Little Known Fact: Men Really Just Want To Be Treated Like Grown Babies

August 13, 2012  |  

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By David Wygant

Women really over estimate who we are.

Let me explain.

The other day I saw this woman.

She grabbed her kid and she said, “God, I miss you so much and I love you!” and just kept kissing the kid. I noticed that she had no ring on her finger.

So I started talking to her and I said, “You know, that is so beautiful the way you are with your kid.”

“Thank you.”

“Single mom?”


“Let me tell you: the next man you meet, to greet him like that every single time, and tell him you missed him and give him a big kiss and treat him just like he’s two, and you’ll keep a man forever and forever.”

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  • Bridget Cameron

    What about men nurturing women and helping more with the children, household, accounts? Why is it, that men want to be constantly nurtured, yet women aren’t suppose to expect that, and to accept that they are just ‘Mother substitutes’ or ‘whores’ to their man! It all goes back, way back when, the early Catholic church ( 395 AD Treaty of Constantinople) changed the triple moon goddess( girl, mother and crone) into the Father, son and Holy ghost. By removing the Goddess, and making men superior, by removing women from laws, owning property, sacred prostitution etc, men’s laws and religion made women slaves to men. And, as men were removed from most of life’s responsibilities as a response to this, and owned property and most of the money, men have become lazy and expect to have most things done for them, thus they act like babies. That is why, when men are sick, they can’t do anything, whilst women soldier on! You can treat a man like a 2 year old, yet it only exacerbates his need for attention and prevents him from growing up! How can a man learn to balance the multitudes of life experiences, and to do things with humility, if he expects a woman to help him with everything, or do everything for him, and expects huge amounts of praise every time he does anything! Women don’t get praised all the time, they just do things, because they need to be done! Every man should be encouraged to be responsible ( not just for paid work), just as every woman should be encouraged to be responsible, for this is a huge part of ‘growing up’, that is taking responsibility for our own actions and responses to circumstances, for we can not control anything but ourselves! And, every woman that does everything for ‘her man’ prevents this, and keeps him in an infantile state. Maybe she enjoys this, as it gives her a sense of ‘control’ ( which is not healthy), or maybe she does it because of societal conditioning, and she knows no other way, as the man acts like a child. Every man must face the fact that he can’t stay a Peter Pan forever, and to change with the times. A man can be a breadwinner and a nurturer, just as women are! We are in the 21st century now! A balance is what is required, where both men and women share the workload, in the home and in the community! Where both men and women nurture each other to be the very best we can be. We are not the same, yet we can work together, and our laws should be non-gender biased! .

  • Anonymous

    As a matter of fact, there are men who want to be babied. What I mean by that is that they want others to treat them like kings and force them to do whatever they want since they (the men) want to be in control. In other words, they love being pampered. And I’m one of them.

    Ever since I was younger, I always wanted servants to boss into do my bidding. After all, I want to be treated like a king 24/7, especially since I hate being challenged and antagonized.

  • Z

    Is treating like a baby supposed to equal being affectionate and caring? If so than yes this article makes a good point. Both men and women desire that kind of treatment. I think a healthy relationship should have it.

  • kierah

    I don’t think the answer is to treat a grown man like a child. However, there is something to be said about being openly affectionate with your mate. Don’t save love for a special occasion or something only done after dark.


    I can believe this. Its kind of cute in a way.

  • cabugs

    Lil Scrappy on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta comes to mind

  • Pivyque

    I can partially agree with that. My husband does like to be babied when he is sick. Other than that, he’s an old fashioned “man’s man”. lol If I tried to baby him, he would look at me like i’m crazy.

  • diggy p.

    Did the woman you had this 3-line conversation with take offense to your last comment? What happens? Does she follow your advice and begin to date a wonderful man. Talk about a cliffhanger.

  • rita

    You can miss me with that atitude. Some men like to be mothered, some men get off on being a protector. I can say, three years into a relationship with my current boyfriend, that protectors are better.

    • realadulttalk

      One has nothing to do with the other. I’ve met many baby-like protectors.

  • lalatarea

    I believe in the premise of the article but unfortunately it had NOTHING to back it up (very underwhelming) like 3 lines of text! if you’re going to making a statement like that get some quotes, examples, etc.

  • Me

    This is actually in love with what other men have told me, except I’ve been told to think of men like dogs (even less than a child). This article at least makes them human lol. Ladies, don’t dismiss it. After all, a man DID write the article. He would know!

    • Me

      *in line*, not in love…Freudian slip

  • Kayo

    No thanks.

  • November Rain

    This is NOT a little know secret. If you’ve ever been around a sick man you already know how much they love to be babied and coddled. I guess maybe they are a little more out with it when they are sick but in general most men want to be babied.

    • November Rain


    • IllyPhilly

      LMAO, yup if ya ever seen a man do anything you know that! “Look at me! Look at me!”

  • a guest

    See, ish like this, coupled with complaints from any one of married friends about how having a husband is like having another child in the house, make me NOT want to get married. Ever. lol If I wanted someone around to treat like a child, I’d have a CHILD. smh

    • MLS2698

      I think that is how KK, and other women with less melanin treat their men. But really, black women have way too many other things to attend to, other than putting tooth paste on a man’s toothbrush as if he is two years old. I couldn’t even pretend to do that crap, but that is not what marriage is about, so look up when it comes to marriage.

      • Thatsmystory

        Not sure how much melanin needs to be in my skin or how much needs to come out of it, but I am an African American woman and I cater to my the man in my life. Catering to him makes him want to cater to me as well. It makes for a fulfilling relationship. Oh! I have 3 children of my own and he has 2. I can’t say catering to him is like tending to my children (or his). #lifeistrulygood!

        • Shante’sGottaMan@Home

          ^ BOOM! Exactly. It has nothing to do with other. It’s simpl the diff between having a man & bring simple. & as long as he treats you the same I don’t see what the problem *cues ‘Cater 2 You’*

          • MLS2698

            Boom! isn’t Chante divorced now ( or was she ever married)? All that singing and carrying on she did was stupid. Better to be humble and quiet about relationships because you don’t know how it will end. And I’m sure Thatsmystory knows, because she is divorced, too. KAK!

        • MLS2698

          Are you married? Just asking because you used the term ” my man.” I don’t hardly take women seriously who ” live ” with men and think they have something special, or fulfilling. And this statement is written with respect, no dissing.

        • MLS2698

          Let me add this: my ex-husband opened the court room door for me while he was taking me to court to lower his alimony payment because he ALWAYS opened doors for me in the past ( he lost, and still has to pay a grip). So, I’m less impressed by some of these acts, and more concerned with the heart of matters. IJS

      • Anonymous

        Catering has nothing to do with melanin. It’s good to be nurturing, giving not always asking or receiving. I think, women especially black women easily associate men being grown babies to immaturity. That’s not the case. You know how every woman still has that daddy’s little girl thing, men have that too. Men can’t be all macho, serious all the time they have their moment. Some black women need to chill, being aggressive, ready to attack, complaining or talking his ears off is exhausting. Take a step forward, initiate a massage, hug, kiss, cuddling, just pampering him is not bad once in a while. I guaranteed, he will easily open up and give same back. You can have cute silly moments. Now, ones like lil scrappy and his mom, or these grown men who are boys that’s a dysfunctional type of catering, it’s called enabling and immaturity.

        • MLS2698

          I understand what you ladies are saying, but I seriously doubt that I will be feeding my husband (?) a hamburger bun like the woman in that picture. I could be wrong, but being single at this moment, I just don’t know if I would feel that way until it happens.

          • Anonymous

            It’s a mindset thing because when you are in a relationship, especially married, you will do things that you once thought was corny. And, it’s not a bad thing. Like I said, it’s beyond just feeding him a hamburger bun. Watching my parent, been married for 30years with seven children, I’ve seen mom do things for my dad that many people will interpret differently, vice versa, and it’s worked for them. When two people are in love and trust each other, you cater to each other in different ways.

  • Kimster

    Seriously? This article seems like an insult to mature men. Who wants to date someone of the opposite sex who acts like a grown baby all of the time? I’ve heard men regard themselves as “simple”, but wanting to be treated like a grown baby? No thank you. If you want to be treated like a grown baby I’m going to need for you to never utter the words “head of the household”

    • a guest

      Thank you!

    • realadulttalk

      Funny b/c I’ve never met a man who did not act or want to be treated like a big baby–not one!! And I’m speaking about men who have all their ish together–I think those ones want to be treated more like babies than the dudes who don’t have a thing going for them. The harder the outside world–the more they desire to be coddled at home.

      • GirlSixx


      • Thatsmystory

        Let me get in line to agree with you too!!! #deadonpoint!

      • FStubbs

        So a man should get beat up in the world, then come home and get beat up by his wife. Got it.

        • realadulttalk

          Did you mean to respond to me or the person above me? .

          • FStubbs


            • realadulttalk

              Well you should have held onto that response b/c it made no sense in reference to what I said.