Somebody Lied to You And Your Lacefront: 9 Celebs Who Need a Lacefront Wig Intervention

August 7, 2012  |  
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Lace fronts have been around for as long as folks have been wearing wigs in general (or something like that, I could have just made that up…), and while celebrities love them almost as much as they love attention, sometimes those lace fronts don’t show the love back. Whether they’re pulling at the skin or making you look like you either have the shortest forehead or the definition of a five-head, it’s clear the lace front revolution needs to end. Over the years, many of our favorite ladies have donned these Barbie-looking wigs, and in the process have had some lace front travesties. Check out the carnage and do what you can to avoid the same missteps with this look, if you must rock it…


Hey Ashanti, girl. Clearly this photo is a throwback since you’ve got the Sidekick and the Razr on full display, and that’s a good thing. Looks like you’ve learned your lesson and got your hairstylist together since then, because this here? This can’t be real. I’m seeing sides of your forehead that I didn’t know existed, and the front of the wig is so apparent, it’s getting more attention than the curls you worked hard for and the pink fur that’s doing the most. You’ve come a long way. Never go back, boo.


Ci Ci, what’s really good? I don’t know if it’s the glue or the makeup used to try and cover it on this lace front, but you were wrong for this. You’ve had your share of great hair looks, but you’ve also rocked a few that didn’t do you or your forehead justice.


Bey, you’ve been the princess of lace fronts since you gave those braids a hiatus after the Destiny’s Child, Survivor days. Many times, you could fool us, but sometimes, you were fooling yourself. That skin being pulled in the first photo probably helped you hit that high note a little bit more, and the look below? No comment. At this point, I don’t need to see what your real hair looks like, just make sure if you’re going to rock this look, glue is dry and the ish is on tight before you hit the stage or the bright lights.

BrandyOh Lawd…Brandy, girl, I just can’t with your lace fronts. You have too much talent, you’re too adorable and you have too many people in your family in working with you to let you come out the house like that! Too often these wigs are sitting right above your eyebrows or leave a little light shadow from the glue, and I just can’t defend it anymore. Revert back to the braids from the Moesha days and you and your hairdresser, go back to the drawing board…

Kelly Rowland

Kelly, now you know that part in the photo below ain’t even right or realistic. Your very large or very long wigs smother too much of that beautiful face, and the end results are never flawless. As we know from your early days in Destiny’s Child, short haircuts are your best friend. Show off that good bone structure and burn these wigs, girl.

Nicki Minaj hair

Nicki, I know part of your schtick is to look a mess, but these wigs aren’t fooling anybody. Sometimes they’re cute and colorful, but as you can see above and below, sometimes they’re sitting just a few inches above your eyebrows and look like a cap. And let’s not forget the glue on that purple wig that barely finished drying. Clearly this isn’t your hair, but at least make that ish look as close to real as possible…

Tyra Banks

It’s been a while since you reached for a lace front, Tyra, and that’s probably for good reason. Back in the day, everybody and their mother knew you were rocking a lace front thanks to those edges. Nowadays, you rock shorter and much cuter looks that utilize your own hair, and gave these wigs a semi-permanent break. Kudos to you, boo. Because this look wasn’t working.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer, now you know you’re my girl. But according to my co-workers and friends, you’re a repeat lace front offender. I don’t know why though. Maybe it’s because the hair often looks like a helmet when you wear it, and it’s probably because of the glue and makeup used for the front of your forehead where the wig sits, but either way, you need to lay off the look for a while.

Lil Kim

Possibly the queen of the lace front since it really started making waves, Kim, you’ve been killing me softly. Brushing down the baby hair to make these wigs look more real hasn’t worked in the way you planned, and the end result is often a look that reminds me of the head of one of my babydolls from childhood. As you get older, less space is being left between the wigs and your eyebrows and I’m scared for you, ma. Let go and let those edges breathe!

Are you a fan of lace front wigs?

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  • Entertainmentluvva

    lil kim gave 0 f**** !

  • Gloria N. Mkushi

    Lil’ Kim, Lil’ Kim! I don’t understand that people pay SO much money to look SO ratchet! She was pretty and fine the way she looked back in the day.

  • J Russ

    This is one of the best pieces I’ve seen on this site in a bit, it was funny and not so predictable like many of the others on this site, good job to the writer.

  • Tia

    Lace fronts are the devil and should all be destroyed.

  • Beka

    The top pic of brandy is contoured out the game but not blended…its like no one noticed the orange lines down the side of her nose

  • Fefe

    WHERE IS NENE LEAKES ???? A possum died on her head and no one noticed huh…

  • Monique

    I know this article is very old but it really offended me and down right pissed me off. Obviously this website is NOT about empowering, uplifting and encouraging black women. Hair is a sensitive topic among women of all races, but much more so for black women. For decades black women have been trying to find the balance between our natural curls, which society hates, and the silky straight locs that most eropean and asian women grow. We have permed, relaxed, dyed, weaved, braided, and abused our hair for damn near 100 years to look presentable under society’s standards. Its only recently that the permanent damage that come with processing your hair that much can enflict is being realized. A lace wig, when applied properly,is one of the best ways to achieve a full head of hair without putting unnecessary tension or chemicals on your natural hair. My main point is none of you know the personal struggles that the women being attacked in this article have gone through with their hair. Also, you are not under the constant scrutiny that they are to look “presentable”. The struggle is real people, and for a whole hell of a lot more women than Beyonce. So please all of you think again when judging women for deciding to wear wigs and just stay in your own lane. To the author of this article, you should be ashamed of yourself finding the oldest damn pictures of when celebreties started to embrace lace wigs and pass it off as new news. The quality of wigs and procedures to apply them are much better in 2012. These pics were old in 2012. Peace.

  • cyncity09

    No, these are not perfect moments for these successful, rich, hardworking Black women, but why is everybody so mean to them? You never see White people just pounding their women into the ground over anything. We have all seen Black women looking amazing with their wigs, without them, braids, weaves, dreads, whatever! We can wear our hair however we want. Let’s be more pragmatic than tearing our women down. Let’s focus on something higher.

  • Shanetta91

    Wait so all of you know that white women wear lacefronts too right lol?

  • Diveta Cranford

    I don’t wear any of that ish so I LMMFAO while reading this article!!! Thanks MN for the laugh. #thisiswhyidomyownhair

  • Natasha Garcia


  • Zoia

    Tyra’s hair look fine!

  • MikkiDoll51

    I have seen some pretty pathetic lace fronts and full lace wigs, and I have also seen some damned good ones. I believe it’s a woman’s prerogative as to whether she wants to wear a weave, lace wig, relaxer or her natural hair. And some of you need to do some research, as you have obviously not seen a high quality lace wig, because the hairline and parting is 90% of what makes the lace wig look natural. Swiss lace and silk tops are the most realistic. I have worn a few to allow my hair to rest and grow. And believe you me, everywhere I go, people either think it’s my hair, or a weave. I also sell them. But this has come after several years of researching various manufacturers, as well as some trial and error. My hair is now past my shoulders, but I am undecided as to whether I want to go natural, or get another relaxer. For the time being I will be wearing my full lace Virgin Malaysian hair, as I am very busy these days, at the gym, and running my business.
    Beyonce’s full lace wigs are usually undetectable. This is the only picture I’ve seen of her with the bad glue/tape job.
    Some women suffer from alopecia, and this is their only option. I don’t care what a person wears on their head. It’s their choice, and should be respected as such.

  • Nena2Times

    This gotta be the funniest stuff i’ve seen all day. I know i’m late on it too lol.

  • fedupwiththelacefronts

    I have seen elderly (and wtf for?) women as well as the young wearing these good for nothing but making african american women bald as a pig’s behind wigs. They are in fact and have always been called theatrical wigs. They are meant to be worn for a very short time in theatre or film or tv NOT FOR EVERY MOTHER@$#×& day. The glue used on the hairline is RUBBER CEMENT IN DIFFERENT PACKAGING!! and guess what?!?!? MEN DO NOT LIKE THEM AND YOU LOOK LIKE KLINGONS FROM STAR TREK!!!! STOP………….IT!!

  • fedupwiththelacefronts

    Every woman that I’ve seen, be they elderly ( and why the f@#$ would an elderly woman wear one but they do), or young, celebrity or not. Lace front wigs were made to be worn in theatre or television for short periods of time. They are NOT for every day wear or fashion. The glue used on the hairline is rubber cement in different packaging people. No african american woman should be walking around in a lace front wig looking like a damn Klingon. And guess what? MEN DO NOT LIKE THEM. And another thing they were not always called LACE FRONTS. They are and were called theatrical wigs. YOU WILL GO BALD WEARING ONE.

  • baybeK8s

    What about poor Bobbi Kristina? Her wig doesn’t even sit down on her head. She has been on TV and photoed out and about for months with this mess.

  • linda

    Personally i think dont think Beyonces’ second picture looks all that
    bad and neither does the 2nd to last of lil Kims where she has the
    beautiful black curls going on. ~ blackwhiteplanet _℃om ~~~~~ is for thousands of upscale men and beautiful
    women, who understand that ambition, success, and glamour are key elements of
    attraction. It’s worth a try! LOL, Lil’ Kim she has had some pretty funny moments as well as the Braxton Ladies.

  • I have never worn a lace front wig and i don’t think i will. Unless i have someone who is an expert to apply it so it doesn’t look crazy, i wont be wearing one

  • I say Bring Back Jheri Curls before another Lace Front is glued on.. They make women look incredibly silly with that perfectly straight line. Looking like that wise older kung fu expert in those karate movies.. Ugh! Come on Black Women!!!

  • enitan

    wendy williams is missing on this list

  • Ifuaskme2

    9? Come on MN you could have easily gotten 99

  • Talisha Payton

    All wigs usually look fake! so what do you expect them to do besides wear their real hair? You know they not because they perform and cant afford to have frizz mess up their do. I imagine if you (the author and anybody else laughing at these women) wore a lace front it would look just like theirs. Lace fronts are about as natural looking as one can get wearing a wig. Yall seem to be looking for every tiny detail and every flaw for everyone. Personally i think dont think Beyonces’ second picture looks all that bad and neither does the 2nd to last of lil Kims where she has the beautiful black curls going on.

  • Sugabear

    I cannot believe there’s so much hatred amongst black people by black people! It’s their choice to do whatever they want to their hair! I myself have natural hair that is protected by my weave because of my heritage, my hair won’t curl, nor would it stay styled after I did it. But I do hate those lacefronts to the 5th power!

    • SelfLove

      Wait, your heritage makes you wear a weave? Yeah, okay. Nobody is hating, we are trying to help them, I love Kelly Rowland so much and it saddened me to see her up here amongst others…they just need to get it together. Just because someone doesn’t agree with something you do doesn’t mean it’s hate.

  • Negress

    I just saw a picture I had of a sew-in from a year ago, tragic. God forbid you’re older and have hormonal hair loss, high blood pressure, or heart meds. You’re hair will go through changes. Have mercy! It’s just been 3 mos and my hair is starting to get back to normal.

  • ♥kiss♥ my♥passion♥

    As usual I’m going to stick with honesty: I am a proud wearer of lace front, full lace, wigs that don’t eve have that lacy stuff, etc. If you don’t know how to wear it or you are using the wrong kind of adhesive, or you go out and you know you are going to be in unnatural light…you knew you were wrong for that! LOL, Lil’ Kim she has had some pretty funny moments as well as the Braxton Ladies.

  • theBAYAREArealist

    some might think your bob looks tired, limp and dry while u think its fly. dreads can be beautiful but to each their own.

  • rocklesson86

    This is why I am going natural with my hair.

    • SelfLove

      Great decision! I wish you the best.

  • rocklesson86

    Hate wigs and weaves in general. People can always tell that is not your real hair.

    • theBAYAREArealist

      from my years of hair obsession ive come across plenty of women who rock weaves with a more natural texture(not silky) and a realistic length that make it pretty much undetectable. the obvious weaves are obvious to everyone. my most common sew-in style has left friends and family members floored when they realized it wasnt mine. i go super long or short. sometimes us weave wearers aren’t trying to fool and if we do it right, we can easily fool as well. hell, there are ladies with real, healthy hair and ppl assume it’s weave.

      • years ago when my hair was relaxed, my classmates always thought i had a wig on, and i sported a bobbed hair style.

    • ijs

      You’d be surprised how many weaves and wigs you probably mistook for real hair.

      • rocklesson86

        That is not true. I can always tell when someone is wearing a weave. They have a different texture than real hair.

        • ijs

          And that’s the thing. You can always tell when someone’s wearing a weave when it’s obvious.
          If you mistook a weave for real hair, YOU WOULDN’T KNOW.

          • rocklesson86

            I know what a weave is and I have not once mistook a weave for real hair. I know what real hair looks like. You can try and get your weave look like real hair, but I will always know when a person is wearing weave.

            • ijs

              *deep sigh* Reading comprehension clearly isn’t your strong suit.

              • rocklesson86

                You said that if the weave is obvious you can tell it is a weave. Am I correct? What I am saying, it doesnt matter how good the quality the hair is or how well the weave was put in. I will know it is a weave. I have never mistook a weave as someone’s real hair before in my life.

                • lol

                  There’s a key statement in all of this that’s not getting through your head.
                  I stand by my above comment. *drops mic*

    • if you match your natural hair’s texture and length wigs, weaves or hairpieces can be undetectable.

  • mil

    y’all laughing but…how many of y’all will post a pic of your hair so we can compare lol

    Oh don’t worry I’ll definitely wait….( ._.) *twiddles thumbs*

    • TPayton


    • anon

      I would but I don’t know ya’ll! lol

    • permafrost

      exactly; try walking around with bright camera flash in your face all day, even on a special occasion, people taking extra close close-ups. no one looks good 100% of the time and guess what? the 1% hideous pics are the ones that get published so that *regular people*can feel good about themselves, buy magazines or click-click on links, and make somebody a whole lot of money. #shrug

  • troll

    y’all laughing but…how many of y’all will post a pic of your hair so we can compare…

    Don’t worry I’ll definitely wait. *twiddles thumbs*

    • theBAYAREArealist

      fail. it is not even a little stretch to believe the average woman does not walk out of the house with hair that bad. maybe if u go to a walmart in atlanta though.

  • yuh

    It’s funny because… lace fronts get an unfair bad rap because all people see are the bad ones. The lace fronts that are actually good are passed off as a weave or real hair. Trust me, I’ve had mine mistaken for both. Yes by black women lol.

    • GeeMoeNettie

      It’s funny how NO ONE thinks their lace fronts are horrid even when they constantly hear that EVERYONE’S lace fronts are horrid!! lmaooo The “Not Me” crowd grows by the day.

  • Ms_Niccirenae

    Lil Kim’s lacefront actually helps her embrace that “Madame from the Muppets” look…in my opinion.

  • Irene

    You forgot Tamar Braxton. The hairisahotmess .com. You also forgot Shay Johnson. Somewhere this winter will be a freezing horse. I’m just sayin.

  • Hotchicky

    Buckeey’s unit on Love & Hip Hop is criminal.

  • Tweety_slim

    Kim’s rouge on the nose and Jennifer Hudson’s bosom…

    • dee

      yeah JHud boobs looks weird in red dress

  • LeeLeeC

    Off topic…I love Kim…but if Biggie came back today…I wonder what he would say if he saw her in all her beautiful plastic glory…???? SMH


    • Erin

      hahahaha dying!

    • nora

      LMAO girl my sentiment exactly I wouldn’t be caught with that ish on my head even on my worse days they never seem to look real or believable they look like helmet or worse. i wonder if the scalp will be able to breathe with that mess suffocating it

    • I’ve been saying that there are five things that should have never been brought into the black community: one of them is lacefronts. I can’t stand them. They’re so ugly.

      • Anny

        Not if it’s worn properly..
        Any hairstyle looks bad if it isn’t done right… These are just some bad moments.



  • quest

    Im glad I don’t have to wear this garbage on my head. I have a sister who is a slave to weave and lace front wigs. We havn’t seen her real hair in years. It’s to much. I can’t them dreads on a woman either. I just have a cute bob. Wrap and touch it up with the flat iron, apply sheen in the morning and keep it moving. Woman spend to much money on hair.

  • baddvixentype

    i still think tyra’s red hair is cute.


    • i agree, i couldn’t see anything bad about Tyra’s red hair. it was really cute.

      • cyncity09

        Yeah. That pic was super up close, and it looked great. Her hair usually looks pretty good. It’s bothersome that most of these girls look good 99.9% of the time, but all everyone notices is the .1%

  • I swear those lace front wigs look like helmets with hair on them. In the city I live in there are a lot of bald horses because of this trend.



  • Sookiiee

    saved the worst for last lmao oh gosh

  • Queeny

    Where is Wendy Williams? I saw her in person and grrrl…Can you say hot mess, makeup and all.

  • IJS

    After the whole Gabby Douglas hair debacle, I’m less inclined to laugh at this posting.
    Us black women really are worried about the wrong things.

  • Derp

    I don’t get how these people are multi millionaires, yet the quality wigs they wear are what I would find in my local beauty supply. *scratches head*

    • mrs. urban

      That’s how the rich stay rich…lol

      • GirlSixx

        OMG.. I can’t

      • Princesssookeh


  • Chrissy

    OMG! Why do they have Brandy looking like Eddie Munster…Sometime we have to try different things to find what we want. I did everything with my hair and came back to being natural. Life lessons!

  • renee

    Some where some one see your dreads are thinking they are dirty, unkept and smelly. To each is own on the hair thing. That is their money and they pay to wear however they damn well please. Have a seat naturally nappy hair snob.

    • Kay

      You can’t tell me you actually believe these are good hairstyles.. .., I just can’t

    • SelfLove

      Aw, you must really hate yourself? Continue to wear other people’s hair or silk yours out to make yourself FEEL but not look better, we ALL know that your hair is not naturally like that. JSYK a lot of people with dreads wash their hair more than relaxed and weaved women, i’m talking every week sometimes more than once. I have no problem with relaxed women etc but when people like you say derogatory things about women who have enough courage to embrace their natural selves and not hide behind the identity of others, i’m sorry but I will not let that slide.

    • ♏ ®

      I don’t now nor have I EVER either worn wigs or weaves, nor worn “naturally nappy” hair AND I think these mops of horror are awful. The difference being that they are PERFORMERS–just have a look at the millions of attempts to look ALMOST this good by people with far less money & stature. It’s horrible. So if this is their bad, this is someone else’s best.

    • cyncity09

      Yeah! I’m all super-late. But you are telling the truth!!!

    • Anny

      THANK you! Acting all high and mighty because you people don’t wear them?
      I have a full head of beautiful natural hair.
      From time to time I’ll choose to wear a lace front to give my natural hair a break and not damage it trying to change it up and try different styles it isn’t capable of but high quality synthetic fibers are.
      Anyone and everyone has off hair days, wig or no wig so have a seat.

  • shida boo

    Were are all the Braxton sisters, so many wigs of violation? I’ll take the beauty of Erykah Badu, India Ari or Jill Scott, over the wigs of terror any day!

  • lis

    Wendy Williams

  • Natural Queen

    So many issues going on in this country, negatively affecting the African American community but the state of black hair in America continues to top the list. This topic is getting tired.

  • Beyonce’s wigs rarely look bad, I dunno may be the stylist that was just having an off day because that was a tragedy.

    • permafrost

      I think the problem with a lot of these is simply flash from paparazzi cameras. they probably looked fine before they walked out. these celebs pay out the wazoo fir expert stylists, I know nobody just gave up and decided to be a hot mess when these pics were taken, or thought it was cute when the pix were published.

  • OMG. The first pic of brandy and kelly is embarrassing: they’re fondling each other’s lace fronts!

  • Angelee

    You guys clearly forgot to add the Miami rapper, Trina!

    • LaLa

      IKR?! How could u make this list and not put Trina. EPICFAIL MN!

      • Armani

        Lol Trina’s is so bad she got a whole ratchet lace front style named after her in FLA called the trina-tail… SMH

  • Jenell

    Wow that was really bad..

  • I would like to shoot the person who though this was a good idea..

  • Hello_Kitty81

    Yuck! I’m so lucky I don’t have to wear that ghetto mess on my heads because I’m wearing dreads. Ashanti, Brandy and Bey should been beaten for going out in public with that mess!

  • Kay

    Moment of silence for the poor Indian girl whose hair was lost in the creation of these wigs.

    • nora

      The idea of wearing somebody else’s hair on my head freaks me out the most the person might be dead and I’m here walking around with their hair on my head? Yuck

    • actually they volunteer their locks, it’s a religious thing for some. feel sorry for the poor infant who doesn’t have a say in them shaving her head bald in order for these folks to look…….good? if i must wear a wig, it will be synthetic. i seen the special on Remy wigs and how they get the hair and was appalled at how they treated those babies!!

    • MIA D

      uh it is an honor to give your hair in india so the poor Indian girl thing is lame

  • MLS2698

    Wow! That was horrible. How long can they wear a lace front, and what happens if they get the edge wet while washing their face?

    • ohemaa

      Nothing becuase the glue adhesive is created in a way that wen water touches the hair its not affected

      • MLS2698

        What happened to Beyonce’s lace when it was puckered like that?

    • Most of the glue is waterproof, so it still stays on.

    • DiamondPiscesRoyalty

      With the right adhesiveness, nothing.

  • KJ23

    This article was GREAT!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

  • sasseynsweet

    Yeah, I see the lace-front revolution is really out of hand. I bet a few of this ladies will regret ever having started with it at all. There is a natural look with Kelly’s name on it; she is beautiful with short hair!

    • Mike

      For the universal truth of life in 3 pages, Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”.