She’s a Bad Mama Jama: Our Celebrity Girl Crushes

March 21, 2012 ‐ By

Okay, so maybe we’re not looking at the following ladies and swooning, but there’s just something about their big hearts, mad swag and beauty we can’t help but adore (*turns on Prince’s “Adore” to set the mood*). Whether they’re out there saving the world or saving our broken hearts, or better yet, inspiring us with their creativity and talent, we get all boy band giddy when they come on TV or on our computer screens. You go girls!


Issa Rae

You know somebody is big when you ask another person the following about them, and you get this response:

Me: “Have you ever heard of Awkward Black Girl? It’s by this woman named Issa Rae?”

Friend Who Never Knows What I’m Talking About: “YES! My sister put me on to that! I’m addicted!”

At the beginning of 2011, I had no idea who or what an Issa Rae was, but by the end of the year, like most women, I was trying to spread the word about the director, writer and editor and her phenomenal web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl to everybody I knew. Whether it was through this blog or straight up word of mouth, I was low-key canvassing. The accomplished Stanford grad did the impossible: she made being the awkward black girl cool (and did so with an awesome haircut!). No lie, she’s kind of like a big deal…

MadameNoire Video

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  • Sabrina

    It seems as if any weave-wearing black celebrity wouldn’t have made this list, because I sense a little bias towards the natural-haired black celebs…i’m just saying.

  • Tagirl

    I love Michelle Obama. She’s a thoroughbred compared to the haters that hate on her. Her educational and professional pedigree is just as good as theirs without her President husband.  ITA about Viola and Tracee. 

    • Tagirl

       Oh yeah. Can’t forget the uber-talented Jill Scott, the singer, actress, poet, songwriter. That lady is amazing and says EXACTLY what’s on her mind. She a little raw.

  • Kandice

    This post was very refreshing to see like ALL of my favorite women being showcased and uplifted! It made me feel really happy inside lol.

  • Nitty

    FLOTUS is married to my brother so no crush there but would cry every time i see bro huh?so u ask..well Obama’s dad is Kenyan of the Luo tribe..which i yep yep..i wonder if Barack can speak Dholuo?..mmh.i love my tribe though.
    Love Monae..very adorable n quite an artist

    • Nomahlubi Sanders

      I dated a Kisii in college, Nitty. They are BETTER ! Go away, with your Dholuo. Giggles* (I am a South African living in NYC).

  • Uhhh… wat about Nia Long? 

  • JaneDoe

    Was that Ellen’s sultry face?
    Anyhoo, not a one of those women did it for me..

  • Yannii

    I agree with all of these except my ultimate girl crush is Janelle Monae.

    Besides the fact that people tell me that i look like her all the time (which I take as a major compliment) she’s so freaking adorable.

    • sholla21

      And super talented. I love her new song with Estelle.

  • Amija James

    I am so in love with Viola!  I just think she’s beautiful and poised and just oh!
    I don’t get why so many people love Tracee Ellis Ross.  She is everything but  pretty to me.  Stylish, yes.  But when you get to that face.  Ewwww.

  • That’s the Scariest pic of Ellen I have ever seen!
    And I have always liked her!
    But DANG!

    • Just how tall is Tracey Ellis Ross?
      Would it make any difference while we’re laying in bed?

    • With my Super Human mental powers I aint about to think any dirty thoughts about Michell!Other wise I might get prosecuted with a thought crime. Answer the door AND boom!!!An uman drone blows up in my face!

  • ThisGirl

    I don’t have a “girl crush” on any of them…

  • Jolie

    Can I just take this moment to say that if I ever was in a 5 mile radius of our FLOTUS I would cry hysterically!!!! She is everything but Jesus to my life ya’ll.

    • Rachael

      LOL! I am sooooo with you on that!