Did You Know They Dated (Part IV)? 14 Celeb Couples We Were VERY Surprised By

September 19, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines


And we’re back! We pulled together more famous people that you might not have known were an item back in the day and brought them to you in order to shock, surprise, and entertain! And per the usual, if you knew about these relationships, that’s good for you, but share this story with your friends! We found more than last time, so sorry, but prepared to click. And don’t front, because you know you want to know who was claiming who on the low low…

MadameNoire Video

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  • OK Then

    Donald Faison (guy from Clueless) isn’t attractive. I don’t understand why chicks are into him.

  • NO_Name

    Kim will date anything that is black… Just put a black paint on a wall and I bet she will date that too… smh

  • Don’t forget Queen Latifah and Monifah.

    • NachoAverage


  • Good looking couple from the past, He’s fine and she’s cute, like I said good looking couple!!!!1

  • owwww

    my mouth is still open from lawrence and Tamron …you guy really spilled the tea hunty!

  • I gave up at page 5. I hate video ads that I cannot stop and I refuse to listen to the same ad everytime I change pages. This article was supposed to be entertaing, not aggravating and a hassle.

    • CC

      They have an ad blocker for Google Chrome. I’m not sure about other browsers.

  • amil

    I had a little crush on Jonathan Brandis, R.I.P….. had no idea. For MN to think it was necessary to repeat such words of an unknown ignorant “fan”…. smh

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  • Youngin

    So I wasnt born when they were popular but I love Jodeci. Since we are on the topic of ” I didnt know thay dated” this is for anyone who can clear this up for me: did Dalvin really date T bo!z from TLC and Devante really date Madonna cuz I always find these wierd links on google that said.they did and I was wondering after I saw the “Love u 4 Life” video. Plz provide more info.if u kno

  • monica is in denial. that man raped(he’s a child rapist) her and she’s talking about “not being taken advantage of” and her mother having a relationship with the man who’s raping your daughter? your child? a 26 yr old man having a “relationship” with a 16 yr old child? come on now…is that the idiot who committed suicide with her in the car with him? my god…

    • Correction. She was not in the car when her boyfriend killed himself. And no it’s not the same man. C-Murder is very much alive. If you are going to judge so harshly, at least get your facts straight… 🙂

      • harsh judgement concerning a childrapist? really now?? anyway,according to wiki,he’s in jail for life (yet another child he harmed) for murder so he’s getting his just desserts.

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  • Fresh45

    Man Soulja Boy must have some serious game. I had no clue he dated Meagan Good. I wonder if he hit it.

  • gracie

    The ads ….OMG!! They make my visit to this site soooooo miserable. I am so done:-(

  • Lazygirl

    I really want to see all the couples, but clicking through all them dang pages is just uggghh!

  • ThankGod

    I’m way too invested in the lives of celebrities,because except for a few I knew about all of these LOL

    • Mel

      lol you and me both. The only one that ‘shocked’ me was Wesley & Jada. he just looked so strange standing next to her. I guess I’m not used to it,because in most of his action movies, his love interests are non-Black.

      Btw-the Jonathan Brandeis thing was so sad. sigh. It’s funny though, most of the people have a DEFINITE type that they don’t deviate from.

      • Tubie

        I had the HUGEST crush on him when I was kid

  • Rhianna and Rita Ora don’t look alike stop saying that!

  • who has Kim Kardashian not dated??


    I guess its all in how you define “dating” did they go out to eat a few times, where they actually going together, living together and more importantly where they screwing! Some of these relationships seem more serious then others…

  • customcalendars4u2

    That’s Hollyweird,one Giant SWAPARAMA!!!

  • Dom

    All that juicy gossip and my biggest takeaway is Tamron Hall is 42? 42? I woulda bet big money she wasn’t a day over 30! She looks DAMN Good!