7 Ridiculous Celebrity Rumors People Actually Believe

March 26, 2012 ‐ By Renay Alize

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: We are celebrity obsessed. The 24-hour news cycle, the websites and blogs thirsty for traffic (this one included) and the paparazzi make it more than possible for us to know more about celebrities than we ever would in the past. And when you think about the shift we’ve undergone, it really isn’t very healthy. Instead of debating world issues like the downward spiraling global economy we’d rather discuss the plausibility of a Crihanna reunion. Now, I’m not judging because I have to force myself to click on politically based stories but I’ll click on a post about Beyonce and Blue Ivy without question. Sometimes I have to give myself a side eye. But I digress. As human beings we love to talk and gossip, hip our friends to the latest news, especially if it’s scandalous. And this increased “access” (really invasion of privacy) when it comes to celebs  breeds an environment that is very conducive to shyte starting. Check out some of the more outrageous rumors originated and perpetuated by the media.

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Johnny Gill & Eddie Murphy Relationship 

It’s a shame two black men can’t be close, friendly without people making assumptions about their sexuality. Really, you’ve never heard anyone say anything about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. But Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill, who’ve been friends for over 2 decades, have got to be sleeping with each. They’re seen having lunch together, leaving each others’ homes etc so it must be something more. I mean, Lil Wayne was photographed kissing Baby in the mouth and people didn’t make as many assertions about their sexuality as they’ve made about Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy’s. I just never understood most gay rumors. Unless there is significant proof  that someone is in fact a homosexual (i.e. a woman caressing your arse on vacation), then there’s really no reason to assume otherwise. And even then you’ve got to be careful.

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  • liberator

    Here we go with the media and reporters denying the existence of these cult like groups, look up blue ivy , but hey the damned will be damned and well God is great.

  • LittleMissCantBeWrong

    That one got killed real quick when a picture was circulating of her rolling around on the floor at a concert, and her tampon string was on full display. Oops!

  • Jsmalls

    Whether semen is vomit inducing or not is solely a matter of opinion. You seem to include a lot of your partial opinion actually, so can we really assume that these aren’t just rumors? What connection to the 

  • I believe Oprah and Gail are just friends
    Oprah is the kind of person who would let u know If she were gay or not
    Gail on the other hand…Idk, but Oprah?…she just doesen’t strike me
    as one who would lie (like she said) she would have told her fans and
    came out proud If that were the case.

    • LittleMissCantBeWrong

      Oprah would have had her own personal pride parade if she was a lesbian, let’s be real.

  • I never cared one way or the other with this one…

  • Omg, never heard that one either,
    LOL!! C’mon she is obviously a woman

  • Uhm, Yeah right…whatever…
    when your that high up in the music biz
    (black or white) you have sold out
    in one way or another trust me

  • Uhm, Yeah right Ok…whatever

  • Wow, this is the first I’m hearing of anything between Johnny and Eddie?…

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  • When people don’t know your business for sure, they are not above making it up.

  • Temple-2011

    FROMUR2UB–This is the FIRST CORRECTLY worded OPINION I have read, since this Fake Baby Stupidness started. I have yet to read ANY Fact based evidence. My mom had a dress exactly like the one that folded, it folded the same (she had pockets in front) I thought about it the first time I saw the tape. It seems haters follow everything Beyonce does. I am Proud of Beyonce and her accomplishments as a intertainer, ESPECIALLY being a Woman of Color! People that dislike her for whatever reason- CANNOT touch her there so they critize everything else she does–But–Beyonce has Class so even though I know it hurts she CONTINUES to Shine through it ALL!  I still have her back out here in Texas–I say “Don’t Mess
    with Texas!”. out of here

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  • Cora500

    I have to say agree with all of them with the exception of Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill because Eddie Murphy was caught with a transvestite a few years back. But hey – his sexuality is his business! I remember the Lil  Kim rumour and believing it when I was younger but it’s obviously somekind of music biz urban legend that moves with the times. The whole illuminati thing just annoys me. I’ve heard it’s Jay Z, Beyonce, Rhannia and Kanye West. It’s totally ridiculous and it bugs the hell out of me cos it implies, as the article stated, that a black person can’t make it without selling their soul to devil. And the Ciara story is just mean! The same has been said about Lady Ga Ga and I just reckon it’s cos neither of them are either that attractive.

  • tee

    Johnny and Eddie…It’s gay for close friends to hang out and have lunch? I go to my best friend’s house, we have lunch and dinner, sometimes we sleep over each others places. BECAUSE we are close friends, it’s normal. Pfft everybody wants a story, Because it’s men it’s gay? Smfh stereotypes.

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  • Danielle Stevenson

    Rod Stewart, Elton John, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, now Lil Kim. She wasn’t even born when the story was being told about them! *lol*

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  • emily

    I’m proud to say i’ve never believed any of this garbage.  Just people being hateful.

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  • chee1rs

    Michael Jackson had plastic surgery ?!?!?!?!?!?

    can’t believe it …… ha ha ha

  • FromUR2UB

    In junior high, a PE teacher told the class that if our stomach muscles were tight before pregnancy, we’d go back into shape faster afterward.  Now, a lot of people have put a great deal of thought and analysis into why Beyonce’ couldn’t possibly have been pregnant.  I even heard about it at the salon.  But she is only around 30, can afford the best of trainers, so I’m sure she worked out during the pregnancy.  Every woman doesn’t have the same symptoms either, not even in the same families.  I didn’t have swollen ankles because I was watching my sodium intake.  But my neck got really dark, and my nose looked like someone had thrown some clay on my face.  

    That baby looks like her and Jay-Z too.  She looks like Beyonce across the eyes and eyebrows, and has Jay-Z’s nose and lips.  Why would she need to go to so much trouble to fool people who don’t care about her anyway?

  • Guest

    Sorry but, you can’t cure stupid.

  • Angelica

    OMG! I always thought that story about Rod Stewart and Lil Kim getting their stomach pumped was true

  • Bigsmoke1978

    What about the whole Tommy Hilfiger and Girbaud thing? 

  • nath40

    what about lady GAGA penis??

  • Who Cares

    People who believe rumors about people they have never met are so S T U P I D and whenever they repeat them I think to myself—–“You are such a dumb donkey”. 

  • OSHH

    This article was ridiculous, as if the author knows these individuals personally and is privy to their private lives and secrets, skeletons and otherwise.

    • Saying that these rumors are false is no more ridiculous than people believing these rumors are true… I mean, apart from the fact that its physically impossible for the Kim rumor to be true.

  • Cheekycanari

    And how do you know?? Most of the MN bloggers are so sure of their own opinions that they state it as fact *disgusted*

  • Caroneisha

    Okay,the whole Eddie-Johnny thing seems so real if you really pay attention. Then the whole Beyonce having that baby is so overrated, till it makes you sick. I mean you can tell she is really going to extra lengths to make us believe her. Who breastfeeds in public, but you claim to be so “private,” doesn’t make sense. And the whole “her boobs swelled up” is so fake, cause I have natural big boobs and others in my family don’t. So they wear push up bras to make you believe they do have big boobs. And as I said before if you pay attention then you would know that big boobs sit like a phat jiggley a$$ on your chest, not pushed up on your chest all stiff like. Another thing, body wise Heidi Klum is naturally thin so when she droppes a baby yes she is going to pop right back into shape. But Beyonce is not, when she gains weight it shows, thats why she has to work so hard to stay slim. Meaning the baby weight she gained would have made her look huge in her bottom area. I mean her a$$ and thighs would look like air bags. Then if you have a postpartum check SIX WEEKS after birth,and thats BEFORE you can even think about execerising( six to eight weeks if you had a c-section). So people please DO YOUR RESEARCH on this stuff and you’ll see for yourself, that her whole pregnancy was a fake. On to the next topic… the illuminati does exist, just like the skulls and bones. There called SECRET SOCIETIES, and people who are apart of them don’t discuss them because what….there supposed to be SECRETS!!!! These people are hiding in plain sight everywhere in the higher up postions, so you really need to watch out. The New World Order is real and people need to wake up before it’s too late. Then we have the Oprah-Gwen thing, this story has to be real. I mean these women have been in the public for years and you’ve never heard of them having a male siginifcant other. Well Oprah had that guy(Steadman), but he looks gay so he’s out. So you mean to tell me out of ALL OF THE MAN in this world, she only found 1. None and thats been with Gwen, that who know of. PLEASE!!! They dyking on the serious tip. But as far as all of the other stories they seem false. But who knows the truth is sometimes stranger then fiction. God Bless!!

    • TayTat

      Who the he’ll is Gwen

      • TayTat


        • Caroneisha

          LOL,I meant Gayle. For some odd reason Gwen always pops into my head when I think of her. Sorry, ha ha!!

    • Nestafan2

      When you say you’ve done “research,” where are your sources?  Anybody can say they’ve done research, but if you’ve ever written a term paper, or given a report, you’d know you need to provide information about your sources.  And if Oprah and Gayle had some sort of romantic relationship, they would have broken up years ago.

    • We need to wake up before it’s to late for what exactly?  Look people.  Secret societies are not what they used to be.  Hiding in plain sight?  Um, no.  CEOs, dignitaries, priests, pastors, politicians, lawyers, media moguls, etc… just a buncha rich white dudes controlling everything.  SAME AS ITS ALWAYS BEEN.

      I won’t even bother listing the myriad of flaws in your logic beyond that.

  • Guest

    Thanks for posting and I agree 100%. Instead of seeing how dumb they are they once again would rather beleive the lie. Beyonce had a baby you are an flat out idiot if you even try to defend fake pregnancy rumors. Beyonce lost her weight within six weeks -eight weeks which is normal. Hedi Klum was back on the runway within eight but she is a white woman so you are willing to belive her. And the illuminati traces back historically to the Knights of Templar (you have to read a book to know who they are) but are reincarnated to include rappers who didn’t graduate high school yeah ok. Dead at “evidence”

  • DoinMe

    Beyonce wasn’t pregnant and I don’t care what anyone says. Her so-called weight gain looked totally unnatural, the stomach fell apart, and she sprang back in 2 weeks. No ma’am! She needs more people.

    Jay is not part of the illuminati and never will be. But he is a top corporate puppet. 

    The Johnny Gill-Eddie Murphy romance has been around forever. But what is known for sure is that Eddie likes the transsexuals, soooo….. 

  • chocolate_drop

    I am ALWAYS one to give people the benefit of the doubt. Especially because a lot of these celebrity rumors come straight outta thin air, but C’MON! Nobody and I mean nobody can deny the video footage of her stomach collapsing! I’ve been pregnant twice and at 6-8 months pregnant, you do not lean forward when you sit down because of all that belly in the way! Beyonce seems to have had one of the fastest pregnancies in history! There are too many questions that need to be answered. Like why if her and Jay-Z are such private people, did they decide to announce their pregnancy on the VMAs? Why did Beyonce make that bogus video talkin bout “Oh Baby!” saying she was 6 months pregnant? Why did  Jay make that song Glory as soon as the baby was born and why did they send out those pics of the baby when she was first born? Mind you these are the same people that it took 3 years for anyone to even see a glimpse of Beyonce’s wedding dress. And as for her face and boobs getting bigger, Beyonce aint no dummy. A wonder bra can make your boobs appear bigger and if your trying to fake a pregnancy, you need to gain a little weight to make it believable. I think that Blue Ivy is their biological child because she’s beautiful and looks just like Beyonce, but they hired a surrogate, Beyonce did not have that baby.

  • Bahamianempress99

    To be honest…all of these “rumors” are plausible, with the exception of the Lil Kim one, which may need to be evaluated by MythBusters. These rumors aren’t completely farfetched or unbelieveable…not to mention those who lie rely on your preconceived notions about what they are or aren’t capable of. I think we’ve had enough instances of incorrectly identifying the usual suspects to know that you can NEVER judge a book by its cover…EVER! Another thing, don’t dump people into the “hater” or “Stan” category when it comes to Beyonce or Jay-Z. There are some of us who are educated and fairly impartial who rely on our innate and God-given intuition to sniff out a fishy situation. Those of us who have grown up around large bellies and swollen ankles and know exactly what pregnancy does to a woman’s body. Me personally, as much as I wished that Beyonce was finally coming down to the land of the living and was carrying a real human child, I don’t believe she did, but she’s never been a good actress anyways. (Not hating, just being real)…You watch enough women in your family carry babies and you know what it looks like. There should be no doubt. (Unless of course, she’s like one of those ladies from “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”) But I digress…regardless of genes, diet, Illuminati, or whatever you use to defend her post-baby transformation, you cannot deny the fact that her behavior as a pregnant woman (heels and vigorous performances) was uncharacteristic of a woman who allegedly suffered a miscarriage. If she had a surrogate because her body could not carry a baby, there is no shame in that. Many stars have gone that way, I.e. Angela Bassett, but faking a pregnancy is just pitiful. Anyways, not to make this all about Beyonce, but these rumors are very plausible and not beyond the scope of human behavior. We are complex beings that commit various acts for a host of reasons. As much as readers don’t have enough proof to deem the rumor true, you Madame Noire writer, do not have enough proof as a spectator to deem it false and post an article with such a misleading title…keep that in mind.

    • LittleMissCantBeWrong

      I work in an OB/GYN office, and no woman bounces back from a pregnancy the same way. We have patients who show up two weeks after the delivery of their baby who look like they were never pregnant. On the other hand, we have women who come back a year later and still look pregnant, lol. But just because she lost the baby weight quickly, that’s not enough evidence to show that Beyonce *never* had a baby.

  • Fineamazon

    YYou need an editor…STAT

  • Eestoomuch

    i dont believe that matthew is kelly’s dad, but i dont believe that he is beyonce’s either…that family is weird.

  • IllyPhilly

     Not saying hers is true, but Lil’ Kim ingesting semen may not mean she sucked a whole bunch of d!cks in one night. Some people like the taste; I knew a girl who snorted it and another girl told me her friend would use it as chap stick. Gross, yes but it may not be a sexual thing.

  • Ladybug94

    Uh Renay, everyone does not gossip and you shouldn’t believe everything you hear in the rumor mill.

  • Jolie

    That is an ahh-mazing photo of Oprah!

    K-Row and Matthew Knowles DO look alike and it isn’t because they’re both brown skin

    There’s always a little truth in rumors that stick around as long as the Eddie and Johnny…tis all.

  • That lil’kim one was hilarious to me for some odd reason.

  • Asia_glover1

    Yall talking about clearly this and obviously that, how about we just be happy for other black people. You aint gone come up off of hating on someone. Don’t any of us know what goes on behind closed doors but the people that are with them. Yall wasn’t in the hospital room bey, and yall wasn’t there when ciara was born and yall don’t be around oprah and Gayle or Eddie etc… So just chill with these wanna be facts yall talking. They do this stuff to entertain us, but instead we gone run the, slap cray talking something we don’t know. Smh

  • FromUR2UB

    I’m not sure I believe that people who’ve been implicated are involved in it, but I don’t doubt that there’s something to that Illuminati stuff.  If there was anything that some white people do that a few blacks might imitate, it would probably be this.  1) We all know there exists people in this world who would do anything they think would give them an edge.  2) Hardly anybody talks about it, which leads me to believe they’re afraid to say anything on it.  There are some sites that post the most incredibly scandalous gossip about living and dead people, sometimes even stories about alien visits to Earth thrown in.  But, they NEVER mention this topic. 

    There is a movie that was made in the early 70s starring Glenn Ford called, ‘The Brotherhood’ .  I’d never heard of the movie until last year or the previous year, and watched it on YouTube.  Why doesn’t it ever air on TCM or AMC?  It’s a pretty good one.

  • Chile…

    Lies lies & more lies

  • jackieOsassin

    the correct term is transsexual, but i have to say i’m one of the people who don’t believe beyonce was actually preggers. call me what you will, but that interview picture alone plus the fact she came back quick as hell after the birthing didn’t help push the agenda of her alleged motherhood. as far as heidi klum she was practically thrusting her pregnant belly in people’s faces every chance she got so there’s no doubting her, but just because beyonce didn’t do that doesn’t mean anything it shows modesty and reservations of her privacy so i can’t get on her for that. but for the amount of weight that she was pictured to have gained from the “pregnancy”, her own self-confessed issues with weight gain, and the bare MINIMUM of 20+ lbs a woman gains when she’s with child you really expect me to believe she lost that in 3 weeks? please, you slay me. 

    • Demckinzie1

      I lost my baby weight that fast so it could b done!!!!! She’s 2 months now n i weigh 125again so weight wouldn’t have anything to do with it

      • jackieOsassin

        i’m not saying it can’t be done, i’m just saying the time frame in which the weight was supposedly dropped is far to small for it to be legit.

      • jackieOsassin

        i’m not saying it can’t be done, i’m just saying the time frame in which the weight was supposedly dropped is far to small for it to be legit.

      • Ladyc

        I droped my weight after 2 months. I was back in my size 5 by the time I went for my 6 weeks check up. I an’t got no big time trainer and I did it. Depends on the person.

  • Poetsgroove

    The one about Kelly was a little too silly!

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    Sooo….because YOU say they’re implausible, it must be…a lie. Alrighty then.

  • Sirmichaelprince

    I mos def believed the lil kim rumor, when i was a kid!! #sad, ikno, good to hear that sl*tty ish wasnt tru

  • Korey

    I had never heard the Eddie Murpy/ Johnny Gill rumor.

    And really… I don’t care what celebs do in their lives. And if the tables were turned, and there were rumors about you that just wouldn’t die, you’d be pissed too. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. Michael Jackson wrote “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” for a reason.

    • 1) Lil Kim and the jizz in her belly (hard and believed, still do…)
      2) Beyonce and the ‘baby’ (sorry but i SO dont think she had a kid)
      3)I heard about Eddie and Johnny…. idk but it might but true in some shape or form…

  • Lola

    Believing that Beyonce didn’t give birth is not necessarily ‘haturation’. I like her music, but no, I do not believe that she gave birth. So what? 

    • Amija James

      Yeah, that’s the only one that I really believe.  Can’t nobody convince me she gave birth to that baby.  

      • Guestemail

        If neither of you believe it, then both of you are stupid.

  • I never heard Lil Kim’s rumor which by the way I find it sooooooooooo gross. I’m glad I never heard that stupid rumor. As far as Kelly and Beyonce’s father, I never heard that one either so I guess it wasn’t that big of a rumor. To tell you the truth, except for the ones I never heard, I don’t pay too much attention to the rumors.

  • Nefijones1

    Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill is not new information.  They are so obvious that there is no need for discussion. 

    Oprah and Gail, no way.  They are just two real cool close sistas!  It’s a beautiful thing!

    Ciara is a very beautiful real woman . That one was spread by a haters!

    Beyonce is always on, but it was ridiculous to say that she faked her preganancy.  She just needs to get out of the spotlight for a good long while so that folks will miss her.

    I doubt that the rumor with Little Kim is true, but with her one never really knows – LOL!!! 

  • fanarazzii

    I dont like you and your self absorbed opinions that you insist are the truths, you and only you know it all. No tolerance for anyone else who dosent agree with YOU?

  • Just saying

    WOOOOO…..WHY is Jay Z on this list?? Clearly this author has NOT seen the unlimited evidence supporting the rumor that he is involved in some strange ish!!! Unless you have seen all the signs–don’t say it ain’t true because there is certainly more evidence that proves it than dismisses it. (Oh and don’t get happy just because a celebrity talks about “God” when you don’t even know what God they are talking about–sometimes it ain’t the same one!! 🙂 )

    • Exactly, and people forget that even satan knows who God is, so it doesn’t prove anything if someone mentions the one true God by name.  

    • Maybe you can answer a question that I’ve tried to get countless Illuminati conspiracy “theorists” to even acknowledge.  There’s all this talk about the Illuminati controlling our minds and trying to hurt us… and that Jay is apart of this grand “scheme”, but for what aim? What do they want us to believe or do?  I mean, what is the conspiracy?  What is the goal?

      Some guy tried to tell me their goal was to destroy belief in God, which is so insane and laughable, I mean, I just can’t… it’s truly sad how desperately gullible some people are.


        their belief Is much like scientology. what the mind can perceive, the mind can achieve. many say they believe, man is in control of his own destiny through his mind & self will or high self esteem/egoism & not “GOD”. they worship ancient symbols of luck & good fortune. it’s just ancient paganism in modern day society. it’s always been around & always will be ’cause there will always be people who don’t believe in conventional religions.

    • He is a mason and ignorant people who can’t distinguish between lies and truth believe that these celebrities are part of a very old secret society.

      • Harlan Lovestone

        Actually  most secret societies have ancient ties that lead to the same places, which is why it’s not a good idea to be involved in any kind of secret society as the bible says. Masonry goes back to sun worship which is paganism  and occult so take it for what you will.

    • deprogrammed

      The Illuminati has nothing to do with Satan worship.  Damn people, if you want to accuse someone of something, at least know what you’re talking about.  Oh, wait – that can’t happen because IF someone were a member of such an organization, the last thing they would do is talk to gossipmongers about it.

  • Jimmy Swaggerd

    Remember last year when that rumor was going around that Whitney was using drugs again?  Nothing but lies! Damn lies!!

    • wait but her autopsy results came back, and they find coke in her system. So maybe it wasn’t a lie.

    • Thugstress326

      I caught the sarcasm, lol

  • Tellin’ it Like It Is

    I understand why you think the Beyonce fake pregnancy thing is about hateration but I assure you that even some of her fans believed her pregnancy was fake…not just for the HECK OF IT but because her belly literally COLLAPSED. Sorry–that was NOT the dress. lol I was one of the first people to defend her until I saw the video/pictures. But I believed she was pregnant when she started getting fat in the face. However, I do think at the time of the interview she was wearing a prosthetic baby bump to make her belly appear more dramatic. 

    • Miller

       MN even feel for the buub’s after several sites exposed the padded device. Several sites even did side by side comparison of her chest being the same size at times before pregnancy. A half decent push up can take you from an A to a C in seconds.

      Her face never looked swo llen. Different, but never swollen as if she was carrying. More like a botox touchup every two weeks !

      • Candacey Doris

         Not everyone gets a swollen face when carrying.. Especially when you’re rich an can afford lots of ish to look on point and have a staff devoted to making you look good.

      • Spoilme2much730

        Out of all the celebrities to do a naked pregnant ad, why wouldn’t B of all people.. I’m convinced she was never pregnant…sorry

    •  I forgot what show Beyonce was on, but the host came forth & explained that the show was actually taped 2 months prior..

  • Miller

    More than half of these rumors could possibly be true. Eddie, Oprah, Kim, Beyonce, Jay.

    Ciara is the only one I side-eyed ! Other than that it’s more evidence to support the rumors than dismiss them. Ok i’ll give Oprah & Gail a pass too lol !