The Great Interrogation: How To Answer A Woman’s Toughest Questions

October 6, 2012  |


Women are highly analytical creatures. You give us a sentence and we make ten decisions about your personality. Some may call that judgmental. We like to think of it as smart. Either way, men have to be extra careful with their words around us! Here are some of the trickiest questions women ask.

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  • Nope

    A lot of times women pass their personal insecurities off to the man.

    • glad-b

      that is so true!

  • FAMURattler85

    I would probably ask MAYBE 3 of these questions. I can figure out the rest over time. I mean really, why would any girl want to know about her man’s personal feelings about his ex? The truth has incredible potential to breed insecurities in the new chick. If I ask a man a question, I want the truth, not what he thinks I want to hear. I’m sorry, but this list seems like questions a woman who’s unknowingly setting herself up for heartbreak to ask.

  • Just saying!!

    MN, I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and now I feel horrible like I have made a huge mistake. I feel really foolish because he’s the best guy I have ever met and I don’t think I’ll ever find a guy like him but we had been long distance so long and I was not feeling like a priority for him (he says I was originally, but he shifted because I didn’t make him a priority). I don’t know what to do. How do I know whether or not I have made a mistake and whether or not I’m being realistic. It’s hard to see clearly from inside….HELP!

    • Strike one its long distance. Long distance doesn’t work unless there is a clear set date for when you will no longer be long distance. And it has to be a date that both of you agree on and can live with. Strike two, he flips the script and tells you you’re not a priority to him because he didn’t feel like a priority to you. That belies an immaturity and pettiness on his part. If he felt that way why didn’t he speak up on it? The reason, because you are no longer a priority to him. He’s either moved on or feels sure that he’s found someone to move forward with. Take some time to get yourself together. You may ultimately get back with him (more than likely not) but you definitely do not want to go running back to him when none of your problems have been addressed or resolved. Good luck and stay up! 🙂

  • Be honest, be transparent, no secrets, make eye contact. Pure and simple.