities that they’re “done” with are black? Is there possibly another reason why they’re “done” with them? Racist online magazine.

  • Noosic

    Why Stacy Dash? Because she isn’t a liberal white-hating, blame America first, Obama loving socialist? You guys in the media crack me up.

  • zyggie

    there are more whites on welfare than any other race. We just don’t hear about it as much. Also, whites commit crimes just as much as any race. We just don’t hear about it as much. I worked with whites who stole out of employees purses, office retirement funds, HR monies, petty cash etc BUT, it was always hidden and some were even promoted. This was not at just one business but, several.
    Crimes, Ghetto’s and other social problems are not cause by demos, liberal, repub. etc Crime knows no race. It’s society who reports and brainwashes.

  • Jack

    Wow, this the most RACIST online magazine I have ever read! Who ever said that Black people can’t be racist too? Where is the diversity here? It’s 99% Black. You picked one White woman in this list above because she used the term “ghetto”. Then you said you lost respect for Stacey Dash just because she voted for Mitt Romney. Wow! Is that because she didn’t vote for Black Obama? Or can’t Black people be Republicans? This is short sighted, ignorant, and racist for sure. You complain about White people for being racist? Look in the mirror first.

  • Geebo Harris

    I thought this article was supposed to be about celebs?

  • Richard

    Stacey Dash just doesn’t think the way YOU want her to. She thinks like I do. Go Stacey !

  • FDA

    What a dumb reason to not respect someone. Freedom of choice America. Get over it. You go girl for your own beliefs!

  • JIM

    I can’t respect anyone stupid enough to vote for Barack Obama

  • Shane

    Stacy Nash is a beautiful woman with a mind of her own. She doesn’t lick Al Sharpton’s boots as most of her race do. She is a perfect role model for a person with a brain and a high IQ. I love her.

  • Bill

    Kanye West Kardashian is the same as whom he keeps company with. Both of them have fleas.

  • Bara

    Im just saying that Tracy Nash is beautiful and a decent girl with brains. I don’t understand this goofy yahoo always trashing her. She is also a good actress.

  • john

    Stacey dash is a smart girl. She knows how to make her own decisions. That’s a poor excuse to get mad at someone because she voted for someone that you didn’t care much for. Nuff said.

  • BigJohn555

    Diversity, Freedom, and Tolerance must be high among your watchwords. Does one also have to be of a particular religion, non-religion, race, or ethnic group to get respect from you?

  • MSG Leo

    Meg Butler should be on the top of the list for writing this crap.

  • Bruce Williams

    You blasted two people for supporting Mitt Romney? You didn’t know that Clint Eastwood is a Republican? Oh, my! Where have you been? Bet you didn’t know Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican either, did you? Please realize that Democrats have you right where they want you! It’s time to leave the plantation folks. We (conservatives), Including Mr. Romney, want you own businesses, be an incredible success and grow wealthy. …not only financially but rich in self esteem, pride and station in life. It’s your turn to BE the man by rejecting race baiters like Sharpton, Holder and others. Blessings, BW

  • H2Bme

    It’s sad how you can say “we lost respect” for black individuals who voted for Romney. As a black woman I don’t feel you have the right to give the impression that I am anything less than proud of who I am because I have different political views than you. I would venture to say that he [Mitt] has done more for minorities by far in leadership and job creation than the current, and worst President in American history.

    • Bruce Williams

      H2Bme, You’re right on and, an awesome lady!

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  • chris

    stacey Dash, you go girl. you knew exactly what would’ve been right for this country, unlike the rest of the idiots that voted for a muslim, socialist American hater jefkoff just because he was black without knowing what his dangerous back round was.

  • Zghrabler

    I find it disheartening to say the least that the author, Meg Butler, chooses to judge people by their race, and what sex they are, in deciding whether or not to respect them, in terms of their political voting decisions, etc.. So.. all women have to vote for women candidates, all blacks for black candidates, all.. where does it end? Boy, I only had to decide who I considered was the best candidate/leader/competent when I had to regularly choose between two white male candidates.. I suppose Ms. Butler doesn’t like me, either..

  • Zghrabler

    I find it disheartening to say the least that the author, Meg Butler, chooses to judge people by their, and what sex they are, in deciding whether or not to respect them, in terms of their political voting decisions, etc.. So.. all women have to vote for women candidates, all blacks for black candidates, all.. where does it end? Boy, I only had to decide who I considered was the best candidate/leader/competent when I had to regularly choose between two white male candidates.. I suppose Ms. Butler doesn’t like me, either..

  • Joe Smith

    When someone doesn’t have a good reason to criticize someone, they resort to name-calling (i.e. she is “silly”). This is what the writers of this website called Stacey Dash. Dash is a woman who thinks for herself and cares about things that Mitt Romney stood for: like family, faith, country….oh…and cares for the youngest of children in this country who are legally murdered by the barbaric act of abortion. Nuff said.

  • Christine Barney red2blonde

    Wow…talk about intolerance. There are Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Conservatives, Independents, Libertarian…..and because Stacey Dash had the gall to vote for someone that you don’t like, you lost respect for her. Democrats have harmed Blacks by giving them handouts and not expecting anything of importance from them. Dash is a grown woman who can vote for anyone she chooses. She didn’t break the law, steal a husband or beat a child. You need to rethink that one.

  • Allen Papa Smith

    So standing on principle is what you despise? Well then, I am glad you have no respect for Stacey. She is far and away a better person without such shallow nincompoops like you to crowd her space.

  • Dro

    Stacey Dash? Because she’s black and didn’t use race as the motivation for who she voted for? YOU ARE WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY. Blame others all you want, but that exact attitude is why racial issues are what they are in 2014. BELIEVE THAT.

  • Bubba

    Majority on this list are black, I wonder why that is?

  • James Duncan

    Regarding Clint Eastwood, his criticism of Obama was not so bad. However, support for either Republican or Democrat is to empower the current corrupt system. Romney is certainly an evil sob, but Obama has proven to be an effective puppet continuing the war machine empire and destruction of America wanted by the globalists in charge.

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  • AmericanBlues

    RE: STACEY DASH. How’s that Obama working out for you Black folks? At least Romney would have fixed the economy or given everything he had to make it work. Whereas of yesterday, our national debt under Obama just topped $18 trillion (12/04/14). But at least we have Gays in the military, Liberal judges pushing Gay marriage in almost every state and 5 million Illegals he gave blanket amnesty to (call it anything you want, it’s still amnesty!).

  • Keldon McFarland

    I had HUGE respect for her! A Republican who isn’t afraid to be a Republican and stand for the real America. Not that Commie Obama!

  • Quel

    You know, your freaking pop-up ad videos are incredibly annoying, and cause the page to not load effectively. Won’t be back to your page. Fix this. It’s not 2001.

  • pfrice

    I liked Ocho…. and still like him. But I knew once he got with Evelyn, she would bring him down. A real life case of Adam and Eve…..

  • jrd

    Stacie Dash is hot and I have no respect for anyone who voted for Obama so I stopped reading this stupid article at that point.

  • VoxPopuli

    There are maybe 1 or 2 actual celebrities on this list….you’ve certainly broadened the definition of the term “Celebrity” to fill this list.

  • Random!

    Website I lost respect for
    1. MadameNoire
    This article is petty and vindictive.

  • Doc

    With Stacy Dash being a Christian and a conservative. Your adding her to this list is both racist and sexist. You hate her just because she doesn’t toe the “black” line.

  • Aundria

    Way to generalize women. You really think all women support radical abortion legalization, such as Obama, who opposed the Born Alive Act, 3 times?! You believe all women want a continual welfare state? That we support ignoring the repeated requests for assistance, which was denied, leading directly to the murder of Christopher Stephens, as well as three other Americans, in Benghazi, Libya? How about Operation Fast & Furious? Shovel ready jobs? Solar panels & green jobs? GM? The list goes ONNN!! Republicans, btw, do NOT want to take you birth control away… We just don’t want to PAY for it.

  • merrick

    Stacey Dash and Deion and Pilar. Wow. Three absolute losers. Used to respect Deion – but man….what a mess.

  • Matthew Williams

    I dislike critics, I dislike people who stir the racial pot White or Black, I dislike people who think that everything should be about their political view, I dislike people who are blind to what people are saying and only hear want they want… so in summary, I REALLY dislike the person who decided to post this whether it was Meg Butler or someone she works for.
    Why cant we stick to the old Red Carpet type bull that everyone thinks is so important like hairstyles or clothes?

  • Shazzney

    Near enough ALL the people on this list are black?!!

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  • Blah, blah, blah

    So the author does not respect an intelligent, sincere woman like Stacey Dash because she supported a very decent, accomplished man like Mitt Romney? Maybe because she is not a racist and did not vote based on one’s skin color like so many other leftists and does not wish to remain on the Democrat Plantation?

  • Sallie

    People have their own political opinions and i respect that.. But criticizing Stacey Dash’s political views only says something about your character. Political views is not linked to respect…

  • Steve

    The author of this “opinion” piece has GOT to be thee MOST ignorant and racist jack hole ever to have written an opinion on the internet…you lose your “respect” for Ms. Dash because he can articulate her opinion that someone besides the sitting President should be our leader and place her along side women beaters, drug addicts and every other Hollywood dysfunctional person…all because she voted for someone OTHER than Obama. It’s getting crazy out here people!

  • Nate

    So just to clarify, you are fed up with anyone who disgraced their name and also those who have differing political opinions to you. Hmmm, I guess from now on everyone should check with you on what they should believe and stand for.

  • NW-HardWood

    The democrat party is looking more and more like the Fascist partys of
    the 1930s and 40s Secretive, totalitarian, intolerant, punitive, and
    flat out dangerous.
    Only a progressive and the MSM would support lawlessness, looters and killers for a political purposes.
    Only a progressive is unable to believe their own lying eyes.
    Only a progressive uses the Justice system as a political tool.

    Only a progressive would call you a racist if you disagree with them on any level.
    Only a progressive sends someone to prison to help facilitate a political lie.
    Only a progressive would militarize the bureaucracy and use it against it’s citizens.

    Only a Progressive would allow thousands of weapons to go to dangerous
    criminals knowing and hoping hundreds would die…..for domestic
    political purposes.
    Only a progressive and union control of the IRS would threaten the the First Amendment.

    Only a progressive would destroy a country and remake it in his own image.
    Only a progressive thinks it’s ok to be an anti Semite.
    Only a progressive would align with the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood.
    Only a progressive would look you right in the eye and with malice lie.

    Only a progressive believes “they are the ones they have been waiting for”…mmmm…mmmmm…mmmm!
    Only a progressive would think it’s OK for obamas rule of law to mean he writes his own laws.
    Only a progressive hates the Republic

  • greywulf1064

    I’m guessing that if I said I can’t respect a white person silly enough to vote for Obama it would be considered racist.

  • martin dee

    that wasn’t a political “comming out” it was an add for his last movie

  • Chris

    I think Stacey Dash has gained my respect by not jumping on the “black president” bandwagon. She only proves that she has a brain in her head and she uses it! She’s not alone, Obama has the second worst approval rating in the history of the United States, glad to see that she is not alone in her judgment…..

  • Me

    Stacey is 47 years old. She looks great, amazing in fact. Hey, she’s an adult and can think and reason without having to color everything with her complexion. That’s a real thinking person, not a lemming. Stacey is a role model in that sense.

  • Hague’s Catamite

    I had no idea MadameNoire was as Leftist as this!! Glad I found that out – and thanks Stacey Dash for helping me find out….You guys go ahead and vote Democrap all you like – I won’t be there with your dumb commie a$$es……

  • IronLegend

    @MegButler: How can you include someone who votes differently from you in the same list as guys who beat their wives and/or girl friends? I’d really be interested in your rationale.

  • mtman2

    STACEY DASH- is a very wise young woman and a Patriot, she has awakened and gets it~!

  • Dade

    Whoever wrote this article is illiterate!

  • Allison Knowles

    never heard of half these losers

  • LieutenantSword

    Can’t respect Stacey Dash for being silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney (when if the election were held today, he’d have wiped the floor with Obama), but have plenty of respect for people stupid enough to vote for Obama, huh? Yep, makes sense to me.


    I can’t respect anyone that supports a corrupt politician simply because he is black. I can’t respect someone because they bad mouth other people for simply exercising their freedom of choice. Obama’s white mother and white grandparents were America hating communists and he grew up with their influences his entire life, why does anyone believe he is anything other than the same? He is a blatant and chronic liar, it has been caught on video many times, yet no one calls him on it. The liberal news media, which is supposed to be America’s safeguard against corrupt government, lies for him, covers for him, and refuses to report his many illegal activities. He has violated the Constitution – broke the law for those of you that don’t realize it – more than Richard Nixon, yet because congress is as corrupt as he is – he is not removed from office. One of the articles of impeachment against Nixon was the fact that he illegally had the IRS investigate his political enemies, the same thing Obama has done. They said that the IRS would not and could not act in such a manner without the knowledge and consent of the President. And they didn’t either time – when Nixon and Obama did it. These petty tyrants do not want you to be free, because your freedom interferes with their vision of how things should be. High taxes, Obamacare, Carbon Taxes, gun control are just some of the methods they are using to take away your freedom, yet people are too ignorant (because they don’t get involved and seek the truth). I have more respect for Ms. Dash than ever before because she has enough guts to use her brains and stand up for the truth instead of going along with the rest of the mindless crowd just to be popular. I can’t respect anyone that makes the wrong choice, the bad choice, and then writes an article against someone that makes the right choice simply because they are petty and disagree with the person making the right choice.

    • mtman2

      This is why they HAD-TO get Herman Cain out of the run for POTUS as fast as possible.
      He would have been the real 1st Black American President and shamed the lying dreamer-child Thief-in-Chief Oba-Mao and his anti-Constitutional mindset~!

  • honeybee31

    There are three things you should never bring up as a discussion: Religion, Sports, and Politics.
    Though I have my own political views and it may not agree with others, I dont think condeming Stacy Dash for hers should be enough to put her on this list……

  • This site is racist

    The Stacy Dash slide is absolutely the most racist thing I have EVER seen. A black person can’t decide that Obama has been a terrible president? A black person can’t open their eyes to the truth? They must simply BLINDLY vote for ANY black person that runs BECAUSE HE’S BLACK? That is the very definition of racism!! The racism black people seem to always be “oppressed” by.

  • Francisco Cantu

    Stacy Dash is half hisp. so it should be okay to not agree with black people on everything.

  • Ruby_Con

    Really Meg??? Meg Is obviously pretty dense and quite frankly nothing more than a racist with her subtle bigotry of not wanting blacks to leave the so called comfort of the democrat plantation. Look how well that has worked for Detroit, south side Chicago, South central LA and pretty much every inner city in America. The common denominator…there all run by democrats.

  • GTruth

    Criticizing Stacy Dash because of who she voted for? That just underscores the fact that you’re an idiot, Meg.

    • AJF

      agreed. So…if she voted for Zero, she wouldn’t be on the list? I was actually enjoying reading this, until Meg’s political views come into play. Maybe Meg should be on the list. “Nuff said”

      • dwsmokin

        Apparently Meg is one of those folks who vote purely based on race. I thought that was part of the very definition of a “racist”?

  • Tommy Cashman

    I fully understand that your ‘celebrity’ list is your opinion, and I would and never speak against your right to your opinion. However, your list is called ‘We’re Done: Celebrities WE lost respect for in 2012.’ So to begin – I do not share your opinions on a few counts.

    I also find it in exceedingly poor taste to put abusive relationships, destroyed careers (And Career Destroyers!), Sex for Alimony… in the same category as someone’s political leanings. Last I checked, every American citizen had the right to vote for whomever they wish. In fact, one of the Romney / Obama debates had Obama saying ‘The 80’s called – they want their policies back.’

    As of 7/2014, every single one of Romney’s ’80’s Policies’ have come true. So while I respect your right to your opinion and political leanings, the same cannot be said for you, it seems.

  • Terry Tod Wadsworth

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.” Really, Meg Butler??? Your comment is racist and narrow minded! What , just because she’s black she has to vote for Obama?? SO whites should only vote for whites?? Or is it that your so narrow minded that what ever the Democrats put up you have to vote for them?? Either way where is her freedom of choice, her being her own individual… Oh no not you…. (We’re Done: Celebrities We Lost Respect For) News flash… you opinion is narrow minded, racist. SO much for diversity and inclusion right??

  • mrhuehls

    Got sucked in again looking for substance, and found zip.

  • pacman116

    LOL @ someone upset because someone “black” voted for a white guy. LMAO! Talk about racist. SMH

  • Hootyman

    > I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.

    Uhhm – why would it be silly for a black person to vote for Mitt Romney? In retrospect I think almost all of us agree it would have been a better choice – however even if you disagree, why would you call someone silly for deciding to vote for Mitt Romney?

  • Smedley Fitshitz

    Really? You think Romney would be worse than Obama!

    • Smedley Fitshitz

      Stacy Dash is a great American. She is smart, involved, conservative and also black.
      So because she is black she MUST vote for Obama? Wow.

  • Roscoe

    Stacey Dash Is wonderful. You go girl.

  • upload

    Heaven forbid a black woman vote for a Republican, lest she be labeled as “silly.” Idiot.

  • Doug

    Miss Dash is a strong woman to stand up for what she feels is important to her. Just because of that you put her down. So you say her 1st Amendment rite to be leave what she does is wrong. Well I would rather stand next to her for free speech, Witch also gives you the Rite to say what you believe. But as she is put down by you ,we will never put you down for what you believe. That is the Difference,

  • brb

    And now Client Eastwood? Man, you really don’t like Romney!

    • Dr. K. S. Ananda Kumar.

      please unsubscribe.

      Yours sincerely,
      Dr.K.S.Ananda Kumar

      • brb

        What’s wrong Kumar, can’t handle dissenting opinion?

        • Dr. K. S. Ananda Kumar.


          Dr.K.S.Ananda Kumar

          • brb

            Uh oh, all caps. I guess Kumar means business. Clown.

  • brb

    The list kind of made sense until Stacey Dash. Including her for voting for Romney was just stupid, especially considering how weak a president Obama has been.

  • Stephen Peele

    so you cannot vote anything but “black”, I get it….moving on

  • Stephen Peele

    trying to figure out why I can care what she thinks?

  • gman

    To the author,
    You listed Stacy Dash because she supported Mitt Romney? I have less respect for people that actually voted for Obama. He’s a complete failure.

  • Tia

    Woah so racist…. I can think of a lot of white people who fucked up this year too…

  • AlexCristo

    You completely lose credibility about Dash. That’s just plain intolerant and shocking. I guess the last laugh is on you since you lost whatever respect you thought you had.

  • bball37

    Including Stacey Dash on this list simply because you don’t like who she voted for or you disagree with her opinions is sad and immature. I thought this was America and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Guess not.

  • Disappointed

    wow, the author of this article must be in her freshmen year of high school. lame. Loosing respect for someone for domestic violence and with the same breath loosing respect for someone voting republican really stupid writer if you as me… I think I just lost respect for this magazine for hating on Stacy Dash for her values and opinions because that has been the struggle as a black woman all along and here you are not letting her have the voice that she chooses for herself….. Seriously so disappointing. I might even write to your editor.

  • AJ Hands

    So you don’t like Dash because she’s open minded and doesn’t fall in line with what you feel is what black people or women should do? Yup you’re are A-1 racist and sexist, congrats!

  • Reyna Borjas

    tolerance for people that do think

  • Ms. West

    I feel bad about this but you men need to stop putting your hands on women period.

  • Ms. West


  • Contrarian

    You cannot respect someone who voted for Romney? That’s how tolerant you are??? I have more respect for her than I do for you!

  • matt

    you all must be very proud

  • torahgirl

    Are you kidding me, you are the ignorant fool to even make a remark like that. Good for you Stacey for having brains in your head and using them, not being a sheeple just to impress the uninformed crowd.

  • Jason

    @Meg Butler- “hitting a woman is never ok”. Why just a woman? Why not “hitting anyone”. Why not “violence is not the answer”.

  • Don

    So you don’t like Republicans? And everyone who does falls into your dis-respect list?/ Wow, no respect for this crappy article and it’s author

  • Libertarian

    I can’t respect anyone who disrespects a person because that person’s opinion differs from their own. Have we really become a society that hates and shuns people simply because they have a different opinion from themselves. So much for tolerance.

  • Michael

    Does Ms. Dash deserve your respect for having an opinion? Respect her for having the courage to express that opinion as Strong Black Woman. However, Respect & Disagreement with an opinion may be a concept too cerebral for you to grasp?

  • R G

    Meg shows her intolerance with her Stacy Dash dis. What happened to “coexist”, lefty? Dash stands and evaluates independently, away from what the cultural dictators mandate that she should be thinking. That is true America. Get off the bandwagon people! Use your own brain. Don’t let the elite cultural opinion dictators hand you an opinion.
    Self govern! Be YOU, not THEM.

  • arie

    silly blog…

  • John

    Wow that is one hell of a racist comment about Stacey Dash in your article, Meg. I will no longer be reading your posts. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • SuzyQue

      Agreed. ’nuff said.

  • Beg Mutler

    Meg Butler is a racist.

  • dragon voice

    who are these people? with the exception of two whites they are all black american nobodies…never heard of any of them. americans seem to think that anyone with a little money and a big mouth is a celebrity. so so sad for stupid americans who worship money 🙁

  • kp2hot

    Only people who have no self-respect voted for Obama.

  • Americana

    @Meg Butler: how dare you say you lost respect for Stacey Dash because she voted for Mitt Romney! I lost respect for you as soon as I got to hers. I have MORE respect for Stacey Dash now; President Obama shouldn’t EVER gotten a second term; he is more than a bad leader; he is destructive to our country with his bad descisions and inexperience and pathetic outlook. How dare you Meg Butler, try to mess with a persons career because of them voting their conscious and in this case you are the one very wrong!

  • Brian

    As soon as I saw Dash
    on this site I just knew the person posting it was dumb enough to dislike her
    for being a black GOP/CONSERVATIVE. I guess for people to be like as a black
    person you have to be a mindless zombie fallowing every LIB/DEM without an
    individual thought or personality. (I will regret this I know)…

  • Sorted

    I lost respect for the writer and comments on this page, your opinions are shite, all of them!

  • A Normal Person

    Wow with the Stacey Dash thing!!!! Could you be any more blatantly racist?

  • OMFG

    Anyone else noticed that the list is full of black people with 2 white people put in there to make it NOT look racist?

    • True Hebrew Ysraelite

      Yes I noticed the very same thing. Thirteen people were black and only 2 damn Caucasoids. smh If the titles had been something positive you can best believe them Caucs would have included all other Caucs on that list with maybe just one black. So typically pathetic. One can think of a “HOST” of Caucasoid celebrities that should be on this list. I sure as heck can:

      *Miley Cirus, who is just plain SCANDALOUS no matter what she does.

      *Lindsey Lohan, who is just plain SCANDALOUS no matter what she does.

      *Britney Spears, who is just plain SCANDALOUS no matter what she does.

      *Justin Beiber, who is just plain SCANDALOUS no matter what he does. A video of him is out about what he said about black people even though it’s always been black people who helped put his azz on the map.

      *Donald Sterling, though he isn’t really so much of a celebrity, the LA Clippers owner who had the audacity to tell his mistress, a half black-half Mexican, not to hang around with her own black people just because they are black. Turned out she recorded what the stupid azz said and turned it over to TMZ who had it analyed and it was proved to actually be his voice. This man owns a team with predominantly black people playing on it and he said that? Who would want to trust or respect that fool after that.

      *Mel Gibson for what he was recorded saying to his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, about how he hoped she got raped by a pack of “ni**ers. I use to respect this man but not anymore. One can forgive but it would be wise to never forget.

      *Michael Richards (Krammer from Seinfeld), who shouted racial slurs to black folks in the audience at some club calling them “ni**er” several times, and mentioning lynching as well. Who would respect anyone like that?

      *Charlie Sheen, on his voicemail to Denise Richards he called her, a coward, a a liar, and a “f*cking n*gger and then said so f*ck you. I mean I never could stand that arrogant POS anyway but when I heard he said that to his ex, I really despised the idiot.

      *John Wayne, although this POS is dead now, when I first found out he said it back when he did (I wasn’t born till 25 years later) I was really surprised because even though I am turning 18 this year in December, I had always grown up admiring this man and loved his movies and all. Then I read something about him a year back saying and I quote, “I believe in white supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.” I tell you after reading that it really hit me hard as I had a lot of respect for that dude. No more. Even though he is long dead any respect that was there disappeared the moment I read about it. F**k you, John Wayne.

      *Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, who told his son, during an angry voicemail rant, that he didn’t want any “ni**ers” in the family. His son’s girlfriend at the time was black.

      *Asher Roth, who tweeted that he was “hanging out with nappy headed hoes.”

      *Kreayshawn, who tweeted saying, “Sometimes I wish slavery was still goin’ on” and “I don’t need black fans anyway. Y’all don’t buy albums.” She then had the nerve to say her Twitter account was hacked but get this. The Caucasoid hoe went and sent an apology out to all her black fans (if she even has any) that was just as racist as the first one she sent out saying, “I am sorry, I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN!” smh. Who would respect something like that POS. smh

      These are just some examples of Caucasoids that should have made that list but did not. And why weren’t they? Because they are Caucs and Caucs don’t see themselves as being bad, cruel or evil towards other races that’s why. They see themselves as blameless in everything. They are so full of themselves that it’s f**king sad. But I guess that’s what you have to deal with when you live in a Cuacasoid-supremacy society/culture. No black people reading this article should not be surprised that all but 2 of the celebrities are black. And if they are then they been hiding under a rock for too long. smdh

  • Liesma

    Too many people, black or white, were never taught that Democrats wanted to keep slavery. Republicans didn’t. Many say that historical tidbit is “old news.” Apparently not, or the issue of slavery wouldn’t be such a hot button topic, even today. If you think Dems aren’t keeping blacks down today, you should really think about it. Blacks have the highest unemployment rate. Black teens, even higher. Dems aren’t finding them jobs. Dems keep saying the jobs are coming…but when? Black unemployment is in double digits. Dems try to make blacks feel they aren’t smart enough. Who says? If a black–or other minority–can control a multimillion drug empire, then s/he can control a multimillion dollar corporation. Don’t assume Dems are helping you…take a good look at the results so far. Good? Bad? I’m neither Dem or Rep, but Independent. Be one yourself!

  • semus

    You’re mixing your pronouns I and We which is it? Are we taliking group thinke here or what? Not that I would consider it importatnt either way.

  • Jacklyn Harris

    Does the author of this article NOT see how ludicrously racist it is to base political views on RACE!?!? I didn’t vote for Romney, and I’m white… am I ridiculous? Do I deserve “no respect” because I voted against my race? If we all did things the way the author wanted, Obama NEVER would have won, because African Americans are only 13% of the population. Being racist isn’t acceptable for anyone. Ever.

  • Ludgatecircus

    Stacey Dash does not belong on this list. One, given the third-rate performance of Obama during his terms in office, Stash seems to have been pretty smart all along. Two, how does someone get on this list by exercising their right to vote and merely disagreeing with the liberal left regarding how to reduce the expensive and broken Federal government. Three, what does being a woman have to do with this? In fact, he brave break from the norm is something to be praised.

  • Marc Boggio

    So if Stacy Dash was a white male, she wouldn’t be on this list? I’m Canadian, so don’t have an extensive knowledge about the finer points of either party, but I’m sure ms. Dash didn’t make her decision to vote based on anything other than the fact that Romney’s platform made more sense to her. Criticizing her for not voting for the person whose colour is the same skin is a reductive argument- by that logic, shouldn’t Romney have won? There are more white people in the US, so how dare they vote for a black man!

    In attempting to criticize how the Republicans don’t look out for the interests of black people, or women, you revealed yourself as being profoundly racist and closed minded…. Clueless even! (HA!)

  • rhstrat77055

    Stacy Dash has the right to vote for who ever she pleases. Just like everyone else. You think just because she’s black she has to vote for for someone black. Who’s the racist?

  • Heterosexual White Male

    Stacey Dash is a republican, deal with it, jackass. You’re plain racist and sexist, if you think that dark-skin person or a woman, or both, shouldn’t vote for a republican candidate. If you don’t vote for Mitt, because he’s a Mormon, that is something else.

  • Joe Torres

    I like Stacey Dash and her choice to vote for. 😛

  • Utjerivac drugova

    Half of you people are illiterate, unbelievable.

  • Ivan Put

    Meg Butler shame on you ,shame you are a bigot and racist.Because a strong and let me say a beautiful woman like Stacey Dash had a mind of her own and decided not to follow the real racists and vote for someone who could of helped America you bad mouth her.Look back to 2012 be honest now who would you rather have running this country Mitt Romney or the incompetent liar we now have ? Stacy was pretty smart was she not?

  • tweetybird

    Ooh, she’s a racial bigot, too. Wow.

  • tweetybird

    This writer is a political bigot, not to mention extremely ignorant.

  • Lola Rubio

    Ms. Dash is a Republican, as was the late Martin Luther King. INTELLIGENT people don’t want to be pawns or slaves to the government. She voted for Mitt Romney, because she is not an idiot or a racist.

  • Viktor E. Boss

    uh u forgot Mr. Chuck (1000 years of Darkness) Norris, C’mon that was Wow

  • Ben

    Meg Butler – not only are you an idiot – but not liking someone because they DIDN’T vote for Obama??? That’s right – she was one of the 5% who had a brain and voted for someone who WOULDN’T destroy this country. Why is it if you are black and voted for Obama – you are not a racist, but if you are white and voted for Romney – you are a racist? It is flaming idiots like you who have helped with the demise of this once fine country. God FORGIVE America!

  • Stephen C


  • MacAttack

    MadameNoire, You are gonna trash someone just cause they voted for someone you didn’t like? Ms. Stacy Dash. She is an actress in Hollywood a co anchor on a news program and a Mom. How about you add yourself to the list of someone who judges people for the way they vote.

  • Bacon Overlord

    Stupid people I lost respect for in 2014: Meg Butler (author of this hot mess) for being a completely misogynistic racist with very poor skills in the writing department and even weaker ones in the IQ department.

  • CindyVT

    It is just sooo disturbing when an African-American has an “alternative opinion” and then they are termed not worthy of respect. You are being the epitomy of a racist. Guess you have to be a Democrat or you are a racist/jerk. WTF.. It’s like labeling anybody in the energy business as a land rapist and greedy idiot. There are more people than not that do the right thing, but that doesn’t make headlines.

  • omegaman

    I can’t respect morons….Meg Butler you’re a moron.

  • SD

    Stacy Dash has my respect; too bad you people aren’t as open to others opinions as you demand of them !!!!

  • Not an idiot xian.

    I’m sorry but I was always taught that respect had to be earned, when did these people earn anything?

  • BMB

    Stacy Dash’ big “sin” is she voted Republican. Best example today about how intolerant the libiots truly are. Meg Tucker should go back to writing ads in the local Auto Trader.

  • MSG Leo

    Meg you are an idiot because you think that a black person or a woman can’t be conservative. Why isn’t 50 cent up there, he was a Bush supporter?

  • Sue

    The fact Stacey Dash thinks for herself and is not a racist like the writer of this Mada Menoire web site makes me respect her even more, and Mada Menoire less.

  • TeeLC

    Too Short: what’s sad is that this is what finally made someone call him on his dishonorable actions. I can’t tell you how many times boys in high school have made comments to me quoting Too Short…and these were in my virginal days (in every aspect, aside from French kissing only and never away from a guy’s face)…this man, along with many other rappers, have been spouting out insults just as hideous as this one and should have been shut down a long time ago…seriously. smh

  • Tom Tucker

    I can’t respect anyone for saying they lost respect for Clint Eastwood for speaking the truth about the empty chair. He doesn’t need committed but maybe the person that saying that he should might consider some therapy for themselves.

  • LoveDash

    You’re just upset at Stacey Dash because she’s smarter than your average black person and knows how to read a news report, comprehend it, and make an informed decision about what she wants her life and her kids’ lives to be. Typical of you to assume black people should all walk the line like sheep.

  • artemus

    You can’t respect a person “who is silly enought to vote for Mitt Romney”??? As if blacks aren’t allowed to think for themselves? And what has Obama done for blacks or the country in his 5 years as president? Price of gas has doubled since he took office; Unemployment still high, deficient at all all time hight (17 trillion dollars). GDP less than 1%…..

  • Lincoln

    Stacey Dash: Model citizen. Never involved in any scandals. Respectful. And you dislike her because she chooses to exercise her constitutional right to vote for whoever she chooses to? A right that so many fought and died to give us? This is pure ignorance. Read up on your history Madam. Who led the anti-slavery and civil rights movements in this country? That’s right, Republicans. Which side do you think the Democrats were on despite now claiming the mantle for civil rights, which, by the way, is nothing more than keeping people subservient and dependent on the government for everything in exchange for the Democratic vote? The liberals can understand everything but people who don’t understand them .” Lenny Bruce.

  • mr right

    your comments about ms Dash are so racist it is sickening… grow up!

  • Kevin

    You can’t respect a black woman who voted for Romney….Wow how tolerant of you. Way to be open minded. I guess having a independent thought is strange in the liberal community. You better toe the line or else.

  • Obama sucks

    Wow whomever wrote this is a racist..” I cant respect a black person who…” WOW is that incredibly racist.

  • bnovak

    If this is the state of news/op-eds on MSN then their management should be ashamed and fired. Comments like:

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said”

    Having a political opinion that deviates from your own is cause for ‘losing respect’. Perhaps the author should add themselves to the list for being a conformist and lacking any real independent thinking.. not that I had any respect for said person to lose anyhow.

    Also – its WELL known that Clint is a staunch conservative and republican. If the author paid for their education, I recommend they seek a refund – they clearly overspent.

  • Nicki_S

    Are you kidding: dissing Stacey Dash because she voted for Mitt Romney? He would have been 200 times a better president than this sorry specimen we have in the White House. Not only is Romney a competent man, he is also a moral man which is more than we can say for our so-called president. Weak, incompetent, anti-American, secretive (where are his school records, draft card?) and just plain puppet-like. Who is pulling his strings? He’s a disgrace and so are you for putting Stacey down just because she doesn’t agree with you. This country is in such sorry shape because of his marxist policies. Just watch what ObamaCare does to this country. It will be another Veterans Administration with the same dreadful care for all of us. The government bureaucrats can’t run a lemonade stand without going bankrupt and he continues to push this monstrosity on us. I won’t even go into all the scandals surrounding this man and his administration. Romney would have improved our economy by now and restored pride in our citizenry. Stacey: You go, Girl! You know what you’re doing.

  • wisegal1958

    Dissing Stacey just because she’s black and didn’t vote the plantation mindset is disgusting. MadameNoire, you are RACIST! Nuff said.

  • Joe

    It seems you only respect people who think like you. Too bad you are so small minded.
    What is your problem with Stacey Dash supporting Mitt Romney? Is it because he is (somewhat) conservative; because he is Republican; or is it because he is white?
    Maybe all three.

  • Aunt Jemimah

    Stacey dash – HOT! – SMART! – and OBJECTIVE! Are all black people who fail to vote with the WHITE LEFTIST FUNDAMENTALISTS unworthy of your respect? So any black person who does not agree with a Socialist Worldview is not worthy of respect? There sure are a lot of black people on this list…much more than the 20% that they make up in the total population. Why do you people hate blacks so much?

  • Semper Fido

    So, a black woman voting for a Republican makes her a horrible person. Hmm… I think that tells wayyy too much about the trash that wrote the article. Done here.

  • Victory1776

    That’s right! Black people cannot have different opinions! They must all think and act alike or they are Uncle Toms…I look forward to the day when this racial bullying stops and blacks are allowed to think for themselves without being harassed for it!!

  • Jeff

    I guess Clint Eastwood is on here too for being a Republican and Halle Berry is on here because she dates white guys. A real tolerant website you got going on here.

  • Jeff

    Wow talk about intolerant and a racist. Stacey Dash is on here simply because she didn’t want to stay on the Democratic Plantation? I guess we see the political affiliation of this website. Nice job of respecting people’s political opinion. You’re all for it as long as it’s Democratic. What a bunch of intolerant garbage.

  • Tim jackson

    Most of you already said it but, Meg we think your a cacist runt. Stacy Dash is one fine lady and you condemn her for being smart? Take a lap.

  • carlos

    all but two are black…and one you mock because she’s black and has a brain

  • Dreyson Milla

    How do people ANY PEOPLE, claim that we need racial equality then say they don’t respect someone because she voted for the “white guy” your statement speaks volumes!

  • Jerome Horwitz

    So Meg, you seem to have a problem with Mitt Romney and that a black women would choose a white man over a black man for president? You sure sound like a racist to me. I think you should give up the journalism thing. You’re not really good at it.

  • Bill

    Meg Butler comes across as a bigot, that’s for sure. Plus she’s a nit-picker, i.e. Halley Berry.

  • Joseph

    Being Demonized for thinking differently… Luv the dumbasses who think that their hearts hold no hatred or bigotry just to feel a false sense of self-righteousness….

  • phred01

    Keisha Cole….yup bring in the race card.

  • phred01

    ‘Empty chair’ you betcha. obammy was more than likely hiding under the bed, when he heard about Benghazi.

  • phred01

    Hurray for Stacy Dash. Not a zombie like the rest of sleazewood.

  • asdfjkl;

    That’s a pretty RACIST comment on Stacey Dash. WOW! You’re so RACIST and you probably don’t even know it. No place for RACIST people like you Meg Butler. Maybe you need some racial sensitivity training.

  • Keith Carroll

    This site sucks capping on people you lost respect for…ha what a joke!

  • gary

    Wow, Stacey Dash, and Clint Eastwood just because they were Republican? Damn, talk about intollerant and bigoted. People have differant political views. Get over it Madame Noir. Abe Lincoln was a Republican. I wonder if you have a problem with him too?

  • Don

    A little racist aren’t you?? I agree with nearly all of your choices, but only having 2 people on your list that weren’t black is a bit obvious I’d say.

  • loveberry

    this is very ofill to take about other people

  • CantStandStupid

    What a loser for placing people on this list just because they have a different voting preference. Ignorant!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim G

    Celebrities? Most are NOBODIES. Unknowns and wannabe nobodies. Stop!

  • ak

    i find your comment about stacey dash to be both racist and sexist.

  • George Walker

    Stacy Dash is ok in my book. She can vote for whomever she wants to. The fool who wrote this article about losing respect for celebrities, doesn’t know any real celebrities and relies on the tabloids for what he knows, which is nothing.

  • Victory Ryder

    I can’t respect a writer who compares a person’s decision to participate in the electoral process and vote how they choose to people who commit domestic violence, etc. That is an ignorant and repulsive point of view and she owes Ms. Dash an apology.

  • Jar Jar Knowles

    Who were any of these worthless fauks? And lol at the sexism and racism in this article when it comes to this Stacy Dash chick.

    I hope your whole staff gets put on Obamacare.

    • ServosT

      Blacks must vote for Obama.

      Women must vote Democrat.

      Plantation Masters say so.

  • MowbrayG

    “I can’t get down with profiting off of other people’s downfall.” You belong on this list I guess? What a bunch of horsesh*t.

  • stopthemooching

    Typical nihghroid trash – they always despise anyone who isn’t a complete far-left lunatic – and god forbid if a black person like Ms. Dash gains/has some common sense & strays from the leftist pack of trash.

  • Guest

    Typical nihgha-trash – they always despise anyone who isn’t a complete far-left lunatic – and god-forbid if a black person gains some common sense & strays from the leftist pack of trash

  • Patriot043

    Wow! What I noticed is that WHOEVER is responsible for this column, MUST be a RACIST?! Almost ALL of those on the list ARE BLACK. Hmmmmmmmmm? Besides all of this, who said that the columnist of this site has a right to JUDGE these people? “Judge NOT, lest YOU be judged.” (Christ Jesus).

    Only a typical LIBERAL would throw all WISDOM out of their window.

  • grumpy3625

    Empty headed liberal, as usual. Madame Noire doesn’t give a reason because she assumes that Stacey should vote progressive just because she’s black. THAT, my friends is the epitome of racism. No, Madame Noire, or whatever your name is, Obizmal doesn’t like you anymore than he likes anyone else. He will use you up if it suits his purposes.

  • hammondhank

    Madame Noire, racist as HELL. All hateratin’ on Stacey Dash just because she voted for Mitt Romney-SERIOUSLY?! I don’t like Mitt either, but I have NO RESPECT for ANY twit who ever voted for Barack Obama- EVER. At least Michael Jordan had the courage to admit he used to be racist against all White people. Mitt Romney’s father at least marched for Civil Rights, while Barry does nothing but foment hostility and throw more mess in the game. That wastrel poser who claims to be some kind of community organizer?! HA! I worked for several years serving the people of Altgeld Gardens on Chicago’s Far South Side, and its just as bad as it ever was for decades, despite Barry’s supposed ‘efforts’ and those of his boy Mayor Rahm. The people suffer and they don’t lift a finger or give a damn. Get off Stacey Dash and Clint Eastwood and get down to reality. Maybe Barry and Michelle should take their next ‘vacaycay’ in Altgeld and actually fix the place up and make it safe for the residents instead of flying to Hawaii or spending another day at playing 18 holes at Augusta. Or at the local VA hospital with all the vets who they and the Bushes got maimed and traumatized for life. Learn what it REALLY means to actually serve others and not just pimp them out for their own personal and political purposes. I’ve gone to too many funerals and seen too many dead bodies on Chicago’s South Side and been assaulted and shot at myself. You’ll talk trash about a couple of actors and give a free pass to the people in power who have he ability to do something about the poverty, destruction, and death all around us. Shame on you.

  • mightymouse1@gmail.com

    I cannot respect someone who votes for someone just because they are black, Talk about silly, enough said.

  • PhillipNagle

    What a fascist! How dare a black woman not vote like Madame Noire wants her to!

  • Chesty Puller

    So if you are a Conservative the wannabes who make this list do not like you….That ! I can Live with…..F’em …………..as they did to the Beautiful Stacy Dash.. Good for you girl, Common Sense I like that…

  • ShawnCurtisLacey

    Whoever did the article about Kenya riding the Miss USA wave is an idiot! She deserves to ride that wave if she won it, but it was far more than just winning a title. She won three straight titles and almost won a forth one. All I am getting from this article is hate and jealousy! When you win Miss Detroit, Miss Michigan, Miss USA and almost win Miss Universe come and see me! Anybody who has done this can ride whatever she wants to ride.

  • don3345

    I think the hate directed at Stacy Dash is all jealousy. That is one hot Hershey’s kiss there.

  • Michael Connell

    Wow What a racist statement on slide 12 from Meg Butler.

  • BuzzKillington

    LOL at your selection of Stacey Dash. Your reasoning is the very reason why I have absolutely NO respect for the world class hypocrites dubbed Liberals. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You are the most intolerant and bigoted people that walk the face of this Earth, yet you point fingers at everyone else. If you are unable to see how ignorant and bigoted that comment and selection of Stacey Dash is, then you fit nicely in the common expectations of the average American Liberal. You are disgusting and shameful. You line up a woman and put her on a list next to woman beaters and scum, over her political affiliation. Real nice. The most intolerant “tolerant’s.” You hate more than anybody else you accuse of doing the same. Hypocrites and intolerant’s like yourself are EXACTLY what is wrong with this country today.

  • pawrik

    You can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. They have to vote your way or you put that person in with wife beaters, shame on you.

  • Californio

    Hey, how about not turning celebrities into heroes – nothing heroic for just being “famous”. That being said, what a bunch of judgmental B.S. – I don’t even know half the people this post is disrespecting, but snark is like junk food, cheap and bad for your health. Grow up.

  • bubba60609

    according to you, all blacks should remain on the democrat plantation and to make sure they don’t use their brain. along comes stacey and bam! you loose your noodle over a woman who actually has a brain, knows what she’s talking about and stands by her convictions, as opposed to those other kinds of convictions that you are more familiar with. you are classless.

  • Elim

    Out of 15 of these so-called “stars” I’ve only heard of 6, and the only one who is actually a star, is Clint Eastwood. I could give a crap about the rest.

    • grumpy3625


  • Marques

    and meg, you completely lost respect by judging someone on their political beliefs.. plus stating that you basically think all black people should vote for obama, is that just because of their skin color??? oh maybe she had her own opinions of him.. Most on your list are accurate, but your assessment of Stacy Dash is completely wrong!!

  • buenos tardes amigo

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.”

    That makes YOU a racist, and clearly not a smart one. But hey that’s why you’ve got this dumbass website to make you feel good putting others down. Keep up the good work!

  • Sean

    Hmmm, you seem to focus most of your attention on minorities, even choosing obscure ones rather than more prominent white candidates for this list. Racist much?

  • PaperCrown

    I fail to see how Stacy Dash fits this list. So basically any woman- black or white- that doesn’t think like a liberal sheep is deplorable. She is more of a libertarian, like myself, if anything. It’s sad that any black person that comes forward with an alternate opinion is automatically hated on and torn down by those who claim to want equality…keep voting democrat, though. The more they make people dependent, the more they secure their place in government, because the dependents will continuously vote for those who keep giving the handouts…giving more control to the government as we’re already seeing now.

    • JAYBJR

      It’s so easy to pull the flim flam on black people…so easy to trick into thinking how you want them to think…

  • LWH

    Seriously?!? I gained respect for Stacey Dash after hearing her go against the popular opinion and vote with her conscience. She votes on principle, regardless of the person’s party, race, gender or popularity. I applaud her. You go, Stacey!

  • Low-info president

    your stacey dash comments show that you deserve no respect….this woman has a view different from you so you lump her in with all of these thugs and morons?

  • whoopsOhMy

    Meg Butler. For someone who calls the proverbial kettle black as they say, you as well are a racist and a bigot

    Meg Butler, you also seem to have a thing against Mitt Romney, as references to him showed up multiple times, though the comments he made in the debates and his positions seem to be point on (see world in action today for verification). I sure am glad we don’t have you in that “white” house as a cabinet member.

    You, Meg Butler also show a high level of ignorance when you draw a blanket conclusion on someone without the facts. they call that either “ignorance” or “stupidity”. You can overcome stupidity in ignorance, but “stupid is as stupid does”

    And get this: Out of the 15 you’re done with, 13 are Black. I’d say African American but I’m working on a goal that all these groups that have to hyphenate their supposed ancestry, yes supposed as that’s a blanket statement as well, will decide to drop the moniker and just become Americans.

    To cap off you’re list of 15, the others two are a gutter trash white woman who’s had her 15 minutes of fame (any correlation to your bottom 15), and the other is an icon in the entertainment industry you just disagree with politically

    I’d say you should add your name to that top 15 of “We Are Done With.” If you have to keep it at 15 remove Dirty Harry, you’ll “Make My Day”. “Well Go Ahead Punk”

    Yeah, you showed your ignorance, racism, and bigotry right out there for all to see. I’d say to everyone, henceforth you see this bozo’s column go elsewhere. At some point reveneue will tell her management “she’s outa here. Yes, good riddance.

  • I’m confused

    Who the hell are these people?

  • VirtualHybrid

    Stacy Dash gained more respect than she lost..and the fact that she lost your respect weighs heavily on her I’m sure (sarcasm)

  • Jimmy J

    I find it absolutely amazing and hysterical that black people lost their minds when Stacey Dash publicly stated that she was supporting Mitt Romney and not Obama. To lose respect for someone because of a valid reason is completely acceptable, but to lose respect for someone because of who they vote for? That’s ridiculous. She obviously didn’t agree with Obama’s platform, as many other black Americans didn’t. But she gets criticized for it because she is a celebrity and has a following. This phony outrage is getting old. I voted for Mitt Romney, have you lost respect for me?

  • Angie Stahlhut

    wow you are completely obsessed with race. only two white people on the entire list. what is up with that? take a deep breath and think about something other than skin color.

  • Chavante

    stop the autotune and ghetto BS skanks…. Kanye
    pop mump faced HACK…. fatty Kim the social prostitute scum bucket…..

    pick up a guitar, sit on the drums…. make some REAL music …. rap on that….

  • Jetski35

    I can’t believe that you don’t respect people for who they voted for. Obama only got voted in because he was black. I don’t respect you because you don’t respect people who voted for Romney.

  • joel

    I lost respect for your site when you say you lost respect for someone because they voted for Mitt Romney. Politics aside, it’s her right to choose and it’s not like Barrack has been killing it exactly…

  • Greg C. Shapero

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I
    can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash
    is both of those. ‘Nuff said”

    So basically, the author of this article is not only a racist, but also a sexist. “If you’re a woman and a certain race, then you need to vote the way I think you should, otherwise you’re garbage!”

    I hated Romney. I hate Obama. Both are pro-war, pro-NAFTA, pro-NDAA, anti-Freedom. But for crying out loud, whatever happened to tolerance?

    I disagreed with people that voted for both Romney and Obama, but at least Dash was able to go against the grain based on a sound judgement call that she thought was valid. It’s called thinking for yourself. I had more respect for her for at least thinking.

  • newbie123

    I see we use the term celebrities loosely….


    LOL anyone who makes a post based of off election vote is ignorant. Everyone has their own voice and has the right to vote for whoever they want. Grow up and this website is ridiculous and stupid.

  • dwestwing

    I gained so much respect for Stacey Dash when she voted for the better candidate instead of the other one who the blind sheep think they should vote for strictly for his color. Things would be better now if Romney were president and she knows it, while others pretend otherwise.

  • KG18

    dIssing Stacey Dash for voting for someone who is not a Democratic only makes you foolish. Newsflash – not all blacks are beholden to the handouts of the Dem party – who like keeping black ppl “down” so they can be a reliable voting bloc.

  • Conservative Dandrae

    You are through with a black woman because she supported a politician from the party that gave us …Abraham Lincoln and the emancipation proclamation. WHAT A SIN THAT MUST BE! Meg Butler doesn’t specifically say it, but there is a whole lot of implying that these people are so bad she doesn’t even have to. How terrible for Stacey Dash to vote for a Republican!!

    Better to support the party that wants unlimited immigration. Ain’t none of those illegal citizens hurting black citizens job prospects.

    Better to support the party that fights school choice and causes inner city kids to remain in failing schools. Hey, it isn’t like education is important. Teacher job security is way more important since black kids don’t pay union dues and can’t fund the politicians next election campaign.

    I could continue with specific examples but won’t. Meg Butler is a silly writer and any response pointing to reasons why a black might prefer a conservative position is likely wasted on her.

    But to everyone else let me say that intelligent people are more thoughtful and do not attribute bad motives reflexively to those they disagree with. For example, a thoughtful person such as myself knows that it is unfair to dismiss democrats that support teacher unions by claiming they do not care about kids (as I unfairly did above to demonstrate a point). The truth is that there is tension between democrat support for kids and unions and we may disagree with how to handle the tension at specific points. But saying democrats don’t care about black kids is unhelpful.

    Same with conservatives. They have reasons for their positions and it isn’t even close to what Meg thinks. A thoughtful person tries to understand those reasons…even if it is just so they can make a better case for their own argument. The weak minded prefer to say Uncle Tom! or racist! or bigot! Then they are set, because they don’t need to ever make a case at all and can avoid the debate completely.
    Stacey Dash, you are intelligent…and incredibly hot. Ignore the clowns.

  • John Barrett

    Your wrong about Stacie Dash, she’s beautiful, talented, and after reading your article, i can see she is smarter than most in Hollywood.

  • renemojeske

    Stacey Dash is a beautiful talented woman, just because she saw the real OBAMA doesn’t mean shes a bad person…after all she did vote for him, he just disappointed her like thousands of other black, white, brown, yellow and red people……get over it democrats, just because your insulted by her remark doesn’t mean your right….

  • Vonna Bailey

    How dose every post involving black people become one big racist rant?

    • hearmetalking

      Black people would not have it any other way or they would stop using this cop out and take responsibility for their actions.

      • Vonna Bailey

        im gonna go out on limb and say don’t speak for the entire race and if im not mistaken this whole mini racial war was start by a white person either way I don’t care…..its annoying the fact that you cant see one simple thing about any race without some racist coming out and being negative…….and by the by this is a predominantly black website if you dislike what we do or how we talk or any of that stay away save your negative comments for someone else.

        • Bnutz

          UM excuse me but Isn’t the only reason you are Mad at Stacey Dash is because of the Color of her skin? Is that the real racism? Because a Black woman would think with her own mind and not fall into the voting and thinking process that the Democrats party and the Black community demands? She should be celebrated not vilified. I also take issue with your ” This is a mostly Black web site” so we should just shut up? Are you saying because we are not Black our Opinions have no place? I do not see many Racist post here. I don’t think Obama got elected only because he is Black but it helped him get 97% or the Black vote and there was an attempt to make Whites feel like racist’s if they didn’t vote for him! That is racist

  • Greta441

    This is terrible that a person is hated because of their personal political views. The country is built on freedom of religion, speech…. we all have a right to our opinions without someone hating us for it. Stacy Dash and Clint Eastwood are entitled to their political beliefs.

  • Gerardo Vargas

    meg butler, why do you write? nobody cares about what you write. write something worth reading, not this crap!

  • slk5

    God Bless Stacy!!! meg, you’re an idiot!!!

  • Terry

    Lol whoever wrote this article is an idiot for insulting Stacey Dash over her not wanting to vote for an IDIOT MORONIC FUCKER like Obama. Go kill yaself.

  • NoGuff

    Yeah, you’re “done” with Stacey Dash, if you’re a racist.

  • Evelyn Valentin Lopez

    I have no repect for the person who put this list together.. You lost respect for someone they voted for!?! Ignorant..Nuff said!!

  • Cav Scout

    Having Stacey Dash on this list is ridiculous. in addition, the reasoning is sexist and bigoted. Meg Butler just made my list.

  • MrTToftheWest

    I would never have thought Keyshia Cole was biracial. She doesn’t look it. Seen blacks born of blacks look more biracial than she is…. but that’s the way genetics fall!

  • DDofAL


  • Hannah Abbott

    Meg Butler, congrats, you have verified yourself as just another member of the endless stream of human debris club who pop up and claim they are journalists. .. .make no mistake, YOU are a racist imbecile… just go away. . .

    • slk5

      perfectly said!!!

  • Jackie Maxwell

    Wait! So because Stacey Dash is black.. she HAS to vote for Obama? WOW…

  • Timothy Joseph Michael

    Yeah, Barack Obama has proven to be so much better than Mitt Romney. That was sarcasm, by the way! Thank God he is almost out of there! The next time you willingly swallow a bunch of bullshit from a presidential candidate, at least make sure he love his country first. That moron will not even fake it! I knew he was worthless when he first opened his stupid mouth.

  • Preston Smith

    You lost respect for Stacy Dash because she voted for Mitt Romney?! I have no respect for anybody who feels everybody should feel the same way they do.. Pathetic..

  • Danny

    So out of all those people, you retards still have respect for Miley Cyrus?

  • guiri

    Oh, and the comment about Stacey Dash is not racist? Damn!

  • bdiddy

    So, you lost respect for a black woman who happens to have a different political position from you or what is considered norm for her gender and race. Fall in line, black women! You had better not show a mind of your own, or an understanding of Macroeconomic concepts for that matter, for fear of losing the respect of others in your race.

  • Echo4Texas

    What a racist collection of dribble that puts a woman’s color above her intelligence and right to decisions of political party. I love Stacey Dash, she is smart, beautiful and courageous.

  • MeanieHead

    What a terribly racist reason to disrespect someone like Stacy Dash. You voted for Obama strictly for his skin color??????????? RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BigBoy

    So I guess the democrats see Stacey Dash as black trash just because she voted for Mitt Romney! Wah! Get over yourself’s! democrats are nothing but a bunch of winy baby’s! Grow the hell up!

  • YeahBut

    Wow. What an idiot to judge her because she has convictions and intellect. I can’t respect anyone who was dumb enough to vote for Obama ……twice! Meg Butler….you are a fool.

  • Eli

    However wrote this is a racist clown. I was enjoying the gossip until you put someone here for not voting for who you voted for? Are you serious? How do you still have a job? How does your editor have a job? You are a sad little person with a sad little mind and a sadly inflated sense of self worth to hate on somebody for voting for someone that you didn’t.

  • thissiteisaJOKE

    what a JOKE, on this list for who you vote for what a rag of a website, will make sure I never stumble into this sh#&hole again

  • NK

    Ha! A very well thought out criticism of Stacey Dash. A black Republican. Oh my God!!! Those are worse than Nazis according to most liberals. Liberals or “progressives” who are so accepting of everyone as long as they think exactly the way they do. Judging from your deep commentary I’ll bet Stacey could argue her politics much better than you could argue yours. Just fyi 50 million people voted against Obama and more than one celebrity so you might have to make a longer list.

  • opinionated1234

    Stacy Dash is a great actress who deserves the right to vote for the person of her choice regardless of his or her party!!! She was vilified by the black community and called all kinds of names….she didn’t deserve that! By now most of us know that she was right!

    There are many black Americans who are great people and would have made a great president for this country! I think all Americans wanted this to work …..it didn’t work because he wants something we do not want in this country. Black people need to get over this protective shield they have him under and see what is real! Do we really want to be socialists? Be honest….you have grown up in America and know what American freedoms are. You need to take off the special glasses and admit this was a mistake….Believe me America was ready for a black president, we just all chose the wrong person! I think we will have no problem with a black president in the future….only more conservative!

    • scot sims

      Save your little political rant for the pages of WND. We all wanted him to succeed – (The racist comments started within five minutes of his 2004 convention speech). There are so many other blacks that would have been President (Yeah, Herman Cain is a winner, isn’t he?). Black people need to wake up (We’re white and we know what’s better for you). This was a mistake (Sure, Romney, Cruz, and Ryan would have us all out working in the fields by now). …only more conservative (Let the Koch bros run the country).

      • Preston Smith

        What racist comments are you referring to?? Same liberal garbage.. Yell racist, and yet have no examples of said racism.. So sad..

        • scot sims

          Start with Rush Limbaugh and it fans out from there.

          Rush isn’t racist you say?


          • Preston Smith

            All you have said is a name, you don’t even listen to Rush Limbaugh. So, how do you know he is racist? Lemme guess, that’s what you been told. Just give me one reference. Otherwise, you haven’t said nothing.

            • scot sims

              Rush: “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.” (to an American caller.). That’s one – There are hundreds more a simple Google will show you that. Of course regressives never accept the truth.

              I have heard Rush more times than I count. Mind reading is not a career choice for you. Parrot works, though.

              • Preston Smith

                LMAO! Like I Said, you’ve never listened to Rush Limbaugh, if you have, you’d know that quote was never said on his radio show. I don’t need a mind reader to know you just squawk what you’re told. Go ahead, try again.. LOL!

              • Preston Smith

                LMAO! Like I Said, you’ve never listened to Rush Limbaugh, if you have, you’d know that quote was never said on his radio show. I don’t need a mind reader to know you just squawk what you’re told. Go ahead, try again.. LOL!

                • scot sims

                  He did say it. Not on his current show, but in Pittsburgh in the 70s as “Jeff Christie”. It’d blow your act if you acknowledged your “friends” are racist.

                  Enjoy the last of your fifteen minutes of fame. Clocks ticking.

                  Want to call someone a liar? Look in the mirror.

                  • Preston Smith

                    Oh, then you know it wasn’t a racist comment because Jeff Christie was a insult DJ, and that’s what he did to everybody. Stop acting like you heard it. Nobody knew he said that until Rush revealed it in a magazine interview speaking about things he regretted saying on the radio. Stop acting like you know. Now give me just one racist comment. Stop stalling.

                  • Preston Smith

                    Oh, then you know it wasn’t a racist comment because Jeff Christie was a insult DJ, and that’s what he did to everybody. Stop acting like you heard it. Nobody knew he said that until Rush revealed it in a magazine interview speaking about things he regretted saying on the radio. Stop acting like you know. Now give me just one racist comment. Stop stalling.

                    • scot sims

                      I furnished a quote. You

                      His comments are online.

                      Thanks for sharing your willing ignorance.

                      Go bother someone else.


                    • Preston Smith

                      You yawn because you are tapped out of good ideas.. I thought this racism was so bad, but all you can come up with is one halfway quote. You furnished a misleading quote and you are mad because I knew the context of the quote.. You cant say I didnt give you a chance.. Your 15 minutes are up.. Go sell pity somewhere else..

                    • scot sims


                    • Preston Smith

                      Thats what a person with no answers would say… LOL!! Have a great day!!

                    • RTrain

                      scot sims got owned

      • slk5

        you don’t like herman cain??? you racist pig!!!

  • disqus_ofeHPq9bli

    Wow, I know this is an old article, but I have to comment anyway. It disgusts me that you would lump Stacey Dash into the same category as some of these other creeps just because she voted for someone you didn’t happen to support! She is an articulate, strong, intelligent, beautiful black woman and [you] should be ashamed to display your ignorant, racist and intolerant views for the world to read. It is apparent from the previous commenters that [you] have garnered NO respect from anyone! Ridiculous!

  • Xanadu

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.”
    Are you Racist?

    • Guest

      What sort of fool would have voted for Barack Obama? He has failed everywhere. We now have the highest poverty rate in history, the lowest job participation rate in 40 years, the most obscene – unsustainable deficits every imagined. Rising homelessness, dependency, illiteracy, criminality, etc. Meanwhile Barack Obama has made an enormous mess in foreign policy. So vastly weak, inept, naive, ignorant, etc., Barack and the Democratic Partisans again have enabled, encouraged, inspired the most oppressive forces and dangerous threats in the world. A complete fiasco. Hope and change is one big joke sinking all.

      • slk5

        but it’s bush’s fault, oh wait, it’s now fox’s fault!!!

  • Eric

    So Madame Noire, whoever the eff that is, feels that being a Republican is enough to lose somebody’s respect? Who is this loser anyway?

  • Eric

    So she was supposed to fall in line and vote for Obama? I respect her even more because she voiced her opinion. Oh, and how’s Obama working out for everyone? Folks in Crimea? Enjoy being Russian because the entire world knows that America is just a paper tiger.

  • Winston

    Who ever wrote this piece on STACEY DASH is a “racist pos”! Blacks dont have to vote for the same person, just because you think thats how it should be. She had the right to vote for Romney if she wanted to, and without your racist bull$h!t statement. Screw you!

  • SwornToUpholdConstitution

    What an amazing bunch of crap…. I lost all respect for the writer the moment i saw she voted for Obama.

  • hockeyguy21

    This author lumps Stacey Dash in with all the rest of this scum simply because she doesn’t buy into two huge stereotypes; 1) Black people have to be ultra liberal, and 2) Woman can’t be allowed to think for themselves, or have conservative values.
    Well I have two observations about this author and her list; 1) Stacey Dash doesn’t belong anywhere on this list, and 2) the author should be made to take her place. She’s a hypocrite idiot.

  • Kathy G

    How incredibly intolerant and bigoted you are to say that a black woman can’t vote Republican. What a pathetic scumbag hipocrite UR. How about we’re done with your idiocy.

  • skitzomatic

    Do you have any idea how racist you sound saying you have no respect for a black woman who voted for Mitt Romney? Talk about reverse racism. You’re probably too ignorant to even realize it.

  • Danny Hurt

    Talk about intolerance.Voting for Mitt Romney is bad?

  • ladiesman1234

    So you’re saying that some celebrities lost respect just because they voted for Romney? What a shame. You are the one to lose respect for being so biased about this and not respecting the political stance of those celebrities, like heck, I’m not for Romney, but your judgement on some of these celebs based on their presidential vote is just pathetic, there are more celebs that have done worse that should consider the loss of respect :p Anyway, good picks on the other celebs though.

  • Jesse Sewell

    Pretty sad comments about Stacey Dash. She was always beautiful and now we know she is smart too…., hmmm hmmm hmmm.

  • no name

    This article made sense until the last 4. Why does it matter what political side someone favors, they shouldnt be looked down upon for it. This whole thing sounded racist by attacking black people for supporting whites or embracing their white side.

  • Laura Wilson

    I find this a bit offensive and racist…
    I’ve been flipping through each page and all I saw was black people. I just quit looking.

  • Susan Leach

    Who cares? I’ve never heard of most of those people. Then you single some one out for supporting a decent man like Mitt Romney? Shame on you.

  • Fat boy

    Who in the hell is Meg Butler. If a white person had done this list of people that respect was lost for there would have been an uprising. Who is she to tell people who to vote for. Mitt would have been better than the half wit that was elected.

  • Farooq

    Losing respect for someone because of their gender/race and political affiliation? Wow Meg Butler you sure are a bigot.

  • draperbart

    This was the stupidest article ever written. I hope the buffoon who wrote this was not compensated.

  • Jon Weiss

    I have a hard time figuring out why any of these people are on this list, Clint Eastwood is a class act all the way around, and always has been, that he made fun of Obama in his empty chair skit is merely art imitating reality, Obama is an empty chair, and empty suit. Stacey Dash is a great woman who has been pilloried for merely having an opinion that conflicts with the Hollyweird snobs. As for the rest, are these celebrities? I haven’t heard of most of them and the rest are second rate at best. It would appear that in Hollywood these days anyone with an arrogant, smug facial expression or an outlandish hairdo is now classified as a “celebrity”, Talent is merely an “add on” which most of these lack.

  • sd

    Stacey Dash should get the most respect from any of these in the list; a strong lack woman continuing to stand up for her beliefs…

  • Bob Young

    So Stacy Nash supports a highly qualified candidate for president (Romney) vs. voting for skin pigmentation and an abject failure (Obama), and you don’t respect her for that? Sounds like you are the idiot we shouldn’t have any respect for “y’all!” You seem to be a racist, since you vote based on race and not the “content of one’s character.”

  • Bob Young

    So Stacy Nash supports a highly qualified candidate for president (Romney) vs. voting for skin pigmentation and an abject failure (Obama), and you don’t respect her for that? Sounds like you are the idiot we shouldn’t have any respect for “y’all!” You seem to be a racist, since you vote based on race and not the “content of one’s character.”

  • Bob Young

    Clint Eastwood supported the right candidate. Haven’t you’ve noticed the disaster that is Obama?

  • BlackRepublican

    I don’t respect a human (regardless of race or gender) silly and STUPID enough to vote for Obama. ‘Nuff said.

    That dig at Stacey Dash was retarded. -_-

    I hope the moron that slipped that in this article was able to keep their doctor if they liked their doctor, lol.

  • Brad Pritchett

    hey dingbat. I have no reaspect whatsoever for any IDIOT that voted for Obama. We all know that only reason was because he is black. look at what he has done to this country, and how far abck he has set relations. So get off your black high horse, and see the field for what it is. REALLY messed up by someone htat has no right to hold the office he does! Hooray for those that support the Republicans!

  • Paul

    So, you cannot respect Stacey Dash for voting for Mitt Romney, but you do respect those that vote Democrat. It is interesting that you respect the over 90% of the voting black population that consistently vote for the plantation owner. Are you really better off in the years between today and when Lyndon Johnson? Democrats have bought the individual black vote with peanuts since Johnson. That’s just enough to keep you alive and voting. You let your leaders vilify good people like Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, and others just because they are conservative. They are cauterized as “Toms”. You are victims of lies and bigotry of your own leaders…hate mongers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They have made all kinds of money off of your suffering while you remain on the plantation barely scraping by. Although you must be proud to have a black president, it must sadden you that you are now worse off than before and race relations have been set back because of his politics of devision. You know it took a whole lot of white people to elect BHO. How can that be if we are all so racist as your leaders would have you believe? So sad that you would not allow Stacey Dash to be an individual without judgement. Your biggest enemies are those which have closed your mind.

  • chngrffn

    Personally I respect Stacey Dash even more for being black and NOT voting for Obama just because he is black as most people did. And looking back over the last 6 disasterous years, she was correct, as was Clint Eastwood. The rest of them I dont know who they are and frankly I dont care who they are. Typical Hollyweirds that are spoiled with too much money

  • sha sha

    OMG you all are racist I am reading the comments thinking they would respond to the article and all I see is people venting about color and ghettos. Black people too I am very disappointed just when I think we move ahead we are ten paces back.

  • sha sha

    okay first of all why are most of these people black clearly this is a black writer. Also, stop judging I pretty sure this writer roses smell like you know what also. Get it together, talking about Stacy dash that is no reason to loose respect. You watching the reality shows to knowing what they are about so don’t judge them either.

  • Bigboyrd

    Regarding Stacy Dash and who she votes for is her business and has NOTHING to do with the remarkable person she truly is. You should be fired for your stupid comments.

  • AM

    Stacey is a beautiful intelligent woman, why is it difficult for people to understand that we all have choices and it is not ok for her to be hated simply because she is expressing freedom of choice and speech .aren’t these things that make America great ? ability to choose, freedom to speak, ? what is wrong with Romney? the fact that he is an established and successful man? or the fact that he loves he’s wife and family? wouldn’t it e great if president Obama and governor Romney would work together and combine their individual experiences and knowledge? wouldn’t that be great for all of us?
    isn’t great that only in an amazing country like this individuals like SC governor and our president who came from many challenges in life have the ability to become leaders of our communities, country and the world.
    I greatly respect Tracey even thou I m not a republican nor democrat, I happen to be independent. we applauded Eva longoria for her bold passion and vision to speak at democratic convention , why cant we do the same for Tracey?
    Love and Peace to All.



  • Daniel Clark

    Stacey Dash is dumb because she voted for Mitt instead of the disgrace we got now? It seems to me she is one of the few in Hollywood that get it!

  • random

    Yes, anyone who would vote republican is disgraceful, as disgraceful as anyone who was ignorant enough to vote democrat, or believe that there was a true difference between the two parties. Class separation is a shared goal between the parties, one that they’re extremely successful at implementing. Meg, you write well, and I assume you’re an intelligent individual, age and wisdom will eventually provide you insight, although research could speed it up a bit.

  • Rob Thompsonville

    Meg Butler, I see this is an old “news” story but you may be the dumbest broad on the planet. You think Obama has helped the black race in any way, shape or form? You and Al Shaprton will keep your race down. I guess you are about as bright as Chad Okostinko so I guess I won’t hold too much against you. God help us all.

  • Kimberly Morris

    Wow the writer of this article disses people based on their political affiliation and who they voted for in the last presidential election. I think this style of writing is NOT journalism but a forum for one persons messed up idea of how people should be able to live in this country. News flash!!!! The 1st amendment still exists!!! Those with opinions that differ from yours still have rights and still deserve to be treated respectfully!!! If you have any religious belief at all or just a personal belief of good conduct you’ve forgotten how to utilize those things when you JUDGE others the way you did. Why anybody gets paid to write this kind of CRAP is beyond ridiculous!!!!

  • Semper Fido

    Anyone racist enough to knock a person of color for having conservative political views has not only a plantation mentality, but an IQ of 60. Meg Butler is human trash. And before you start calling me a racist, I’m just as black as the President. I’m just as white as he is, too.

  • No Spinner

    Hey Meg Butler, nearly two years into Obama’s 2nd term, 4 scandals, Lie of the year award by liberal New York Post, lowest approval rating than George Bush, Most blacks suffered under any president, and still lying on a daily basis. Looks like Stacy Dash got it right you cheap SLU! How can you look in the mirror at the tramp who is looking back at you and hate someone for not voting for race.

    You really seem like the smart one now! Apologize you POS!

  • Carrie Myers

    The fact that this writer lost respect for Stacy Dash because she voted the way she wanted to is completely ignorant.

    • OnePercenter

      I was going to say it shows that the writer is an idiot, but I suppose we can settle on ignorant.

  • josh

    isn’t Halle Berry the woman who stalked and nearly burned down David Justice’s house when they were dating? She’s a psycho….

  • Jim Vulcan

    Hey Meg Butler?? You don’t like Stacy Dash because she voted for Romney?? Are you retarded?? Ohhh, cause she’s black, so she should have gone with the moron black guy?? You must really be ultra stupid…..(Goat rolls eyes…)

    Let me clue you in on something. It’s not about Obama being black…it’s about him being a terrible President…and embarrassment to that office and this country. Color is irrelevant. You idiot…

    • Carrie Myers

      Totally agreed. I have MORE respect for her for voting with her brain instead of based off what MSNBC has to say.

  • Patricia Batherson McKelvy

    Have no idea who most of these people are so there is no respect lost here. They were never anyone who had my respect. But to lose respect because some voted against the Democrats is really stupid. Now I have no respect for you. (not that you deserved any to begin with)

  • JOhn

    Racist rant on Stacie Dash…black people should be able to vote for whoever they want. Looking back, Romney or anyone else would have been better than that lying scumbucket Obama.

  • LuvLeeRita

    Writer Meg Butler, I can’t respect you when you can’t respect someone’s choice of Presidential candidate. Just because you don’t like Mitt Romney doesn’t mean everyone has to dislike him as well. You Ms. Butler are narrow minded. Last time I heard, we lived in the United States and were given the right to Free Speech and opinion. You have no imagination and are as dumb as they come.

  • doglover

    You are more racist than anyone here! Stacy Dash is not respected because she is black and voted for Romney but it ok for Clint Eastwood to vote for Mitt because he is white? You don’t have a clue.

  • doglover

    I can’t read any article written by someone stupid enough to judge people by who have given into the Al Sharptons of this world and think they need to tell people what to think and who to vote for. Hang up your pencil. You are more of an idiot that Stacy Dash ever was.

  • Alexa

    who ever wrote this is clearly a racist themselves..

  • pilgrimsjog

    Wow Stacy Dash, you should know that Progressives don’t tolerate free thought. You are being investigated by the Progressive Though Police. Hope your income taxes are up-to-date! And, forget about the acting career. But, there are enough conservative minded, free-thinking actors out there, flying under the oppressive, Progressive radar, that will look out for you!

  • Mike McTighe

    Wait a second, you had respect for Too Short before 2012?

  • El Guapo

    Meg Butler is a bigot and a horrible person. Her list is stupid because she is stupid. Nobody should listen to a thing she says because you will lose IQ points just by reading her filth

  • bill1944

    Stacy Dash is BEAUTIFUL, especially since she is not a racist, fascist, dimocRAT!

  • Anna B

    I have no idea who most of these people are

  • PB

    Something about the first eight….

  • Lorcan Bonda

    I don’t know half of these people, but how do you hate on someone because of their political vote. Neither candidate is particularly memorable, but if they saw something in Romney that you didn’t, how is that now an expression of freedom? (Fair disclosure — I did not vote either. To me Democrat = Republican.)

  • bristolbill

    No respect for someone who voted for Romney. You must be a member of the Confederacy of Dunces who voted for the King of Dunces.

    • hearmetalking

      bristolbill must be a knee pad boy, plus anti American.// How in the world could Romney be worse for this country.than the homosexual Muslim terrorist that is sitting in the white house. I do not want any respect from bristolbill

      • bristolbill

        Sorry you misinterpreted my comment. The no respect comment was the columnist’s quote- I should have punctuated with a ?. The confederacy of dunces are those who elected the King of Dunces – Obama.

        • hearmetalking

          My Bad, Please accept my apology.

  • Ovomit

    Sorry Stacey Dash dosen’t agree with you. Actually, I’m sorry you disagree with someone that has the guts to speak their mind whatever it is.

  • Phamous Black

    So the demos of today are the same as back then?

    Are all whites just as racist as well?

  • Natalie

    Losing respect for someone because they vote for a person that you don’t necessarily agree with is the stupidest reason ever. Seriously. Look what the president you voted for is doing to our country.

  • CallanDN

    I can see from the quality of writing that Miss Madame Noire didn’t take Journalism writing, Sociology 101 and History 101 at her local community college… If she even attended some form of college.

  • Bob Bruno

    Putting someone on the list simply because of who she voted for is exceptionally absurd. I love the tolerance on display. Is it indicative of the columnists level of intelligence?

  • Rob

    Madame Noire Stacy dash has more intelligence in her pinkie then you have in your entire boody.

  • Linsey

    A black person can’t vote for Mitt Romney? Racist much?

  • Ishkabibble

    So Stacy Dash isn’t a compromised, in-the-tank, lay-down-in-traffic-for-Obama shill like we are….therefore we’ve lost all respect for her.
    And you equate that with the advise Too Short gave to young boys.
    Laughable. Who are you, again?

  • RachelsMadCow

    We lost respect for Stacey Dash because she doesn’t want to stay on the plantation with the rest of LBJ’s people.

  • Tommy Ferrugia

    That’s the ridiculous direction you’re forced to take? Since you
    have absolutely no evidence to support your assertion, you’re resorting to the old ad hominem? That’s just . . . well it’s pathetic.

    Sorry to shatter your delusions (AGAIN!) , but your total inability to evince your claim does not,. through magic, reflect upon my disposition. That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Wise up my friend. Perhaps one day, with some time, education and reflection, you might achieve the enlightenment you’re so sorely lacking. Good luck 🙂

    • 2bshur

      Apparently your “time, education and reflection” and your resultant “enlightenment” somehow was achieved with a deficiency in moral, ethical and spiritual considerations.

      If you read back through this thread you have been quick to be critical and personally degrading of one with a differing opinion than your own. You have shared your opinion, as have I and nothing more than that.

      • Tommy Ferrugia

        Just more ad hominem? That’s it? That’s all you got? You do realize that the moment you’re forced to stoop to attacking the character of the person soundly trumping you on the facts (once again, because you haven’t made one articulate or relevant statement to bolster the validity of your opinion ) it’s the same as admitting defeat? In other words, you’ve lost :-).

        I know you can’t see it because you’re so blinded by your wholly unfounded belief in your moral superiority, but your continuous explanation about what you believe is not, in any way whatsoever, persuasive. Enlightenment comes from examining the evidence and considering all relevant points before reaching your conclusions on what you believe. You can’t even make one single argument that doesn’t require the presumption that you are right in order to believe it. Again, i know you have no clue what in saying because you’re not used to being asked to explain WHY you believe what you do. But in that regard, you’re a total and utter failure. Better luck next time 🙂

        • 2bshur

          You have presented no scientific proof, despite your claims of doing so, that the beginning of life does not start at conception. It is clear you have a great need to feel that you are superior in your opinions and nothing I say will change that. As such you will of course want the last word so by all means go ahead and tell me some more what you think I should believe.

  • Nona Geter

    I was really enjoying this article until I came upon your slams against Stacey Dash and Clint Eastwood for not supporting the black presidential candidate! Now, if the tables were turned, and there were two celebrities that made their support for a black presidential candidate known…..and the writer chastised them for supporting him, would this not cause a stir among readers for the blatant racism? Is it fine to call out someone who supports another candidate, and not the liberal black candidate? Hypocrisy at it best here folks!!

  • Sandianne

    we had respect for kim zolchiak????

  • Sandianne

    didn’t know we ever had respect for kanye west

  • Sandianne

    Evelyn was the violent one

  • Didi

    How come all but 2 of the celebrities we lost respect for are black?

  • Kc4hh

    Stacey Dash is one the FEW in Hollywood that I do have respect for . So someone can’t be a republican if they are even partially black or is it they just can’t vote for anyone other than Obummer? Sounds a little racist to me! Where is all this liberal tolerance I keep hearing about cause I have yet to see ANY!

  • Lamb of God

    You lose respect for someone who votes for someone you wouldn’t??You voted for Obama and I lost all respect for you.And someone like you calls me a racist.Don’t hate on someone because she’s smarter than you.

  • BrigidBernadette

    I can’t believe your intolerance of others views, you want totalitarian lockstep not diversity, dictatorship not freedom. What a disgrace. And I can see I am not alone, nearly everyone agrees that you are out of order for attacking someone for their political views. There was a time when Americans said they might not agree, but would fight to the death for the right of everyone to speak their views. Now, if you disagree the libs want to shut down the conversation completely.

  • dave1305

    Any one who disses someone for voting the way they wanted is also not diserving of respect, such as this author is not.

  • CoCk_Master

    Hey Meg people are not allowed to have a political opinion that differs from yours? Wow you would have been an allstar in Nazi Germany.

  • CoCk_Master

    You can’t respect somebody because who they voted for? Then you say that a “black person” could vote for? Racist trash….

  • equality

    I feel very sad about this list. It’s contains mostly people of color. There are TONS of white people doing horrible things that could be worth mentioning on a list like this.

    • equality

      It’s time the media start portraying people in a fair way!

  • 2bshur

    Stacy Dash shows good common sense that is not based on race. If you vote for a person because of the color of their skin then you are the racist. Many in the black community are still having a hard time not defining themselves as “black” first. It is getting better though as a growing number in the black community do recognize that their worth is not defined by the color of their skin.

  • hearmetalking

    People have a tendency to believe what they hear.// With this Obama controlled media, people only hear lies & BS.So many vote that way.Anyone that continuously refers to truth & facts as hate speech or conspiracy theories is getting all their information from the corrupt media.

  • Jen6973

    People are entitled to their own beliefs and ability to vote for whomever they choose, hence our free USA. Regardless of who Eastwood voted for I still have great respect for him and his creativity!

  • Eric Quintero

    Obambam and Romney are both PUPPETS. This list is retarded.

    And for the record. Obambam has been the most fiscally irresponsible US President of ALL TIME. Seriously, we’re nearly at 18 Trillion Dollars in US Debt, and we’re about to have ANOTHER g o v shutdown (Is this the 3rd or 4th one?) in a couple weeks if things dont work out.

    What about getting my brothers out of Afghanistan? Oh thats right, Obambam sent an additional 40k troops over there. So much for scaling back.

    But then again, Id be a complete moron also if I blamed a PUPPET working for the banking cartel.

    LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, GWB, Obambam – All puppets.

    How can you judge a man based on which puppet he prefers? 😛

  • William Dwyer

    Wow! The truly sad thing here is whoever compiled this list passes themselves off as intelligent. Just because you can push the keys doesn’t mean you have a valid opinion. The most pathetic is about Stacey Dash. She had the courage to stand up and express her opinion and blacks called her a traitor. Kudos to you Stacey.

  • That Guy

    I didn’t like Mitt Romney or Barack, but the fact that this person dissed someone for voting for him, especially since she IS black, and didn’t just vote for a black candidate because of that fact. This is a pure biased choice and not a very journalistic way of writing. Lol, you should be on the list.

  • cme run

    its just sad that an intelligent woman who has clearly stated her views, comes out and says what she believes in and you trash her for it. Becasuse she didn’t toe the line and vote for a president she didn’t believe in? You racist pile of crap.

  • Sharon Thorpe

    Stacy Dash was right!! Is your life better than it was five years ago. What has Obama done for the black community

  • Omegacron

    I agree with most of these, but having Stacey Dash on there just because she voted for a candidate you didn’t like… that’s just sad. Kanye West should probably be on here twice.

  • This post sucks

    Uhhh, obama sucks. I’m glad that Stacey voted for Mitt. Whoever wrote this is probably some black person living off of checks from obama and taking care of their 20 children, each from a different person. Democrats are such idiots. They are brainwashed too.

  • Bill

    very racist comment regarding Stacey Dash voting for Romney. That’s like me saying to a white person “I can’t
    believe how silly you are voting for Obama.” So stupid and ignorant. Voting on race?

  • AppearsObviousToMe

    This lists 15 people (16, if you include Deion’s Wife) and only 2 are white. I remember seeing a “lost respect for” list last year and the results were similar. Why does the black community feel the need to constantly buck the system year after year? If you want to prove you’re better than the stereotypes other races give you, perhaps work on becoming better people in general. All races have bad apples but blacks always make sure theirs’ are the most rotten.

  • SomeDude

    Meg Butler is racist.

  • SomeDude

    Meg Butler is racist.

  • Mary Starr

    She’s great and a woman with her own mind and personal views when if she voted for a black person she would have been accepted .. she is a fine, beautiful and classy woman so live with it and don’t down grade her when the venom is coming from those who dare to question her views. They belong to her. They are hers. When I saw this ghetto thug mentality it was horrific to bear when she is violated and misses parts in films for this. Hate is displaced by her being a hero and standing up for what she thinks, what she feels, how she wants America to grow. Hey, I’m white and if we can push brilliant and black Dr Benjamin Carson into the race for president with God at the helm, I’m on his team. He’ll be called an Uncle Tom by those who hold hostage too many non thinkers afraid to be scolded by the scores of haters and black racists since they exist large, but he’s our main pick. Love Stacey for who she is for God, America and for being a conservative and free thinker taking a loss from her career and those lessors who take to the airwaves to harm her. This is a very brave woman and an one for women and men of all colors to emulate. She’s the best !!

  • Brian Newman

    Mitt Romney took over the poorly-managed Salt Lake City Olympics, and turned it into a great success. He did not line his own pockets in that capacity. He truly CREATED jobs…something Obama has no experience in doing. Mitt started off wealthy, gave away his money after graduating college, and started a firm that took poorly managed businesses, and turned them around—SAVING Many jobs, although he was accused by the media and the demos of destroying jobs. (In reality, he had to lay off people, in order to save those companies, and in doing so, saved many jobs that would have been lost had he not stepped in to save those companies.) As governor, he certainly did not try to line his pockets. He did what was best for his constituents. Obama is all about power and control. He thinks he and his friends know what’s best for us, and wants to make us conform to their way of thinking. Obama has been a constitutional disgrace, as president and law professor. Mitt is an accomplished governor and executive. I’d take him any day over our current administration, even though he wasn’t my #1 choice for president. You and I are both busy working so I’ll stop here. It’s been a pleasure discussing this with you.

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    This freaking site takes longer to load a page than anything else I can think of. I could click next, go have a bowel movement, and by the time I come back the page still won’t be loaded. There are even error messages on the top of the screen! Did the guys who made the Obamacare site make this? Stop hiring programmers from Canada, or whichever else 3rd world country you dug them up from!

  • J.S.F

    Really ignorant to put race into a political debate. Stacy Dash spoke up for what she believed in, kind of like Katy Perry, SJP, and Beyoncé. That would be equivalent of me saying I lost respect for Katy Perry & SLP for being white and not voting for Romney. Why should that matter??? Oh because it only matters that Stacy and Obama are black….because my God lets cast our vote for who out skin matches. You should respect any woman in the public eye that shares their political views, in a male dominated field.
    -Proud Feminist

  • Bad Matt

    About Stacy Dash- You think because of the color of her skin she should have voted a certain way? It’s people like you that keep our country divided by race. Shame on you. Seems to me you’re the silly one.

  • KillerK


  • Momo Luvy

    WOW!!!!! MadameNoire lost respect for someone who isn’t a Democrat …..How pathetic!

  • Deborah Horvath Rowden

    “Most people didn’t know Clint Eastwood was a Republican.” That’s because sadly, in Hollywood, to not be a extreme left wing liberal is nothing short of a death sentence to your career. They want puppets and lemmings not artists!

  • bhmedic1

    So Stacey Dash isn’t respectable because she voted for someone who refuses to cave to socialized medicine, egregiously unfair tax laws, fiscal responsibility and doesn’t fill their campaign with outright, bold-faced, intentional lies? Oh, wait! No! It’s because shes a black woman who had the audacity to vote for a white man when there was a prominent candidate who was black. THAT is racism and it sickens me.

  • F Obama

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said” WTF? Hmm Obama supporting sheeple

  • Jake Redmond

    The Stacy Dash comment was just ignorant and what is wrong with this country. People like this writer treat politics like “teams” and they cheer for their “team” and “hate” their opponents. Good God, the Founding Fathers would turn in their graves. The two political parties are closer than this moronic writer can comprehend, and to be so goofy because someone dared (gasp!) vote for a Republican like Romney (Oh Lord help us!) is just too simpleminded.

  • H2O

    Man whoever wrote this article is a Hypocrite to the highest Power. hah! What a Douchebag.

  • Meg Butler: Do you really think Stacey Dash gives a good damn what you think? Do you think anybody does? If’ you’re stupid enough to support a racist incompetent for president that’s gotten an ambassador killed, cost millions their health care benefits, devalued the dollar so badly that other countries are on the verge of dumping it, you’re a moron, and that’s your problem. However, do yourself a favor, and mind your own damned business. Keep your stupid opinions to yourself, about other peoples’ politics. Maybe if you did, you’d have a better job, than a stupid, unknown Internet gossip column. Assclown. At least dash isn’t a mindless moron that votes for people because of the color of their skin.

  • justmein the ATL

    To lose respect for someone solely on political beliefs is very shallow IMO. I applaud Ms Dash for having the gonads to proclaim hers, if anything I’ve gained more respect for her. To even state your a conservative let alone also being African American can be the kiss of death.

    • Phamous Black

      Once again, it was way more than her voting for Romney. Did you actually watch her interviews or read her letter? Pure ridiculousness.

  • justmein the ATL

    You lose respect for someone(Stacy Dash) because of their political views………………………really? How about congrats to her for having the gonads for putting them out there knowing she would be degraded by ignorant folk.

  • William

    Never mind how racist this list is, Soooooooooooooooo…….A black woman who leaves the plantation to vote her mind and conscious to a bad person, strictly for being a republican. Are you insane. For a black person to be so ignorant as to not know that the democrats were the party of slavery is mind boggling to me. Lincoln was a republican. The republican party was formed to end slavery. The democrats were near unanimously against the civil rights movement, while the republicans were the driving force first for freedom, then equality. The democrats passed segregation, both in society and in our military. Republicans had earlier passed legislation that ended both practices, and were later overturned by democrats. It is one thing to be ignorant about history, but to be that woefully ignorant about your own history……wow. Dash may not only be smarter, but she is less of a sell out to her own people and their history then this woman is.

    • Phamous Black

      A black woman who leaves the plantation… and Meg is the racist one you say? So when black people vote repub we leave the plantation? Is that it?

      And do you believe the repubs of today are anything like those of that era?

      • PatriotGranny

        Yes – “leave the plantation” is metaphoric, because you have gone from one form of slavery to another. The Democratic party enslaves poor and minorities to the government all in exchange for votes. They make them believe they need the government in order to live day to day instead of helping them up and teaching them to take care of themselves. They rob them of their dignity and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with making something of yourself and becoming responsible for yourself. Your own ignorance is blatant, just in your statement about Mitt Romney alone. You obviously didn’t take the time to learn a thing about him. You say women shouldn’t vote for him, yet when he was governor of Massachusetts, he had the most women in his cabinet than in the history of any other governor in the country – and they all had equal pay! He loves and respects his wife, there is absolutely no reason that a woman should not vote for him.
        And yes, the Republicans are one and the same. They fight for individuals to be successful and not enslaved by the government, or anyone else.

  • Brooks Burns

    Wow. So the only people allowed to vote for Romney were racist white people. You completely discredited your own article as someone who can ONLY respect someone who agrees with your political views. Either that or, YOU are racist.

  • Marin

    I guess a black person can’t be a republican? Lets shame Colin Powell, Justice Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice. Liberal morons

    • Phamous Black

      They have been already. More research is needed on your part.

  • Brian Newman

    Racist for hating on Stacy Dash because of her political views. Why do you feel she has to think a certain way, just because she happens to be a darker-skinned person? Very insulting and racist!

    • Phamous Black

      I think you and the rest of these people are missing the point. She never said anything about voting republican, she spoke about voting for Mitt Romney. He was a horrible candidate and his policies were against the progression of the middle class, against the rights of women, and against anything that wouldn’t be in his own best interests. Him being repub had nothing to do with it.

      • Brian Newman

        I can respect your opinion on Romney, even though I don’t agree with it. That is the point I am making. Stacy was torn apart because she is a black woman who doesn’t tow the line, in the minds of those who think she should vote a certain way, based on the color of her skin. I believe that Obama is the absolute worst president, and ANYBODY would have been better for our country than him. But, I won’t denigrate u the ways racy is being denigrated, because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        • Phamous Black

          How exactly is Obama the worst president? I’m still trying to find anyone who can tell me why they feel that way about him.

          • Brian Newman

            OK, Phamous–Here you go:

            He doesn’t realize that he needs to be involved in the crafting of policy, to an extent. He issues orders, demands results, and then leaves it up to others to implement his vision. That’s not true leadership, even though many people believe it is.

            The Affordable Care Act, along with the botched internet roll out, is a perfect example. Obama had a vision, but didn’t ensure that vision was followed. He left it up to others, made comments and promises to the public that he thought were true during the crafting of the legislation, and was surprised about it all when it came out. Like Nancy said, “We’ll find out what’s in the bill, once we pass the bill.” I knew we weren’t going to know what was in it, but I figured the President would at least know what was going to take place, once his signature legislation was implemented. It doesn’t even seem like he was updated along the way, let alone actively involved in this historic change.

            Moving on, Barack Obama’s lack of experience in real world issues makes it impossible for him to be an effective President. Early in his presidency, he lectured banks that they needed to loan money to businesses, so the businesses could meet payroll. and not have to continue massive layoffs around the country.
            In all my years of business experience, I have NEVER met anyone who took out loans to meet payroll. The fact that Barack thought any business would borrow money to pay employees shows that he has absolutely no clue about how companies are run.

            Now, let’s look at some of his bright ideas that actually went through. Starting with “Cash for Clunkers.” What that did was removed a generation of vehicles from the ma

            How about something more recent, like all the terrible picks for Ambassadorship Barack has made. He said he wouldn’t be that type of politician, yet he’s totally rewarding the money makers of his campaign. On taxpayer money, no less. Barack Obama was supposed to be the opposite of that, I thought.

            Barack once said “I don’t care about the white, middle-class vote any longer.” This was well before Mitt Romney was televised saying the words “47%.” I think both of these statements are stupid, but why did it create such a stir when Mitt said it, but totally ignored when Barack said it.

            Dividing the country with comments like “The Rich Need to Pay Their Fair Share.” Instead, he should have said “The the top 10% of income earners pay for 65% of the Federal Government’s Expenses. We, as a Country, appreciate that. But, we are in a situation where we need to ask for more from people who have the means to afford it.” Instead, saying “the rich need to pay their fair share,” makes it sound like the rich people are getting away with something, thereby inciting class warfare.

            I picked out some obscure examples, because the big ones are obvious. Barack Obama was not remotely close to being prepared to govern a country when he became President. He had no first hand experience in governing, or running any type of operation. These factors, and hundreds others, have made him the worst president…ever!

            • PatriotGranny

              It would take weeks to list it all. Great start though!

            • Phamous Black

              Your reply almost slipped pass me, I’m one of those working Democrats you barely hear about.

              You’re missing a lot there. For the most part all the good he has done. Auto industry? First gains in 20+ years. ACA? Bad start, horrible roll out, in the end my premiums are down $450 along with plenty of my co-workers and associates. Soldiers and Veterans? Brought plenty home and increased benefits for those who were injured at war and, don’t forget, withdrew from Iraq. Not only passed Wall Street reform but Credit Card reform, For-profit College reform, Student Loan reform, passed the stimulus package (how many jobs did that create again?), and the mini stimulus. The list goes on and on.

              As far as what he said about whites, never heard about it. I didn’t even pay attention to what Romney said about the 47%, and I still can’t care less. I didn’t trust Romney to look out for the country first and not try to line his own pockets. That’s generally what businessmen do. Try to make a profit for themselves above anything else. Remember Bush?

              As far as dividing the country, the country has and will forever be divided as long as people put themselves before all others. If you don’t like welfare, don’t use it. Hate abortions, don’t have one. When you’re taxes are taking out of your check (and believe me, $1900 a month in taxes hurt me just like they do everyone else) you have no control over where it goes. if we did 51% wouldn’t go to the Military. I’m not at all religious, I’m not boycotting the fact that tithing is considered giving to charity and I feel it’s not my place to do so. Yet repubs feel obligated to push their views and beliefs on others and I refuse to support it. In turn I refuse to support republicans.

              • Brian Newman

                Mitt Romney took over the poorly-managed Salt Lake City Olympics, and turned it into a great success. He did not line his own pockets in that capacity. He truly CREATED jobs…something Obama has no experience in doing. Mitt started off wealthy, gave away his money after graduating college, and started a firm that took poorly managed businesses, and turned them around—SAVING Many jobs, although he was accused by the media and the demos of destroying jobs. (In reality, he had to lay off people, in order to save those companies, and in doing so, saved many jobs that would have been lost had he not stepped in to save those companies.) As governor, he did not try to line his pockets. He did what was best for his constituents. Obama is all about power and control. He thinks he and his friends know what’s best for us, and wants to make us conform to their way of thinking. Obama has been a constitutional disgrace, as president and law professor. Mitt is an accomplished governor and executive. I’d take him any day over our current administration, even though he wasn’t my #1 choice for president. You and I are both busy working so I’ll stop here. It’s been a pleasure discussing this with you.

        • Phamous Black

          I’d love to hear your thoughts on the plight of Gen Colin Powell.

      • Brian Newman

        The point is, Stacy is getting judged for her opinions, based on her race.
        That is racist. While I disagree with your opinion of Romney, I won’t put you down for it. I respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it. That’s the big difference here. I believe Romney would have made an exceptional president, based on his experience in government and private industry. He was successful in many different areas. Stacy happens to believe that, as well. Apparently, that doesn’t sit well with those who believe her thoughts should mirror their own, since she is a black woman. I call that Racism!

        • Phamous Black

          I saw the bashing of Stacy purely out of spite for using her so called “political standpoint” as a springboard back into spotlight. She chose to do so at her own risk. She initially brought forth the issue of race in her very first statement, “I regret voting for Obama because he was black..” All that followed was solely because of her. If she didn’t want that type of attention she would have worded it differently. Back to this gallery though. What exactly did Meg say to have you believe her issue with Stacy is that she’s black?

          • Brian Newman

            No one…I mean NO One, in Hollywood, pretends to have conservative views, or pretends to vote Republican, in order to get more acting roles. Or even garner positive, unbiased media attention.

            • Phamous Black

              Is that a speculative statement or is it supported by research? How exactly did you come to that conclusion?

  • Diana Wilson

    I sure there are honest black people, but what I’ve found is that to be Black in America means a black person is part of a Criminal Culture in which they are always getting back at “da’ man” i.e. white people; always feel like a victim, so that makes it OK to rob, steal, lie, beat up white people, engage in some of the most horrendous disrespectful music toward women and police officers, purposely turn their children into little thugs and gangsters, who cannot read or write, including dressing them like mini thugs, calling their own children horrible days including “Mother F—–rs, promote the “thug life,” and just on and on. No, its just not an image that is promoted by a few record and video producers….95% of ALL crime in the US is committed by black people against other black people, white people, and Hispanics.

    Then we have Opra Winfrey who claims she is a “victim” of racism, yet she is worth over 1 billion dollars. We have a black man in office, and another black man who is head of the justice department, who WILL NOT prosecute blacks for blocking white voters, or voters who won’t vote for their union candidates. We have 1000s of black community organizations who receive money from us, the tax payers, who do nothing but give the money illegally to black candidates, and on and on.

    Black Culture in the US is one of violence, theft, corruption, racism, and it is a culture of crime. Black people will NEVER reach parity with white people until they clean up their act and control and educate their children to be something other than thugs.

    • Phamous Black

      Are you black? I would love to reply but I don’t want to waste my time if it’s racism and not ignorance.

  • george

    How is it that you lost respect for Stacey Dash just because of who she voted for?

  • NYPDmike23

    Criticizing a woman for voting for a political party of her choice? Very not trashy…

    Calling all the people in this list celebrities is a great misnomer…

  • StevenX

    The saddest part is that you ever had any respect for most of these wastes of flesh in the first place.

  • samuel

    respect people who vote according their their beliefs; even if they’re Republican!

  • Smarter than you

    Ok, so here’s what I have gathered you support Obama destroying our country. Anyone who disagrees “your done with”. I honestly can’t believe I wasted a few minutes of my life reading you opinion. Here are a couple of things to consider (aside from the destruction and lies wrought by Obama). Romney was actually successful in business and he donated massive amounts of money to charity, because he was generous. Obama had no success in business and made no donations. Just look at the division he has created, the respect we have lost around the world, the scandals, and the soaring debt in this country. You can go to youtube and see what candidate Obama said as opposed to what he has done. He outright lied to get into the white house and should be impeached. You might want to do some research and make that the subject of your next article because dogging people with sense does not make you look intelligent.

    • Phamous Black

      How has Obama destroyed our country?

      And where did she say that she lost respect because she didn’t vote Obama? I only saw Mitt Romney’s name.

  • Smarter than you

    You have proven to be a moron. The fact the Stacy Dash voted for Romney shows that she actually has some intelligence and sense. I’m sorry to see that you don’t have the good sense to see through the propaganda. I know nothing about you race or gender, I refuse to even look, but there is little doubt that you are being owned.

  • Name

    I don’t even like Mitt Romney that much–but Obama sucks too–, but to “lose respect” for someone who voted for him just because they voted for him is really stupid.

    • Diana Wilson

      What exactly has Obama done? Nothing but destroy this country. He was not even raised in the US, his mother was a communist, his father saw him once or twice…he’s never had a job, he’s always lived off other people…first his grandparents, then us. What were people thinking when they voted for Odumbo, not once, but twice.

      • Phamous Black

        Diana, you’re a very racist person and I hope you do some soul searching.

        • PatriotGranny

          Not one single thing she said was racist! You are hard up to call people desperate!!! Tell me Phamous – did you like Bush? If not, I guess that means your racist, right?

          • Phamous Black

            Hmmm… have you read her other comments? Come back when you do.

    • Phamous Black

      I think she should have clarified why she lost respect for her rather than left it up to you to decide.

  • Name

    I don’t even like Mitt Romney that much–but Obama sucks too–, but to “lose respect” for someone who voted for him just because they voted for him is really stupid.

  • PatriotGranny

    Meg Butler you are a flaming racist. You lose respect for a black woman because she won’t vote for the black man. IDIOT!

    • Phamous Black

      Where did she say that? That she lost respect for not voting for a black man? Please explain.

      • PatriotGranny

        Go read what she had to say about Stacey Dash.

  • fred

    I also find it odd that you bash someone for simply voting for someone you disagree with.

  • fred

    this list is racist! what, we only lost respect for black celebs???

    • Diana Wilson

      Black people are racists, and they even hate gay people. I’m not sure that the majority of black people have evolved sufficiently enough to be anything more than thugs and whiners. They don’t to do well, or even understand, or want to be a part of a civilized society. They have ZERO respect for individual rights, and rape, rob, steal, and insult not just white people, but other black people. I’ve lived in Africa, and black people in the US have NOT evolved past living in a tribe, where the strongest man can do as he likes… It’s becoming obvious that when left on their own, black majorities in major cities are destructive and create a Culture of Black Crime.

    • unpleasantfacts478

      MadameNOIRE focuses mostly on the black community.

      • Phamous Black

        Because it’s a black media outlet.

  • Acappellla

    Wow Keyshia, I just saw this clip and didn’t know u felt like that. lol. Reminds me of elementary school when certain other black kids would go around saying, “I’m part Indian too”. Smh. Very sad. Don’t yall know that if you surrounded yourself around all those “other” nationalities you’re so eager to claim, YOU would be “black” to them. Love all people but learn to love your own first. Self hate is the worst thing you can be mixed with!

  • Acappellla

    Wow Keyshia, I just saw this clip and didn’t know u felt like that. lol. Reminds me of elementary school when certain other black kids would go around saying, “I’m part Indian too”. Smh. Very sad. Don’t yall know that if you surrounded yourself around all those “other” nationalities you’re so eager to claim, YOU would be “black” to them. Love all people but learn to love your own first. Self hate is the worst thing you can be mixed with!

  • Snoop Dougg

    Too funny! Why they all black? What up wit dat! Does the fame go to the brain.

  • UrAsianPersuation

    very racist comment with stacie dash.keep setting your “own kind” further and further bk. i can’t respect a white person silly enough to vote for barak.ooppss did i sound racist? no more than meg butler

  • Mike Duffy

    All dez bad boyz be black.

  • Rob Hill

    A little racist saying you can’t support a black person or lady who voted for Romney? Wow, Maybe she’s figured out people need to work instead of having thier hands out. Maybe even use their brain when deciding who to vote for. Seems like sh made a good choice, you on the other hand are an idiot.

  • 848484


  • bicyclebill

    Can’t help but notice that all but two of these people are persons of color, and most of them are involved in the (c)rap/hip-hop scene.


  • Gyeaboie

    What a biased article and probably the site too. To lose respect for someone for choosing a politically party different than yours is at the least ignorant. So are you going to bash on everyone that doesn’t agree with your thinking? This is what’s wrong with our society.

  • doctorbob

    Who in the blazes is this Meg Butler? And by what right does she smear Stacey Dash, simply because Stacey chooses to do her own thinking, and to vote for HER choice of candidates? Hot news flash, Meg whoever – MILLIONS of Americans liked Mitt Romney, and millions more LOVE Stacey Dash! I also suspect that millions of Obama voters are having a serious case of buyer’s regret! Your choice is to be a mindless Obamabot, and that’s your choice. YOUR choice. NOT everyone else’s. Now go kiss the south end of a northbound horse!

  • mac

    What if a white person said I can’t believe a white person silly enough to vote for obama. The backlash would reach all the news. You have some nerve you racist

  • mac

    according to you Stacey Dash doesn’t have the right to make up her own mind. What a hippocritical a$& you are.

  • Chuck

    Almost all are minorities, huh. So Paula Dean, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber and countless others still warrant respect?

  • Jason Huntsinger

    Its really sad when a woman (or man) cant have their own opinion, and you lose respect for them. I think Stacy Dash was a strong individual who stood up for something that she thought was wrong. If you do not remember, she campaigned for Obama in 2008. So, because shes black she cant vote for the non-black candidate? And for all you people that are arguing about whos more ghetto, blacks or whites, the answer is you for arguing on the internet about such frivolous things. Blacks and whites, and browns and yellow’s all live in poor areas. Same as blacks and whites and browns and yellows also live in prosperous and rich neighborhoods. There is just as many of both sides of the fence on welfare that milk the system. Grow up and realize, it doesn’t matter what color you are, it matters what you believe in.

  • cjdatt

    Speak for yourselves!! You lost respect for Stacey Dash because she didn’t vote for your choice? (He’s ruining this entire country BTW). She had the audacity to make up her own mind about who she wanted to elect. She has my respect!! Which is more than I can say for that idiot Meg Butler!!

  • unclesamonmars

    Deion Sanders is another religious twit that wraps himself in the flag and the bible.When I lived in Dallas he refused to pay for some car repairs because that was what Jeebus told him to do.

  • Carla Ann Parks

    I love Stacey Dash what about all the idiots that voted for a liar obama! nuff said now go bucket dance !!!!

  • disqus_59KZkHgegx

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney”
    I got it: All black people should think and vote alike. Disobey the Racial Thought Police and you’re toast. MLK spins in his tomb. Liberal Fascism rears its ugly head.

  • Ishkabibble

    It’s beyond comical. Stacy Dash loses all respect because she’s not toeing the accepted line. How DARE she not be in full, unending support of Obama?
    Tel me something, what do you jamokes know?
    Please explain how you’ve got “everything figured out” to the point where no one else’s opinion is correct?
    Fascism at its finest. What a joke…

  • john Diamond

    nice display of racism and closed mindedness on the part of this mag. I remember when liberals were respectful and encouraged other opinions. Now its all insults if one strays to far from democrat demagoguery.Such a shame.

  • Red dog

    So your saying she should vote for your choices only? Wow that’s how the liberals control the minority vote. Your Verbal sputum is so typical.

  • burslem

    What do you expect?

  • Jake

    We lose respect for people disrespecting people for exercising their political choices

  • Bnutz

    So ignorant for Bashing A Black woman for not walking in lock step with the Democrat Party that has historically been run by Racists. MLK was a Republican Lincoln a republican. But Stacy Dash is a race Trader? Pure ignorance. Good for her for having her own mind and her own views. If you can respect that then who cares about you anyway

  • gregd01

    Ms. Dash you are awesome!

  • Guest22

    All I can say is, I guess it is either your way or the highway!! I as an American gal I will NOT take one person’s point of view as how it is supposed to be. People have a RIGHT to vote for who ever they want. Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean you should talk bad about anyone!!!!! You are a PIECE of WORK!!

  • nicolekruex

    Agreed on all of these, except Stacy Dash. That bullshit is both racist and stupid… You just grouped her with people that have some serious mental issues for her political beliefs (but let’s be honest.. it’s cuz she voted for “the white guy”)? That’s ignorant and racially destructive. It wasn’t any of our jobs to for for the black guy because he’s black, it was our job to vote for the right candidate. If she supported his campaign despite the racial backlash? She deserves FAR more respect for the conviction she displayed then the spineless many that cried hope and change because the man is dark. Anyone who faults her for that can eat a ****. You losing respect for her had nothing to do with voting republican or democratic… you lost respect because she didn’t vote black despite her political stance. That’s about as prejudiced as it gets.

  • AmericanGirl

    Are you kidding me? Your sole reason for disrespecting Stacey Dash is because she is a Republican? What happened to the land of the FREE? Free Speech? Anyone heard of it lately? Seems to me only those who agree with your radical left-wing agenda are allowed to exercise free speech. There are plenty of educated, free-thinking women out there who neither agree with your views nor appreciate your efforts to trample the constitutional rights of those who see the world from a different perspective.

  • PlumBoss

    Who care who you vote for, as long as they are black, they could want to ship all our asses back to africa, cut all our hair and throw us in lion hide…vote for them because they are black…….real ignorant!!!!

  • bababooey

    Lost respect for Stacey Dash?? Because she supports the American way of Life?? This has got to be the worst case of racism of a fine, smart and upstanding black woman by her own kind. To vote for a person based on their skin color (which is what all ignorant black AND white people do) has got to be the greatest example of what it means to be a sheep.

  • jptoniolli@yahoo.com

    WOW! Disrespect Stacy because she voted for a Republican? Disrespect any woman who voted for the smart guy with business sense that could have fixed the country that the idiot in charge is destroying with his ineptness. You’re garbage! And yeah, have to agree with the other comments only IGNORANT black folks and white folks voted for Obama. Sad sad day that regardless of her affliliation Dash has the guts to vote against the IGNORANT Hollywood grain.

  • Bob Onit

    You don’t respect someone because of who they voted for? How can anyone take you seriously?

  • PurdueMatt

    Re: Stacey Dash

    She understands economics and liberty. Good for her.

  • Doug Davis

    Stacey Dash voted for Mitt, really? Good for her. It beats voting for what history will record as the worst President in American history.

  • Anti-Obama establishment

    What a racist article and website. I would go on but it would be lost by the editor and employees of this webstie. It’s obvious you believe Obama is the savior and anyone who thinks differently is “silly” or need to be “commited” as you stated in your notes.

  • annabel

    Hey, in retrospect, don’t you think you should take Stacey Dash’s name off the list? After all, she was right.

  • Velvet

    You know, superficial worthless websites shouldn’t comment on politics. It’s above your intellect. Stacey Dash is a HERO as she is willing to actually make her own opinions. You idiots should concentrate on which rapper is smacking his girlfriend and leave politics to the grown ups.

  • Andrew Witkowski

    A black woman wants to vote for a republican!?? Ahh liberal “tolerance” wont allow THAT!!.. cant let people have thier own choice.. MUST bully people into voting democrat.. democrats, the author and editor prove they brainless sheep


    I cannot imagine how black people could vote for a political party who fought against the freedom of slaves, i.e. the democrat party. This article was such a waste of time. Bigot!

  • JAred

    “Black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney” You are a racist.

  • Brandon M

    Meg Butler, your comments about Stacy Dash are racist, pure and simple. Because she’s black, she has to vote a certain way? Would you also be unable to respect her if you saw her eating a salad instead of fried chicken and watermelon like all good black girls are supposed to?

  • Lisa

    Where do you come off calling Kim from Desperate Housewives a racist when your comment about Stacey Dash is of an extremely racist nature? I can tell you why she voted for Romney. Because he’s a smart business man and obama simply is not! He’s no more qualified to run the country than the Cookie Monster. If you think he is, then please point out to me why. Give me some facts that support he knows what he’s doing. Other than “he’s a brother”. In case everyone has forgotten he had a white mama and was raised by white grandparents. Did that little matter slip your minds?

    • wynnosu

      “Did that little matter slip your minds?”

      Meg doesn’t have a mind. She is just a zombie who follows whatever stance the far left race-baiters tell her to follow. If she ever had the ability to think for herself, it is obvious those days are waaaay in the rearview mirror. Meg is a hater and a bigot.

  • cupcakeking

    Meg is a very typical mad black….anyone who dares stray from the left leaning talking points or whomever points out that blacks need to clean up thier act she will say is an idiot….Meg needs to look at the black on black murder rate (6% of the population black males responsible for well over 50% of all murders) to see there is a big problem within the black community. father not raising the kids they produce is another that no one on the black side wants to address as they will be vilified by dummies like Meg…..

  • NG

    Wow, 13 of the 15 are black. This is surprising coming from a liberal. I figured that she’d be touting Kanye as a genius.

  • IHP

    Interest most are black except for two, On Clintwood your remarks illustrate your far left position…………I am done with you!

  • ccgraphics20

    Another typical liberal, Democrat, Obama supporter who can’t respect Stacey Dash because she voted & supported Mitt Romney, clearly showing who the true racists are. The typical Obama supporter, using the false race accusations to protect their messiah Obama. Obama, who for 20 years attended a church that catered to one group of people and was led by a preacher who spewed racial hate from the pulpit and taught Black Liberation Theology — a false & racist version of the BIble; Obama, who spoke out against the shooting of Treyvon Martin but didn’t say a word about the white college baseball player who was shot in the back by 3 black men/boys and did it just for fun; Obama, who didn’t speak out about the killing of the white 88 year old WWII vet who was beaten & killed by black teens; Obama, who didn’t speak out against the robbery & murder of the white couple who were foreign visitors and murdered by 6 black teens; Obama, who never said a word about the 3 15 year old black boys beating the living daylights out a 12 year old white boy on a school bus.

  • Pinkium

    Stacy Dash is a smart woman. You don’t provide any evidence why voting for Mitt was not smart. Look where we are now with Obama. Higher unemployment, higher taxes, less freedom, less choice, less money. We were better off with Bush.


    Stacey Dash lost respect because she used her RIGHT TO VOTE and didn’t vote for the black man? Then most of Hollywood’s celebrity should be shammed for all the white’s that threw the dinners at thousands per plate during the purchase er, the election. I think this entire situation speaks for itself! RACISTS!!!!

  • mrgg

    13 out of 15 were Ghetto AA’s !

  • Hasan

    You don’t seem to respect black folks very much Meg. One gal you disliked because of her vote. You are a real piece of _____.

  • JavaJoe

    Madame Noir,
    I have lost respect for you after reading this ridiculous list. You lost respect for Stacey Nash because she voted Republican. Democrats do not own Black people. Halle Berry is on your list because her baby’s daddy goes to her house for Thanksgiving. Then loses his temper, insults her and tries to beat her up, except her millionaire boyfriend kicked the crap out of him. But you blame her for following a court-order that requires him to have visitation, even though he is a domestic violence offender? Tell the truth, you’re not Black or a woman and “Madam Noir” is just a name that’s hides your true character. Let boy-writers be boys, full-time!

    • PatriotGranny

      You got it backward on the Halle Berry story. It was her boyfriend who attacked her daughter’s father and he nearly killed him. Oliver (her boyfriend at the time and husband now) has a history of violence. If anything, people should lose respect for her for having a child with a known psycho (her current husband).

  • Mari Soares Alvarez

    You “lose respect” for someone simply because they have a different political point of view than you?…how tolerant…..

  • Vakay

    Wow, you’re one of the dumbest people I’ve ever read. Gotta love blanket statements.

    I’d bet that Stacey Dash won more respect than she lost. She’s obviously more intelligent and waaaay less naive than you are. Obama has done soooo much good for blacks…and women.

    Please note that those last two sentences contained sarcasm. Thought I should let you know since I couldn’t be sure you’d catch that.

  • Michelle Teller

    Stacey Dash is cool.

  • John D. Fiat

    This author is apparently both racist and mentally challenged. Why slam a nice person like Stacey Dash just because she didn’t fall for the “everything will be perfect if we elect an incompetent black guy just because of his skin color” crap? To put her on the same list as wife beaters and thugs is absolutely disgusting!

  • Jason Ficken

    So your upset about a white guy endorsing another white guy than endorsing the black guy!!! Your the racist!!!

  • Jason Ficken

    Lets see a black female, so called journalist, disrespecting Stacy Dash, actress and sister of famed Rap producer Damon Dash (Jay-z’s Rocca-Fella partner) for endorsing a white man for president and saying just that! Who is the racist! She is a bigot and a Farakhan journalist! Mitt Romney is not running around calling people the “N” word or insulting black america. He simply said, 47% of this country already has there minds made up because the democrats give them everything they want as far as entitlements! Sorry. I’m black and that’s not racist, it called “FACT.” Since us black folk only make up 11% of the population, most of the 36% percent of the people he was referring too were white, but that’s not how it was reported! I am a democrat by choice and voted for Obama, but can’t believe black people have so much hate for each other for having different opinions other than the black main stream! A main stream, expected, advised and foretold!!!

  • David

    I stand behind Stacy one hundred percent! Obama is a complete idiot and butt wipe! He is incompetent and very much a deceiver, and it is my position that he is GAY as they come! I wish we had a President Romney, at least we know that he would be on our side. This, by the way, is coming from a Black man, not a half-black man! My Mother and Father are as Black as they come, so I don’t have to fake it. Obama isn’t thinking about Negroes, just look t the unemployment rate since he has been in office for nearly 6 years now. He doesn’t even meet with the NAACP or the Congressional Black Caucus. Just ask Maxine Waters!

  • David

    Kanye is angry because he is only about 5’5″ or 5’6″ tall! He has what is called L.B.M.S. “Little Bitty Man Syndrome”.

  • elcam

    stacey dash one is retarded, what does her being black have anything to do with her vote. if you decided to vote because your black. WOW just WOW! and if she happens to have the same beliefs as mitt then so be it lol.

  • Really?

    How’s that Obama vote working out for you Meg? Liberal’s are funny “Ideas so good we have to make them mandatory! “Six abortions in six months ~ Sure why not! You want to buy a large soda? OH HELL NO!” Makes good sense.

  • Josh Carter

    “I can’t respect a black person who makes their own political opinions or women who makes their own political opinions. Stacey Dash is both of those, nuff said!” -Meg Butler

  • Admiral America

    Stacy was smart enough to at least not vote for the worst President in US history!

  • FairAndBalanced

    Stacey Dash is an intelligent, well educated, and beautiful woman and she should be respected for her body of work in her career as well as the fact that she made an EDUCATED and well thought out decision on who she was going to support for the highest office in the land. …as opposed to how many people voted for Obama STRICTLY for the color of his skin AND the prospect of personally benefitting from the color of his skin…..WITHOUT regard to what would be best for our country. Allow the HUGE increase in welfare programs to tell you what we ended up with: Someone to fill the outstretched hands of yet more people who won’t get off their asses to do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay!!

  • ck1syr

    Stacey Dash always has my vote! D@mn she fine!

  • Jaded

    This post sucks. Who the hell are these people??!! I know a few. Who cares about these one-hit wonder celebrities

  • Fed up

    I can’t believe you would chastise people for voting for Romney – given that the president who bought the vote has screwed up this country more all others before him. With idiots like you, no wonder we are the laughing stock of the world.

  • Ken

    Putting Stacey Dash in the same list as all those other scum buckets is so typical of leftist publications. What did she do? Have her own opinion about something? She isn’t smart enough to decide for herself if Mitt was worthy of her vote? I’m not here to debate Mitt’s policies…you obviously have believed the Liberal lie anyway so that would be a waste of time. Just want to demonstrate your BIAS. “Diversity” to you Progs means everyone must have exactly the same opinion—no freedom of thought—which shows just how completely brainwashed you have all become…a dangerous situation which has happened many times in history: the 1930’s and 2008 for instance.

  • gribfritz

    It’s January 2014. I’ve just finished wrestling with Obamacare. Maybe this should be revised, because Dash looks like a freakin’ genius now.

  • Commonsense

    Are you kidding me?!! Can’t respect a “black woman” because she voted for Romney… But I’m sure you’d be the first to be screaming racism if a white woman said ” I can’t respect a white woman for voting for Obama…” Worse than racism is reverse racism… Don’t act like a victim when you’re preaching racism yourself…. tired of people not owning up to their true feelings and screaming racism when it conveniences them… Why can’t people feel or vote outside the box, even if that means voting outside of your own race…. IGNORANCE is killing this country and ruining our children! And for the record, I’m not black or white, just someone who wants to live my life and raise my children on the notion that I’m doing my best as a respectable and responsible proud American. And doent succumb to pressures based on my race or color of skin! Lastly, I served this country as a Rifleman in the United States Marine Corps so before you start dropping negative comments on me, think about what you’ve done to contribute to this country and for the freedom that I’ve risked my life on a couple occasions to ensure for you and yours!

  • Lean

    Good for Keyshia Cole. I don’t agree with the show entitled “Black Girls Rock” either. I understand the struggle we have been through as black women but, all women (especially minority women) have been through the struggle. If white women were to come out with a show called “White Girls Rock” we would surely scream racism. Still, we continue to create reasons why it is okay for us as blacks. We continue to teach our children that it is okay to think we are better than others rather than being equal and pull the race card whenever it is convenient. It is no conspiracy that our children are the most self-confident and the least educated. When will we get a clue, as a culture!

  • Kate

    I think it’s sad that for some people that want their ‘freedom of expression’ to be respected, that you can’t respect her decision to support and vote for who she wants to. Seems to me that it’s ok for YOU but not those who do not agree with you. KAren’t you so glad now that you supported who you did, because THAT choice that turned out just splendidly didn’t it?!? Go Stacey!!

  • Larry Brunton

    You actually put Stacy Dash on the list because she voted republican. R u kidding. There are lot’s of Black Republicans. Just watch fox news. I personally voted for Obama but let’s face it he hasn’t done such a good job.

  • Shane Wiggle Wiggle

    You, the writer of this article, are a racist .

  • Erock

    Would I lose respect for all black people who voted for Obama because he is an idiot? No. Stop the hate on black Republicans, thank you.

  • Nunya

    So you disrespect someone becuase of their political opinions. (And they obviously made the right decision we know find out) You’re an idiot and Obama is a liar. Page marked as SPAM

  • Jack Hammer

    So because two of the people admitted to be republicans and you would rather continue to throw our rights and liberties out the window, we should have no respect for them. I think you should try doing some reading and stop listening to what everyone tells you. Talk to any Doctor and they will tell you how much of a mistake obomacare is not to mention giving away all our money to lazy people who don’t want to work. Meg Butler get a life

  • thetruth

    I cannot respect any BLACK person stupid enough to vote for Obammy !, just because he’s Black.
    It’s no wonder the Black race in the USA is not respected,

    • JP

      I can’t respect anyone who calls the president “Obammy” like you’re in the third grade. The hating on Stacey Dash is totally ridiculous and racist, but calling names while pointing that out doesn’t really make you sound like the voice of wisdom.

  • Robert Mintz

    Merry Christmas and happy New Years in advance. My name is Mr Robert Mintz from United Nations. I am texting you in regards to your scam victim compesation payment here in the US. You can contact me on: +1760542-8766 Email: mr.reobertmintzdhl@gmail.com Mr Mintz United Nation Special Envoy

  • lina

    am i the only one who noticed that they are mostly blacks lol…

    • JP

      I don’t know, are you the only one who noticed it’s MadameNoire???? How did you even get here?

  • william major

    meg ,you are a dumb c**t who voted for obama so i wouldnt talk

  • ramubay

    If Meg Butler were a celeb you would have to add her to this list. Any black person still dumb enough (or in Meg’s case crooked enough) to vote for a Democrat especially after Obama and the rest of the dems destroyed this country, one can’t respect them. If that’s not enough, you might have some pity on them if it weren’t for the fact that they would hate anyone who was from a different party as if they appreciate the dictatorship that King Obama has created. Shame on Meg Butler, she’s no better than trash.

  • Common Sense

    Stacey Dash, a “black woman silly enough to vote for Romney.” seriously? Just because it’s not derogatory towards black people doesn’t mean it’s not racism, dumb-ass. Oh wait, never mind. The color of a presidential candidate’s skin IS a great reason to vote for them! Especially if you’re the same color! …. Jesus.

  • Linda Matriarch Artis

    I watched Clint Eastwood with my grandmom from the time he played Roddy Yates…I watched and liked every movie that Clint Eastwood starred in…but when he came on T.V. promoting Mitt Romney (and how Mitt Romney felt about the poor), and talking to that chair as if talking to the POTUS…it changed how I feel about Clint Eastwood…although he’s problably to old to make another movie…I will never watch another one of his films. I feel a differant way toward him and it’s not good.

  • LameRandomName

    RE: #12 – Stacy Dash and the reason given for putting her on the list:

    Anytime you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that Party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you’re dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that Party, you’re not only a chump, but you’re a traitor to your race.
    – Malcolm X

  • glassa

    Clint Eastwood isn’t a Republican. He’s a Libertarian. Learn the difference.

  • glassa

    Pretty stupid to say you can’t respect a black woman for not voting for a guy JUST BECAUSE he’s black. Our country is damned if you don’t look behind that D or the color of his skin when you vote. It’s very simplistic. Would you support him if he announced he wanted to kill all the kittens in this country…JUST BECAUSE he’s black? How far would you take that nonsense?

  • Me

    Stacey Dash rocks and Meg Butler the author of this article is just another typical liberal leftie who got mad because someone didn’t do what she wanted. Most of us can’t respect a hypocritical fool – ‘Nuff said.

  • John J

    So with Stacey Dash your saying is that you are a completely
    intolerant bigoted human being that will never listen to another person’s point
    of view. What a typically open minded progressive person you are.

  • Roland

    Wow what an idiot. Putting Stacey Dash on here because of her political views? I bet Madame Noire voted for Obama purely because of his race, not because of his political issues.

  • Shelly Boo

    I know this is an old article, but wow…that was 10 minutes of my life I won’t get back.
    First of all, why even include reality tv folks on this list? Lost respect for? Who could have ever respected them in the 1st place?

  • anna

    Meg Butler is a freaking idiot. Your so done with certain people because they voted for Mitt Romney, wtf for?! Anybody would be better than the idiot in office now! I mean nothing has been good for anyone and will not be. Oh and you act as though you were at Halle Berry’s home for Thanksgiving, really? How was the food? Please quit writing stories because you yourself dear sound like a “Real House Wife,” of trash talking.

  • always a bossy diva

    Truth be told…white men kill their families thats white broken white women dont come tobthe ghetto..& its more deadbeat white men out here than black men. And more whites getting ebt cards and living in trailer parks. Its just not publicize as black ghetto neighborhood. So stop sounding stupid people.

  • Equalthruliberty

    You hate her for whom she voted for? Sounds like a serious personal problem.

  • MsA216

    This article, much like +90% of the other articles on this site, is pointless and poorly written. From what I can tell from the brief summary under each photo, you included two people on this list because they voted for Mitt Romney, instead of the alternative, Barack Obama. Really?! You “cannot respect (someone) who voted for Mitt Romney”?! While I would really like to think your statement isn’t based on the race card alone, your implication that all black people should have voted for Obama (essentially because he’s black) is insane. Voting is about POLITICAL VIEWS and who you believe represents you best. I don’t let race or gender play a factor at all in who I vote for, and neither should anyone else. Additionally, you look like an absolute moron for calling out someone for saying they are bi-racial. At this stage, who the hell cares? Maybe she is bi-racial, maybe she isn’t. It’s really not anyone’s place to judge. Just because YOU looked at her outward appearance and decided to put a label on her, and it turned out to be wrong, isn’t her fault. It’s yours. She didn’t mislead you – you just jumped the gun and slapped a category on her so your small minded self could feel better about her.
    I really hope that this article, along with the many others on this site, is taken for what it actually is, and not as real journalism or an honest account of how the world is.

  • Hitler-jr

    Wow! Most of the list is black. Go figure.

  • good_idea

    Stacey Dash promise she would “dash” out of our country if Mitt lost.
    Promise broken, we’re still stuck with Stacey Dash.

  • Straight Shooter

    What kind of BS are you promoting that just because someone voted fo Mit Romney, you have lost all respect. Come on, with the huge lie Obama made with heathcare and Bongazi, voters for Mit should be idoized. What a liberal BS website this is. Stop drinking the Kool Aid! All the 20’s something voters are finding out that Obama’s campain promises was a huge bait and switch! Look at the poles. His approval rating is lower than Bush!

  • NH Guy

    This goes to show being a racist bigot is certainly NOT just a white thing. What hateful, littleminded person you are.

  • Bring it together

    Meg Butler is a total moron and speaks for no one. The arrogance of the hollywood social pressure machine is completely un-american. Putting down a woman because she votes differently than this ignorant propagandists. He/she is certainly no journalist. Just a perveyor of her ignorant political slanted views. Let people disagree and figure out where they have similarities and one day come together, But stop all the ignorant slander by making someone out to be evil because they don’t think like you. That’s what makes America great isn’t it? Or did the other side cry about being minorities for so many decades simply because it was useful at the time. We will never be a united Country as long as we continue this NONenlightened polarization. If we debate real issues, great, but character assassination over someone exercising their constitutional right to express views in the voting booth that don’t line up with yours makes you someone everyone should lose respect for.

  • Mark from Fort Wayne, Indiana

    You said, “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said”…Is it your supposition that she should have voted for Obama because she is black. Sounds more to me that she voted on her principles. That kind of thinking is short-sighted and racial in and of itself. I get very tired when everything has a color attached to it. People should be judged on the “content of their character, not the color of their skin. I know that I try to do this, might be a good place to start for you too.

  • IM8888

    Clint Eastwood is a great American!

  • Love

    The “not respecting Stacy dash thing” has nothing to with her political affiliation with being a reublican, the writer of the article even points out with Clint Eastwood that she doesn’t mind that he’s a republican…Stacy could be a black female Republican and that be fine…the writer is simply talking about not seeing why Stacy Dash would side with Romney and his POLICIES. His policies hurt african american and women. Not all republican have or believe in the same policies, so being a affiliated with a party and a republican member is different because not everyone within a party has the same beliefs on policies. And all the other bull about Obama being worse than Romney. YEAH RIGHT. If we had Romney we probably would have been in war right now since half the party wanted to attack syria and Obama care would simply be Romney care since he pushed for the same affordable care act when he was in office in his home state and he pushed for it while running for president.

  • matt

    u can’t respect a black women for voting for Romney. but stupid people like you vote for Obama and look at that terrible job he is doing. good for Stacey dash for not voting based on skin color

  • Christina

    Really? You lost respect for someone because of who she voted for? That’s just rude and shameful. If she did nothing other than express her right to vote, while being respectful to other in the process, she has done nothing wrong. Same with Clint Eastwood. People have a right to vote for who they agree with and losing respect for someone based on that basic right is an ignorant waste of energy.

  • Afred

    Get back on the Democrat plantation Stacey Dash and sign up for your obamacare!!


    Umm, who the f*ck did you think Too Short was, Mr. Rogers? I never seen what you’re talking about here, but what you say he did doesn’t shock me in the slightest. What are you talking about?

  • Blinknone

    I can’t believe people actually spend their time reading and thinking about this stuff.

  • Tim Martin

    Who a person votes for has absolutly nothing to do with this lame
    article. Stacey Dash has ethic, and morals. Most of the other people in
    this article have neither.

  • 1reallytaxed1

    What a joke, you can’t “respect” a black person for having her own thoughts? But I’m sure you still respect the black person who lied through his teeth to get elected !! This is why this country is so screwed up, all you see color, not character.

  • kiki j

    I can’t believe MN allows all this racism! But whatever gets your comments up? Sad

  • James

    How dare Stacey Dash attempt to flee the Democrat plantation!?!?!? Doesn’t she know she’s not supposed to think for herself?

  • JCCameron

    Stacy Dash is the BOMB and it made her even hotter when I found out she could actually think for herself!

  • sillyobamaPOTUSisforadults

    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.

    What a bigoted opinion. Not to mention intellectually bankrupt.

    Meg Butler: stick to writing about celebrities, Honey Boo Boo, and other Hollywood trash; politics/finance/economics is obviously much too complex for your small mind.

  • bgolfguy

    Having Stacey Dash on this list only proves the racism and intolerance by those on the left against free thought and speech if that speech or thought fails to fall in line with the Liberal agenda.

    Stacey had the guts to stand up to those who insist that she support NOBama simply because he was black. It is that mindset that she should that is the true form of racism.

    The NOBama administration has failed the country and especially the black community on every level, but they will always have the support of the intellectual ignorant people despite the facts and proof because they will always see race first and are blinded by their ideology.

    Shame on you Madamenoire for putting Stacey on this list. You show what you truly believe and it is not intellectual honesty.

  • John

    Stacey Dash is on this list because she voted for Mitt Romney? That’s just ignorant…

  • Arch Deacon

    Stacey Dash voted for Mitt Romney… You Mad Bro?

  • lovestacy

    big dash fan,,and the fact she voted for romney proves shes smart as well

  • SouthSideSkeptic

    So Deion Sanders wanted sex from his ex as a condition of alimony. Since hes getting scr#wed by getting divorced, he should get some compensation. Hes paying for it. I got no problem with that.

  • John

    Ha! The picture of Halle Berry, the guy standing in the background looks like Brody Stevens lol



  • Tasos826

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.”

    Regardless of political parties, their respective ideologies and racial politics, I am challenged to respect anyone who does not tolerate, let alone respect civil discourse and civil dissent. This is another case in which another Liberal, who claims to be tolerant, expects tolerance, may even demand tolerance, is intolerant herself. It is hypocritical to the max. “‘Nuff said.”

  • Doc Frank

    Only thing ive lost respect for is myself after reading this garbage

  • JulieandR

    I think Stacey Dash was a wrong choice just because of her pick. Look at Obama now? All the scandals he seems to not know about. Bad choice to pick her because of that. Just because she’s black she has to vote for a black?

  • RoyBaty

    Wow how sad these hip hop douche bags are. Stacey Dash votes for someone other than the idiot obama and she is criticized.

  • brian bark

    I think it’s funny how you rip a white girl for the “N bomb”, yet almost everyone else on here is black, and you rip one for being black and voting for Romney? Sounds like you are a racist.

  • Darth Kenyan

    I didn’t know any of the “celebs” until you got to Dash.
    Whomever wrote this article is a low-life cretin and you should focus on your “tolerance” and “non-judgmental” attitude, hypocrite. Libtards, sheesh.

  • johnnywood

    Who are these people? an who cares?

  • bruce clark

    13 of the 15 are black people. Should we be surprised? NO!

  • Mike Brown

    Virtually all the people on the list are African American. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • kat

    Stacy Dash? Really?? Because of who she voted for??? That has got to be the lamest reason for disrespecting a celebrity I’ve ever heard of. Voting for Mitt Romney rates right up there with wife beaters and cheaters! Talk about warped thinking…I’ve lost all respect for you!

  • FoxaLox

    Madame Noir is not only sexist, she’s RACIST, TOO. Her personal quote: “I can’t stand a BLACK PERSON silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.” What kind of quote is THAT? Wow. Our Founding Fathers who had MORALS would shake their heads in sadness if they were to see this country sinking to its knees at the rate it is. May the Constitution live forever.

  • FoxaLox

    Thank goodness there are educated people in this country that vote Republican…

  • FoxaLox

    I’m not a racist or anything, believe me. I have two black friends, both very sweet girls. Congrats to Stacey Dash for voting Republican. Now, I understand that it takes all types to make the world go round, but seriously, WHAT KIND OF SEXIST ARE YOU, MADAME NOIR? “I can’t stand a WOMAN who is SILLY ENOUGH TO VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY.” Well, I can’t stand dirtbags like you who put people on this list JUST BECAUSE THEIR POLITICAL BELIEFS ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOURS. You must be an angry, bitter person with nothing to do in your life to be going around criticizing this poor woman for voting Republican. Admit it: you’re just JEALOUS THAT SHE’S SUCCESSFUL AND YOU’RE NOT. SO shove off and get a life.

  • FoxaLox

    Pros of Obama in office:

    Cons of Obama being in office:
    -more racism
    -the ‘rich’ are being punished (for what? providing jobs?)
    -stock market is crashing
    -America’s relationships with foreign countries are being erased
    -he constantly LIES
    -he takes credit for anything ‘good’ that happens, even if he didn’t do it (“I killed Osama Bin Laden” EXCUSE ME? Our TROOPS killed Osama Bin Laden, not you, freaking scumbag)
    -people that served in the military get less respect
    -jobs are being destroyed
    -the ‘poor’ that he supposedly wanted to help are now WORSE OFF
    -etc, etc, and countless other reasons.

  • clau

    its mind blowing that you lost respect for these stars …..really Im so shocked that these idiots that made the list have lost your respect…Exactly why would you even have respect for most of the people on this list is equally mindblowing.

  • StGabes

    Yeah well at least Ms. Dash has some common sense not voting for the commie in the white house… Anybody who voted for him should have there head examined…

  • Derek

    What the F*ck does her being black have to do with it?

  • UrALiberalPOS

    Wow. Putting two celebrities in the same boat just because they have a different political viewpoint than you do. Lame.

  • Michael Gallagher

    So…. You judge Stacy Dash based on her political affiliations. Wow you liberals are the worst form of hypocrite.

  • GeneBru

    clearly the author is a bigoted fool. You lost respect for Stacey Dash because she didn’t support the democrats? You’re a fool and a tool.

  • Erin

    Okay not to get on a soap box…oh screw it, pulling it out…..Does anyone realize the reason they play up Democrat versus Republicans…..blacks versus whites…..in the media? Why they play up a lot things that will make us fight each other??? Divide and Conquer….If we are too busy fighting each other then we won’t realize all the stuff our government is trying to pull…..How about if we don’t change anything, if we don’t realize that we are all united in the fact we are Americans and we love our freedom….We will all end up as slaves…I fall for it from time to time as well…..but can’t we all agree we all want to be free and equal?

  • Erin

    I think its hilarious you are mad at supposed “racists” and then when it comes to Keyshia….you are talking about how her white side isn’t going to save her….you do realize that is an extremely racist thing to say…..I guess if people talk about their heritage and they aren’t black enough for you they are done in the business….smh…..please get real….

  • Leslie Ann W

    I’m disturbed by your feeling that Black Women are OBLIGATED to vote ONLY for Black Presidents, and MUST support Black Presidents because they are Black, and not vote for the person they prefer, based on their belief system and not color of their skin~!!

    Really ???!!!???

    Last time i checked, this was a free country and we are FREE to vote for whomever we wish~!!! (although on a daily basis, we are falling deeper and deeper into a “Dictatorship”)

    Would you have the same feelings if Stacey was a Liberal and voted for the unpopular Liberal candidate and spoke out against the incumbent Republican???? No. You just don’t like it because she’s BLACK and DIDN’T vote for the Black Guy like she was “supposed to” because she’s Black… SERIOUSLY -???
    I get it that this is your opinion column, but really ?? Hollywood wants to require every successful celebrity to VOTE ACCORDING TO THEIR SKIN COLOR ???
    What you’re really saying here is .. you’re shocked as hell that a BLACK WOMAN is smart enough to understand politics and vote for who she feels best, regardless of skin color, which has nothing to do with ability, by the way~!!!!!
    When is L.A. and Hollywood going to open their eyes and see the BLATANT FAILURES this so-called president has caused this country~!! What a disgrace~!! A sham~!!! We’re the laughing stock of the entire Western Hemisphere ~!!! ;-(

  • Beyonce

    Stacy Dash is awesome.

  • Laurie

    ive been on this site for years and i am done with this site… i voted for barack but wow that stacey dash segment was stupid

  • elpablo71

    Says the moron who apparently voted for Obama. Do you read or listen to the news? This right here is a perfect example of how Obama got re-elected. Low-information voters who cast their vote based on race and gender. That is racist and sexist. You ignorant twit!

  • Pat Nash

    Surely you realize that it’s her prerogative to vote for who she feels was the best candidate and you should respect that.

  • Evelyn-Ronald Richardson

    really you can’t respect a person because they didn’t vote for oDUMBO

  • Liberals Are Morons

    If you lose respect for someone who votes a different way than you do, you don’t deserve any respect from anyone who shares opposing views as well. That’s a disgusting and hateful way to go through life but hey, you’re a stupid brainwashed democrat. Keep voting for the people who ran our urban areas into the ground and let them continue to be crime filled cesspools.

  • Katrina


    “Stacey Dash

    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I
    can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash
    is both of those. ‘Nuff said. ” – Needs to be removed? You lost respect for a woman who went to cast her political opinion. At least she voted, she found something to stand behind it was her choice and that is why she is listed?

  • Darcy

    Honestly, your list is really a sad reflection of your narrow-mindedness. The fact that Stacey Dash and Client Eastwood are on this list because they voted for Mitt Romney illustrates that you shouldn’t be taken seriously as a writer. “I can’t respect a black person that voted for Mitt Romney.” Really? Well I can’t respect a writer like you who bases an extremely poorly written list on shameful ignorance and negativity. Good luck to you Meg. You’re gonna need it!

  • G. G.

    To Meg Butler for your 15 people off your list. Was Stacy Dash supposed to vote for Obama because she’s Black? Isn’t that racist? Wasn’t MLK that said judge a man by the content of is character and not the color of his skin!

  • BorderLine Guy

    Yeah, how dare Stacey Dash not simply vote for the black man because of his skin color.

  • Aldorann

    Stacy Dash? Really? How is expecting her to vote for the resident just because she’s black not racist? And what about Romney suggest that no woman should vote for him, ever? Love the opinions of the uninformed.

  • randy316

    Damn right, you go Kristin!

  • Kristin Bjornson

    Ummm Stacey Dash gets dissed for voting for Mitt Romney because she’s black? She’s smart Obama has done nothing but mess the whole country up and NO ITS NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK! GET OVER IT! You all voted him in JUST because of the color of his skin, and if someone black votes against him you ‘lose respect for’??? Who’s the racist now????

  • Courtney C. Columbus, OH

    For the author of this article to say she can’t respect a black person or woman that voted for Romney would be hilarious if I wasn’t living in this Obama nightmare, too. How are Obama’s policies working out for you? Blacks income has dropped more than any other group. Dependency on welfare & food stamps has skyrocketed. Just keep voting for the guy who promises “free” stuff.
    This website is laughable. Too many scripts & pop-ups. My ocular muscles are exhausted from the eye-rolling. Try concerning yourselves with something a little less vapid, THEN you have the credibility to discuss politics. These fake “housewife celebrities” don’t deserve one second of my time and certainly shouldn’t be compared to the courageous Ms. Dash. Kim Zolciak probably doesn’t even know who the VP is…

  • Elizabeth

    Attacking celebrities just because they support Mitt Romney? Get a life, people. Your website sucks.

  • ora

    so,because a black actress vote for Mitt Romney who is white we just suppose to think that she is wrong? this is a free country people wake up…

  • Shae

    Mug Butler, about the Halle Berry one, I think you’re forgetting what you titled this article. I get that you don’t respect her but that’s more of her personal issue and she’s not the first person, let alone celebrity, to fight with her kids in the room. Maybe she was feelin’ some type a way and she just lost control

    • Shae

      *i meant Meg

  • USARetired

    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said. –
    F$%#kin racist comment if I every heard one. Thats the problem with this country now, black’s voted for Barrack because of his racenot because he was a good canidate for President. Now this country is worst off then any time I can remember.

  • Brittany

    Shut up Stacy dash is Mexican not just black so get it right ! And so what she voted for him it was the right thing to do she is real for. Voting mitt Romney instead of Obama just because of the color difference

  • FunnyBot

    Wow, what a useless article. and given the state of the current presidential administration railing Stacy Dash for her vote is ignorant. After all, it seems it was she who made the right choice and the rest of America that’s now debating their own.

  • brandon leifheit

    this writer is a dumb liberal

  • Guest

    this writer is an idiot

  • lincolnesque

    I think Meg Butler just went to the top of the list of people we lost respect for, IF she had any respect to begin with.

  • heidi

    The person who wrote this was clearly an obama fan– in my opinion neither one of them were good candidates. In a country with millions of people we seriousy couldnt have come up with anyone better??

  • obamaisacriminal

    I agree with your entire list except for Stacy Dash. You can’t handle a black person thinking on their own. All you folks voted for Obama based on color, you are all dumb motherfuckers for doing that and you are all paying the price for it. Assholes.

  • Cheri Boyer

    So you don’t like Stacey Dash because she is a conservative? Way to be tolerant and open minded.

  • JET

    Most people didn’t know Clint Eastwood was a Republican? He was the mayor of Carmel? Whoever he and Stacy Dash support in an election is their business. Straight ticket voting on either side is ignorant.

  • Geyer

    Some of the most intolerant and narrow minded people I’ve come across our outspoken liberals. Putting somebody (Stacey Dash) on a list of people you no longer respect, above people that commit adultery, beat their spouses, consistently break the law whom don’t make the list, simply because they have a different viewpoint is completely ridiculous and goes against all of the so called tolerance so many liberals claim they desire. I’d so many, if not most, liberals don’t desire tolerance, they simply want others to hold their same viewpoints. Shame on you Meg Butler for your proud, spoiled little girl type mindset that you cannot accept that another woman may have a different foundation than you do.

  • agsb

    I respect Stacy Dash

  • I agree Kanye is an idiot

    Stacy Dash should be highly respected for not being a knee jerk liberal sheep who follows the democrats who keep people down by not encouraging them to better themselves and not just ask for a handout!!!!

  • Adam

    Okay so people aren’t allowed to vote for who they want to anymore. Duly noted.

  • Jim

    One has to question any site that publishes something so baseless as to be against a person because they voted for Mitt Romney. Really? I would hope the majority of you who voted for Obama are now starting to see the wisdom of Miss Dash.

  • Carl Rodgers

    Never heard of most of these “celebrities.”

  • RemyDelite

    Everything else I agree with, except the Stack Dash attack. You dislike someone because of who they voted for is ridiculous!

  • Magnifico

    I’m wondering why African Americans would have a problem with Romney. Obama has done NOTHING to help them. He picks companies whose lobbyists have contributed to his campaign, and then he gives them “stimulus” funds. It’s pathetic.

  • bill c

    The attack on Stacey Dash shows the ignorance and bigotry of the writer of this piece. Stacey is a thoughtful and intelligent person. She looked and both candidates and decided that Mitt Romney supported more of her views than the Messiah. This is typical of liberals in that if anyone thinks differently then they do, then they must be bashed and vilified. It is very simple and narrowed minded of her.

    • AnonyMouse

      Stacy is a gold digger who thought that Mitt Romney would win and she would be on the right team. WHO DOES THAT? Now, nobody is hiring her.

  • Commiefornia

    Pretty racist to think that because you’re black you have to vote a certain way. Pretty sexist to think because you’re female you have to vote a certain way. Meg Butler shows her true colors.

  • Joe Hickey

    How about the obama’s? I definitely LOST RESPECT FOR THEM!

    • AnonyMouse

      They’re crying.

      • Joe Hickey

        Not as hard as we are!

  • Unfrickingbelievable

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that 13 of 15 people now unworthy of respect are black? Maybe Kim Zolciak needs to be removed from the list.

  • toughhombre

    God bless black women (and men) who have the brains and the cajones to see the truth of the fraudulent Obama regime: She (they) put integrity above playing the race game in Hollywood. Obama is a disgrace to the U.S.A. and the sooner he is out of office the better for this country. He has put this country in 17 trillion dollars of debt, ruined the healthcare system of this country and we have lost respect for the first time with every other country in the world. The world leaders see Obama as a silly fool, a know nothing and just a loud mouth who can only read from a teleprompter.

    • Realman Inuniform

      Heresy! Pure Heresy! How dare you speak out against our God King!! To the gallows you must go!

    • AnonyMouse

      He’s your president. Bow low.

  • AyeRolle

    How could anyone not know Clint Eastwood is a Republican? It’s been common knowledge for decades.

    • Realman Inuniform

      I’d say he’s more of a libertarian or ::gasp:: Tea Bagger! SMH

  • colleend219

    I think Kim Z would say a neighborhood was ghetto even if it were a white friend living in a neighborhood she thought was sketchy. She’s just a narcissist, not a racist. I really think her problems with her mother are more her mother’s fault than hers. I read everything on that subject and it seems maybe Kim and her mother a lot alike. They need to be the center of the universe.

  • Simba

    Hated this article. Would’ve been funny had you not started bashing Republicans. I really don’t care if you’re an Obama loving Democrat, but stop bashing me for my political viewpoints.

  • sopolitical

    Criticizing Keyshia Cole because you aren’t down with the biracial is low. The President is biracial and I love him and his non-biracial wife. Lose respect for someone because of what they do, not who they are! If they are proud of their race, bi-race, tri-race.. and claim it; then; love them, don’t hate.

  • justabill61

    I am very disappointed that you think Stacey Dash is less of a black because she voted for Mitt Romney. YOU are the one who is the racist.

    • AnonyMouse

      Stacey Dash was pimping herself and you know it. If she was serious she would have worked in his campaign, not sent a racy pic to a married man. This was a cry for attention that backfired on her and black Hollywood ain’t calling her.

      • justabill61

        Black LIBERAL Hollywood isn’t calling her. That’s the racism of liberals.

  • Dennis

    At least Stacy Dash has more brains than most black people and didn’t vote for that P.O.S. obama.

  • tc4012

    Ridiculous – who gives this moron public forum. You don’t like people because they express a political opinion or don’t vote based solely upon race? You are an incredibly disgusting person.

  • fedupwithhypocrisy

    So because Stacey Dash thinks for herself and doesn’t blindly follow what the status quo tells her to think you’ve lost respect for her? Liberal “logic” and tolerance at it’s finest. That is a TEXTBOOK bully mentality. She doesn’t need your ridiculous respect. She’s intelligent enough to think for herself.

  • scott boyd

    I cannot respect Meg Butler for not respecting views of other people. So only your views count and you use your position to blast others because they don’t agree you are a moron

  • Dave Taylor 18

    Why did you respect most of these people in the first place?

  • MissQ1

    I think it’s pathetic that someone is scorned for expressing their political views that are not in line with Hollywood. Pathetically close-minded. Look at our economy and how f’d up it is with this administration. It’s the economy stupid…choice isn’t.

  • Michael

    Oh, so this blog is politically driven… gotcha. Stacy Nash has the right as an American to vote for whomever she feels is the best political candidate. I didn’t vote for Romney, but she can do what she feels is correct. The problem with people in the current American society is that we feel bashing and ostracizing those with opposing views is acceptable. You should be proud of her for being a strong “black woman” that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Especially when it isn’t the same view as other people within her racial community.

  • Adam Nelson

    “I can’t respect someone, because they voted for another party, not mine.” Classic liberal immaturity. Way to be an adult, sport! This author is nothing short of moronic. Oh. If we’re going to get into the whole race thing, then stop saying white. White is a color, not a race. Irish, Norwegian, German, Anglo(English), Scottish, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian are races. I guess I’ll play the race card now too and take offense to being called white, you will call me by my proper race. Retards. I’m also going to demand payment for the hundreds of years Africans enslaved the Jews. See, every last descendant from North Africa that lives in America, now owes me money because their ancestors enslaved mine and fed their babies to crocodiles, yet it didn’t effect me in any way. That’s besides the point. Who else owes me money? Ah. Anyone here in America of English descent now owes me money too for what they did to the Irish. Italians owe me money as well for when the Romans invaded Britannia and started slaughtering Celtic children and taking slaves. Lmao… That’s how dumb you all look when you start bitching about how you should get money for what someone’s ancestors did to yours. Dipshits

  • Whatever

    13 out of 15 on this list are black. Two whites, no Hispanics or Asians. What does this say about the author? One of the people on the list is a black woman who is on it for being Republican, as is the one and only white man. So it appears this author is a black hating democrat.

    • unpleasantfacts478

      I figured that’s because Madame NOIRE focuses on the black community.

  • Banafsheh Zand

    Like anyone cares who Madame Noire and Megan Butler respect! LOLOL

    • AnonyMouse

      y are you lurking around here then?

      • Banafsheh Zand

        Uh, just because someone makes a comment while passing over a page doesn’t mean they’re lurking! Get a life and get something REAL to do.

  • ASK26

    what an asinine comment – black people really making themselves slaves to the Democrap party. And to insult someone who thinks for one’s self makes it clear that you are not all there intellectually.

    Obama (whose mother’s family owned slaves) has been the worst president for blacks and all other races. If a white president presided over an admin which did as poorly for blacks you’d be indignant and calling for riots. But when a black person /black people are at the helm of Detroit, Chicago, DC, etc you bend over backwards to ignore, excuse or to blame whites. Sickening

  • Jeffrey Ruzicka

    The writer of this piece who wrote about Stacey Dash is an absolute tool.

  • Brian Kirk

    What takes more courage: stepping out for a candidate because you believe in his/her ideas? Or blindly following someone because of party label or skin color? Stacy Dash has unusual courage.

    • AnonyMouse

      Look Mitt!! See my goodies?

  • Vienta76

    Wow, lol, this article, what a joke!! I stopped at Stacey Dash…to lump her, the only intelligent one on this list, with the rest of the losers is the joke. Good for her for maintaining her integrity, and she did nothing but GAIN my respect by her political stance, not lose it…Meg Butler on the other hand, the author of said article, she’s made my list after this….

  • Matt Lewis

    I love that the only reason why Stacy Dash is on your list is because she is a Republican that voted against Barack Obama. Any of you jokers that actually believe in today’s America that a man in power would not hire a woman for a position based on her sex is just ignorant. As for voting against Obama, its funny that I must be racist since I didn’t vote for him, by the way, hows your healthcare doing?

  • Annoyed

    You’re done with Stacy Dash because she’s a black woman who voted for Mitt Romney??? REALLY? Wow… way to pull the race card yet again. And you wonder why we are divided.

  • fights

    Wow, I guess I didn’t realize to be a strong black woman means being a follower of what everyone else is doing. I think she’s not only beautiful on the outside and inside, but an example of a truly independent, strong woman.

  • breezypreeze

    Bashing a black woman for voting for Mitt Romney? SO IGNORANT! You guys demand freedom and equality but don’t respect when others have differing opinions! Grow up!

  • hosdog3

    really don’t think I can take this serious from some body that thinks Obama was the best choice to be president and who thinks he is doing a good job..

  • michepi

    you lost respect for Stacey Dash because she doesn’t agree with you politically? That is juvenile and just down-right silly. A difference of opinions doesn’t call for a loss or respect. boo-hoo


    so i take it the one who created this list is an Obama follower? Really?!?!? Just because Stacy Dash voted for Romney and not the man who screws the country over and get re-elected by mostly uniformed/misinformed voters? GTFO HERE!!

  • acer54

    This is the most racist thing I’ve heard, “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.’ Enough with your ’nuff’. You are obviously pushing the Losercare agenda, when this idiot has single handed lied to every one of you??? Figure it out. He and his skanky ho of a wife are out for themselves! They do not care about you and prove it every day! Not his words…his actions!

  • s

    Our public schools are useless. Inner city government has become a complete joke. The nations money is completely gone due to handouts for the low class that elected to gang together and use the free housing, health and education systems offered. Our leader is a socialist but there is nothing left to give away. And yet we hear 300 years of slavery caused this problem. Go back to where the slaves originated and they still live in huts. You have been paid for services you never even participated.

  • KDB

    It’s amazing that only two comments truly had anything to do with this article the other comments have nothing to do with it, but I suppose opinions are like a@#holes everyone has one. You Americans are a trip instead of complaining about each other or what you don’t have why don’t you guys come together and get your country in order before you lose it. The only time the country comes together is when there is a crises. You are in a crises now so get your s**t in order.


    Meg Butler go take a flying leap! Ms Dash has every right to vote for who ever she wants to!

  • skbn113

    Stacy Dash is WAAAAY ahead of her time.
    She’s left all you losers behind. She “gets it”.
    Look, I had to hold my nose to vote for Romney and nothing personal to Obama but he was thoroughly unqualified to run for office.
    We told you so.

  • Eagle Eye

    This is a major league mangina or flamer who is all butt-hurt about Too $hort.

  • Dave

    It’s crap like this list that forced me to cancel my subscription to what was once a respected health magazine that’s turned into another liberal propaganda rag for the Democratic party. Losing respect for someone because they vote conservative? Ridiculous! Stay out of politics and stick to legitimate health articles!

  • Notamo

    Who is the raciest A$$ H0L3 that writes this crap. Stacey Dash voted for Mitt Romney was a good thing. Now that we know that Obama is a documented Corrupt Liar. We could use more people who are visionaries like Stacey. Good for you Stacey you have dignity and poise Stacey. I hope you are never deterred by this kind of smut.

    Three holes in the Cabesa of the Jack A$$ who wrote this article.

  • John Litchfield

    I can’t respect a liberally-biased so-called journalist like you Meg. Why does Stacy Dash have to vote for Obummer. Because they have the same colored skin? That makes you a bigot. Not all black people like the idiot. Ms. Dash, obviously smarter than you, wanted someone far more qualified, to have the job. It’s not a bad thing to have a mind of your own, or think we should have a president who doesn’t believe in nanny-state politics like B.O.

  • Kevin Dunlap

    Are you kidding me? Clint Eastwood came out of the GOP closet to support Mitt Romney? Who writes this crap? Clint Eastwood was the republican Mayor of Carmel. He is a lifelong republican. He has spoken at the Republican National Convention in the past. You idiots really need to find better editors.

  • Ehuud

    Now that The Messiah has proven to be a serial liar, Stacey Dash proves she has more brains than to just vote for someone because of the color of his skin.

  • rugvendor

    I lost respect for Ariana Huffington and the Huggington Post

  • Jim Brasher

    Thank goodness for Stacy Dash coming out against this communist regime. Proves she has more intelligence than many of the blind sheep here, especially this crap publication

  • AlvinChaos

    I’m shocked to read “nobody should respect a black person for voting Mitt Romney, much less a black woman voting for Mitt Romney”

    This is sexist, racist, and a sad excuse for even gossip journalism. If you chastise a black person for their vote, you’re saying that they don’t deserve the right to vote. Black people don’t have the right to only vote for democrats. They have the right to vote. Period.


  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    One more comment, shut up about what race does this and that and who has the most people on welfare, The truth is were all screwed, Romney sucks, and Obama sucks more. It’s all a game and just a way to make us tribal and want to kill each other. Now yes. Slavery was bad, but like all things that happen bad, it’s always brought on by political hacks. btw. slavery was legal the world over and the USA had the shortest history of slavery, yet for some reason only the USA gets blamed for slavery.

  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    I hope I didn’t read what I think I did. You hate someone with talent over their political views ?. I can understand if they beat someone did drugs and bet their spouse, but hating on someone that disagrees with your view ?. come on, this is America we vote for who we want. imagine if I hated on Jamie Foxx for is views ?, not cool not cool

  • Timothy Fosseen

    I still respect Clint Eastwood and Stacy Dash

  • Timothy Fosseen

    And this is only because Romney is a Repubican. And The Liberals call us Republicans racist.

  • FireBlogger

    Ridiculous reason for banishing her. Check yourself people.

  • Amelia

    Stacey Dash does not belong on this list in any way shape or form. If anything she should be voted as someone who gained respect. Because did what she believed in her heart and did not let other bully her into voting for the mistake that’s in the white house now. Pretty sad she made in on this list for having morals and wanting the United States to succeed rather than fail like it is rapidly doing.

  • Anna

    Madame noir go f*** yourself judging Halle Berry and Stacey Dash. Who the hell r u, these situations are personal and none of your biz wax

  • Rdogg32

    I don’t know who came up with this but if it is the name at the top Meg Butler; you are an idiot! People who voted for Mitt Romney and were open about whatever race they are was for what they believed was right (and it was right) just because they don’t agree with you does not mean you can bash them! Clint Eastwood is amazing and your a nobody so grow up! Why don’t you pick someone who is actually a moron to the level of Miley Cyrus! Reading this was a waste of time when you started bashing republicans!!!

  • JoJack Media

    Every one needs to leave Stacey alone about the Romney thing. She can have her opinion; everyone should respect it even if it goes against what others believe. I am an African American male and Obama has made it much more difficult for me. Since he has taken office, I have had more audit/inspections in 2 years than I have in the last 15 years previous, I have my insurance being yanked at the end of this month only to find that any new insurance is 250% more than what I am paying now for the same service, closed 2 of my businesses, and my taxes have gone up significantly. My problem is, he stated this would not happen, BUT IT HAS. I’m with Stacey on this. Just because she is African American, does not mean she has to support a Democrat. I am an Independent and I dislike politicians whether they are D or R. I don’t think Romney could have been any worse than what we have now.

  • Billo

    Brian Astby
    “Get used to it, blacks have been doing it to whites for going on 40 years now.”

    Wow. Gotta love these Southern Redneck morons. You mean as opposed to the white people who have enslaved, raped, murdered, massacred and controlled blacks for several HUNDRED years?

  • Billo


    “Only ignorant Black folks vote Democrat. Look at all the cities they control; most are struggling.”

    And what’s even funnier is that only ignorant white people vote Republican. Look at the confederate states of the Republican party(the states that fought for the South almost all voted GOP and are red states). The Red state TAKE far more in federal aid than the blue states, many of which actually pay MORE into the federal Gov’t than they get out. That…is a fact. Unlike you’re, “err..where black people live they don’t do too well.”

    Ignorant-ignorant pieces of feces.

  • Truth Gun

    Stacy Dash is awesome! Who put this whack-a-doodle list together? Meg Butler? Where did you all find her?

  • Truth Gun

    Stacy Dash is awesome! Who put this whack-a-doodle list together? Meg Butler? Where did you all find her?

  • Truth Gun

    Stacy Dash is awesome! Who put this whack-a-doodle list together? Meg Butler? Where did you all find her?

  • Truth Gun

    Stacy Dash is awesome! Who put this whack-a-doodle list together? Meg Butler? Where did you all find her?

  • Truth Gun

    Stacy Dash is awesome! Who put this whack-a-doodle list together? Meg Butler? Where did you all find her?

  • R Co

    Stacy dash can vote for whoever she wants. I’m sick of black people thinking the dems are their only choice. We are currently at a higher poverty rate than we were four years ago. Not every black woman thinks it’s great to have the right to kill her baby in the womb. Many of us respect life, marriage and the church. I don’t care what names you call an independent thinker but I call them free to make up their own mind.

  • Canis Dirus

    One huge problem with Dash and Eastwood picks.

    They were right on the money about Obama.

    Butch up and take it.

    He’s one big failure, and we are all paying the price.

  • bradley10

    Apparently many are uncomfortable with Stacy Dash skin color and daring
    to have a second opinion from the Democrats plantation and voting for a
    Republican, But in fairness to the racist here who put her on this list
    in the first place, Stacy Dash is definitely not a Lawn Jockey.Two
    Thumbs up for Stacy Dash, being a bold thinking woman that can actually
    put two or three complete sentences together.

  • Eric Sansoni

    Stacey Dash gets ALL the respect in the world from me for voting with her brains despite peer pressure from mindless, ignorant voters who don’t understand the issues and just vote for people who look like them. Stacey Dash was smart enough to vote for someone who actually had the experience needed to run the federal government and someone who understands that there can be no functioning government at all without strong, successful businesses and a growing private sector economy.

  • I am over it

    I have never seen such reverse racist babble. This uneducated uniform writer actually has a job writing. This was a bunch of dribble nonsense. Embarrasing!

  • PhocusPlease

    This site and who ever the dry hole writing it are a complete waste of time. The whole thing is aimed at people with room temperature IQ’s.

  • kylemcguire

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.”

    Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

  • orocue

    Ms. Dash is an intelligent, educated, strong black woman. Apparently, that’s a bit much for you. I respect and applaud her for her heroic break with the monolithic black voting block in supporting the right candidate, regardless of color- Bravo Stacey. Time is already proving her wisdom. When we consider the fiascoes that were Benghazi, the “Affordable Care Act”, the nuclear treaty with Iran, missile defense in Europe, Chinese trade policy, Cap and Trade, the Canadian oil pipeline…oh my goodness, I’m running out of space!!! President Obama is a disaster of epic proportions and a few of us saw it coming. It’s racist to vote for a person just because of his race, just as it’s racist to not for a person, just because of his race. Read Dr. King’s works a few more times and wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Truth Gun

      So precise! +1

  • Felix

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those.” How is it possible to be this ignorant? Like are you serious right now? I can’t believe people like you even have a job when you post stuff as racist as this, because someone is black does not mean they are inclined to vote a certain way. Thank you for destroying all my faith in humanity.

  • No

    So the racist writer hates Stacey Dash for behaving responsibly? Very telling.

  • David

    As far as Ms. Dash, everything about Obama that people were afraid of came true. I can’t think of one thing that Obama did that was good for black folk

  • flyfishrman

    If Meg Butler was a celebrity, she would be on this list.

    • Truth Gun


  • Larry Dawson

    stacey dash is the only one of the group that gained respect

  • rugvendor

    Stacie Dash, conservative women have a tough time of it, …. but conservative black women have a tougher time of it, ….. You go Ms. Dash. I will forever support you!!!!!!!!!


    Give me a break, you don’t like Stacey Dash because she wasn’t stupid enough to vote for obama just how stupid are you? TOO STUPID

  • guest

    why does it matter who votes for who? people are people and we all get hunger pains and all have sleepless nights. color of skin is meaningless. if we all want to make things better lets start by trying to say sorry sometimes and stop feeling entitled to be apologized to. we all make mistakes and no one person is better than any other person. I seriously feel sad that Stacey Dash was put on this list and her skin color was used as the reason. also why are we all here looking to see who failed and disappointed us? we need to look at our own lives and feel disappointment for failure. not one of us on here took the time to think about what we done this year that was not up to our full potential but we came here anyway to judge everyone else.

  • upload

    Pretty bad that Stacey Dash loses respect for voicing convictions different than your own. I would think that she would be respected more for not being a sheep.

  • Mitt Rocks

    what a bunch of crap, clint eastwood dissed for liking mitt and the other chick , this is crap.. but for the rest of them , its easy, I didn’t respect them from day one.

  • Big Beefy D

    Yeah, Stacy Dash is on the list because she’s black and conservative. You, madam, are a bigot. You and your ilk prefer to perpetuate a culture of dependency in the black community, and you sneer at people like Ms. Dash, who believe that they are responsible for their life, rather than sitting at home waiting for a check from the government.

  • Lacey Woodruff


  • Lacey Woodruff

    sheeeiiittt…I knew he was an idiot after the 1st public fit he threw bcuz he didn’t win that grammy….I mean how awesome do u have 2 think u r 2 not show a little respect?

  • Chad Edwards

    So… Stacey Dash is “off your invite list” because she voted for the only real candidate not Obama… Hell, she ought to be given an honorary chair at the White House… not disowned.

  • Meandu

    I don’t need to look at all these losers because, 1) Why do we even give these people credit for ANYTHING or, 2) All of them but one, are black!!!! Typical!!!!

  • anonymous

    I think the author is very opinionated when it came to Stacy Dash just because she voted for a republican? Ben Carson is black and republican are you going to judge him too? Megan Butler???? You are extremely bias against republican FYI Martin Luther King was a republican so is his niece so pretty much your opinion doesn’t matter to me.

  • John W. Shreve

    So Stacy Dash left the liberal plantation? Good for her!

  • James Dutton

    Meg Butler apparently you just hate republican celebs or at least you use politics as a major factor in your decision. When you are finished pleasuring yourself to a picture of the Obamas you should consider DeVry university for a change in career training, if you can get in.

  • Rob Keaton

    I think it is hilarious you lib tools can disrespect a woman..Stacey Dash for opposing to vote for the great fake messiah that is the empty suit that won office illegally..you a$$holes really think by Obama being President that you actually won something..how’s that hope and change working out for ya now a$$holes

  • And by We she means Meg Butler.

  • BruceBeardsley

    Asinine. Some of these people are complete idiots yes, but to lump people guilty of domestic abuse in with people who you suspect might be less than genuine in their choices of significant other, or people who have voted like a complete morons, is ridiculous.

  • pudge1

    So, you are a racist and do not believe in freedom to vote for a person’s candidate of choice. To vote for a black person because he is black is ignorant and racist.

  • nuffsaid

    Stopped reading after this pic. Author is an ignorant bigot. It’s hard to respect anyone who hates on someone for thinking for themselves whether we agree or not. I don’t agree with the author so stopped reading but it’s her prerogative to be so shallow nuff said.

  • soliel67

    Stacey Dash is a lovely, intelligent woman. She expressed her views with intelligence and without a hint of disdain. Just because someone is not supportive of Obama does not deserve your hate. It’s a free country. She is allowed to not support him, yes, even if she is black. And she has good reasons to. Employment participation is at it’s lowest in 30 plus years, this includes African Americans. That means a lot of suffering. He promised to cut the debt in half and he increased it more than any President COMBINED. This will cause future suffering for ALL especially the middle class and poor in the form of lost jobs, income and austerity. He didn’t tell the truth about Obamacare which is leading to chaos and suffering for many and more for the future. Not to mention the 7 scandals. Have some tolerance, some fair minded ness and reason. Dash is a courageous woman. I support her. And I don’t support sites that can’t be reasonable such as yours when someone simply disagrees with you. Come on, grow up!

  • Love&Resepect Everyone

    Being “Done” with someone or saying you “Lost Respect For” someone only because they have different political opinions than you is the height of hypocrisy. Including them on a list of people who have done some genuinely bad or stupid things is a disgrace to the writer and the website.

  • Hoilday4

    Need some money for BLACK FRIDAY. Well this is what you can do. Go to Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreen’s. And buy a green money PAK CARD. Load $100-$800 on it. And all I need is the number on the back of the card and I can go in the system and add a ZERO yes a ZERO behind it. Wire me my cut that’s all I ask for and we can do it again. Email me @ thebestthingever4@gmail.com

  • Meatworld

    “Celebrities” please.

  • JatJat

    Meg Butler you’re a racist piece of crap….Because Stacey Dash voted for a “White Guy” and not the ‘Black Guy.” When you look in the mirror do you see a douche bag staring back,,,I see one in the author of this article.

  • M

    Proof that liberals “care about black peoples’ equality” unless a black person is conservative. If Stacy Dash were considered equal by the column here, she would not have just been black balled by the writer for voting for Mitt Romney, either as a woman or a black person. Libs are utter retards.

  • Nikki Hendon

    I’m sorry I wasted my time reading this crap.

  • grkorbel

    Who gives a damn about this guy’s (or woman’s) opinion? What arrogance! What insipid superficiality! Fourth-rate who-the-hell-are-they-anyway “celebrities” are singled out while people who actually have an effect on American’s lives get a free pass. Anybody on this list have a hand in millions of Americans getting their health insurance kicked to the curb? There was one guy among the fallen here only because of political reasons.

    Small minds have to deal with small issues, I suppose.

  • twelsh36446

    They forgot John Wayne was half white half black. Brad Pit is red and white. I look white but I’m Chinese. It’s not about what color you are, but what you are like in the real world

  • Brandy

    Wow, so if you’re a black woman, you’re not allowed to think for yourself and vote for a conservative in an election without losing respect. So, let me get this straight, a black woman cannot decide for herself which political party to vote with, she cannot set her own values, she cannot be who she is, she must conform to what you think she should be? Crazy…

  • Mobynowak

    Sad. Everyone knows skin color is all that matters..

  • poorer by the day

    So called “journalists” we’re tired of… Madame Noire. I can’t respect anyone who uses race as voting criteria. I can’t respect anyone who consciously votes for someone who lowers the quality of living for people of color.

  • Tiffany Crawford

    I don’t know who writes this bullshit, but really? You can’t respect a black woman who votes for Romney? At least she didn’t vote Obama! damn mindless twit, get a new job! Writing is not your strong side!!

  • Dina Vorac-Heath

    SO, Stacy Dash is to not be respected because shes a black woman who didn’t vote for a black president? Racist much?

  • Lily

    So you lost respect for someone just because they exercised their right to vote for whoever they wanted to vote for? I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney and can’t stand the guy, but that’s just stupid and honestly un-American. People can vote for who they want for whatever reason. It’s called democracy.

  • Lurker

    So I accidentally bumped into a link to this article and clicked it when I saw it was about “Celebrities we lost respect for in 2012” with Stacey Dash’s picture plastered on. I thought to myself “Don’t tell me this nimrod of an Author has beef with Ms Dash because of how she voted.” So I went ahead and clicked the link and found that the Author is apparently arcist bigot to boot. So because Ms Dash, unlike the Author, voted for someone not her skin color she’s someone we should lose respect for? So because she was one of only 7% of Blacks who voted against Obama last year she’s not worthy of respect? Some of my favorite celebrities and I vehemently disagree on politics but I highly respect them for their professional success and such. It seems the Author has such an inferiority complex as both an African American and a Woman that because someone voted differently then her it suddenly means we should put them on a list of people not to be respected. I am extremely happy I harbor no such inferiority, racism, or bigotry like the Author does to anyone who’s sole horrible, evil, thing to have done is canceled out my vote.

  • AbnDoc

    Well, we have learned one thing. The writer hates Mitt Romney and anyone who would vote for him. Maybe we should discuss the benefits of tolerance.

  • Imadumbliberal

    Is the writer of this story that dumb? Yes, they are.

  • Nigel Holland

    Black people cease to amaze me. So what if Keyshia Cole say’s she biracial. Black folks always have the assumption that if someone say’s they’re mixed, that they aren’t proud of being black. None of us are pure unless you or your parents are from the motherland. I thought that, I should through that out there…cough cough..Spoken by the “Black Muscogee..”

  • Matt Truong

    whoever Meg Butler. People like you promoted racism. Really? I can’t respect a black woman voting for Romney. You have respect for white people for voting for Obama? I don’t know how ignorant people like you get place articles. People like you is reason racism will never die.

  • JP

    Now whose being racist in regards to Stacy Dash. It wasn’t a popularity contest and from the way things are going, I think her choice was the best but this is pop culture america so don’t pick the qualified person.

  • Primo

    Where is Meg Butler on this list? How can she be respected when she des not respect anyone else opinions. What was written about Clint and Stacy in not fair. It appears as if Meg is saying, if you don’t agree with my political views the world should lose respect for you… Hey Meg, I wish I voted republican, thanks to Obuma, I cannot afford medical can and have to give up my plan. Worse than losing my health coverage, I am being taxed for not being able to afford my medical insurance.
    Hey Meg, I have no respect for you!

  • Primo

    Stacey Dash is still so pretty I wish she would respect me every morning!!!!

  • bookstorelady

    Just because someone does not share your political views does not make them crazy or a bad person it just means they have different views then you, that is one of the perks to living in a FREE country everyone has a right to their own opinion.

  • Lynelle Hullsiek

    What a ridiculous reason to vote Stacey Dash for this column. You provided NO supporting evidence as to why it’s “silly” for her to vote for Mitt Romney – and all because she’s black? And a woman? Shame on you! She’s the only person on this list with any class and true independence. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for including her.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    You bash Stacy Dash because a black person dare not vote for another black person, Obama. Where is MLK’s notion a person should be judged by their character not the color of their skin? Here you have a person making up there own mind, instead of group think that permeates the black community…You all are still living on a plantation of your own making. Its called ignorance and racism, otherwise known as the Democrat Party. You all can’t think of anything outside of color and what your black leaders tell you to do. They had a term for people like your so-called leaders 150 years ago, House Ni 66 ers. You people are sad…just plain sad….

  • Em Dubb

    Those who read this – do yourself a favor – grow some brains and do something more useful with your life. Here’s a first step, read the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. You’ll discover how our current administration is getting it so wrong.

  • Mythoughts

    this is absolutely pathetic! I can’t believe you would hate on someone because of who they would vote for. Look at what Obama has put us through! He sucks! Mitt Romney would have been tons better. it isn’t about who is black or white…its about who is better for the role. I can’t believe how raciest you are!!!!

    • Em Dubb

      This whole article is a pile of sh1t. I must have been bored out of my mind to end up on this trash.

  • Emily

    Meg Butler-you are the biggest Bigot there is. To right that you lost respect for those that voted for Mitt Romney? You are piece of work! You ‘re o.k. with people being gay and black and so forth, but being republican? How narrow minded are you? I am fine with the gay community and black community and whatever people toots people horn for happiness. I am Republican and would never “lose” respect for someone who votes Democratic….

    • Emily

      To “write”. Dang auto correct.

  • avnrulz

    You should be eating crow over Ms. Dash; this administration has proven to be out and out liars over everything they touch, from the ‘Stimulus’ to Unemployment (Remember it was supposed to go down after the Stimulus? Instead, BHO was riding the longest unemployment above 7% record, until it was manipulated right before the election). Then, there was Benghazi, leaving four Americans to die, telling the Commanders to stand down, and, since that event, trumping up reasons to have them dismissed. Now, we have Obamacare, which the witch Pelosi said we had to pass to read; now everyone is losing their insurance, no one can sign on to the website, and their information is being hacked. You should be sending her apology letters every day.

  • slowhand1958

    You can’t respect Stacey Dash for thinking independently and voting for Mitt Romney? But you can vote for a man that has literally trashed this country? A president who has no economic policy, no foreign policy and no energy policy. I’m sorry, but for that I cannot respect you. Why don’t you just come out and say it, you don’t respect her because she didn’t vote for the black man.

  • Alyson

    This is STUPID. The fact that this post doesn’t like Stacy Dash- A black woman, for voting in a smart way, only supports the fact that Black people only voted for Obama for being black disregarding the FACTS!..the fact that the sentence is repeated is another example of the lack in intelligence of the person who came up with this post. I support Stacy. not only because I am a black conservative, but because she is smart, pays attention to the truth in politics, and doesn’t vote blindly based on outer appearance. “nuff said”

  • Lisa Young Mclees

    Stacey Dash is on your list for voting for who she wanted to vote for? I have no respect for your “list”

  • edwin

    yeah….obama is killing it! Stacy Dash was correct all along. Worst President ever!

  • Angry American

    This Meg Butler lady who wrote this about Stacey Dash is RACIST. Just because Stacey is black she can’t vote for a white man. Shame on you Meg Butler you and other journalist should be doing something else. The Democratic party is bringing America down and you so called journalist just sit back and wait to see if you can be good friends with the white house. You should be doing something else cause u are no good at what you do.

  • amazed57

    Stacey Dash is a hero for standing up to the Democrats who continue to take black vote for granted without any help for me. Look at black unemployment. The sad thing is for you to put her on the list.

  • Monroe

    I think you guys left out another person we lost respect for in 2012 and that is Tammi Roman from Basketball Wives. After that bullying incident I can not have any respect for Tammi. Please get rid of her, she is not a positive person at all.

  • Dr80ew .

    I have actually more respect for her. (Stacey Dash) She voted for someone not because of what they looked like but what they believe in. Kinda how politics started and is supposed to be.. Whoever wrote this must be a black supremacist, kindergardner or just all in all hates white people.
    Oh yeah and Kanye West has always been an idiot.

  • Duane Savage

    What kind of racist site is this?

  • shadow

    To put Stacey Dash on here because she voted for Mitt Romney is wrong. Double standards like a mother! I bet an ignorant black, or gay wrote this article.

  • waltdisney

    So you morons lose respect for Stacey Dash for not being stupid enough to vote for fraud Obama. She GAINED more respect for speaking out against the fake President. God Bless her. The rest of these 2-bit scum should have no respect at all. Worthless trash!

  • Byron Shutt

    Because someone has a logical reason to vote for someone….OTHER THAN COLOR…..you have no respect for them, pathetic.

  • Jack Clancy

    Let me see if I understand Stacy Dash has no 1st Amendment rights, but you do. Only the left has a right to speak out? Why is it the left always wants you to shut up if you don’t agree with them? That is why the 1st is followed by the 2nd Amendment. What part of “shall not” can’t you understand?

  • Just Sayin’

    why are they all black – except maybe 2 of them? is this writer racist?

  • ver good

  • Kathleen

    They don’t like Stacey! Typical liberal – they are tolerant of other peoples views until you disagree with them – where’s the tolerance now Noire??

  • suzyed

    Did we ever even have respect for any of them? I don’t even know who the heck most of them are, so not sure they should be called celebrities…kinda like Dancing with the Stars….most of which are no name people.

  • Horrendus

    Sorry you are the IDIOT and do not have any credibility, Stacy Dash is one of the few intelligent ones.. Most of the black folk that voted for obama have simply voted themselves into more servitude. Now that ACA is starting they will pay the price when it fails.

  • Travis76

    Same comment on #14. You’re idiots.

  • Travis76

    Concerning #12, I can’t respect anyone write or say anything this stupid. You don’t tell ANYONE how to vote because of who you perceive them as jackass

  • Noelle C Campbell

    i kept wondering why this post had nothing but black celebrities… I kept thinking – is this racist? It must be. If were white and I posted a list that was nothing but black celebrities I’m ashamed of, would it be racist?

  • avlisk

    Yes, Barry Obama should be on this list. He’s fallen the most.


    You lost respect for someone because of their political views? Sad girl, just sad. Not saying Mitt would’ve done a better job than Barack or any other candidate, but to judge people for who they vote for is a bit ridiculous.

  • Jack Horgan

    So, Stacey Dash should not be respected because she voted for Mitt Romney, the best person for the job. But she would have been respected if she just voted for Obama because he is Black. This ideology keeps you second-class citizens.

  • bean2

    Stacy Dash? That stupid girl who hated obamacare from the beginning. Imagine~

  • Dahonestbear

    Some of these people I never had respect, some I never heard of. I also find it interesting that just about all listed were black or were these he blacks being black listed?. Guess white celebs were good people this year,

  • Gee_Lo_11

    Your stupid comment about Stacey Dash and having no respect for any black person who voted for Mitt Romney is racist in itself. All black people who voted for that piece of crap obama just because he was black was idiotic!!! He’s more white and arab then black anyways you dumbasses!!! Look into it. Blacks are the most racist people on earth! And stop with all the slavery crap, all races have been slaves throughout time!

  • TJJ

    Way to go, Meg Butler…you’ve outed yourself as a complete bigot. Wonder if if this site saw the light and cut you loose; if not, you probably cost them a bunch of readership. Bravo.

  • SayQue

    Dash can vote for whomever she wishes. You’re a racist pig. If black people were smart we wouldn’t have idiot Obama for 2 terms and this Country wouldn’t be garbage

  • Zena

    You’re so God damn racist and sexist! You want people to vote according to their color and sex and being half black should discredit someone from participating in Black Girls!!!! Let me guess, you probably think racism is wrong, right? Check your premises.

  • I Art Laughing

    I didn’t vote for Mitt, but if you voted for 0bama, I don’t really care what you respect. You have no sense of perspective whatsoever. Oh and you are clearly a man hating misandrist.

  • MEEH

    This is one of the most blatantly racist closed minded sites ever!!!! Quit acting like everything that’s not black is bad you racist fucks!

  • Common Sense

    How racist to be upset with a black person for voting for someone other than Obama. I can’t respect a black person that votes for a president just because of the color of his skin. People need to research what a politician stands for before they bus people in to vote for him. RACIST!!!

  • Sansa

    I can’t respect anyone who expects someone to vote based on skin color. How you liking that hope and change now. All the change has left this country with no hope.

  • Jen

    Ya….Stacey Dash should not be respected for having a logical mind, a mind that discerns the difference between the all talk no action Obama who has never run anything in his life, has the worst job creation record for a President since WW2, with black unemployment at record highs, student unemployment at record highs, and the worst overall growth after a recession in U.S. history VS Mitt Romney a successful businessman with a PROVEN track record for creating jobs across all industries. You should ask YOURSELF why you want to be part of the LEMMINGS who vote on color and NOT on record…perhaps you want mediocrity because that way you have an excuse for not succeeding.

  • smw

    It’s funny how Comcast just took down Stacey Dash’s picture, isn’t it? The article is all of a sudden nowhere to be found on the website…t

    This country better start paying attention to what’s going on all around us, instead of what’s going on in Hollywood.

  • smw

    You’re the racist one for assuming that all black people need to vote democratic. My son was called a racist b/c his parents voted for Romney. Crazy. BTW, maybe some of you are rethinking the whole Obama thing? It has nothing to do with the color of his skin – he doesn’t know how to run a business, much less the country.

  • bowtr

    So – we don’t resect anyone that votes for a Republican (white or black)? I didn’t, but I didn’t vote for BHO, either. I, however, still respect people that did vote for the most unqualified leader of the free world that has ever come down the pipe. It’s good there is still some momentum in the U.S. economy and military power. There are only three things I like about the President: 1. He’s cool, 2. He’s (reasonably) articulate – a welcome change after “W”, 3. He’s a White Sox fan. Everything else he does, particularly in world politics and the economy, is “kicking the can down the road”, so he looks better to the ignorant masses (sorry.) I could go on about why I say this, but I think I’d be talking to the wall.

  • rjmatty

    Typical uninformed idiot, blacks have done worse under this president than any in recent history, but there is no sense arguing they are in fantasy land nuff said

  • VoiceOfReason

    Not having your “respect” seems fairly inconsequential……. Your loss or “respect” in Stacey Dash seems brainless and ignorant…
    Honestly, i find it truly saddening that blacks attack another black, especially in such a public manner just because she chose to support the republican candidate instead of Obama… Doesn’t she have the right to make her own decisions in life?? Is she not allowed to make educated choices based on the facts and information presented then form her own opinion. Is it not her right to cast her vote in favor of the individual whom she feels posses the strongest qualities, experience, vision, morals, views, and platform, etc etc etc as her choice for president??
    The fact that this website has lost “respect” in someone just because they cast a vote based on their beliefs, ideals, and morals, that did not align with the desire of the website is just simple minded and childish. Its seems readily apparent to anyone browsing this website that the driving force behind this is clearly RACISM and PREJUDICE!!
    Casting your vote based on the color of the candidates skin while attempting to belittle others who choose to rise above the BIGOTRY you promote and vote their conscience is deplorable. I’m sure Stacey Dash didn’t loose any sleep for loosing your petty “respect”

    Oh and on a second note, I seriously doubt if Clint Eastwood cares if you don’t like him because he didn’t vote for the black guy. and I’m also willing to bet that he did not make his choice based on skin color either!!!

  • caveman1313

    so, let me get this straight. the writer would have been ok with her voting for romney if she was white and a man? instead the writer dislikes her because of her race and sex.

    isn’t that racists and misogynistic?

  • MamaRoo

    Yea…and all those black folks voting for Obama were really on the ball!! I can’t respect someone that picks a leader based on color instead of brains. Nuff said!

  • noneya

    Wow, whoever wrote this and came up with this and put Stacey Dash on it is an idiot. Period.

  • heeon

    Hatting on your own color, smart. Now we can all do it.

  • Done

    Stacey Dash?? Really? I guess you’re all takers with no jobs. WTF has Obama done?? I’ll tell you. He’s put all the middle class in more debt and killed heathcare.

  • kjdkg

    i cant respect anyone who was foolish enough to vote obama!

  • Nathan Brown

    Stacey Dash is one of the few black celebrities to vote her conscience. She should not be on a list like this for her political views. And 5 years in the Obama admin has been a disaster. This site has no class.

  • Francis Santa-Teresa

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.”
    Wow…you put Stacy Dash down because she didn’t like Owe-bammy, who as it turns out is the biggest socialist this country has ever seen!!

  • Angela Snapp

    I think Kanye West is the biggest douche-bag in the universe. I’m gonna nominate him for an award.

  • Ridiculous

    WOW! I just happened on this page, and realize this is an old article, but WOW! “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.” Why? Stacey Dash (or anyone for that matter) should not vote for someone because of the color of their skin! Obviously a LOT of people voted for Dictator Obama because he’s black, not because of his experience or politics. Well, except for the worthless people in this country that would rather receive government support than work! And look at where our country is now. Probably would have been better off with Mitt Romney, since the “president” continues to DESTROY our country and turn it into a socialist state.

  • ahpennington

    I can’t respect anyone who doesn’t respect other peoples opinion’s. I can’t respect someone ho sits atop their perch and passes judgement on people. ‘Nuff said.

  • Brian Dare

    You had my interest in this list until you became a complete dumbass with this one…
    I dislike BOTH sides of the isle, but asses like you are why this country is turning to CRAP before our eyes.
    Making the race of a person the ONLY reason to vote for them is beyond inane…
    Meg, we are DONE with YOU…

  • thinkfirst

    Ignorance and intolerance for different opinions on full display with the Dash addition to the list. Thanks for showing your true colors.

  • Matt Dylan

    I don’t know who “Meg Butler” is but apparently she put this list together. What Ms. Butler said about Stacey Dash is APPALLING. So you can’t respect a black person who votes for Mitt Romney? Why? Because Obama is half-black and therefore all black people are obligated to vote for him? Why are liberals so OBSESSED with RACE?! The liberal left in this country makes sure to keep racism alive and well in this country. It serves their political agenda.

  • Michael Chester

    the Author of this article deserves no credibility what so ever, this ignorant fool stated he lost it for Stacey Dash because she voted for Romney….REALLY? Obama is a total waste of biological material. The man has done nothing but weaken out country…bunch of LIBTARD FOOLS HERE!!!!!

  • Lisa Colacurcio-Cohan

    1) I am happy to report that there were more people on this list that I HADN’T heard of than I had. 2) But more importantly, your ridiculous multiple references to hating Republicans removed any hint of credibility you had. Make up your mind if you want to write about politics or entertainment.

  • Amanda

    We get it. We get it. You hate Mitt Romney.. Stupid reason though. Gotta love people who say they want everyone to be equal but really mean people who think equally the same as I do.. Lame.

  • E Park

    I can only imagine how much non-black readers got a bad taste in their mouth at the Stacy Dash comment. Because this didn’t help alienate the black community from everyone else on the planet. Not at all…

  • Lisa Marie

    You put Stacey Dash on this list? She does not fit in this crowd at all! Just because she voted Republican? You’ve got to be kidding!! So you are prejudice against someone because they voted for Romney? So what does that make you… a “Partyist”?????? She should be removed from this list and you should apologize!

  • eskimojoe

    stacy dash is the bomb i respect her do only people that dont respect her are the ignorant ones that voted for barack hussain obummer

    • David Whiteman

      yes, this list lost all credibility when he adds someone just because of who they voted for

  • Rock Ranger

    Lovely. At least there is transparency calling a black vote for someone other than Obama a betrayal of color. If that isn’t racist. . .

  • Annoyed

    Disrespecting Stacy Dash for having her own opinion is just more proof of how blacks are far more prejudice than whites. She made an intelligent vote based on policies, not the color of their skin. How many of you would have voted for BHO if he was a 60 year old white man? Think about it!

  • jnlwriter

    I’m White, blonde, WASP, so this isn’t about ME, but why are 99% of these celebrities African American? Just because that’s the audience here? Still, what about Lindsay Lohan, Alec Baldwin, etc.?

  • Dinnyq

    The Stacey Dash comments are beyond stupid and no one knows what’s actually going on with Halle and Gabriel besides tabloid speculation. And if Keyshia actually IS biracial, what’s the issue? People get wayyy too involved in celeb drama sometimes.

  • Stacey Dash Fanclub

    I forgive Stacey Dash for ANY lapse in judgement.

  • Tera Gram

    In retrospect, Romney would have been a much better president than the joke who was elected. Take Stacy and Clint off the list.

  • hearmetalking

    There are so many phonies in the entertainment business its sickening.// Very few that can be considered role models.

  • tony

    In retrospect—Eastwood was right, while the seat is occupied it still appears empty……

  • Damn you would think Stacey Dash stole her man from her… very biased opinion smh

  • LOL Too Short tho… if anybody was gonna be first I was certain it would be Terrell Owens


    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.
    How can anyone respect anything Meg Butler writes ?

    This is Titled Celebrities we lost respect for ? NO Butler “WE” didn’t make this decision, you did.
    Regardless of whom Stacey Dash votes for i still have respect for her, at least she voted !
    Her choice is her business, what next Butler, are you going to call her a race traitor ?
    Maybe she took the time to research each candidates policies and decided her person was a better choice ?
    It seems you saw only shades and made your choice on that alone.
    Meg Butlers name is missing from this article … Oh wait, you’re a nobody anyway.Why would anyone ever consider you for a list like this ? Beats me ?

    • Mike

      You are pathetic


        Like your 3 word reply ? Don’t strain yourself loser.

  • DiorNotWar

    Her opinions are no more than pointless rants from a woman with too much time on her hands. Here, she is criticizing “C/D-List” celebs (mainly VH1 reality show “stars”) on the way they live their lives or decisions they made in the past year. She sounds just like a bitter, holier than thou woman who thinks everyone owes her something. Yea, let’s bash on Stacey Dash because she was not ashamed to be politically forthright and proudly announce whom she was voting for! Yea, because that makes a lot of sense. I’d like to see what skeletons this chick has in her closet, seeing as how quickly she is to judge everyone else.

  • Joe Smith

    Dump on Stacey Dash because she thinks for herself , is patriotic , and conservative ?!?
    There’s a great deal of idiocy demonstrated on this silly , superficial website.

  • Regina Burch Walters

    I respect your opinions but I don’t think it is right for you to ridicule other people just because you have a different opinion~ so what they like Mitt Romney~ it is a free country and this is so wrong ~~

  • Michael Connolly

    Wow, so Stacey Dash is evil because she voted for Romney…

  • Don’t Be Ignorant

    13th Amendment: Abolished Slavery – 100% Republicans supported it, 23% of Democrats; 14th Amendment: Gave Citizenship to freed slaves: – 100% Republican Support, 0% Democraps; 15th Amendment: Right to Vote for All – 100% Republican, 0% Demoncraps


  • Kam Hill

    I cant respect a RACIST writer who gauges respect for an individual based on skin color and voting history. ‘Nuff said.

  • Mark Fitzsimmons

    Wow, if you’re going to write about “celebrities,” you should pick people that we’ve actually heard of.

  • shannon

    Who are you to judge these people? Are you perfect? Do you have kids? Do you know these people? Take a good look in the mirror before you judge people for the sake of your ratings….

  • Citizen Matt

    Yeah, Stacy Dash deserves to be up here with a bunch of wife beaters for not voting for the current assclown. Because Obama is doing such a great job. Maybe she was right. Why are you so threatened by a woman who thinks for herself?

  • Former President elect to be

    re your list of celebs with whom you are disappointed…How about the POTUS? Lying, misleading, oh, and lying to further his agenda…>50% unhappy with him and don’t trust him…seems a very fitting candidate for this list if you ask me…

  • disbeliver

    Yes, the part black girl must be a racist because she didn’t vote for BO. (It is so easy to control the black vote, they don’t even see it!)

  • Tacitus Talks

    I don’t have any respect for a journalist (you studied that because you were too stupid to pass the mathematics for a real degree) who voted for that MONKEY IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

  • Jay

    Wow….Stacey Dash. How utterly ignorant and racist was that comment? You don’t respect her because she voted for a Republican? What exactly has the Democratic party done to improve the lives of African-Americans in this country?

  • Kim

    Kenya Moore is her own worst enemy. However, her service to society is being a perfect example of how a bad attitude ruins beauty.

  • DidSomebodyFart

    I find this website tinged with racism.

  • William David Kull


  • steamboat

    I can’t respect anyone – white, black or pokadot that voted for Obummer. Get you heads out of the sand and look around. Liberals are destroying this country and you’re too blindly studid to realize it. They have destroyed the black family unit with dependancy. Get a clue ! NUFF SAID !

  • Roman

    Hating on halle? its all good, she doesnt need to be single. she found herself a “martinez.” Maybe thats why u hating??

  • ADLoggy

    So you lost disrespect for Ms. Dash for voting for who she thought was the better candidate based on character and policy and not based solely on a person’s color. I respect her greatly for that, as MLK Jr. would have. You voted for Obama who is now outed for what he is…a prevaricator who has actually hurt minorities leaving them worse off than before. You have lost all credibility with this one.

  • ham samich

    a society that puts equality before freedom will have neither.

  • jon

    is it me or is this writer just hatin on black poeple

  • No Meg Fan

    Meg Butler is a typical “watcher”-class trollop (ie. builds her life around what other people do rather than having a life of her own), who has no real claim to anything but be an annoying mental pygmy. Little intelligence is shown in her commentary. In fact, her attempts at “journalism” are rife with the very ignorance that is bringing down the standards of America. If she were to be hit by a bus (better yet, a bus driven by a Republican voter), the world would be a better place. I know there is little excuse for idiots like Meg to exist, but with the relative lack of intellect that being a writer for an internet blog entails, she’s found her niche among the people out there who don’t actually have anything significant to contribute to the world. Sorry, Meg. Aside from giggly 13 yr old inner-city girls, nobody’s impressed with you.
    So, take your crayons and coloring books and go away.

  • Jennifer

    Yu know who I can’t respect? A person that doesn’t respect differences in people’s political opinions. Shame on you. What about all of the people that threatened and hurled racist insults at Ms. Dash for supporting Mitt Romney. Shame on them. AND SHAME ON YOU. P.S. I voted for Obama.

  • Pingback: Reverse Racism | Our Phenomenal Life()

  • ratmandu

    Stacy Dash votes her conservative convictions ! She’s far more of a woman than you’ll ever be you liberal hack !

  • i vote for my future not for any individual.

  • Matt

    I agree that Ochocinco is a terrable person but thats pretty sexist of you to write that hitting women is never ok……if a woman is hitting me then yes I will probably strike back once in self defense. And even if I didnt punch her I still would push her as hard as I can and that would probably be even worse.

    • Matt


  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    Everyone else got what Clint Eastwood was doing so why couldn’t this racist obama loving dork? My Bad. I answered my own question.

  • disqus_GYXQ8Ms8Zk

    As it turns out, Stacey Dash has shown more intelligence than what you gave her credit for. Opra is wrong on who exactly is racist. If obama were white he would lost in a land slide. Stacey had shown that she voted for who would be trying to get this country out of a slump rather than obama’s followers wondering what he will give them for free when the work force in America are paying the price!

  • anon

    I for one definitely aggree with Deon Sanders. I really do believe that if you have to pay allimony after your divorced just because your suppose to support her lifestyle then you should be entitled by the court to some ……… priviledges. lol

  • Christopher Bowen

    I’m trying to figure out how Angelina (I’m gonna have my breast removed to prove how stupid people deal with the possibility of someday acquiring breast cancer) Jolie got left off this list.

  • sarge927

    Can’t respect a black person who voted for Mitt Romney? Can’t respect a woman who voted for Mitt Romney? Homophobic much?!?!! Narrow-minded much?!?!!!

  • mrsmuduck

    Racist POS. I guess you like sharing the money you earn with other lazy POSs Obama gives it to. I just can’t believe you would base your ability to like someone based on their political opinion. But I guess you are just that closed minded.

  • ZaphodQB

    I stopped reading at # 2 when the writer made the blanket comment saying “Hitting a woman is never OK” While it may be true that Chad Ochocinco might be a D-Bag, to say “never” covers a very large hunk of ground, If you found yourself in a confrontation with someone like, Oh, let’s say Aileen Wuornos or Jodi Arias, my suggestion would be; Do not hesitate for even one second to hit her, often and hard!

  • Steve

    Really, can’t respect Stacey Dash for being smart enough to realize that Obama is NOT the answer for our country?! That Stacey Dash was smart enough to realize that Romney had a better plan all along for our country?! I have no respect for anyone calling her out for such trivial reasons – like the person who wrote the article. By the way, how’s that going with our current black president who has one of the lowest ratings ever and is considered a pathological liar with no credibility by almost 75% of this country? Oh, and how’s that so-called affordable care act going for everyone? Yeah, I think Stacey is showing she was the intelligent one – which is why she was so widely criticized.

  • Jon Weiss

    Not really sure what to say to the headline of this one, considering that of the so called “celebrities”, fully half I’ve never heard or seen anything they have done nor have I ever seen them before nor heard their names. Not really sure why they are even called celebs?

  • staceyva1

    I am disgusted by your comments about Stacey Dash. Shame on you for not respecting someone’s right to vote. Shame on you. This is EXACTLY what’s wrong with this country. You’re fine with all of hollywood and their love affair with Obama, but if someone goes against the grain… you cast them aside. Disgraceful.

  • MrBigPhil

    your entire list “get’s down” on people”s downfall. you are making a career on other people’s downfall right now!!!

  • Jeff D.

    The author said of Stacey Dash, “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.” Really?! What a racist comment! So to be black is to be Democrat automatically? Incredible. I’ll be sure to not read Madame Noire anymore, and I’m going to recommend my friends not so so, also.

  • JeffG

    So Stacey Dash got on this list for being a citizen and voting as she believed, I think the people behind this list have serious problems. Bottom line that is what is suppose to be behind the USA – voting for a candidate based on views, deeds. not color, or media hype. She should not be on this list.

  • Jacquelin

    Since when do you have the right to judge someone for who they voted for?? And Romney would have been a better president than you have now So Good for her!!!!!!!!

  • yousuckdick

    Putting Stacy Dash on the list just because you don’t agree with who she voted with shows intelligent people just how much of a liberal biased rag this website is.

  • Alan3008

    Meg Butler,

    You said, “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I
    can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash
    is both of those. ‘Nuff said.
    That’s where I stopped looking at your story list celebrities you lost respect for in 2012, because I lost total respect for you with that comment.

    So, what you mean is you do not respect “smart” people, because smart is what Stacey Dash and 5% of black Americans were when they didn’t vote for your savior, Obama.
    So you do respect someone that did vote for Obama, the compulsive liar that lied repeatedly before winning in 2008 and then again to get re-elected in 2012 when he lied about Obamacare and Benghazi, plus covered up Fast and Furious. He also lied abut cutting our national debt in half. Instead, he more than doubled it! Why would you vote for someone like that? Incredibly stupid. How pitiful.

    Obama should be on your list for all the lies he has told over the years. Hell, he should be at the top of the list because he is supposed to be the leader of the free world. He isn’t a leader and will go down in history as our worst president ever. That’s a fact.

  • Defendyourself

    So having an intelligent vote puts you on the outs? Who actually writes this garbage?

  • Ace24

    I’m sure Stacey is just crushed that you (who?) don’t respect her – NOT!!!

  • mediasilenced

    What an IDIOTIC website! Anyone who puts Stacey Dash on their list of Celebrities who lost respect in 2012 because she is smart enough to see through Obama’s lies and strong enough to have her own opinion is a MORON, plain and simple. What I have no respect for are the racist idiots at Madame Noire who support the lying incompetent in the White House for no other reason than because he is black.

  • jack prentiss

    I really enjoy the author cutting off the conversation re: Stacey Dash with “nuff said. How dare someone stray off the plantation of the Democratic party. This country would be immensely better off with Mitt Romney as president. Somebody please comment about how effective BO has been, PLEASE!

  • jack prentiss

    40 acres and a mule is what we need! Keep those coloreds happy!!!!!!

  • fm

    Why can’t a black person vote for Mitt Romney? Always gotta be down with the brown, eh?

  • BulletsNotWords

    Poor wittle n****rs…

  • galupp

    How does that vote for Mitt look now?


    So the author is such a racist that he feels sorry for Stacey Dash because she’s smart enough to not vote for Obama? WOW, such a classy journalist. This wouldn’t pass a junior high journalism class. I also notice most of the Celebs picked are black, so another interesting aspect of this bigot!

  • KissyChrissy

    I usually don’t read trashy articles like this, but was curious because I don’t much like celebrities as it is and Stacey Dash’s picture was the cover for the article. I have to say that Ms. Butler is pretty ridiculous in her opinions. While many of her claims of disrespect are valid, she is an uninformed, liberal racist. Out of the hundreds of celebrities she criticizes only two white ones. One who most definitely deserved it and one for coming out of his political closet to support Mitt Romney. Are you serious??? Clint Eastwood was a Republican mayor in California years ago. It has always been known that we was independent from Hollywood in his political beliefs. The only reason the chair joke wasn’t funny was because she is a liberal. 2nd, to add Stacey Dash to the list solely for coming out for Mitt Romney when she is black (seriously???? Black people should step in line and when they don’t, you lose respect? You already had no respect if that is the case) and the fact that she was a woman who supported him then that doubles down on the reason to lose respect for her. So, you were one of the morons claiming that the comment “binders full of women” was so offensive that any women who thinks otherwise is a dumb bimbo, married to some wife beater backwoods Christian or the like? What is offensive is women who belittle others for having a different political opinion. It wasn’t like Stacey Dash was dancing naked on a stripper pole in public while out on the town with a drug addict boyfriend. But then, she probably wouldn’t have even had a political opinion of her own, so she wouldn’t have made your list.

  • Katrina McMasters

    Clint Eastwood… really? are you serious? just because people have their own political opinions and do not share yours does not mean that they have to be mentally evaluated.. That man is more successful and brilliant than you could ever possibly be. Just to clarify seeing as you never get your facts straight Clint Eastwood has always shown an interest in politics. He won election as the nonpartisan mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
    in April 1986 and in 2001, Governor Gray Davis appointed the
    Oscar-winner to the California State Park and Recreation Commission. Eastwood registered as a Republican in order to vote for Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952 and he passively supported Richard Nixon’s 1968 and 1972 presidential campaigns. He later criticized Nixon’s handling of the Vietnam War and his morality during Watergate! the list goes on… you seem to be very misinformed when it comes to history yet you are very quick to comment on things that you know nothing about.

  • Katrina McMasters

    As far as your comment about Stacey Dash goes the only one that seems to have lost respect for her is you. If you vote based on someones color instead of their political standing then there is something wrong with you. Her being black has nothing! to do with her voting. Your comment about Stacey made you look silly and immature African Americans have the freedom to vote as they please and should be able to without people like you speaking nonsense about it.

  • Sam

    Guys do we REALLY have to bring race into this? I mean, yeah, a lot of people voted for Obama because he’s black, but does it really MATTER whether or not white people live in the ghettos or which race is apparently “worse” and dumber? You all disgust me. I do think it is a low blow to slam people for who they want to vote for, and I do think that Obama has done this country more harm than good, but that has NOTHING… NOTHING to do with his race. Can you all just keep it polite and grow up a little please?

  • Steve Iversen

    Meg is one of the worst kind of racists. According to her, black people are supposed to think a certain way and are not allowed to be individuals.

  • Shekhar Jain

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.”
    wow, that is one of the most ignorant comments i’ve seen in awhile.

  • Jeffrey Whittaker

    This article reveals how stupid the media is! These stars are being treated more disrespectfully by this article than the stars treated the public! Intolerance is never okay! Emotional expression certainly is okay!

  • Alvin York

    im proud of Stacey dash. Just because you are black doesnt mean you should vote for that Dumbass Obama. Its you racist Democrats that should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • maryannela

    what a jackass you are, wow, you really think you can judge a man like clint eastwood, an icon in the industry. you can’t carry his jock strap.

  • maryannela

    no one cares, especially this gal, how you feel about her and her politics. I guess s he isn’t lock step with you regarding her vote, but she is “free” enough to do what she chooses. Why don’t you get over yourself sitting there passing judgment on a good person.

  • Al Haus

    Well then Meg Butler…..what say you now that Mitt Romney, and everyone else that opposed Obama and Obamacare, WAS RIGHT? Obama WAS lying about Obamacare every time he spoke about it. Romney WAS RIGHT when he said people would lose their insurance.


    You are “done” with Ms. Dash because she THINKS DIFFERENTLY than you? Typical elitist liberal attitude. And guess what. Ms. Dash was right you were WRONG! But you’re so much better and smarter than some dumb Romney supporter. LMAO!

    You owe Ms. Dash an apology for treating her like trash beneath your feet simply because she dare have her own mind and doesn’t march in lockstep with YOUR beliefs.

    And clearly since you voted for an unvetted, unqualified community organizer with no real world experience in anything but lawsuits, that is unarguably destroying everything he touches, you also owe the ENTIRE NATION an apology as well.

    Done with YOU!

  • Not telling

    The person that is writing all these things and why they lost respect for all these people is NOT ONLY A RACIST THEMSELVES BUT A BLACK PERSON…..Why don’t you go find yourself a toilet and flush yourself…

  • Cowboygirl38

    Seriously though there is nothing wrong with Clint Eastwood being a Republic. Mitt Romney would of made a much better President than the so call obama bin laden.. At least Mitt Romney is an American who doesn’t hate America….

  • Joe

    Not liking someone b/c of who they vote for is extremely stupid. Horrible articles anyways.

  • CowboyFan38

    Why is it bad for a black woman to vote for a non black person. I mean who ever lost respect for her for doing that is the one that doesn’t deserve to have respect. I think the person that said they lost respect for Stacy Dash for voting for Mitt Romney is a racist himself.

  • Shae

    Shame on you for judging Stacey Dash!!!!! Freedom to vote what you feel is right and should never be looked down upon! You like liberty as long as everyone agrees with you.That’s not freedom! Go Stacey! I support you voting for who you support even if someone disagrees.

  • Dean Ace Thomas

    Looks like Stacey Dash actually GAINS respect for not voting for obummer.

  • Earl of course

    so blame the white woman for being racist about a particular neighborhood but never mind your racism because a black woman had the gumption to take a stand and vote her ideals regardless of the color of her skin… no wonder the kettle is black

  • DavetheInsomniac

    What a fool this writer is. There are so many celebrities who did not make the list who abused people, destroyed lives, and proved themselves to generally be idiots, but Stacey Dash makes the list because she stepped off the plantation?
    This writer is about as intellectual as Mike Tyson… and not nearly as gifted at prose.

  • Derek

    Wow … About Stacey Dash. If this isn’t reverse racism I don’t know what is. I greatly respected Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. His message is so far lost in today’s society about equality. Whoever is in charge of the statement about Stacey Dash should be ashamed of themselves. Since when did we HAVE to vote for a man solely on the color of his skin. Look around you… this country is in serious trouble … it doesn’t matter what color The President is.. Not getting it done has no color. Ridiculous!

  • Jacobs_43

    So the author doesn’t respect the opinions of blacks, or women – but especially not those of black women. How progressive and urbane!

  • Devin

    Ms. Dash is free to vote for whomever she feels is fit to run this country. You have lost respect for a black woman who chose not to vote along racial lines? You know what I just realized something you make your living off talking about people. Here is a little quote you should become familiar with.

    “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” -ER

  • cjb080781

    Losing respect because of who you vote for. I stopped reading there.

  • bill

    Response from a moron that voted for Obama I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said. – looks like she has a better clue of a better president than you.

  • Melrmc13

    About Stacey Dash…she voted her convictions, rather than joining the mob. That always raises someone in my estimation. What is wrong with you? President Obama doesn’t care about you or anyone other than himself. He has not helped black people. He hasn’t helped white people. (Right now, he’s not even helping himself, since all his lies are finally coming home to roost.)

  • Petek1

    You are more interested in movie trash than you are this country. Because someone doesn’t vote for your black man, you want to trash them. Bye Bye

  • Zack Imes

    Dont hate on Stacy Dash for her political opinion you conceded fucks. Whats wrong with this world? Honestly the way it looks right now she was right!

  • Dennis

    I can’t respect a person that would judge a person’s political views by their race. Yep, Meg Butler, sorry to say, you are a racist.

  • juniperlee

    Please stay out of the political arena. You sound like a complete idiot. And yes I am black and woman.

  • gbinsd

    Seriously, Stacey Dash didn’t vote DIMocrat, and this is an offense worthy of losing your respect?! Losing the respect of morons associated with this idiotic publication should warrant a badge of honor…losers!

  • gbinsd

    Seriously, Stacey Dash didn’t vote DIMocrat, and this is an offense worthy of losing your respect?! Losing the respect of morons associated with this idiotic publication should warrant a badge of honor…losers!

  • wd

    This list isnt all bad but seems to be written by a retard…nuff said

  • Spencer

    What a stupid article. Stacey Dash can vote for whomever she wishes. I guess she had to vote for Obama just because they’re both black? Isn’t that racist???????

  • Vexious

    You are nothing but a Steppin Fetchit, a cariacature, a bigot….a house n word, etc. Stacey Dash thinks for herself, and you only respect black women that are herd animals. Piss off.

  • WorldEvents

    I imagine the writer(s) for this article are the same type of people who say “not being friends or liking someone over political views is stupid…”….Then they place stacey dash on the list.

    Notice the obvious political bias from this article, “the evil republicans did it!” When will you idiot sheep realize both the republican and democratic parties are completely corrupt in the same way.

    Claiming republicans are the “evil rich party who do all thuhzzz corruptionz stuffz” just shows how stupid the writer of this article and all those who think like that are

    obamas biggest presidential donars for the 2008 election were Goldman Sachs and Jpmorgan….Guess who makes profit from the welfare? IDIOTS! You people are just IDIOTS!

    Ron paul was running as a republican, but according to the idiot who wrote this article he must be “corrupt”….You people make me sick,

    ps- Notice how the bulk of this list is comprised of black people…where are all the calls for racism? Alec baldwin once again just used gay slurs but the liberals in america give him a pass…

    Its ok to be racist, just make sure you are a liberal then its ok…..FOOLS! You people are FOOLS!

  • jonny d

    Disrespecting someone because of their political beliefs–and calling her out on her race and sex!!!! Wow.
    Maybe if you spent more time trying to reach out to the FUCKED UP people who are playing “knockout” (in NJ) and shooting each other in other states, instead of bashing Stacy Dash for what she stands for (common decency), then less people might be getting their heads bashed in right now…
    What a sad, shameless person you are 🙁

  • Ebenezer

    She is the exemplar of courage.

  • Jojo Fibbs

    You lump a person with different political views than yourself with violet people? What kind of criteria is that? I think I just lost respect for your little celebrity countdown of shame.

  • yo mama

    meg butler another ho patetic obamaite.smd b!tch and make it puke.

  • yo mama


  • MOM

    What a mess! All these folkes need to go up and you all need to get over your color. No one cares….

  • Kelly

    Again I say YOUR and IDIOT… Racist piece of sh!+….

  • Kelly

    Might be because he is sick of the bullish!+ the dems have doled out as of late.

  • Kelly

    ‘So this isn’t Celebs’ “WE” lost respect for. It’s Celebs’ “YOU” lost respect for. I think it is refreshing to see any one vote their conscience and not their race. Your and IDIOT sir/miss whatever you are and I use the term(s) lightly. Good day.

  • Betc

    She is Hot

  • rickb8

    You can’t respect a woman or a black woman who voted for Mitt Romney? What a bunch of racist crap you are. She is a smart woman who’s vote wouldn’t have brought America the problems it is now suffering from under Obama. Obama is the worst president ever. If you think he’s helping blacks then you are dumber than dumb.

  • Eve

    Stiiiiiiiill waiting for actual celebrities to appear on this list.

  • CowboyUp

    Can’t have Stacey Dash gettin’ uppity and thinking for herself. She lacks the herd mentality and left the democrat plantation, so no respect for her. I’m sure she’s all broke up that she’s lost the respect of a gossip mag.

  • ian smith

    wow, no respect for someone with different political views? if you’re going to care more about color and sex and than thought, at least you have the guts to show it publicly, i’ll give you that.

  • CA Conservative

    What a garbage website. Madame Noire seems to be just another shill for the Marxist-Socialist-Democrat factions that is wiping out our prosperity. Hollywood is a sinkhole.

  • Philo Beddoe

    “Stacey Dash

    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I
    can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash
    is both of those. ‘Nuff said. -”

    Last time I checked this is America and there is a political choice available to all. So if one is black, they must vote for the beloved obama or else? How’s that obamacare working out for you?

    Mr Butler, there is no word that can describe you.

  • Steve

    Stacey Dash; Beautiful AND smart. A rare combination, especially in Hollywood! LOL

  • DrMichael

    Never even heard of most of these “celebrities”.

  • antilib

    She’s too smart for you because she’s conservative? When are you Blacks going to wake up and see how these Libs are using you. There’s absolutely no hope for anyone as stupid as you.

  • JBUB

    Yes how dare Stacy Dash actually think for herself and not be a robot.

  • Jeramie Shebester

    So all black people, all women, and especially all black women, must all think alike politically? How incredibly racist and sexist.

  • JD

    I’ve never heard of most of these people..and did anyone notice the majority of them were black ?

  • In the Net

    Your links are broken you bozos

  • Dante

    I think this is a little racist to say you dont like blacks who vote for Romney, because they are some black republicans, so we are suppose to vote for Obama based on the color of his skin? i believe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr dream was to do away with all that.

  • Thulsa Doom

    Wow that is so un american. Stacey dash is supremely hot, hottest black woman ever in my opinion. That is why you put her no.1. I am white and I have j**** at least a 1000 times with her in mind. It is so un black to think for yourself? I know at least a dozen professional black people who wish affirmative action was ended because it leads to prejudice among consumers. Ie. “consumers at our health facility think I am not really that smart, I went to college to learn how to read; so if they are any other race besides black … not just white ….they ask for another doctor.” was one of the their replies

  • Stacie

    There is nothing wrong with Stacey Dash having a political view that is different from yours. She is a celebrity that has the balls to let her views be known in small minded L.A. It’s not cool if you don’t fall at the feet of Obama. At lease she can think for herself.

  • smoinpour

    For some reason this list made me laugh…I’ve never even heard of a few of these people!

  • Just a smart guy

    Control your racism. Stacey Dash has a brain and shared her opinion so you stone her? Was she supposed to vote for BO based on color? Let’s see, an intelligent, successful business man or a guy who has proven he can’t handle the job, has never run a business or even worked in one…Stacey displayed her intelligence while this author displays both a lack of, and a seemingly heap of racism.

  • Jeana

    This is an awfully racist list. And i love the fact that they added Stacy Dash due to her political view…. Sorry, but not everyone is an Obama lover with obvious good reasons!!! Obamacare=FAIL!!!

  • scott boyd

    Meg Butler we could care less what you think. You have no right to trash Stacy Dash on who she voted for. Especially using that she is black and you assume she should have voted for Obama who has been a very sub par president. You trash Clint Eastwood because he doesn’t agree with who you wanted him to vote for . Well I THINK YOU ARE A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM OF AMERICA. Please quit writing, you are a failure at it.

  • St1tch

    Seems legit before Stacey… then I realized this blogger is ignorant and uneducated.

    • AZWarrior

      Stacey is awesome!

  • Madcat151

    clearly written by another plantation bound black . NUFF SAID….

  • lala

    how ignorant is that comment of not liking stacey dash because she voted for mitt romney? racism is so alive right now, but its never seen on the other side of the spectrum. maybe shes too conservative to vote for obama? how does that make her silly? so ridiculous and low.

  • Degenius

    Whats the big deal about someone being a Republican. That is what makes this country a great place to live. I’m always concern when I see people who try to silence other people because they don’t share their political belief. There are meany countries around the world that will embrace you for such things. the sad thing is, they sometimes kill people who don’t share the political beliefs.

  • dan

    what a stupid comment….how is your Obamacare working out for you

  • YH

    In my opinion Stacey Dash demonstrated remarkable personal courage voting for Romney. She absolutely made the right decision. If she didn’t know it before, she certainly knows it now after Obamacare was unveiled. Twice I refused to vote for Obama, and every week Obama reveals more of his Marxist nature that vindicates my original decision. Do you need any more reason than Obamacare to understand the problem with Obama? Stop looking at his color, grow up, and start looking at his policies.

  • Momcat2010

    Stacey Dash does not deserve to be on this list. She’s successful, the others are leeches or freeloaders.

    • Zeldas Champion

      The author is using polarized liberal standards. Just because shes is black doesn’t mean she “suppose” to always vote liberal even if its a black president.

  • NoGuff

    Meg Butler is a racist.

    • Zeldas Champion

      Technically you’re right (and that’s even if the author is black, you can be of the same race and still be a racist towards ones own race) she is labeling all blacks as liberals when Stacey Dash, Bill Cosby and many other predominate black people are republicans.

  • Boog

    This website is ridiculous.
    So many ads that pop and play you can’t scroll through.
    WASTE of time I will never get back!

  • Chelsea

    Just an aside to the person who wrote this article, if you lost complete respect for someone over their political views, then I have lost respect for you. Learn to appreciate everyone, no matter what their beliefs.

  • Jake Pena

    wow, this is awful, isnt there any talent out there in the writing world? seems like all the talent is in the comments below. You saying that you lost respect for Stacey Dash because She voted for a white president, is like me saying i lost all respect for every white person who voted for Obama. hm actually thats accurate, k nevermind that checks out. no respect for any whites who voted for that monstrasity, solely a celebrity, of a president… and cause hes black. so i guess you feel exactly the opposite of me. but thats okay, because im a random commenter, MADAMENOIREdotCOM YOU HAVE A RASCIST WRITER; NOT SURE WHAT COLOR HE/SHE IS BUT EITHER WAY.

  • Julie Brouse Haydock

    Wow. I didn’t realize this author was blatantly racist until I saw the Stacey Dash comments. What does a person’s skin color (or gender, for that matter) have to do with their political preference? I know this can be hard to understand for you [the author], but some women, some black people, and some female black people are INDIVIDUALS- and, therefore, can choose whomever they stinking please!

  • your mom

    Meg Butler you are F—ing idiot

  • steve90806

    That’s OK if you lost respect for Clint. I lost respect for all of the celebrities that endorsed Obama.

  • Glenn Martin

    Because Clint Eastwood has BALLS and doesn’t care what all the liberal scumbags in Hollywood think. This man has more class than 95% of his peers and the respect he gets proves it. Their aren’t many actors of this mans caliber left and only a few of the newer ones come close, Jennifer Lawrence is one.

  • Dan Smith

    Stacy Dash has more class and brains than all the other celebs on your list combined, The fact that you would put her on a list with people who beat up girls because she dared to vote against King Obama just proves that you and your ilk deserve little to no respect.

  • CAM

    Are you kidding me with Stacey Dash, you’re hating on her because of who she chose to vote for you goon. So just because Obama is “black” she’s supposed to vote for him? how about you consider the fact that she doesn’t agree with his policies or administration hmm? Lastly, that’s just plain ignorant X10 to hate on someone because the vote or believe a certain way, as if it affects you any? In the words of Family Guy… “shut up Meg.”

    • AZWarrior

      Racist blacks don’t like it when intelligent blacks go ‘off the plantation’ of liberalism.

  • Erin Roundoff

    If it wasn’t for reality television, this list would have zero people on it. Here’s a tip for you: there are plenty of despicable people who don’t have their own TV shows. Try expanding your base of research, just a little. Start by getting off of the couch.

    Also, enough with the political shots already. People who voted for Mitt Romney automatically qualify for your list. We get it. Move on.

  • Truth1965

    How come Obama is not on this list??

  • therain

    In response to the Stacey Dash comments: Screw you pieces of garbage who voted for obama.

  • Andy Genova

    Do you have no respect for Condoleezza Rice?

  • Andy Genova

    I don’t think its right to lose respect for a person solely because of their political affiliation. And I’m saying this as a democrat. Its just not healthy for us as individuals or as a nation.

  • SuburbanLiberalHousewife

    Every single comment on this thread is ignorant. The Conservatives here are just as illiterate as everyone they’re picking on. Do yourselves a favor and hide your stupidity by not posting comments anywhere. BTW, on a side note – every moronic red-neck hillbilly that can barely string a full sentence together is a Republican but they aren’t sure why…except that they think that since they’re bigots they should be Republicans because only minorities are Democrats….brilliant aren’t they? Aren’t they the white trash that was mentioned?

    • Andy Genova

      You are a bigot. Shame on you.

    • gbinsd

      SLH…I give you credit, very few people have the guts to publicly admit to being a “Liberal”…I thought the current dodge was to call yourselves “Progressives”! Since your ignorant rant betrays any real intellect or knowledge, I suppose what you call yourself is really immaterial.

  • cstanbro

    I would say that you’re a damn racist! Democrats are the biggest hypocrites ever. In fact when you look up Democrat on Google, it says Hypocrite!

  • Russell Schultz

    I lost respect for this the second politics were mentioned.

  • mjhawkeye

    Who is this moron who doesn’t respect Ms. Dash for voting for Romney? Was it a god who wrote this or some self-absorbed Hollywood wannabe? Stacy Dash has class and is not a liberal communist. Sh

  • Ken Messinger

    purely political attack on Stacy Dash, really are you folk here at Madame Norie so ignorant you can’t let an honest black woman have her say. Really disappointed in your listing of Stacy Dash. I will be letting your sponsors know I can’t support them if they continue to support your racist views.

  • Chloe Brooks

    You lose respect for someone because who they voted for because of their race and gender? really? sad sad day!

  • John Wheeler

    Who the hell are these so-called celebrities? I have never heard of them.

  • clepto

    hey..a white person!

  • Mad in Maryland

    Can’t Respect Stacey Dash?!?!? Why this is America and we can vote for who we want to…RIGHT!!! You claim to be a liberal, but now want to hinder the democratic process. Shame on you!!!

  • Mike

    Whatever Obama says or promises he does the exact opposite. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is if your a Liar your a Liar period. That shows how much integrity he has. The truth Hurts. You can keep it if you like it PERIOD!

  • greekdish

    What a stupid and racist list to add Stacey Dash. There are black conservatives out there, and it doesnt make them “silly”….good Lord, whoever put this list up is retarded.

  • y0y

    Unsurprisingly the author falls into that category of racist that decries racism against her own while being perfectly okay with it against Caucasians. Fortunately the times are changing and the race card and the entire deck with it is being rightfully rejected due to the hypocrisy of most of those invoking it and blatant abuse. Simple fact is if Caucasians were 1/10th as racist as Sharpton and too many blacks proport then the civil rights movement would have failed and quite possibly slavery would never have been abolished. So yeah, keep alienating the vast majority of non-racist caucasians and better yet attack them based on their skin color, only thing that will result is REAL racism will resurface out of sheer necessity. See how well that works out for you.

  • Dan H

    You put Stacey Dash on this list??? She’s the ONLY one on the list with her sh*t together! And just because she’s black and a woman she’s supposed to vote for Obama because why??? She’s supposed to agree with your stereotypes??? Somehow Mitt Romney is sexists against women??? All your list told me is she’s smarter than you are by a lonnnnng way!!!

  • Duncan London

    Re Stacey Dash: Meg butler, you are a stupid racist. ‘Nuff said.

  • jenny

    i cant respect anyone who’d vote for barack obama

  • Just looking

    And, for the record all you who think slavery is over it is not. We are financial slaves in a system to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. Blacks were forced into this group a long time ago when given “equal rights” lol. Though rights are much more equal than they use to be. Also, realize that blacks weren’t really afforded the opportunity to get out of the system until the mid to late 80’s. So yes there are some blacks who still don’t like white. Back to my original point, now all races are stuck in this poverty class of welfare. Don’t make it seem like “You” have been paying for blacks in some payback for slavery. It’s not a black or white thing anymore, it’s the people vs the government and we are getting our asses kick; hence Obama Care lol what a joke.

  • Just looking

    You can’t respect her for her vote because she is black. Ignorant and now you should be on this list.

  • Patrizio

    So a black person who doesn’t vote for the black president is an idiot. Does that mean that white people who dont vote for the white guy are idiots too? According to that logic, if everyone in the country was ‘intelligent’ according to the views of the article poster, we’d never have a black president again until blacks gained majority population.

  • redbird

    And to pass judgement on someone that doesn’t vote Democratic is just plain stupid. My step-dad grew up with Bob Dole in Russell, Kansas. Played high school sports with him. Was invited to any kind of fundraiser he had and to his Presidential election night parties. He and my mother ALWAYS voted Republican up until 2008 when they voted for Obama. Do you think they voted for him in 2012? Heck no! Fool me once!

    Former NBA great, Charles Barkley, although not known as a political person or even as being overly intelligent; commented that “poor people have been voting Democrat for 50 years and they’re still poor.”

  • redbird

    I don’t know who you are to pass judgement on who “WE” have lost respect for. Most of these people I have never heard of, the majority of those that I do know I never had any respect for to begin with outside of the man you ridiculed the most, Clint Eastwood, who has done more than ALL of these so-called celebs will ever do as a group in their combined lifetimes.

    If you respected any of these people on your list Ms. Butler, you need to rethink your idea of what kind of person deserves respect. Outside of Mr. Eastwood, none of these individuals even come close to deserving any more respect than any homeless person.

  • Ken Girdley

    Meg, Thank you very much for the extremely racist comments you made about Stacey Dash. You go girl. Tell those blacks that you’d better not vote against the black guy or you’ll be kicked out of the African American club.

  • Daniel Blois

    I am sorry but you are ignorant to dislike someone just because they have different political views than your own.

  • John DeSarli

    Interesting that 90% of your celebs are black. and your obvious disdain for Romney in favor of the failed messiah obama is laughable. your depiction of Clint Eastwood is totally skewed. He is a true American patriot with the courage to speak out despite the liberal leanings of hollywood

  • LS Pnuema

    It’s kind of racists to think that all black people, or black women, or celebrity black women MUST vote opposite republican or MUST vote for a black man, just because he is on the ticket.
    I don’t read this garbage or go through garbage on the internet like this, it is smut. I just happen to see Stacy Dash and the headline. LOST RESPECT?
    What respect? Get real, Get God….save yourself!

  • Mike

    Go ahead and Moderate my comment. I know you aren’t about Free speech.

  • soooooooooooooooowhat

    Wow Deleting my comment thats nice!

  • soooooooooooooooowhat

    Wow Deleting my comment thats nice!

  • Jackie

    Wow Not liking someone because they voted for Mitt Romney Your Really Dumb It’s Everyone’s right to vote for whoever they want too. And Also Leave Mitt Romney alone He Lost The Election and Obama Got it so Shut The F*** up!

  • sheila

    Evaluate your life.

  • sheila

    You can’t respect a black person because they voted for Mitt Romney? I’m guessing you’re black yourself, so I can’t respect you because you can’t respect someone’s FREEDOM OF CHOICE. What blacks fought for, for so long. You are pathetic to our race.

  • L. Reves

    So, you basically can’t stand that Stacey Dash thought for herself, instead of following the Democrat party lemmings. Wow, don’t expect a black woman to think for herself, huh?

  • TrueAmerican

    Kudos to Clint. Interesting that because the publishers obviously dont like Mitt, that anyone that votes for him are crazy, insane, etc. Really??!! Are you attacking the celebs that voted for Obama? Even after all the train wrecks, scandals, coverups and proof of his illegal candidacy?? Now there is some crazy people who voted to re-establish the same person in a position to continue to destroy our nation, which he is gladly doing. Glad people like Clint are willing to speak up and not bow to peer pressure or use someone like Obama to boost their careers. He has more pride than to do that.

  • TrueAmerican

    I applaud Stacey for voting her beliefs. This has to be the most pathetic response to drag her name into wife beaters, scam artists, etc, simply because she voted for who she believes was the best candidate. Those who selected this and put her as one of the lost respect people are the ones that need to re-evaluate their priorities. I have GAINED even more respect for Stacey. Kudos for not bowing to peer pressure AND not going along with those who think that because of a skin color she betrayed her own. She IS an AMERICAN and voted properly, not buying into playing any race cards like the current administration regularly does! RESPECT!

  • kaprion

    You can’t respect a black woman or a woman who voted for Mitt Romney; but you can respect one who voted for someone who is dedicated to the demise of the country? So, if you can’t respect someone who is capable of intelligent and independent thinking, what does that say about you?

  • Chase Humphrey

    Mostly black douchers and 2 crazy whites… Why did anyone respect these ‘Gros anyway?

  • Masmani

    Meg Butler who the hell are you to decide whether Ms. Dash deserves our respect? You don’t have enough intelligence or understanding to truly appreciate the word “respect”.

  • Truthisstrangerthanfiction

    It’s idiotic to hate on Ms. Dash because of her political choices. Apparently she was right as Obama has driven the country into the dump. Wake up, you racist MFERS!

  • Cash

    Notice how all most of these people are A. not real celebs or B. BLACK!!!

    • cash

      not many of u will get my sarcasm so let me tell you from now re-fuckin-lax and laugh a bit


    You make it sound as if someone would care about who you have lost respect for … When in reality, you first would have to be respected… and the garbage you print is taste less.. There for earning you absolutely no respect at all from anyone who has half a brain, and making it very transparent that you’ll print anything for a buck… TRASH !!!!

  • blacky

    seems like this site hates back people!

  • Shermanson Collette

    No respect has been lost here for Halle Berry. She can’t control what others do! Damn!!

  • Shermanson Collette

    I’m sorry, people actually respected Kanye in the first place???

  • Shermanson Collette

    I’m sorry, but who is she?

  • scott

    Stacey Dash is a genius, so I guess your commentary makes you an idiot.

  • K. Wise

    Isn’t it a bit unfair to blame Mona for all the drama and ‘ruined careers’ on these shows? Regardless of what compromising position she may put them in, it’s up to them how they chose to react. We’re all responsible for our own actions! Let’s face it, most of the people on these shows never really had much of a career in the first place.

  • metoo452

    Never heard of any of these people! Hardly “celebrities!”

  • nk

    Kanye and the housewives had respect in the first place?

  • kato

    Stacey Dash is the smartest Black woman you’ll ever meet. It’s an insult to include her with all these other morons. I’m sure they all voted for Obama.

  • Memphis Viking

    Just another left-wing attempt to shame minorities or women who dare to stray from the Democrat plantation.

  • ts

    Wow, to the Stacy Dash reason. More political intolerance from the group that preaches acceptance and tolerance, the liberal left.

  • Gavain McDonald

    So now we’re going to start judging actresses who have different political beliefs than we do. No wonder Christian and conservative actors say they get targeted in Hollywood and feel like their political beliefs restrict them from being considered for jobs. Way to add to the issue.

    And thanks for supporting Obama and Obamacare … that’s really working out great (not).

  • Jon

    I think is unfair that this author decides to put politics as a reason someone should disrespect celebs and with her going on about some prejudices that some stars use, well losing respect just because of a politic belief really show she is just as much. a prejudice person

  • MarkinMich

    Criticizing Stacy Dash because she voted for Mitt Romney is the height of ignorance! You should apologize to Ms. Dash.

  • phybaby

    of course they are all black celebrities

  • Joe Freedom

    So this site loses respect for a rapper with graphic lyrics about sex, yet they fully support a genre of music that is being used almost exclusively with graphic lyrics and degrading themes towards black women especially.

    Hypocrisy or Self Hatred anyone?

  • bucky59

    Stay Dash? For the way she voted? Are you kidding me. You sound like a racist with that logic. I mean if that’s all ya got?

  • educated black dating white

    of course, I post an intelligent, thought-provoking comment that partly criticized article and website, among other things, but the website censored it and did not post it. with all the other bs they let post, i’m very disappointed.

  • Major

    What year do we live in? 2013? And this vile crap of racism is still around? This sets America back for years. Such ignorance and such a loss in faith of humanity.

  • Dweetta Adams


  • Dweetta Adams


  • Dweetta Adams


  • Dweetta Adams


  • manof4

    Meg Butler, You are a snobbish bully, plain and simple. So many adults and educators are working overtime to try and curb the rash of online bullying affecting so many of our Nation’s young people. But when there are people like you actually making a living out of publicly disrespecting others, it makes the job of parenting and teaching even harder. Why would you think it’s okay to trash somebody’s entire career simply because of their personal voting preference? If you want to make a case against a particular party or platform, then do your research and make your case based on real issues and facts. But when you simply lash out against those who may not vote to your liking, you simply admit that you are poverty ridden in your vocabulary.

  • Dweetta Adams


  • Sandra Sandy

    soooo – you can’t respect a woman (black woman) for voting for Romney? How can you respect a black woman (or any woman) voting for Obama? How can you be “done” with someone simply because their view of economics and the direction of the country differs from your own? Stacy Dash is a very respectable, intelligent, and driven woman. You write garbage. Stacy Dash wouldn’t give someone like yourself a second thought for your opinions. I am done with you.

  • Jessica

    actually I GAINED respect for Stacey Dash! I lost respect for all who voted for Obama. Thanks a lot for contributing to the decline of our country.

  • Archalias

    My issue is with the person that put this list together. Several of those on the list were simply there because they had different political views than the writer. It’s not professional. One was because someone had an argument in front of their kids on a holiday. Makes me wonder if they just have never had kids. That’s like, not grounds to say you lost respect. The way this report was done only makes me lose respect for the author.

  • John Dedon

    It appears ho ever votes on who lost respect, must be a Democrat and most likely liberal? I hope you are happy with your President!

  • Amiblackorwhite

    I like how my post wasn’t approved, even though it was not racist. The government controls the big media and starts all kinds of wars. They have the rich against the poor and the black against the whites. As long as we are against each other and focusing on things like what’s going on in Hollywood, we aren’t focused on them. The fact that they are bleeding us dry while they work for a few years and retire. The fact that they are making themselves exempt from the laws they are forcing on us. None of us owe each other anything but mutual respect. We should be fighting together against them to change some laws to get us all out of debt. We are supposed to love each other. Help each other. The ones screaming racist are trying to hide the fact that they are racist themselves. There are a lot of people that need to learn that the past is the past and make sure we don’t make the same mistakes in the future. The government is treating us like dirt and we are letting them. We have the power, IF WE WORK TOGETHER, to change these laws.

  • Serg

    You seriously will rank Stacey Dash as someone you lost respect for because she voted for Mitt Romney? Nothing else? You mean she practiced her voting right that we are ALL given and wasn’t a sheep and made her own decision unbiased and not based on the color of skin? maybe she voted for Romney because she did RESEARCH on his political stands and policies without voting for him based on his color. Thank you for proving how ignorant and uninformed so many “Americans” are


    ! You can’t believe a black person could possibly vote for Mitt Romney ? How hypocritical can this site possibly be? And how racist~ Stacy Dash can vote for whoever she wants to! This is still America, Obama is trying to tear this country piece by piece and has turned out to be a complete and total failure How’s that workin out for ya? free health care yet? Moron.

  • Klynnie

    So Stacey Dash gets slammed because she is a woman with her own political views? Good for her. The author should be ashamed for being such a (BAAAA!) blind follower.

  • just a question

    May I ask why a person who has different political beliefs (Stacey Dash)

    tacey Dash than the author is on a list with pedophiles and domestic abusers? Meg Butler, you need a reality check.

  • xylina

    This is such a disgusting posting. Can’t even call it a article. Kevin Clash is a great person, Stacy Dash has a right go for who ever she wants. Just because she is black does not mean she has to vote for Obama. That’s why people don’t respect blacks because they do not see themselves as individuals rather than a group. Get off that BLACK GROUPTHINK. I would vote for Romney again any day.

  • weRfromthegov’t&weRhere2help

    Stacey Dash is one of the most beautiful women alive: mind, body, and spirit.

  • f8tule

    you’re an idiot.. I can’t respect someone that voted for the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA just because his skin color.. you’re an idiot and a traitor……

  • Don Preston


  • anonymous

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney” <–and white people are racist if they didn't vote for obama! it goes both ways america!!!! voting for someone merely bc he is black is racist as well. stop the ignorance

  • Jeff

    Really? You can’t respect someone for expressing their individual political leanings? Stacey Dash has the right to vote for whomever she wishes and to promote her political beliefs like any other celebrity does. Why is it when someone of color reveals a right-leaning political posture they are “not respected” but all of the liberal posers are put on pedestals? Well I and many can’t respect someone like you and this site who only believe in freewill when it suits their side of the line.

  • Rhonda Smith

    OMG Are U serious how does some1 saying Ghetto mean ur racist?? I hv used the word on a number of occasions & b4 ppl start 2 blast me I AM NOT RACIST NEVER HV BEEN NEVER WILL BE until his recent death I was married for 25 yrs 2 the most amazing GOD centered man that I luvd with every fiber of my being whom ppl who use labels would hv called a black man 2 me I saw & knew a man a child of GOD my life partner I choose upon seeing & meeting ppl 2 judge them by their merits as a human being not by the color of their skin! I also know racism does still exist especially bcus I live in the deep south 2 me the meaning of the word ghetto has not a darn thing 2 do the color of some1 skin!

    • PopArt

      First best wishes and prayers of blessing to you on your recent loss of your husband. Isn’t it frustrating how genuinely ignorant some people are. And instead of including Stacey herself on this list; this blogger should instead induct the hordes of cretins who took to Twitter hurling threats of raping and shooting Stacey for daring to have her own, well thought out view of an election where so much was at stake.

  • Kim Felini

    Gee mad at Stacey Dash because she dare not vote for a black man and on race but for her values and principle and the same with Clint Eastwood for voting for Mitt Romney. How dare they!! How would you feel if they voted for a conservative black man such as Herman Cain. Would that be more suitable? You are so weak! Take that noise some place else.

  • Feliciano

    Who respected these people in the first place? Half of your list is reality tv shows. Dash can vote for whom she wants. this is the first article I’ve ever read up here and ive lost respect for this whole site.

  • d

    Really? You lost respect for a woman because of who she voted for? I lost respect for anything to do with this site because you are putting her in the same line-up of people who beat women. Seriously, get off your high horse and get a grip on reality. Loser.

  • Anon

    I don’t agree with Stacey Dash being on this list. First of all, calling out a “black person” as silly for voting for Romney is in itself ridiculous. Second, adding her to the list based on her political preference is downright stupidity. Personally, I think this made me have a little more respect for her if anything. She voted her belief and not that of the “popular” Hollywood crowd and she voted against Obama, which in and of itself means she’s smarter than you apparently.

  • Phil

    You are a dirt-disher by trade and you have no credentials whatsoever. You dismiss people because of their politics? Clint Eastwood has been a republican for years and the world knows it. Mitt Romney couldn’t possibly have done worse than Barrack Obama, in fact nobody could have done worse than our current so-called president.

  • Robert

    I gained respect for Stacy Dash… she saw Obama for the bum he is!

  • Ktld713

    Just found this article, sadly. Wish I had seen it at its inception because every time I see someone call a conservative a racist for not voting/liking Obama, I would have shown them this little liberal ditty about hating Stacey Dash for holding to her beliefs. I mean, you don’t like her because you’re racist or anything Madamenoire, you just don’t like her for her principles & because she doesn’t think like you. Interesting . Just so I’m not mistaken; the list of “we lost respect for” are mostly women who won’t stand up for themselves but if they DO do it, they make it on the “lost respect for” list anyway. Hmmmmm…..Liberal Logic 101

    • tah2300

      Notice, always, that if you disagree with the far left, it’s because you are racist and hate women. I’m a woman, and I’ve never, ever felt disrespected by anyone on the right, but I sure have from those on the left. My husband was a blue-dog democrat in the legislature for over 20 years, and if, at any time, I disagreed with something that the left agreed with, I was shown such vast disrespect to the point where I was reduced to tears. The hypocrisy is more profound that I ever thought possible, and it continues..

  • John C

    Interesting article until you got to losing respect for people because of who they voted for. Agree with so many other comments here: pointless due to bringing your political views into it. I hope you write an apology article…specifically to Stacey Dash.

  • Done with you

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.” Wow – didn’t know you were a racist. This make everything you say pointless.

  • Leticia

    Stacey dash is a free and liberated black woman. She can vote for whom ever she feels she would like to vote for. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY! I respect her more for thinking on her own. She doesn’t owe you a thing! I do not have respect for you, Meg Butler, the writer of the article, “Celebrities We Lost Respect for in 2012.” A person does NOT need to vote Democratic simply because YOU vote Democratic! How dare you! I am a registered Democrat, yet I respect people that vote with their mind and their heart. Nuf said!

  • Emma Brown

    That’s about the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard! Maybe YOU don’t respect a “black person” “silly enough” to vote for Mitt Romney!??? OMG’sh! Now THAT IS A STUPID THING TO SAY!! AND VERY RACIST!! YOU ARE A RACIST!! And then you cap it off by saying you can’t respect a WOMAN silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney…Well I certainly CANNOT respect ANYONE STUPID ENOUGH TO UTTER SUCH STUPID, RACIST, IDIOT REMARKS!! Boy you sure do take the cake….Whoever you are, you don’t deserve to be in the same room, NO you don’t deserve to be breathing the same air as Stacey Dash, who by the way I am sure COULDN’T CARE LESS what some idiot like you says about her!! You are a waste of skin and oxygen…

  • Shawn H.

    Who ever this person is that wrote this is nothing more than a racist idiot!

  • Violent

    HAHAHA! You mad Meg Butler? Awe! A black person who doesn’t follow everything & everyone other black folks do?! OH GOTTA HATE! You’re the WORST type of black.. The self-loathing type.. The type of Black that calls other Blacks “N*ggers” Don’t be mad at Stacey Dash.. She’s better than you and it shows. Racist

  • TDog

    Even the worst on this list are still more popular and powerful than anyone writing this crap. lol Seriously you loose respect for someone because they don’t hold your political views. Go to a real university and educate yourself.

  • Jenna

    lol…lost respect because of someones political choice? Wow they really do let anyone post on the web. haha

  • obvious

    ya meg butler. your a dipshit and the only reason you talk about racism or domestic violence is because its popular to be against those things. You really have nothing to say but probably slept with someone fr your job. Oh yeah, your dad doesn’t love you. You were right about that one

  • obvious

    You cant respect a person for exercising their freedom to vote for who they want? Its ironic that this sentiment is far more racist, prejudice, and disrespectful than anything else discussed in the article. What a dipshit

  • Brian Baca

    You’re just now losing respect for some of these people!? You’re lost! And then you disrespect Clint that way!? You’re an idiot! I’m sure you voted for and support this failure of a president Obama! I don’t know some of the people you talked about so I can’t say anything about them, but Kanye and Dionne Sanders lost my respect a long time ago!

  • Firre Workcz

    Stacey Dash has a fine, big bottom.

  • D Hawkins

    I can’t respect anyone who is completely brainwashed, or pathetically stupid enough to vote for Obama…Stacey Dash is one of the smarter ones in your minority.

  • Laverne Robinson

    You can’t respect someone because of their political preference? She voted for Obama in 2008, as did I. He did nothing to earn my vote a second time. This is article is sad and pathetic.

  • WarDog


  • Dave

    Who’s the jig that wrote the captions putting these folks down? Stacy Dash for voting for Romney? Really?

  • Coral

    OMG I believe her keeping her children away from her parents is the best decision she could make! Her parent, especially her mother, are bad influence alchoholics…..and evn though I don’t carefor Kim Zolciak, she most certainly is NOT racist!

  • W

    A black woman voting for a white man loses respect. This country is in big trouble. Of course you know that.

  • Shamira Rose Green

    bias review targeting black people. most of the celebrities are predominantly white first off, and guarantee most of them lost respect for themselves let alone public opinion. oh and stacey dash is on this list, therefore the writer is an idiot.

  • BigBumMum

    Leave Stacey alone – smart and smoking hot. Now that’s American. 🙂

  • WeNeedReaganAgain

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.”Wow, RACIST much?… She is a conservative and can vote for whomever she chooses based on PRINCIPLES, now COLOR!!!!

    • lucasb

      I was raised with common sense, and self respect. So, I am not worried about my “black card” being revoked for voting for Romney! You don’t hire a pizza maker to fix your plumbing, and we needed a plumber and got a pizza maker, instead. Any one who isn’t RACIST and has any COMMON SENSE know obama is an unqualified tool! How’s that health insurance policy workin for ya?

  • Bee Jay

    I don’t think Stacy Dash Should’ve made this list. Being a black person doesn’t necessarily mean you have to vote for Obama. Or any black candidate for that fact. She used her freedom of speech to express who she felt was a better person for the job. She wasn’t right nor was she wrong. But to judge her for that seems ignorant to me. Quite honestly at the end of the day, most if not all politicians are one and the same. Its just a matter of who can lie better. We are so blinded by skin color we lose sight of all the other things. The important things.

  • Phocus Please

    What a vapid waste this site is. Like who we like or we hate you. Your Mom would be proud. Best if you sit down, have a cookie, and let the grownups take care of things.

  • Thomas Wilson

    Clint Eastwood used his freedom of speech to endorse a candidate you didn’t like and you put him on a list with skanks, scum, lowlifes, and woman abusers. Again I must ask: Exactly where is your vaunted liberal “tolerance”?

  • Thomas Wilson

    Stacey Dash used her freedom of speech to endorse a candidate you didn’t like and you put her on a list with skanks, scum, lowlifes, and woman abusers. Exactly where is your vaunted liberal “tolerance”?

  • MemphisMark

    You blew it with comments on Stacey Dash. Are you 15? Grow up.

  • Growupfolks

    Oh, I know Clint Eastwood is just crushed that he made your silly list !!! Here we are with the country crumbling all around us because of Obummer and you STILL don’t get it!! I bet Clint has lost all respect for YOU, if he even knows who you are. LMAO!

  • ammie

    stacey dash wat a stupid reason to lose respect for her. she every right to vote for whomever she wants and she made the right decision. Why vote for a dumbass

  • Sanid

    So much for diversity – you don’t like Stacy Dash just because she’s a Republican black? It’s called thinking for yourself instead of being bullied by the crowd and in bondage to the Democratic party. You liberals think you are so right about everything – well, check your own tolerance level.

  • marbee

    Almost everyone on this list is black, but one white woman calls it like she sees it and she makes this list? And Clint Eastwood calls it like any intelligent person sees it about the worst president the planet has ever seen and he makes this list?? Anyone else see the irony here???

  • Hk40

    Damn, beauty is stil skin deep.

  • Hk40

    Who is he?…

  • Hk40

    Sad year. Chadwick should go in to modeling.

  • Dialogos68

    Another liberal bigoted article. Stacy Dash IS A HERO!!!!!!

  • Dave

    The author proved her ignorance(and liberal bigotry) by attacking Stacey Dash for daring to vote for a Republican for President instead of marching blindly forever with the black community in unquestioning support for Democrats.Dash is to be admired for not giving in to relentless liberal peer pressure and voting based on reason.The monumental FAILURE of the 2nd Obama term has vindicated Dash.

  • anonymous

    are you kidding me, you put Stacey Dash on this list because she voted for Mitt Romney? your views are affecting this list, and that seems downright unfair to me. some of the others i can understand, but losing respect for someone because of their beliefs, and where they stand politically seems pretty low.

  • NokiaLumiaLuv

    You guys are all idiots fighting over race and political parties. You are the reason our country is failing. You are so stuck up in your ways, that you can’t even see beyond your own butt. Instead of fighting over race and what political party your in, why not go make a difference in this country? If you feel ALL black people are all uneducated (which they are not) go tutor some students. If you think your political party is superior to all the others, then shut up. I say shut up, because OUR country isn’t doing better with the Republicans or the Democrats being in charge. So if you want to do something then go run for president or for a position in our government. Instead of complaining on a computer about something you can’t fix. Most of you say things you wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face. You act more like children than adults, and people wonder why the young people of today are messed up. I’m only 22 and I have more sense and common knowledge than most of you. You talk about race, like blacks are disgusting people who can’t do anything for themselves. Are you serious? Most people today are mixed with something NO one is pure WHITE, BLACK, HISPANIC, OR ANY RACE. As far as these common stereotypes your making we are all suffering in this economy technically everyone is practically poor when you think of WHAT AMERICA CONSIDERS POOR. (When technically most of Americans will never know what poor truly is because they don’t live in third world countries.) Going after each other you, picking on each other, your thrive to hurt each other, ridiculous, when you should be banning together. You should want to help our country instead you say ridiculous comments behind a keyboard.

    • Chase Anderson

      Pot meet kettle…

  • wozniack

    She can vote for whoever she wants.

  • IckyD

    I don’t get this delusion in the black community and in the feminist-ish community that being conservative is some kind of sin.

    Think for yourself, but only as long as you think like everybody else, huh?

  • Stinkerdoodle

    I can’t stand this woman.

  • Sun

    What is the problem with Keyshia Cole being biracial??? So what??? Does being half white make her any less of an artist? I dont get it. If you want to see some true racist crap, there ya go honey.

  • Marley

    I respect Dash for voting, regardless of her choice. THAT should earn your respect, not make you lose it. I don’t understand people who complain about who is in office and yet don’t vote.

  • Get this this is what Meg Butler said.

    Stacey Dash

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.”

    Have you completely lost your mind? I have copied this web page and I am right now in the process of re-posting this article and your thoughts on hundreds of T-party sites. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Guest

    Stacey Dash

  • William Moran

    So typical of the negros

  • Character Matters

    God forbid Stacey Dash have her own political opinions, and not support a man completely unqualified for office, who spent his first 4 years proving it, simply based on THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN. Stacey Dash may be one of the few non-racist blacks around. Whether you agree with her positions, or not, she has courage to speak out when this is the sort of reaction she knew she would get. She doesn’t need your respect. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth much anyway, when you deem following the crowd and being racist as respectable.

  • Jck Spratt

    I actually like Kanye West better for his for his drama because that crap you call music sucked. And I have no respect for you or anybody else who thought that was music.

  • Jck Spratt

    The Clint Eastwood talking to chair skit was funny as hell when look at. He is an actor who was play acting you idiot.

  • Luluie

    Stacy Dash can vote for whomever she wants to. You lost respect for Stacy because the candidate she voted for wasn’t black. ridiculous and stupid.

  • Mantis Toboggan

    Possibly the dumbest article I have ever read. The author should be ashamed.

  • Tippy

    This planet has gone to sh*t…… This website is a trip and a half…. how can you lose respect for people you don’t even know….. sit down at the table with and chill out with on a regular. I’d like to see your piss poor resume…. you people chase after people all day long, minding their business. What would you do if someone did this to you? You’d be on facebook talking about they’re haters…. and yada yada…. so just cut the sh*t already…. like for real… how about gain some respect for yourselves…. these people aren’t even thinking about any of us LOL… and you’re rating them like you chill by the grill in the backyard sippin budwisers….. LOL
    do you man…. woman… whomever…. I don’t have time to judge people, I have other things to do…. These articles are so ratchet…. and then LOL if they wrote about one of you (no matter who), you’d be in your dang blasted feelings and ready to sue somebody…


  • Rox

    I love how you lose respect for people because they voted Republican as you voted for the man who is destroying the country with “affordable” health care.

  • LaLaLa

    Wow, talk about racism. That is all this site is full of! And to not respect Stacey Dash because she actually uses her brain and makes her own decisions? You have some problems, Madame Noire. Maybe you should take a cue from her and stop making all these idiots that rap about beating and pimping women and doing drugs more popular than they are worth.

  • Mrs. H

    Nice tolerance of a Black woman thinking for herself and voting her conscious. Stacy Dash is the poster of grace and dignity. I wish for all young black American girls to look to her for direction in their life. Not only is she beautiful but she stood her ground even though black women everywhere were insulting her and calling her horrible names. She stood for what is right. She will always have my respect.

  • Michael P

    ya’ll best leave Stacey Dash alone

  • Sammy

    Detroit…once a proud city and world-class industrial powerhouse.

    Look at it now. The corruption goes back to the Coleman Young years. The sad thing is, there are STILL plenty of people who would still support Kwame. It just shows you how ignorant, uninformed AND uneducated the vast majority of Detroit residents are. Sad indeed. Unfortunately these are the same people who voted for Mr. Obama. Issues are only skin deep…Pathetic.

  • Sammy

    WOW. LOL. Who is the moron who wrote this POS article?

    So apparently a black individual MUST vote for a black individual…regardless of where the candidate stands on the issues? Congratulations, you have all just taken 10 steps backwards.

    Meg Butler, you are an idiot.

  • Steve Harrod

    Okay, Stacy Dash votes for Mitt Romney and you lose respect for her? So, she’s a free-thinker and not a mind-numbed robot like the rest of the people who dutifully voted for Obama, who has turned out, unsurprisingly, to be the worst President the United States has had to suffer. Yeah, we’d all be a lot better off with MORE Stacy Dash and LESS (much, much less) Oprah Winfrey.

  • Jaws16101

    Stacey Dash proves she is smarter than most blacks.

  • hillarysucks88@yahoo.com

    like you folks at “Madame Nauseous” ever had respect for anyone, that’s where the joke is!

  • hillarysucks88@yahoo.com

    Another woman who has a mind of her own. Criticize all you want, she’s awesome AND beautiful….

  • hillarysucks88@yahoo.com

    Stacy Dash is awesome! You’re just jealous that she has her own mind and uses it! Loser!

  • josh

    really Stacy Dash is on here for how she voted. whoever wrote this I’ve lost respect for, for that BS

  • Meghan McCarty

    It’s ignorant to say that you’ve lost respect for Stacey Dash because she votes Republican. Guess, what I voted for Mitt and I’ve lost respect for this ignorant website.

  • Scribe7

    Any black person who thinks their voting means anything is SLEEP! Stacey voted for what she thought was the best of 2 evils when in reality Im a shamed of all the BLACKS that voted for bama! CHANGE yeah right!!!

  • Ed

    Your comments about Stacey Nash are racist and ignorant.

  • BlackWidow

    Notice how 98% of them are black? Nothing but rowdy, ghetto trash. And who’s business is it if Stacy Dash is a Democrat or Republican? She can be straight, gay or bi and it should’nt phase anyone. Disagree with that one and I wasn’t even on Team Mitt

  • Joe

    Racisit. “i can’t respect a black person that would vote for mitt romney”. What you mean is you can’t respect a woman for having her own mind and exciting her voting rights. Have fun with the rest of your sad life.

  • jim1061

    Lost respect for Kanye West???? I am still trying to figure out who ever respected him in the first place.

  • Jane

    2 ppl that have lost our respect because they were republican, and exercising their rights to express their political belief….while a high percentage of the nation doesn’t vote at all…..ok…. cuz that makes sense….

  • Jenifer

    Stacey Dash on this list for not voting for Obama. This site was written by an ignorant incompetent idiot

  • Terry Roberts

    Seems like Stacey Dash had an idea about someone who made president when she went to vote!! Glad she voted for candidate of her choice not because of color.

  • michellejohnson

    What the hell is going on with these assholes miss me with all this bullshit.

  • Amanda

    This is the most ridiculous website I have ever stumbled upon, why such a need for black vs white, hating on other people’s lives – maybe you should worry about your own damn selves. Get a life.

  • Facebook User

    this page of comments is a negro jungle. I’m going to a page where there are more whites.

  • iflyforu

    What a waste of my time reading this garbage. If you could not understand Clint Eastwood and the Chair sign up for Obama care how do you like him now.

  • Patrick Kuby

    Are there sites out there that condemn white people for voting for Obama because they are white like this site did Stacey Dash for voting for Romney? I guess there probably are… But what would you think of them? Whatever that is, you’re the same.

  • Brian

    Stacey Dash is very courageous. She will be rewarded for her efforts in time. We need more people like her in Hollywood.

  • jakce

    Change “we’re” to “I’m” and “we” to “I.” You speak for yourself Meg Butler. You’re a bigot for putting Eastwood and Dash on here. It’s scum like you who lose respect for people with different political opinions than yourself who I wish it was legal to deport. You ruin America’s name.

  • Conservative Girl

    Racist much? So, you are saying that black people are only allowed to vote for other black people. You’re really stupid!

  • jolie

    Hey Keshia, one drop baby, is all it takes to be BLACK

  • jolie

    Yeah I lost respect for clint too after that whatever it was he was doing with
    the chair. He really showed his true “color” with that. It made me think, humm
    I didn’t think he was prejudice but now come to think of if – did the black men
    in his movies always die?

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    so Clint Eastwood is terrible because he’s a Republican? You idiot liberals are soooo tolerant.
    good gawd…..You elected this moron twice.

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    It’s more racist to vote for Obama because he’s black. Kudo’s to Stacie Dash. She has the courage to vote her conscious—and not for Hollyweird’s morally BANKRUPT conscious

  • Max

    Stacey Dash made the list because she voted for Mitt!?!? The writer is an idiot! I can’t respect anybody that voted for Obama; especially any moron that voted for Obama twice!

  • Gina

    I can’t respect a person who can’t respect someone’s right to choose their own political party based on their personal beliefs. You’re obviously a Democrat and that’s fine by me because I respect that you are doing your duty and taking part in our government. Why can’t you do the same for Republicans? If you can’t respect someone because the box they checked when it asked for their political party wasn’t the same as yours then you don’t deserve respect either.

  • notblackenoughforyou

    Why is almost every person on this list black? And why does voting for the non-black Presidential candidate make Stacey Dash less deserving of respect? Seems like someone is trying to push their own agenda instead of objectively reasoning. This article is completely without class (and spelling abilities).

  • Ryan Doyle

    dont you mean you’re mad at stacey dash for not voting for obama? so if a white person votes against obama b/c hes black that person is racist, but a black person who doesnt vote for obama just b/c hes black is a traitor..did i get that right? yall talk trash on each other over petty things, yall get jealous of others success, no wonder your race asnt progressed since the 70s, you’re too busy bashing each other and looking for freebies

  • Zebra44

    Really, you are going to bash Stacey Dash because of her political views? You do realize the city of Detroit has been ran by Democrats for decades and the place looks like a war zone and is bankrupt. It is fools like you who are blinded by your precious party politics to the point you can see your hand in front of your face. Republicans are guilt too, but to say you have no respect for someone who has not been out committing crimes, dodging taxes, or domestic violence just shows your ignorance.

  • pissoff media hacks

    Oh so slamming the beautiful Stacey Dash because she’s smart enough NOT to vote for the racist commie Obummer?! You professionl blacks that vote for people based only on the color of their skin are FKN stupid!

  • AngelS

    Well, author of these ‘slander articles’ You obviously have no respect for yourself due to the fact that you have publicly displayed your sad, and overwhelming level of COMPLETE ignorance. You judge someone based on their political views!? How foolish are you!? So what if Stacy Dash has no shame in who she supports. There are thousands of black men and women in this nation who supported and STILL support Romney. That’s life, people will have their own views and beliefs regardless of their gender/race, and if you at your age (whatever that may be), haven’t learned that by now, at this point in your life, then maybe you should spend less time posting your ridiculous, judgmental, opinions on the internet, and more time in properly educating yourself.
    That is all.

  • Dora

    How do you feel about Stacey Dash voting for Romney now? And really? Just because she’s black, you feel she had to vote for the black guy? CHILDISH! That’s why we have an idiot now because people who voted for him, voted for his skin, not his ideals.

  • theshawn

    The headline should read “Celebrities I’m done with” by Meg Butler.

    You don’t speak for me, nor do you have the authority to claim you do, I will decide who I lose respect for, not some liberal journalist who is so enamored with a black being president she checks her brain at the door. Losing respect for someone mistreating women is one thing, losing respect on the basis of politics is small minded.

  • Jef Smith

    so Meg Butler is racist, why do you allow her to use this to dispose her hatred

  • James Thatcher

    So what if Stacey Dash voted for Romney in this country everyone has the right to vote the way they feel is best, to say you have lost your respect for her just proves that your respect is not important and not worth having.

  • g

    I cant respect a black person who voted for Obama because hes black Stacey Dash has more talent and brains then you idiot

  • Kate Barry

    I’m confused when you say you’ve lost respect for a black women who voted for Mitt Romney… are you saying that Obama is the president because blacks didn’t/shouldn’t vote for a white man. It sounds like a very racist comment, and it sounds like our president, according to you is president because he is black… and it sounds like you have a lot of disrespect for a lot of women in this country without knowing them personally. I am surprised that Madame Norie has such close minded writers who don’t accept people in their beliefs.

    • Sally

      She’s saying that all white people should have voted for a white candidate. Just like Obamacare thinks we all should choose a physicians based on their race.

  • Ronnie Freeman

    To lose respect for someone simply because of who she voted for shows a serious lack of credibility by the author, and it’s racist to say the least.

    • beatthis

      absolutely…to say because she is black she has to vote for the black candidate or has to vote democrat is a HUGE problem. I commend Stacey Dash for being an original thinker and voting for who she wants, not who she is supposed to vote for.

  • Guest

    Did you get paid for writing this nonsense? If so, you should return the money. I am glad that I live and work in the real world, so that I don’t even know who half of these people are or why they are considered celebrities. Add yourself to the list. I cannot respect anyone who cannot respect some one, because they voted for a particular candidate.

  • Ishkabibble

    “I don’t care. Obama is awesome.”

  • Cory

    lol racist much? You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing yourself offense from someone that voted for the presidential candidate they considered to have the more effective platform. I still have lots of respect for my white friends that voted for President Obama… even if I can’t stand his policy.

  • mike

    Dude it was an obvious opinion at the end of the comment there, and I dont know why you waste so much space and time on a comment like that. If you are so intelligent (as you are obviously trying to convey to people here for whatever reason) you would see how pointless it is to even argue your “facts” here on this site in this comment section to the type of people that are here. THrowing out your “numbers” and “facts” here will not change someone’s racist views. You are obviously not smart enough to see that.

  • Irene

    That had very little meaning. Most of the people were black. You used your own personal bias against Mitt Romney. There is no way that this should be in any way credible. Next time you post…try to keep just a little more neutral?

  • Michael Harkins

    WAit a Second, just because someone is black means they HAVE to vote for Obama and not Romney? And you lost respect for Stacey Dash because, as a black woman, she voted for Mitt Romney? Excuse my French but, who the F are you? People, whatever ethnicity, are entitled to vote for whomever they feel is right for our country. And the color of their skin should not be a determining factor on a vote. People like you (MEG BUTLER), are the type of narrow-minded people who are ruining this country. Stop trying to push your racist views onto others on this site. It is just plain wrong. We live in a free country yes, which makes your comments here allowable, but it also doesn’t make it right.

  • ICEMan

    Stacey Dash has gained the respect of millions in spite of the author’s ignorance.
    Stacey had the intelligence and the guts to vote for the better candidate in SPITE of
    the fact that they are the same race. She’s obviously not a racist which
    apparently can’t be said about the author who voted for one of the
    worst presidents ever just because they’re both black.

    In addition, Stacey is still smoking hot and women of any color who
    are both intelligent and hot are to be respected. As for the author, not
    only has she shown her ignorance and racist streak, her voting
    tendencies are clearly influenced by peer pressure rather than by who is
    more qualified. It’s idiots like her that elected a pretender to be
    president and he has sent this country into a tailspin. She and those
    like her have proven that you get exactly what you vote for and we are
    paying dearly for the idiots who drank the Obama koolaid not once, but
    TWICE! I’d like to say that it’s the author who has lost America’s
    respect but she was never respected in the first place so you can’t lose
    what you never had.

    • Interesting

      I don’t know who any of these people are except for Stacey Dash. Guess it’s because she is HOT and has a great mind. Hard to find these days.

      The author is a racist bigot. They believe a black person should vote for someone because of the color of their skin. I lost more respect for this pathetic looser of an ‘author’ than anyone!

      So why isn’t Obama on this list? He’s lost the respect of the majority of the African-American community than anyone!

  • ICEMan

    Stacey Dash’s has gained the respect of millions in spite of the author’s ignorance. Stacey had the intelligence and the guts to vote for the better candidate in SPITE of the fact that they are the same race. She’s obviously not a racist which apparently can’t be said about the author who voted for one of the worst presidents ever just because they’re both black.

    In addition, Stacey is still smoking hot and women of any color who are both intelligent and hot are to be respected. As for the author, not only has she shown her ignorance and racist streak, her voting tendencies are clearly influenced by peer pressure rather than by who is more qualified. It’s idiots like her that elected a pretender to be president and he has sent this country into a tailspin. She and those like her have proven that you get exactly what you vote for and we are paying dearly for the idiots who drank the Obama koolaid not once, but TWICE! I’d like to say that it’s the author who has lost America’s respect but she was never respected in the first place so you can’t lose what you never had.

  • Travis

    it was about halfway through that it dawned on me that this had to be written by a black person by the way you were putting down other races. You, ma’am, are a racist.

  • Tim

    Can’t respect a black person who would vote for Mitt Romney? Since when does political view points have anything to do with skin color? I can’t respect someone who assumes mine or anyone else’s political views must be based on thee skin color of the politician… What a stupid thing to say.

  • Doug M

    I lost a bit of respect for myself for reading all 15 of these.

  • c

    ……..where are the white celebrities?

  • Luther

    You don’t like Stacey Dash and Clint Eastwood because they voted for Romney?!?
    How’s that hope and change thing workin’ out for you? 90 million Americans are out of work. ANYBODY could have done a better job than Obama.

  • Jody

    Is this a black website?

  • EffYouuCeeKay

    So Stacey Dash lost respect because f her political choices?? Lol ridiculous. Maybe in a communist community someone could be judged for her political stance. Meg Butler you are a retard.

  • Blacky

    Well you know what they say – Once you go black…..you’re a single mother.

    • Jody

      Well the government can take care of her baby.

  • budmike

    I cant believe you are bagging on Stacey Dash for expressing her political beliefs and voting for Mitt Romney.Are you kidding me?She showed a lot of courage in my opinion.Obama is not doing a great job.We dont know what kind of job Romney would have done do we?Because she is a black actress she is supposed to support Obama?LAME!

  • Laura

    you cant lose respect for someone who wants to vote different president than you….ridiculous….

  • GetALife

    The editor of this list and apparent only judge of these people is no better than the ones she is judging … what a waste of time and effort.

  • therain

    So Stacey Dash can’t be black if she doesn’t vote for lord poopy-head obama? Now who’s the racist?

    • kem63

      Did you see how many black people she does not respect and some for very stupid reasons. I would say this so called editor is an extremely big racist. There is one way to stop people like this, from now one stop coming to her web page.

  • charles

    Stacey Dash is one of the few celebrities that has enough common sense to not support socialist obummer

  • Timothy Gander

    I am appalled by the first sentence used to taint Stacey Dash’s reputation (I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney). I have never heard of Stacey Dash, so this comment is not being used to defend her because I am a fan. however, I am positive there are numerous respected black men and women who voted for Mitt Romney. its a horrible premise used to support the argument that she has lost respect in 2012. the writer of this page is immature in the understanding of Dash’s ideology behind voting the way she did, and has no divine knowledge to place that judgment on black Americans who voted for Mitt Romney. is the writer implying that black Americans shouldn’t vote for Romney because he is white? or that black Americans should vote for Obama because he is black? in either case he is promoting discrimination.

  • Gordy

    I think Stacey Dash is one of the smartest and most beautiful women in hollywood.
    Why the hate? She hasn’t done anything horrible like some of these other people…
    She does not agree with you so you don’t respect her?
    If we can’t respect those we disagree with how can we ever have a reasonable debate?


    NO DENYING IT ! ! !

  • Right Wired

    Minorities and the poor are enslaved by Democrats.

    “Vote for us, or we end your free stuff” is their cry. They are trapped in a cycle of dependence and servitude.

    It’s said to see that all these years after the GOP fought and died for an end to slavery (and pass the Civil Rights Act, which democrats opposed), that’s it’s alive and well again in a different form.

    if you think I’m lying, go read a history book. It’s 100% fact.

  • fedup

    You lost respect for someone because they voted differently than you? Wow. I lost respect for this site for allowing such poorly written articles.

  • speedle24

    You have a problem with Stacy Dash because she voted for a Republican???? That makes you a house N—— for the democratic party. Yeah, just keep the free s–t coming and we will vote for you. It’s time for you to come off the plantation man.

  • Charles Ross

    Stacey Dash is awesome, beautiful and demonstrates wisdom beyond color. She proved she had a brain when she didn’t vote for Obama to follow the black crowd just because he is black (and half white!). You go girl. You don’t need accolades from a liberal zombie.

  • Luv_Stacy

    Stacy Dash is awesome, beautiful, and one of the few actresses with half a brain. The stupid tramp that wrote this “We’re Done” article doesn’t speak for black people or anyone other than her own crab infested self.

  • midwesternwhitedude

    You fucked up when you called out Yeezus. Good luck with that.

  • beano

    I can’t respect a writer who spells “enough” as “‘Nuff”.

  • Ironweeds

    Miley Cyrus has to be on the list someplace

  • william mac

    Stacy should be respected for being herself and voting for who she believed was the best person for the job. I so don’t understand you on this one.

  • James V.

    Anyone else notice that Madame Biotch does not like Black People or Republicans? Oh, BTW, who IS Madame Biotch?

  • Johnny

    I get the feeling that Meg Butler woke up on the cunty side of the bed this morning.

  • vans346

    Meg your comments about Stacy Dash show what a cretin you are.

  • gooddudela

    Unbelievable. Only a democrat would “be done” with a peson simply because of heir political bent. If your child, sibling etc. were to hold a different political stance as you would you still be done? If so, you truly are a despicable human being. And they idiot you obviously voted for, real prize isn’t he? Scary your voice may, just may, influence another mindless fool like yourself. Let individuals be individuals you tool bag. Only Dems say they are all inclusive until someone disagrees with you. Hypocrite scrum. Go back to the ghetto or wherever you were hatched.

  • Logan McNeil

    this is a terrible website. Just awful. I’m shocked AOL linked to it. Wait, AOL is awful too. they whole damn thing is about race. what crap. never coming back. thanks for wasting time and bandwidth…

  • Elya

    wow you guys are the stupid ones… go #mittromney.. I love Stacey Dash..more power to her… how do you like Obama so far? morons

  • Danielmey

    It always amazes me how many Democrats claim if you don’t support Obama it’s because you are racist, and then a person makes this list specifically because she is black and voted for a Republican….

    I wonder if this isn’t the same author who said black people shouldn’t talk politics at work, because of how people judge you, and then goes on to say how shocked she would be when she found out some of her co-workers she liked were Republican.

    Do you even know what the word hypocrisy means?!?

  • jajadudoobanks

    this page is a joke. it seems pretty xenophobic and quite frankly, a lack of education is clear.

  • Pook

    Stacey Dash for using her God giving right to choose who she supports? Really?!?!

    YOU are what is wrong with this country.

  • Rochelle Delain

    I was okay with this article until you started disrespecting people because they did not support Obama. I thought this was a free country. When did being Republican (especially being a black Republican) become something that should be equated to sexual exploitation and domestic violence and the other bad behavior on this list? You may not agree with a person’s political affiliation, but please respect those of us who may believe and vote differently than you do. Doing otherwise is totally disrespectful and ignorant on your part.

  • Bolt

    I have no respect for anyone (man or woman) stupid enough to vote for Obama, Ms. Butler. Apparently not voting for the inept, inexperienced Obama was your sole qualification for including Stacey Dash and Clint Eastwood on your “list”.
    Not everyone is racist, or stupid enough to vote for a person solely because of the color of their skin; which apparently is your problem with Ms. Dash.



  • Whoever this loser is. If your only claim to fame is a “reality” TV show, you’re not a celeb, you’re a lucky, good-looking prop.

  • Dankfitnessguy

    This is the result of the capitalist nation we live in, these people don’t understand the human needs and way of life and as a result end up; here.

  • donzxcv

    this is shameful and hateful. the comments regarding stacey dash are just straight racist. shame on you

  • BrendaLNM

    Stacy Dash does not deserve to be on this list!! Really your going to put someone on this list because of who they voted for.. Actually more power to her for being a strong “Black Woman” who voted for a Romney..

    • jeffunde

      Since she voted for Romney that means she left the plantation. Sad that she is despised because of that.

  • goolia

    good for stacy dash, Obama su*ks anyways.

  • halesbells

    Who are you – not sure since I have never heard of you before I came across this article but I am sure I have not respect for you or your opinions of others. Thanks for the laughs tho.

  • Scott

    So the only way a black woman or even a black person can have your respect is if they agree with you politically? Thank you for keeping racism alive in America – you are a worthless piece of dung!

  • this was the dumbest post ever

    hard to lose respect for people i’ve never heard of. time to look up the definition of ‘celebrity’ having a reality show on bravo or vh1 doesnt make one a celebrity, its means they are on television. and dissing stacy dash cause she was smart enough to vote but didnt vote for the black man that, according to this list of ‘celebrities’ you are a fan of you most likely did vote for seems ridiculous.

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  • David Floyd


  • themanformerly

    So anyone who disagrees with your political views should not be respected? You’re ignorant…really.

  • jdamsforall

    meg butler is obviously a racist communist; like it is illegal to vote for anybody but the racist , communist homosexual barack obama, meg butler is obviously totally in favor of racism , genocide, black supremacy, and registered sex offenders in the white house, this should come as no surprise when this nation is soon destroyed by the finger of Jesus for this is what the blacks were doing in Egypt to the whites whom they had enslaved and were seeking to utterly exterminate in the slaughter of all white male children, from which Jesus delivered Moses and then later sent him back into Egypt to destroy the place and visit vengeance upon their black supremacist empire , the communist controlled press is nothing more than a terrorist organization

  • Michael M

    Meg Butler Author of this article is a racist. How can you judge someone for voting for Mitt Romney ??? I respect Stacy Dash for the person she is in voting for what she believes in and not because of race / color. Unbelievable ! I will never visit this site again….

    • goolia

      same here, came here from a link, seen that racist bs and will never visit again. meg butler is a racist bish.

  • rosie1843

    You lost respect for Stacy Dash because she’s a Republican?

    Look, I’m not a fan of the Republican Party. Actually, I can’t stand the party. But I’m not a fan of the Democrats either. As far as I’m concerned, Stacy Dash can support whatever political party she wants. Her support is not going to affect me.

  • Terry Whitaker

    the Stacey dash or how ever you spell her name was pure bull ish. she was smart enough to vote for someone with business experience that could bring us out of a recession who has created jobs his whole life not vote for obama just cause he is black you liberal embassel who wrote this article. how could anyone be more racist than to vote for someone just cause they are black into office because the voter is black

  • Kevin Scott

    I’ve had about enough of all this hypocritical nonsense with the blacks in this country. Get over yourselves….

  • Phil

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.”
    Guess I cannot respect a white person silly enough to vote for Obama either….

  • L

    Who cares that stacey dash voted for mitt romney? everybody is intitled to their political opinion. then you started out with saying you cant respect a black person who votes for romney, so just because shes black shes supposed to vote for obama? … smfh

  • JR DeDonato

    I can’t believe a person gets kicked to the curb for voting in way one disagrees with. Focus on the fact that she is so beautiful but when she opens her mouth she ruins the effect…

  • Q

    Stacey Dash voted for Mitt Romney and that is why she is on this list? Obama has put the U.S. in more debut. Obama care has ruined this country.

  • SayWhat

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney”.

    Yea, all blacks should vote for Obama isn’t racist. Guess unlike you, she can use her brain and won’t buy into the I hate America by Obama and Michelle. You’re a hater, so put yourself on your list.

  • meg butler sucks

    Meg Butler needs to add herself to this list. What a joke for a journalist. Your parents should be proud. Self righteous pig.

  • fredcomid

    Regarding the Stacey Dash comment. You’ve revealed your shallow intellect as you don’t have the capacity to consider other points of view or debate ideas as your position is weak. You are also without a doubt a black racist.

  • jj

    Notice how its almost al balck people, with the occosaional white person thrown in…..I guess that is what happens when no amount of money will ever take the ghetto out.

  • Mandy

    I just gained respect for Stacey Dash 🙂

  • Screw you

    This writer is a racist- nuff said Getting real tired of this reverse racism exhibited by blacks these days- Get over yoursleves

  • Samsung


  • Ned Weatherby

    Lost respect for Clint Eastwood and Stacey Dash
    because they have the same, or similar, political beliefs that about half the
    country has, eh? And you’ve lost respect for Stacey Dash because
    she is black, and didn’t support a candidate based upon the color of their

    You really believe people should vote for ONLY people of the same skin
    color? But whomever wrote the screed about Ms. Dash isn’t a racist, right?

    Maybe just a sick puppy.

  • Concerned citizen

    It’s sad that a smart, successful woman like Stacey Dash would be criticized alongside wife beaters, cheaters, and all around poor characters. All because she voted for Mitt Romney? A man who’s whole career was based around taking bad businesses and finding ways to make them profit and prosper? I wonder what that man could have done with the US economy if those were his credentials. But no, since he’s not democrat any black woman who votes for him must be crazy huh? Even though it was the Democrats who killed Abraham Lincoln. Remind me again who is the crazy one?

  • Sarah

    Okay… You can be “DONE” with someone just because of their political views. That is really immature. What happened to respecting people and their opinions? I am a republican for government beliefs, but I also think that equality is incredibly important. I’m not “DONE” with democrats, so why be “DONE” with republicans.

  • WhatGotUsHere

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.”

    How dare that sistah stray off the plantation! She not down for the struggle! Sell out! Aunt Tom!

    Ahem.. Sorry. Just channeling my inner saggy-pant-wearing, perpetually disgruntled, victim of society homie.

    If more people in the black community thought more like Ms. Dash and fewer like this pathetic excuse for an author, the black community would have a LOT less to gripe about. Waaaaaait a second… That couldn’t be it could it. Could they really just fear not being able to blame others could they? Naaahhh…. That couldn’t possibly be it. /sarc

  • Model Kei’ Rene

    Who ever is saying this about Kenya, you must be a hater. If you seriously think she is suppose bs from jealous tramples om RHOA then you are more crazier then anyone. Maybe if you stop looking at her from evious eyes you will see that.

  • MildlyAmused

    I can’t respect a black person who votes for ANY Democrat to continue the party line that all blacks are helpless and permanent victims and need to be given womb to tomb entitlements to survive and should NEVER, EVER be held accountable for their own choices. I also can’t respect a black person who doesn’t admit that it is the culture of rampant illegitimacy (over 70% of all blacks are born into a fatherless home) and sexual irresponsibility that is the primary reason for US black under achievement. At least Ms. Dash had the courage to leave the comfort of the Democratic Party plantation and enslavement. Good for her.

  • Big KEN

    Stacey Dash should be able to vote for whoever the hell she wants to vote for…..free country last time i checked.

  • Stevie

    Stacey Dash , one smart black woman.

  • C.S. Bailey

    You mention Ochocinco for his domestic abuse, then talk about how crazy Evelyn was acting……. am I the only one that thinks MAYBE we should just let that go and mind our own business. Don’t try and tell me she was this nuts in public, but just an innocent victim at home.

  • tevra

    I can’t respect anyone who makes an asinine thread like this dissing people who don’t agree with them. Now Stacey Dash for example…..I would never lose respect for anyone over the way they vote. This country will fail incredibly fast if it loses the ability to have multiple healthy parties and the ability to discuss the opposing sides of debates without becoming angry and insulting which is why we need new people in Washington right now…on both sides.

    I can not abide anyone who even considers a one party state. That is not only asinine it displays an incredible ignorance.

  • Sad_statistic_vote_black

    A black person cannot vote for anyone other than a black — no matter how much of a failure – just vote black — that is Rich…….

  • Shame

    I swear, the person that wrote these things should be ashamed. Terrible english. Also, her top three were outright foolish. You sir or madame, should be ashamed

  • Me

    I can’t believe your statement for Stacey. Just confirms that most black people only voted for Obama because he was black. Your race shouldn’t have a factor on who you vote for. Come on!

  • steelheadjeff

    WOW! So…. racism is ok as long as a black woman spouts it? Stacie Dash is smarter than any of you morons that voted (twice) for a president with no clue. It’s so telling how you people (liberals), hate her sooo much. PSSST- your fear is showing.

  • mac

    Obama is doing such a good job as the leader of our country! Try and apply logic it goes a long way. I love stacy dash and her common sense

  • Mark

    So you lost respect for Stacy Dash for thinking for herself and exercising her Freedom to vote for who she wants to vote for. Wow, you are narrow minded, our country is based on personal freedoms which you want taken away!

    Stacey Dash
    Stacey Dash
    Stacey Dash

  • smoinpour

    I definitely lost respect for quite a few of these celebrities

  • Michael McCord

    Based upon this site’s opinion of Stacey Dash, I cannot respect anyone of any race or gender for taking it seriously. Simply stated, the author believes that women and Noire Americans who arrived at a voting position in favor of Mitt Romney don’t deserve to be respected. Why don’t we take a journey back into history when bullying people for their votes was considered, um, illegal? How would the author feel if someone, anyone, said that they couldn’t respect any white male “silly enough” to vote for Obama?


  • PerniciousFerret

    cant respect stacy dash or any woman because they voted romney? Somebody needs a lecture on tolerance. you dont think women are smart enough to make their own political decisions? That is sexism, and you also need some diversity-sensitivity training.

  • Yapper

    Trivial Pursuit:

    People are being distracted by this trivial pursuits all the while being petty and judgmental and hating on each other. Don’t you see their is no democrat or republican only self serving beast called the government ruled by the Elite.

    The shadowy Global Elite progressive agenda is simple and dangerous: use the limitless financial resources at their disposal and the power of government to overwhelm and bury you in debt, sickness, lawlessness, hating each other, distracted and blind to the truth that you are in grave danger .

    Ephesians 2 1-3
    walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 3 among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

    Turn away from this Turn to God for He is the only answer to all this :Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    I am not saying go join a church or a religion I am warning you to get right with Almighty God! The day will come when you stand before Him. You best get your relationship with the Living God close and personal and very real. If you do this your relationship with others will be genuine.

    Their will be many haters on my post; stating they don’t believe in a Almighty God. I don’t believe this believe they just hate God and don’t want to subject themselves to His authority. Only a fool says in his heart there is no God.

    Last word to all the haters this is my religion in a two simple truths:

    1.To love God with all of me (mind, soul, body,)

    2 To love others.( this does not mean aways agree or share in their passions, but as you would with a childlike unprejudiced love.)

    OK haters I pose it to you how does this hurt you or anyone in this world?

  • ruth berry

    Merely becuz she voted for Mitt makes you hate her, who really is the silly one? So, how’s that change working out for you? It’s always about control, so I guess you would hate me as well. She will always be very pretty and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I wish you well Stacy.

  • NapolitanosLazyEye

    Of course you don’t like Stacey Dash. She is a strong, self-reliant black woman who can think for herself. I can’t respect any woman who voted for O. Sounds racist to vote for a man because of the color of his skin. Oh wait, black people can’t be racist…EXCEPT MOST OF THEM ARE!

  • joelferguson

    Stacey Dash deserves your respect. Not respecting someone because of political bigotry says more about you than it does them.

  • cat8

    I can’t rock with you re: Keyshia Cole. She shouldn’t have to deny one side of her heritage because everyone thinks she should only identify as Black. She should get to identify as whatever she thinks best describes her. Mad respect for her and all the mixies out there who know to rep for ALL of their heritage.

  • JuneTeenth

    Regarding Stacey Dash: You are mad at her for voting as a republican? So what? All blacks have to vote democrat? Did you forget that it was republicans who liberated the slaves? Did you forget that Margaret Sanger a Democrat/Liberal founded planned parenthood to reduce
    the black, Latino populations? Republicans simply want to keep the money they earn, whereas democrats want everyone’s paychecks to support the lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I am for helping the needy, you know those that cannot help themselves because they physically cannot work, and are a burden…but lazy people who can but don’t work should NOT get any welfare. They should get a job and be proud to collect their hard earned wages. Jesus taught us that if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime. Stop this racist crap about hating on blacks who vote conservative! It is racist to tell a person that they can only vote a certain way based on the color of their skin. Isn’t that what blacks are opposed to?

  • blah

    This was the stupidest post I have ever read. You shun Stacy for voting for MItt Romney. This is a free country! Grow the fawk up! I will never read this site again.

  • Shaye Dyson Chaney

    Picking on someone yet AGAIN who voted republican! Well, how about this…I lost respect for you and your web page! Idiot!

  • Shaye Dyson Chaney

    Well…I lost respect for you for losing respect for her for THAT! Really? That’s it? So basically you don’t support her right to vote? Ignorant dumbass!!

  • JustinHuman

    Well, this was the most unintelligent article that I came across today, and I was on Huffpost before this, so that’s saying a lot.

  • DeRosset

    Give Stacey Dash a break. I hate Mitt Romney too, but no one should HAVE to just because they’re black and/or female.

  • Michael Sanders

    This online article’s author, Meg Butler, only featured two white
    celebrities out of the fifteen she wrote about (sixteen if you count Dion Sanders wife, Pilar), ten of whom I never heard of or read about before reading this article. There are many more white celebrities who far surpassed those mentioned here in grandiose gestures of embarrassing behavior.

    Some of Ms. Butler’s comments denigrate the featured celebs for nothing more than who they voted for in the last presidential election. Something tells me that Ms. Butler is a closet racist. I wonder what other skeleton’s she’s hiding?! Shame on Moguldom Media Group for allowing this poorly-researched article on their website.

  • DemocratsRULE!

    Wow! Democratic bias much? Quit TMZ and go work for the Democratic National Committee. They won’t care that you dislike people based on their political affiliations. In fact, they might even like you.

  • Vet

    Stacey Dash should not be condemned for her politics. You are so wrong it is like some one saying you voted for Obama just because he is half black and not his white side. Did not mater what he was doing just the color of his skin. Guess your country does not matter.

  • Tammie Patrick

    go Stacy dash I am all about someone new in office and i respect you choice and your bravery for saying it out loud

  • Sergio

    Damn you racist as hell! Don’t like Stacy Dash because she is black and voted for Mitt Romney?

  • joe

    You can respect Dash because you can’t respect a black person, or a woman, voting for Romney? That is irresponsible, and lazy, “journalism.”

  • Dennis from Dennis

    Racism in reverse…at least Stacey Dash has a mind of her own and votes for what’s best for the country versus voting based on skin color. NOW look at the the fraud in the white house and what he has done to this country. Morons.

  • Patricia Barnhart

    don’t like stevie j , he’s a user

  • Marc Tanner

    Only knew he 4 out of 15 of these people are, maybe you should raise your standards for who to have respect for to begin with? Commenting on someone being stupid enough to vote for Mitt Romney indicates you were moronic enough to vote for the other. Cute little sheep.

  • Lara

    Wow, I see the famed liberal tolerance and inclusion.

  • Michael Wenthold

    This article is using the term “celebrity” pretty loosely. Aside from Halle Berry and Kanye, the rest of these people are B-list or C-list at best.





  • Mike

    You’re the Idiot and I can’t respect person silly enough to say that Stacey Dash can’t be what she wants to be a conservative. She was great to going against the Hollywood and their liberal ways. Stacey Dash you are a good person. ‘Nuff said.

  • msrita

    Too Many Other Races for Whites to Win any Election. Most People Vote the same as their Parents.

  • Proud Republican

    Everyone knew that Clint was a Republican- he was a mayor in California for many years. The only people who didn’t know were the brain dead that only pay attention to cars, shoes, and celebrities.

  • Proud Republican

    Republicans are happy to have people like S. Dash- a lady strong enough to break the bondage that blacks place on themselves to vote exclusively for Democrats, and even worse, an Islamic Democrat like Obama.

  • tomw37066

    Stacey Dash looses respect because she is a black woman who voted for Mitt Romney… what’s up with that? I respect her more for basing her choice of candidate on more than the color of his skin!

  • M.

    Hmmm, Clint Eastwood disagrees with us… “We” Must Hate Him!!!

    No one will ever respect a people that vote for leaders that take them for granted.

  • M.

    So, you hate Stacey Dash because she’s not a tribalist sheep who votes on skin-color?

    The party of slavery and segregation sure has done a lot for black people, hasn’t it?

    • mrgiarc

      They are not as racist as the GOP and the Tea party!

      • M.

        The Tea Party has nothing to do with racism, you idiot. It has to do with fiscal sanity and self reliance. Are black people against self reliance and fiscal sanity? Obama sure as hell is.

        • mrgiarc

          You are the idiot in this conversation if you think that black Americans will vote for a party who seems to hate anyone who is not white. The Republican party was the party of African Americans until Southern strategy forced them out. The GOP don’t need our votes.

          • MildlyAmused

            The GOP hates no one. That is the myth under which US blacks have sold themselves to the government plantation. The Tea Party and GOP simply believe in limited government and personal responsibility.Until US blacks admit that it is their failure to take responsibility for their sexual behavior and the resultant fatherless children, the misery will continue. I guess it is much easier to blame others than to actually be held accountable.

    • mrgiarc

      The GOP and Tea party don’t want people of color in their private club so the GOP and their supporters can go to hell!

      • paul

        You clearly have a special form of Tourette’s syndrome that causes you to post radical socialist mythology on the internet.

        • mrgiarc

          NO I hate scumbags like you! Paul!

  • llcoolray3000

    LOL @ hating Stacey Dash for thinking for herself. Please list all the ways Obama has benefited Stacey Dash. Please list all the ways Obama has benefited black Americans. Please list how Obama has benefited women. Now explain how Romney would have been worse for any of these people. I can’t wait for an objective response that doesn’t spew MSNBC talking points.

    • DB1954

      Stacey probably picked up more support since 2012 than she lost since 2012. Anyway, you’ve lost respect for her all because she’s not an Obama supporter? Hmm, as if she has no right to think for herself, huh? What? You think Stacey Dash “belongs” to you?

      • Marti Londot

        DB – You totally misunderstood what the commenter you replied to was trying to say. Read his comment again….and then apologize.

  • mrgiarc

    Jim Crow must have formulated this list because 90 percent of the people on it are black and some of them are not well known.The list is missing the following people: Michael Richards,Paula Deen,Tim Allen,Paris Hilton,Dog the Bounty hunter,Eminem,John Mayer,Charlie Sheen,Jesse James,Riley Cooper,Guns N’ Roses,Jonathan Rhys Meyers,Mel Gibson,Dr. Laura Schlessinger,V-Nasty,Alec Baldwin and Gwyneth Paltrow are guilty of using the N word.

    • paul

      Trayvon Martin was guilty of using the N word also.

      • mrgiarc

        Trayvon Martin was not a celebrity only a murder victim.

        • paul

          The person who killed Trayvon Martin was tried for murder
          and acquitted. Therefore it is impossible to call Martin a “murder victim”. No,
          the best way to describe Trayvon Martin is as a wannabee thug who initiated a “knockout
          game” and lost.

          • mrgiarc

            So you are saying it’s ok to kill an unarmed person if you classify them as a thug. I notice from your statements you are a white person because most of you have little regard for black Americans well being. I believe in the 2nd amendment and what happened to Trayvon Martin would never happen to me…..BUDDY!

            • MildlyAmused

              Then don’t attack and sucker punch another person because you don’t like the way they look, as the evidence at trial SHOWED that Trayvon did. If you choose to commit felony assault, you take the chance that your victim may resist, even with deadly force.

          • mrgiarc

            So you are saying it ok to kill an unarmed person if you classify the as a thug.

        • MildlyAmused

          A know you don’t care about facts but the evidence at trial showed that Trayvon Martin was killed while committing felony assault/attempted murder. He was legally killed in self defense. But the hell with any FACTS or evidence that interfere with your fantasy of black victimhood and the absence of ALL accountability for blacks for their own choices Just continue the cycle of fornication that has over 70% of ALL US blacks being born into fatherless homes. That is working out so well for blacks, isn’t it?

  • trhines

    I don’t feel sorry for Stevie J. He loves the spectacle because he thinks any publicity is good publicity. Unfortunately he is dead wrong. And I especially don’t feel sorry for Joseline and MiMi because only a gold digger lets a man use money to control her! If they had any self respect at all neither of them would have let him use, abuse, disrespect and make a fool of them the way that he did!!! Too bad all of that money can’t buy at least an ounce of dignity and self respect!

  • question

    Why is it o.k for black people to be ignorant and racist?

  • Ray

    How ironic…those are the very reasons I have the utmost respect for Stacey.

  • Keisha

    I think YOU are the ridiculous one. Stacey Dash is an American. She can vote for anyone she wants. Not all black people love Obama. We are not sheep. How racist are you?

  • Berayton

    So what this article says is that if youre black you are obligated to vote for a black president or specific party. My fathers a hard working blue collar black man that votes republican because he believes in small government. But he doesnt have “Black Respect” since he didnt vote obama. Switch the races around and tell me this kind of crap the majority of our race is sinking down to isnt the kind of $h!t isnt what our ancestors fought so hard against. Anyone that doesnt believe Stacy Dash is entitled to her own political belief is a F–king racist. Wake The F–k Up

  • Leslie c

    Hmm, the author of this story is just as racist as Kim Z.

  • URwickedRACIST

    All I see when I read this article is “List of black people I hate”. Racist!!!!

  • Briar Rose

    You don’t respect a black woman for voting for Mitt Romney? Hmm. . . .and you’re calling Kim a racist? Pot calling the kettle? You’re an idiot

  • Harold Koonce


  • Harold Koonce


  • dookie

    Seriously, a person doesn’t vote the way you’d like and you lose respect for them? That’s pathetic. And it says more about you than the person you’ve lost respect for.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    Remember black people: you are only allowed to be liberal Democrats. If you vote for a moderate Republican (e.g. Romney) then you’re an Uncle Tom, Porch N!gger, etc.

    Free your minds and actually learn something about politics instead of doing what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tell you to do.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    You people are pathetic, and here’s why:

    Ripping on Stacey Dash because she is a black woman who can THINK FOR HERSELF and vote for a non-Democrat?

    That’s because you are fine with black people being held in mental chains by the social pressure to only vote for Democrats.

    Learn to think for yourself instead of voting for liberals who make their living by keeping black people poor.

  • David

    I RESPECT anyone, black or white, male or female… That voted for MITT ROMNEY.

  • A

    why can’t a woman have her own opinion. Why is that “we lost all respect for her”. I don’t get it? Being black why is it relevant? Who cares who she voted for. That’s her right!

  • Paul Cooper

    I don’t know who this “we” is you refer to; all I can say is I lost respect for you when you decided to take issue with Stacy Dash because you don’t agree with her politics. That’s just weak.

  • David Irons

    So if an actor/artist doesn’t goosestep the liberal leftist indoctrination. they are hate it.. how Stalinist and hypocritical. idiot intolerant Hollywood!

  • lila

    I agree with some of the slams against celebs, but you can’t disrespect somebody’s vote. It’s everyones legal right. What a stupid comment, that a black woman can’t vote her conscience. You’re an idiot.

  • Seola

    Gotta say, after all the death threats and “race traitor” crap Dash took for an intelligent and well-thought out ideal – it’s refreshing to see these comments from both sides taking issue with a dumb writer who put different political beliefs the same as the scourge of society. What’s perhaps sadder is this writer has no original thought – hence the voting for Obama. He demonized a man who never smoked, never drank, never did drugs, pays twice in taxes (learn how capital gains works dahlink), took no money for TWO public service jobs, took a bankrupt and corrupt SLC games to one of the FEW Olympics that was actually profitable (and signed contracts ahead of time to rent out Olympic buildings saving even more cash… go ahead and see how many other Olympic arenas are in disrepair and abandoned), and was a successful two-party joiner as Governor who has donated tens of millions to charity both with and without the deduction (such as writing a personal check to families to send kids to college) and HE was the “bad guy” – thanks to dingbat writers like this who are openly shaming an actress who did their research

    But Obama was all warm and fuzzy – who donates to no charities, still refuses to work both sides, refuses to show up to work, golfs every other day – laughed about Benghazi, refused subpoenas and started the whole thing by dropping his “trusted 20 year pastor”, and now you see what he’s done during the shutdown – shutting down THE OCEAN by paying hundreds of rangers to patrol the ocean waters. Meanwhile, touting the “Buffett” tax law – while Buffett was in court fighting NOT to pay a decade’s worth of taxes!

    But yeah, Dash is the one who loses respect….

  • tularockstar

    How small of you for trashing Stacey Dash! So, black people should continue to drink the Democrat kool-aid and be obedient like ignorant slaves? If a black person thinks for him/herself and opposes the left-wing ideology, she’s no longer respected? I guess it’s true then, that the black elites want to keep other blacks ignorant and under controlled! And, when a gorgeous and smart person like Dash wants to unchained herself, she’s ridiculed as not BEING black enough? What’s next? She’s an Uncle Tom? Bigotry among black elitists is rampant!

  • nina gurl

    ummm… I thought this was about celebrity faux pas.. The whole political system is crap….now as far as this article……why do you primarily call out black celebrities…And can we really classify some of these folks as celebs? Really….These are some piss poor observations,
    lame, junior high journalism…………….

  • Phil Dert

    Regarding Stacey Dash

    The author is a bigot.

  • notmyfirstrodeo

    I liked the list, and it’s amazing what people will do when they want to hurt or control another.

    It’s Interesting that you would lose respect for someone supporting Romney.
    I have friends that voted for Romney and Obama.

    Just because some of my friends had a different opinion than I did on who should run the country is not a reason that I would lose respect for them. If any one party knew all the right answers, then we’d never have any problems…

    If you only have friends that always agree with you, then you are missing the opportunity to learn and participate in life. Besides, that would be boring!

    I respect my friends and their right to have an opinion..

    That’s how this country was founded..
    That’s America..

    • Marti Londot

      I completely agree. My best friend is black, gay, and a liberal. I’m a conservative. We rarely talk about politics because it usually ends up in heated discussions, but he can’t deny that it’s liberal propaganda when they say Republicans don’t like black people, or gays. If that were true, I certainly wouldn’t be friends with him.

  • *eye roll*

    Up until you started talking about losing respect for celebrities based on their political affiliations I was enjoying this article though I mostly had no idea who these people were anyway. This was no place for your bias views and made me lose respect for you since you had to bring that into something so inane and useless to begin with.

  • Josh B.

    This is one of the worst articles I’ve ever read…Not only are these answers incorrect, but everyone in this room is now dumber for having read them. I therefore award you no points, & may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Michael Millard

    What is this a Hate on Black people and conservatives article? It sends a weird message in all the hate being dished on people of color and the people hated who were white were largely hated because they didn’t support Obama?
    As for Romney, I didn’t care for him but in hind site lets just think about it. We had the choice of a completely unqualified Politician and an completely unqualified business person who was also an unqualified Leader or a semiconservative with a first rate business and leadership history. Obama has clearly been unable to fix the economy. We’ve lagged hard behind many nations. Maybe a business man would have done more than create new ridiculous spending programs that as usual cost the government many times as much as it costs the market place. All you have to do is look at all of his whiney, the Republicans are picking on me speeches to realize he’s way out of his league. Clinton managed to get things done with a majority of Republicans in Congress. Politics is about compromise and communication not refusals to talk and celebrating the execution of someone on the public stage, or publicly invading a countries boarders openly and vainly, or about ignoring the assassination of an Ambassador, or making a fool out of yourself on the world stage repeatedly. It is also not about violating the privacy of the entire world. Amazing how Liberals scream about things like this until they are in power then all ethics go by by and atrocities are ok because it’s for a good cause.
    Obama was a horribly unqualified candidate with plenty of reasons to be laughed out of the process. He at best served a year in the senate before running for the white house.
    Romnie had plenty of issues, but compared to Obama? His incompetence is going to haunt this nation for a very long time. Hilary was hands down the best candidate but she wasn’t black and she wasn’t liberal enough. There was a time if a man wouldn’t put his hand on his heart to celebrate America he couldn’t get into any office, now it doesn’t even stop you from being president.
    This is clearly not a list that represents very many people. I agree with some but why were so many black folks on the list?

  • Native Pride

    does it really freakin matter about politics when these people are here to entertain us? if your telling your kids to follow celebrities for political influence then your an idiot. I dont care if your white or black. just raise decent babies.

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  • Jordan321

    Your moronic inclusion of Stacy Dash makes you complete garbage as a writer. How the hell can you put womanizers, wife beaters, cheaters and “general low class behavior type of people” on the same list as a woman with a political opinion that she chose to express? You are a total freaking moron.

  • ActualVeteranofWar

    Seems to me like they’re done with black people. Everyone minus 2 were black. I think a lot of people are done with the way blacks behave in general.

  • Emily Sue

    That is the stupidest reason to “lose respect” for a celebrity. Words can’t even express how stupid you sound, whoever you are. It’s politics. I doubt as a gossip writer, you know much on the topic anyway.

  • NoOne

    Wow, so people make this list just because they have different political beliefs than you? Super classy

  • bakerygirl77

    Putting Stacey Dash on this list because she voted for Romney? Seriously?
    Way to perpetuate every stereotype given to ignorant people. You just had to make it political. I was pretty entertained up until I saw her on the list. Ridiculous.
    Stacey Dash is beautiful, intelligent and a class-act.
    Guess what? You don’t want her, she’s more than welcome over here on my side, so come on over, Stacey! 🙂

  • jjay

    who is Meg Butler anyhow …. i think she is done rating people by their political affiliation … against the constitution and of course its ok for a liberal to do that … The fact that Stacy Dash spoke her heart and mind and doesn’t go for the poor me I am black BS is one of the bravest thing anyone black woman can do … and the wrath she suffered from all the libertards for not conforming to the “Black” idiot black democrat sheep that follow the hoard mentality instead of standing up and realizing they are being played by the democrat party for their votes … how sad are you Meg Butler … you are one that is too stupid to see what is going on …. how is it your paid to do lists like this ……

  • Popcrnshower (Chris)

    Losing respect for someone because they voted for someone of a different skin color is RACIST. No matter how you cut it, it is flat out wrong and disgusting for this author to condemn Stacy Dash for having an opinion. Expecting all African-Americans to vote for Obama is not giving African-Americans enough credit for having their own free will and free choice.

  • Jody Hurt

    I cannot believe you put Stacey Dash on here just because of her political views. You are certainly small minded!! Maybe we ought to put you on here for yours!! Evidently you are one of those that supported Obamacare!! Doesn’t matter if you are black, white, pink, male or female, enough said

  • Elmer

    Wow! You really showed your liberal racism! A black woman who supports Romney instead of the half black guy! Sacrilge A Hollywood actor who doesn’t support a bumbling liberal bonehead. Preposterous. Most of these people never deserved respect in the first place.


    I lose respect to the creator of this article. Stacey Dash is losing respect for voting for Mitt Romney? Seriously? Shes a REPUBLICAN YOU IDIOTS!

  • Samson3113

    You cannot respect a black perosn that voted for Romney ? What? All black people were suppose to vote for O-BUMB-A ? Why ? Because the guy is “half” black. Are you a bigot or what. Kudos to her for voting for someone and not just because of the color of his skin. I suppose if Bubba’s wife runs for Pres, that every women that does not vote for her will be on your black list eh ? You are a typical LIB-ASS!

  • sadgovt

    Do you have to make it a political thing? -Just because someone is black they have to support Obama? Really? That’s crazy. It’s a good think some of the white people don’t feel that way or Obama would never have become president. This is the truly racial and a terrible shame that you would write some of these comments.

  • alasia min

    The fact that stacey dash is even in this article just because she voted for Mitt Romney proves how racist people are.

  • The Black Anarchist

    Whats is silly that people think that there is a difference between Obama and Romney but in reality, they are the same oligarchy puppets

  • Jennifer Wilcox

    just because Stacy dash is black she has to vote for Obama with ppl like u say in bs like this is why racism still exist shame on you has obama done what he has promised NO

  • Mike

    You are an IDIOT for putting Stacey Dash on this list for NOT VOTING FOR THAT INELIGBLE SQUATTER OBAMA!!

    Some people may not have the nerve to speak the truth about Obama because either they just don’t know or they purposely don’t care, But I will ALWAYS speak what I KNOW to be true according to the FACTS I find! The FACT is Obama is GUILTY of going along with a plan to subvert the vetting process and forge documents like selective service card (which mathematics don’t lie and the measurements are absolutely a 2008 stamp cut in half and spun upside down and NOT a 1980 stamp on his card)and other documents the DNC forged to push Obama through because he was pulling some serious polling numbers.
    NOW they are trying to get Republicans to buy that Cruz is eligible when he is not for the same exact reason Obama is not eligible!!


    Blackstone wrote that in order to be a Natural born Subject(English common law where our Natural born close comes from) the childs parents must BOTH owe no allegiance to any other king!!!

    in 1866 John Bingham from the House of Representatives said….

    “Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural-born citizen; but, sir, I may be allowed to say further that I deny that the Congress of the United States ever had the power, or color of power to say that any man born within the jurisdiction of the United States, not owing a foreign allegiance, is not and shall not be a citizen of the United States. Citizenship is his birthright and neither the Congress nor the States can justly or lawfully take it from him.”



    The Government has LIES to make sure that there are no racial riots! They FEAR the people who vote for them!

  • otisrneedleman

    Stacey Dash is a champ!

  • Timothy S

    whoever wrote this is a racist. Black people can’t vote for republicans? Black people can’t believe in low taxes? Black people can’t believe in constitutional government? Wow. Astounding, disgraceful, and racist.

    • Mike

      You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! But they are not held to that standard like white people are because they are a PROTECTED CLASS through Affirmative action!


  • Ian

    So you lose respect because she voted for Mitt Romney, just shows the liberal hypocrisy nowadays.

  • bgm15901

    Now now everyone…don’t be upset with her because there are low information people in every walk of life…….ignorance is a incurable disease but it can be prevented.

    • Mike

      The person who wrote this article is a low information voter!

      NO WAY with all the truth out there that you can believe the Liberal Media or Politicians lies. The only way is because foundation causes blindness. Someone who is Black and Liberals foundation is that they are black and want blacks in power over whites. Not just blacks in power but blacks in power OVER WHITES. That is their point so when anyone gets to that point what they do and how they may screw this Nation up is irrelevant to them because of their blindness. They just want to win by any means necessary because to them this is a popularity contest and they still think they are losing when no one else is even playing!!

  • br

    So all black people have to vote the same way? Wow

    • Mike

      That is what the Liberals push!!

  • Ms. Lu’s Twin Sista’

    Kanye has some issues that might lead to someone getting hurt and serious jail time in the future. Sad.

  • Angela

    I figured Stacey was on the list for having her own opinion. Its sad that she has to drink the Koolaid otherwise be shunned by Obamas mindless followers. Then again this is a black website and most black people share the same brain!

  • djdj

    are u serious. you cant respect someone because of their political preference. talk about prejudice. dummie

  • djdj

    are u serious. you cant respect someone based on their political party. get over yourself. you do know that pres obama and every other politician on both sides mostly get along with each other behind the scenes. damn how ignorant of you to say that.

  • BubbaT

    Can’t respect a woman that votes for Mitt Romney but you can respect anyone that votes for the worst stand in President in history? Shows what a complete, fking idiot you are.

  • BubbaT

    What a coincidence almost all the idiots listed here are black. Glad I’ve never heard of any of these buffoons.

  • Clf

    dear editor: worthless piece of journalism which depicts mostly black people as celebrities we’ve lost respect for, how about we start focusing on respecting ourselves enough to focus on not idolizing celebrities in the first place. they are after all just human like the rest of us. we shouldn’t be giving value to discrediting other people and passing judgments of this nature. the people on this list should seek legal proceeding against the publisher and yourself for writing and broadcasting this smut. what I have learned is my lost respect is in media for trying to brainwash me into hating on other people. Its important to work and focus on yourself to improve the world and offer love to other people. thank you for wasting precious moments of my life. I doubt I am alone in saying this…. I wish the media would change their cheap approach toward trying to profit off of other people by trying to slander them.

  • midas360

    Love Stacey Dash… keep it real!

  • bornbrit777

    I’m really hoping this is an African American website due to this list. I’m a white male and I found the over abundance of African Americans on this list while the likes other non African Americans were not on this list

  • concerned

    the comment re: Stacy Dash is so stupid. so unless all blacks don’t agree with the so called majority of the black way of thinking she’s out. Just exactly who are the racist here. And heaven forbid you should have your own opinion that dosen’t coincide with yours.concerned

    • Mike


      That is the biggest load of crap every perpetrated on the black community to get them to vote Democrat!!! They OF COURSE try to make you think the switch took place right before Kennedy. Kennedy is the person who signed the Affirmative Action law into existence which they think proves their position which actually affirms they are wrong!!


      It really looked like Kennedy cared!! But what affirmative action is a policy created of emotional subjective means with the purpose of swaying the public opinion to THINK the Democrats care for the Black population without any regards for the damage such a law could have on future generations!! NOW, Affirmative action makes black people think their racism isn’t racism!! As if it isn’t the same for them when it is!!

      Republicans do not pass emotionally charged subjective laws because we think about the future ramifications such a law would have the population!
      Take for instance OBMACARE? Conservatives KNEW the law was going to destroy Businesses and said it clearly over and over again. NOW businesses are cutting people 40 hour work weeks down to 29 and they cannot even pay their bills or save for their childrens futures!!

      Obamacare is Nothing more then FORCED INSURANCE AT A HIGH RATE! (of course except for those people who didn’t have any ever and don’t have jobs! But those people HAD medical assistance before Obamacare!!) They call it the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. Here is the problem with that name. AS USUAL the Liberals claim a name so that if conservatives disagree with it they can say, “OH, So you don’t like AFFORDABLE CARE?” Which is total nonsense because this has nothing to do with affordable care and everything to do with Forced Insurance that people don’t want to force the start and acceptance of the very communist methods that the Conservatives were saying for years and years that the Liberals were trying to take us into!

      And the entire way the Liberal Low informed voters keep denying it because they are told it isn’t true by articles which never claim any Legal parts of the bill and never show you how to validate their information!!

      You have got to be a FOOL to believe them when they give no source and just tell you that Obamacare is great and you will love it!! You would think you would be able to know if you love something based on what its actions are and not because the person who brought it to you is black like you!

  • me

    This should be called “We’re Done, 15 reasons why I’m a reverse racist”

  • me

    Never gave a Crap about Stacey Dash until 2012… Now I am A huge fan

  • Mr.Lee

    i find it funny this site loses respect for someone viewed as a racist,yet subtly throws racism towards stacey dash for voting for mitt romney,b/c she is black???? doesn’t anyone else see the hypocrisy? either way i’ll never come back to this pathetic excuse for a website b/c im an actual human being and don’t judge someone as a racist just b/c who they vote for…p.s if ya want a racist?look no further than that pathetic untalented waste of flesh they call kanye west

    • Mike

      Liberalism is a disease. Black Liberalism should be a hate crime.

  • BlacksSuck

    I love all people but blacks and liberals aren’t people.

  • BlacksSuck

    Liberal Obummer followers are useless and need to get an education or a job. The majority of them have never had either.

  • BlacksSuck

    A list of a bunch of ignorant Black folks for sure. Clint Eastwood is the man and I respect any Black person that voted for Romney. If you voted for Obummer you are a racist fool!

  • suz

    Meg Butler, the author must be racist. She disrespects Stacey Dash for voting for a white
    man. I thought we were suppose to vote for character,decencey,experience, policies, not color. Ms. Dash apparently has guts and brains.

  • Timb9999

    I get it.. Stacey Dash should have voted for Obama because she’s black? How pathetic you are if you lose respect for her over that.

  • Rolanda Charles

    For Stacey Dash to be on here because she voted for Romney is really silly and foolish. People can vote for whoever they want.

  • steve

    I cannot respect a writer who has no respect for an individuals right to have their own opinions. Stacy Dash does not have to vote for Obama because she is black. Please. Obama is not even black. He is just as much white. But we slant the stories to support opinions……….I applaud her for not being a sheep.

  • CurzonDax

    You mean you can’t respect a woman ( Black or white ) that wasn’t completely stupid enough to be brainwashed by Odumbshit’s lies.

  • Ellen

    You were spot-on with all but one of your choices. Stacy Dash is an informed, intelligent woman and actress who obviously “get’s it”. She doesn’t play the race-card and she doesn’t have an agenda. She should be herald for her bravery in standing up to the racist, ignorant democrap party! Wish there were more like her!

  • JimmyFreedom

    You lost respect for Stacy Dash? LOL! That’s the typical reaction of the typical RACIST, ignorant black folk. You vote for Obama BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. You are ignorant RACISTS. Little black sheep following your master. Still slaves that do what their masters on the Democrat plantation tells them to do. I guess you’ll have to disrespect me to, because I’m one black man that sure as hell doesn’t vote based on skin color. And doesn’t vote to keep the freebie handouts and welfare coming that works to keep black America down, dependent, and always voting for the party that trapped them there. You are all still slaves and to stupid to know it. Go on now … vote for your democrat and then scrape up the little somethin’ he gives ya.

  • KrisAnderson


    You can’t respect a woman or a black (or presumably anyone) who voted for Mitt Romney?

    That’s hilarious…. A choice of “Captain Underoos” or the “Multicultural Second coming of Christ”

    If voting for clowns is a reason to lose respect for celebrities, then this article could have been shortened down to “We’re done with every celebrity on the continent, thanks for reading….”

  • Kellygirl

    As far as the comment you made concerning Stacey Dash…..that is the most IGNORANT statement that I’ve ever heard…..”NUFF SAID” !!! Get a life!

  • Buck Olsen

    Oh yes, we must by all means CONTROL the voting habits of other black people by degrading them. All hail our Fuhrer.

  • Dung Imso Eel

    Humble Dung to think a Stacey Dash is of da bomb or what is ever a slang of positive acceptance. Of course she has made of thought crime and political crime and must to be made of hated by all good and loyal follower of a Dear Obama Leader.

  • Sambo Caesar

    Stacey Dash lives by her convictions. She’s also forgotten more about politics than you’ll ever know. Food stamp recipients are up 46%. You like obama love poor people. Making more of em’ everyday.

  • TaylorB

    Clearly, you are black, biased, bored, boring and misguided…..

  • Nacho

    He came out for Mitt because the only other choice was the DB that currently resides there.

  • Kevin

    Stacy Dash ROCKS!!!

  • Jason Muniz

    Meg Butler,
    I realize that this is an opinion piece, but what a sad comment you made about Stacey Dash. Like it or not, it took a lot of courage for her to go against such a large number of other black people and stick up for her convictions. I think it’s great what she did. I’m glad she had the sagacity to speak her mind in this fashion. If you and your ilk don’t want her, we’ll gladly take her :o)
    You can never have enough people that stand on their tenet!

    • lalee

      Stacey obviously has more White blood than black and that’s the reason for the Mitt vote. Let’s not forget,it’s a Free Country and it’s nobody’s business your own who Vote for. Back in the day nobody talked about what Religion or Political Party you were with..both are private & no need to argue about..

      • Mike

        You are an idiot. Ben Carson didn’t vote for Obama, Allan Keyes didn’t vote for Obama and neither have white in them at all!

        You say the most stupid nonsense that her white blood caused her to vote for Mitt! NO!! NO!! NO!!! IT WAS HER CONVICTION THAT OBAMA IS TRASH AND ROMNEY STOOD FOR SOMEHTING AND WAS BEING SLANDERED MALICIOUSLY AND FALSLY BY THE MEDIA!!

        If you don’t see this then you are a goober blind fool.

  • Shawn Rhino McFarren

    Seriously, you’re going to bash on Stacey Dash for voting Republican? It’s her god given right to vote for who ever she wants to vote for. Just by you saying “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.” Just gauges you to be a tasteless sack of crap Democrat who is bumping their chest around, acting like they are hot. Keep your clap trap opinions to yourself, get a life and grow up!

    • Mike

      I have lived in Baltimore city for years. I have a lot of black friends who loved Obama.
      They start telling me how great it is to have a black president because he is going to help the blacks here and there and everywhere. UNTIL I BREAK DOWN THE TRUTH FOR THEM!! I get a little argument in the beginning before I start listing all the things that I know for a fact Obama has done. Once they shut up(The only reason they shut up before me is because I actually know more then they do politically which takes about 1 minutes of them trying to talk over me until they get out everything they know and then they start hearing me) they start hearing all the things Obama has done to push the Islamic revolution in every country he possibly can including America. Then I show them how he is being a little bit more secretive in America and before you know it they are pissed off at Obama.

      The only problem is they get pounded by other people who love up Obama because he is black as soon as I leave and they tell someone because though they heard me clearly they still don’t know crap!

  • reality

    Go Stacey. What has Obama done for Blacks?? Down in EVERY economic data set. He’s not even Black – He’s a white liberal. Dope……

  • deuce1984

    That Stacey Dash entry was so ignorant that I honestly could not believe what I was reading. I spent exactly 90 seconds after reading that on this website to enter this comment and “X” out of the webpage. Ridiculous.

  • Ford Santa Maria

    Very ignorant of this article to put Stacey Dash in here. Because she has her own opinion and did not vote for a President that will go down as the worst in history she has lost your respect? Stacey is beautiful and obviously very intelligent.

  • John Phillips

    In regards to the Stacey Dash comment. I can’t respect anyone who votes for a candidate based on the color of his skin. I can’t respect anyone who is is told who to vote for without researching the candidate and making their own choices. I can’t respect anyone who till this day is still driving around with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on their cars and is actually proud of it. I didn’t vote in the last election because both clowns did not have a voting record that supported my beliefs. We live in a society where we are basically enslaved into a government dependence mindset. Our kids are dropping out of schools and entering prison at an alarming rate. We need to set role models for our kids by teaching them how to be strong, educated, and self dependent or we will never get ahead in this world.

  • Lee Gliddon

    You have to be huge big bigot to tell, as the author put it, a “black person” they can’t vote for a certain candidate and if they do they are not respected. Romney was a mainstream moderate who got elected Governor of Massachusetts, a very liberal state. This list is void and the author has serious issues. MLK, Jr. preached about merit. This author illustrates exactly what Dr. King opposed. Stacey was judged simply because of her skin color. That’s awful. That’s messed up.

  • Jon Hensersky

    First of all, she’s only part black. Second of all, you give no reason for why voting for Romney is bad.

  • man

    obammma loving motherfuckers…fuck you and the evil muslim communist baby killing loving gay freak feces sex loving obammmma!!

  • Brian Astby

    Can’t stand it when a black votes off the democrat’s plantation, eh?

  • Joe

    “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.”

    Then you’re a racist and a bigot so I can respect you either.

  • Joe

    So a black woman voting Republican is the same as a child molester in your view. Ridiculous. “’nuff said”.

  • Arthur Savage

    You lost respect for Stacy Dash because she’s not a democrat…..this list is petty….yea, love Obama who has not set one foot in a poor black neighborhood since he was elected……I don’t respect this writer…….how about that…….

  • Clarkkent

    Its funny you added Stacey Dash on the list because that’s the only person that I didn’t lose respect for. She’s someone who dared have a different opinion from the rest of the “sheeple” who voted her conscience and didn’t vote for Obama because he was black. It was open season on Stacey Dash for all the white and black liberals who felt justified in calling Stacey Dash all kinds of racist names because she dared go against the grain.

  • Dave Brooks

    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.

    umm yeah.. it has less to do with that, than it does, the black person didnt vote for the black person…

    racist assholes…

  • Stina Jay

    The only people here I had an ounce of respect for was Stacy Dash and Clint Eastwood.Now all I can say is “As if!”

    • RSpung

      you are a racist.

  • Sharkteeth

    Who ever this Meg Butler is, she does not speak for America. She speaks for Hollywood. Hollywood loses untold millions because of their leftness.

  • Allison Miller

    So, because Stacey Dash is black she automatically has to vote for a black Presidential Candidate? Aren’t we trying to move past racism?

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    It sounds like Meg Butler hates anyone that is Republican. That’s a shame Miss Butler, a damn shame. I’m a Republican and proud of it.

  • Thom Gorman

    The civil rights movement was to guarantee that citizens, like Stacey Dash, were FREE to associate, FREE to voice an opinion and FREE to vote as they pleased. I and anyone else, who fought for civil tights in the U.S., should be ashamed of Meg Butler, for her blatantly racist condemnation of Ms. Dash.

  • str8biz

    Is It MR. Kenya Moore …. It Looks like a MAN

  • Poppi

    I scanned through the first 5 ‘people’ and then decided to go to the last one, #15 (I hope that was the last one. It’s all I could take!) It occurred to me that these so-called ‘dissed’ people are people of color.

  • Booga20

    What douche bags..Can’t respect Stacy Dash for voting for Mitt Romney!!…who is the scum bag racist swine, pig that decided that?

  • troglodyte

    I must apologize to Stacy Dash…..I didn’t know this site was a political rag?!

  • qwkinuf

    So Meg Butler is a racist. She actually condemns Stacey Dash (who is black) for not voting for a black.

  • Meg_Butler_Who?

    I can’t help but notice that almost everyone on this list is African American, and that there is a lot of anti-republican motives to these negative endorsements (Stacy Dash made the list for voting for McCain? Really? That ALONE warrants a “FALL from grace”?).

    This articles exists for no reason (personal opinions of an unknown writer on an unimportant topic does not equal news). But even as a fluff piece, this is poorly written, terribly unstructured, and completely ludicrous.

    If Meg Butler were at all a celebrity, she’d be on the top of my ‘Never had my respect in the first place’ List. The remainder of the list is anyone who admits to appreciating this amateur-hour fluff piece that just waste 10 minutes of my life.

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  • michael mcbride

    By listing Stacy Dash for the very reason listed you make yourself to be the very thing you claim to reject, a sellout. Please view history and find the party that began, supported, and fought to maintain slavery and segregation. You guessed it, the democratic party. Assuming a person’s ideology based on race is just ignorant. That is not content of character, that is opposite of the dream Dr. King strived for.

  • This site sucks

    Meg Butler, what a total racist bigot you are! You try to act like some Queen Bee advancing the black race on this site and you are quick to point out whites you believe to be racist (such as Kim Z.) but your criticism of Stacey Dash shows your true colors. How dare an intelligent black woman think differently from you!!!??! The fact that she actually realizes Obama has not done well for our country and was willing to vote for another candidate is a good thing. She is an independent thinker and does not vote for a candidate just because he happens to be the same race as her. She voted for whom she believed would do the best job.
    I have lots of white and black friends and I have to say that even my conservative black friends voted for Obama…there is this mentality that they will be a traitor if they don’t vote for the black candidate…not true! You act like you hate racism but you are being narrow-minded and racist yourself. If race shouldn’t be an issue or a limiting factor, then it has to work both ways. The fact that you also say you couldn’t support a woman voting for Romney….it is apparent you think his stance on abortion is too conservative. Some of us women actually believe in being responsible for our reproductive health and preventing pregnancies before they happen, not using abortion as birth control. Abortion should be reserved for cases of rape, incest, or situations that are life-threatening to the mother. This has always been my belief from day one, probably 20 years before I heard Romney say it. Funny that you wouldn’t have this ignorant and racist blog if your mom had chosen abortion yet you feel that we need a president who supports it. Oh, as long as he is black, natch.

  • A

    So racist regarding Stacey Dash.. seriously. Why can’t black people vote for Mitt Romney? Strange…. You should be on your own list.

  • abbeyconway

    Mostly Negros….what a surprise.

  • By passer

    Your ignorant and uneducated comments about Stacey Dash “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney” or “a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney” made you and this site lose all credibility.

  • Terrell

    Most racist comment I’ve seen in a long time? “I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.

  • dnokc

    Stacey Dash- !!!!!GREAT AMERICAN!!!!!
    Everyone should have a mind of their own…and speak it proudly!

  • Annoyed08

    Not respecting someone for their choice of who they vote for? You need to look at the way you view things. We’re all allowed to vote for whoever we want.

  • David Weaver

    AuAYour reason for adding Stacey Dash to this list is idiotic. “Nuff Said”. Anyone narrow-witted enough to add people to these lists because they voted for one party (presumably in defense of another) is brainless.

  • Jack

    So, you can’t respect a black woman who votes for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect anybody who feels their politcical perspective is how they have respect for others.
    The conservative party has done more for blacks than the liberal party. Now if you want to lose respect for somebody how about the race baiters who make a living off of perceived racism and want white/black relations to get worse instead of better so they can continue to profit from it.
    The left is a user party, the concervative party believes in working for a living, not doing your best to live off of the Government.
    I have no respect for rages like this, I’m out.

  • mercyonus

    Stacey Dash deserves no respect for voting for Mitt Romney? I think she deserves a metal and “Madame Noire” has no credibility or common sense. Enjoy Obamacare, foodstamps, the Muslim Brotherhood, and those drones everyone!!

  • jumper297

    I agree… how DARE Stacey Dash think on her own… silly black woman, she should know that the democrats do her thinking for her. You know, they’ve done so good by us so far… out communities are pulling themselves up and… oh, wait.

  • Jack

    And I can’t believe a RACIST Black person would loose respect for the lovely Stacey Dash for doing what ALL Americans have the freedom to do. To vote freely despite racial intimidation. Whoever lost respect for Ms. Dash over that is a RACIST PARASITE.

  • ALH

    Stacey Dash made my list of MOST RESPECTED celebrities in 2012! Thanks for bringing her to the light! I find it pretty comical when black women are boycotted for not voting for the left. What blacks don’t realize is that the left USES them for their votes! They don’t really care about blacks, all they care about is their votes!

    • Sharkteeth

      So true

  • TD

    I think I love Stacey Dash. If this site lost respect for her for her political views, that’s just one more reason to love her!

  • JA

    Because stacy dash has a different point of view from you – you are done with her? You show your ignorance…

  • Pizza the Hut

    WOW talk about being closed minded.


    lost respect for ?? i never had any respect for them to begin with.

  • alfrhed

    name one thing the Democrat party has improved for black Americans and then look at the other ethnicities that have blown right past them by not stepping in line with liberal ideology.

  • Carman

    Stacey Dash made her own mind up rather than simply follow what everyone expected of her. Don’t hate people for their political views, respect them for having political views of their own. We tell people to tolerate and to treat people right, but put someone on a list of lost respect and being done with them simply for their voting choice. So sad, smh. We are better than this.

  • James T

    Leave Stacey Dash alone you moron. If you can’t respect someone for voting the way they feel is best then you have serious issues. Don’t ever say anything about tolerance again because you have lost all credibility.

  • Enthex

    This was a sad year to Meg Butler, bashing on Stacey Dash and Clint Eastwood simply because they supported a presidential candidate basically half of America also supported. Get a life.

  • Willey Hays

    I am GLAD Stacy Dash Voted for Romney, WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA!! LOOK what this Administration has done.

  • ussr51478


    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney

    I knew there had to be at least one black person with a brain. Pretty too! Anyone would’ve been better than the POS we got.

  • keller23

    I can’t respect someone who votes for someone simply based on color.

  • American

    Ma’am, you couldn’t come close to Stacey Dash. This is America and she can vote for whomever she likes. You have that same right so can it big mouth.

  • Chvck


    I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.”

    Wow, Meg Butler is an idiotic tool. Did you get a free phone from Obama or something?

  • MegButlerIsAMan

    Only Meg would put someone down for who they voted for. Shows how ignorant you are. What online school did you buy your degree from Meg? Bet you’re a Phoenix! Ha! You are an insecure little child and hide behind your computer with nothing better to do. You are a worthless liberal and you have made it obvious that you think the world owes you something. You are exactly what is wrong with this country (besides the event planner people like you hired to tear down this country).

  • Patrick O’Brien

    Who are all these losers? I thought you said celebs?

  • Bill

    Stacey Dash is the wrong skin color to vote a certain way?
    And you have the nerve to call conservatives racists?
    Today’s assignment – Look up the following vocabulary words: Hypocrite, Racist, and Intolerant

  • HardWorkPays

    So a black person can’t vote for Mitt Romney – racist much? A black person can’t support the more conservative values of the Republican party? A woman can’t support Mitt Romney – sexist much? Wow your comments are what make it difficult to have a constructive conversation in America.

  • rocky

    Meg Butler is a f**king joke. Your life is pointless. Why was I directed to this site and this useless bulls**t? Instead of tearing down nobodies why don’t you do something with your life like help people instead of being a nagging c*nt

  • OlderWoman

    Stacy Dash is more of a woman and human being as the idiot who wrote this article.

    • blueangel69

      Stacey is beautiful inside and out! She’s welcome at my house anytime!

  • dpaster

    I can’t believe you would write someone off for their political beliefs–considering how hard people fought for the right to vote in the first place. She must have her reasons and at least she isn’t voting blindly. One of my main reasons for being Republican is because my belief in God. Look around, most of the backlash on Christians is coming from Liberals–seems a HUGE contradiction.

  • Peggy

    I can’t believe that everyone thinks white people are racist, when you put on your wall that you can’t respect a black woman for voting for Mitt Romney. Really??? Did everyone vote for Obama because he’s black. Evidently. He sure is a horrible president, so that must be the reason. Remember, he’s also bi-racial. Was raised more on the Caucausian than the black side. Puhleeze, when will this nation, stop putting labels on people. Just vote for the better person. Stop with all this racist crap.

  • CCBanks

    Funny how you condemn Kanye West for his relationship with everyones favorite HO but you have NOTHING to say about the SATANIC MESSAGES and ALBUM COVER WITH THE UPSIDE DOWN CROSS AND THE SATANIC PENTAGRAM! Tells us a lot about YOU the owners of this POS blog.

  • BrianPat412

    Seems you’re advocating the racist slurs used against her ! Everything that was said about her using racist slurs and yet, you jump right in ! So it’s ok, many white people will remember that !

    • CCBanks

      Like WHITE MOFERS need an excuse to call someone a n*gger!

      • BrianPat412

        There is no excuse for the use of that word, by anyone !! It’s a disgusting word and I’m shocked to see blacks use it to attack other blacks, as was the case with her. It’s simple minded, like your post ! Keep using to attack people of your own culture and don’t expect respect from anyone, blacks included ! It’s sad to see such a beautiful culture used in such a way and blacks like you just go along with it ! Liberal whites have you just where they want you, thinking they’re all about you when in fact they want you right where you are. Think of all the promises over the last 30 years, write them down, then look at where results, any better ?? To think they actually have you brainwashed to think their your hero’s to the point you ignore others who truly want to see success for the black man, like myself, a Tea Party supporter, whom they’ve trained you so well to hate !

      • scneocon

        CC – You’re the same race-obesessed, “white-guilt” POS here that you are on every other blog I see you on. You & the rest of the Libturds have “Racist!” Tourettes.

      • BrianPat412

        Wow, the moderator is seriously controlling the message, so let me say this, how to represent !!!

  • Blacktamale

    I’m trying to figure out how in hell news feeds and generic opinion pages turn into Political War zones? Pissing contests at their most extreme. -__-

  • Dez

    Stacey Dash because she’s a strong, conservative black woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind? I’ve lost respect for you, Meg Butler, and I don’t even know who you are!

  • Da Truth

    You still think democrats are great for black people? In the past, the democrats fought to keep slavery and then opposed integration. Now, look how democrats are pushing for citizenship for 20 Million illegals who can take our jobs. Look at democrat run cities Detroit and Chicago. Democrats have failed black people big time. Start thinking for yourselves and look at the facts. The black community needs jobs and real opportunities, not welfare and abandonment. We used to have a real middle class decades ago. Look what the Democrat policies have done to the black community since they lost the civil rights battle. Wake the f up!

    • ALH

      My point exactly – they use blacks for their votes! Just a means to an end!

  • Randy

    Obviously it is not acceptable for a black person to have a conservative opinion. I’m curios. Where do black people go to get their opinions? Who is responsible for telling them how and what to think?

  • fleabug

    That statement about Stacy Dash has to be the most racist statement I have seen in along time, right up there with I voted for Obama because he is black. I guess it’s okay to be racist on this website.

  • billybob

    Notice there’s no white people (OK, maybe one). Didn’t any of them do anything? Or was it all black people?

  • jackass

    Stacy Dash for her political stance? Way to reinforce the herd mentality

  • greywulf1064

    Simple reason by a simple person. Ms. Dash is class act.

  • Sal

    Author of this is as racist as they come! Nash is a heroic woman to resist crap like this expert

  • JJ

    I respect a black woman more if she votes for Mitt Romney. I just made a list. Obama was my #1.

  • steady321

    So, you lose respect for Stacey Dash because she is an independent thinker and she has a different political philosophy than you??? Now Pal, you tell us who the fascist is. Jerkoff.

  • beretta

    You really put this girl on here for voting for Mitt Romney? Unbelievable hypocrit you are to place someone on this list for making a decision in a free country to vote for someone. Damn media is a total joke everywhere it seems.

  • mlzoran818

    Which one is the celebrity? OK, besides Clint and Halle, all others are celebrities?
    Why does this country feel it is OK to vilify someone that does not have the same beliefs we have. That is what actually makes this country great, or is supposed to make it great. Lately it matters more about how loud you are in disagreement than respecting that others (Stacy Dash) are exercising their damn right.