Unforgivable Hood Baby Names: Celebrity Edition

December 9, 2011  |  
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Regular folk aren’t the only ones who name their children reckless and ratchetly. Celebrities, black and white, have been known to find some off- base monikers for their little ones as well. Perhaps they know their children won’t have to scrape and scrap like the rest of us. Money opens doors you know. Check out these crazy celebrity names, below.

Pilot Inspektor (Son of Jason Lee)

Whaaat?!? Actor Jason Lee and his wife must have been sipping on something lethal when they named this wide-eyed, blonde haired little boy Pilot Inspektor. I can almost understand Pilot, it’s someone with know- how who takes charge, but Inspektor? Never would you insert a permanent spelling error into your child’s name. No bueno.

2. Jermajesty

Oh the Jackson family… Let’s just say it’s no surprise that they’re on this list. Their collective weirdness never surprises me. I know we all believe that our children are royalty from birth but so is everyone else. So there is no need to assert this fact in a name, and a name that just sounds so… hood at that.

3. Audio Science (Shannyn Sossamon)

I don’t even know what to say about this one. I’m so done.

4. Camera (Daughter of Arthur Ashe)

I have much respect for the late Arthur Ashe, plenty. But I have to give him a side eye when it comes to the name for his daughter. Camera…hmm. Unless it’s pronounced differently than the everyday word, camera,  then I don’t understand this move.

5. Reignbeau (Ving Rhames)

Lawd have his mercy! I understand rainbows are signs of hope and inspiration. That would be a suitable name for a little girl…maybe. But trying to switch it up and use the verb spelling of the word and combine it with the French word “beau” is doing just waay too much. What does this name even mean? Did Ving want her daughter to be a girl who ruled over her boyfriends?

6- Christare

This name is probably one of the better ones on the list, but it’s the confusing factor that sets it over the top. Is it a Christian thing? Is it a combination name thing? What is really going on?

7- Yamma Brown  (Daughter James Brown)

May James Brown’s soul rest in peace but I have to ask what he was thinking when he named his daughter, Yamma? You have to be careful what you name your child. Because in biblical times a name was given based on the child’s character. Perhaps Yamma wasn’t the best choice considering she acted more trife than a little bit when she decided to stab her husband the day before her father’s funeral.

8. Reginae

I really think Reginae is a cute little girl, I do. But I just cannot stand her name! And the way it’s pronounced with a Louisiana accent just makes a bad situation, worse.

9. Zonnique

Anything that ends in an que is probably not a good look.

10. Cymphonique (Daughter of Master P.)

Ladies and gentlemen, it gets no hood-er than this. While I will say Master P and his wife produce some genetically blessed children, they name them terribly. Just because the name Romeo has become a part of our everyday lexicon, doesn’t mean that it’s a suitable name for a child. I was talking to my colleagues about the name of this little girl, Cymphonique, and we went back and forth about whether or not a child with this name, could be successful. Sure it’s highly recognizable and unique (see Beyoncé) but I’m sure mainstream America will struggle to pronounce it.


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  • Craig D. Casimir

    yea cuz we haven’t heard worse… what about the ghetto names like shaniqua, lacreisha, la’tenisha (or wherever you put the apostrophe), omunique, symphonique <—— these are "hood" names. the parents of children with these names must have been on something

  • Hope Floats

    Pilot is actually kinda cute 🙂

  • Rio Sime’on Milton

    Not all these names are hood, weird yes but i am offended that just because some ppl are of other races their children have wierd names you titled them as hood PILOT INSPEKTOR Sorry love but not in the hood Cymphonique while definitely unique nobody in the hood came with that one yet i feel that the writer should choose words carefully because I do not believe a thought was put into this article but rather categorization WHAT really burns me that the nerve that the writer would have to question as to whether or not someone by name association as Cymphonique is name suitable for a job ya didnt say a dam thing about Pilot……SORRY VERY TACKY

  • word

    all of these on there own , i could work with..except the jackson’s…it is beyond me that these people are institutionalized yet..but i digress….when the names are crafted to be a phrase..there you lost me…audio.okay..science ..ooookay..but audio science…please take a seat.

  • Jas Parker

    I’m guessing it’s pronounced Cuh-Meera…?

  • Im_Shailyn

    and by the way Shailyn is not my real name lol

  • Im_Shailyn

    Can u please makes these post to where we do not have to open a new page to see the next pic SHEESH

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  • d

    Please excuse me if the following names have already been mentioned:

    1. Condoleezza (Rice)

    2. D’Brickashaw (Ferguson) As soon as I heard it, I just KNEW his mother had to be a fan of The Thornbirds

    3. Anfernee (Hardaway)

    Honorable mention:

    Glamorgucci. Saw this in my hometown paper. The Sunday edition posts baby pictures and there was a photo of a baby with this unfortunate name. That was in 2000. I hope they call her GiGi now.

  • FromUR2UB

    Does anybody remember the products: Esoterica and Porcelana?  I always thought those sounded like names someone would give their kids.  Chauncey is not so bad.  My mom miscarried before I was born, I think it was a boy.  His name would have been Chauncey Trovar.  Oh, well, on the ‘Trovar’ part.  My mom was a creative southern girl.  Teehee!
    1.  Should have named him Pilot Inspektor Gadget Lee
    2.  Jermajesty sounds like phonetic spelling for a speech impediment
    3.  Audio Science: genderless all the way.  Is that a girl or a boy? I’m not sure the kid will know.
    4.  Camera: I wonder if mom regrets that.
    5.  Reignbeau: hey, with a daddy named “Ving”…
    6.  Christare: Well, it is different.
    7.  Yamma:  too bad she’s not from Alabama, then she could be a Yamma from ‘bama.
    8.  Reginae is not so bad.  It just sounds like a combo of Regine and Desiree.
    9.  Zonnique: Look at the source.  I knew there’d have to be at least one name with a ‘q’ in it.  The  ‘z’ makes it ex-Zotic.
    10. Cymphonique:  definitely contrived.  What is it about q’s?

  • Farrar

    A second “m” would have been helpful.

  • Simonique

    “que” can be the ending to a very pretty name, mind you. Its just the examples in this list are horrid. For instance, my name is Simonique (see-mo-neek). I’ve always loved my name and plan on naming my first daughter Simonique as well.

    • ash

      Please no.

  • Najahhh

    This has been known for years, my cousin is also named this  I happen to like the name.   Better than many of those trashy names out there.

  • Romeo is and has been a perfectly suitable name for a child. Travel a little why don’t you?

    • FromUR2UB

      As a name, Romeo is not bad.  It doesn’t sound made up or have some ridiculous spelling.  I think it’s because the name is associated with a man who’s supposed to be a lover or romantic.  I don’t know if that was a consideration when selecting the name, but if it was, it’s a little amusing to put all that on a baby.  There’s nothing new about people naming children according to the attributes they’d like them to have, but if they’re not careful, it can sound pretentious or frivolous. Thus the names like Queen, Princess, or people named after fruit and desserts.  But, a name is what one makes it.  So if the person grows up and becomes someone notable, then their unusual name sets them apart as truly uniQue.

  • Nashay1987


  • Abickmen

    Ironic given the author’s “creative” spelling of Renay, lol

  • Carolyn

    I think the “author” of this article needs to add her name to the. Renay Alize? Doesn’t get any more hood than that!

    • FromUR2UB

      There’s a alcoholic beverage called, Alize’, so if that was the inspiration, then that makes me think ‘hood or ‘country”, even though the name is a legitimate Hebrew word for ‘Joyful’, according to the baby books.  But the author has probably heard it all before about her own name, which may be what prompted her to write this article.

  • Lan

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  • Franklin

    Two of my favorite hood names, for people that follow sports, are D’Brickashaw and Barkevious.  Really?  That’s as hood as it gets

    • Tranurse

      ralph d’brickashaw was one of the main characters in ‘the thorn birds’.  i guess his mama liked the mini-series.

      • no, his name was ralph de bricassart, NOT d’brickashaw.  i’ve read “the thorn birds” numerous times, and that’s the name of the main character.

  • Mimihaha

    Shannyn Sossamon? Who? Shouldn’t the people on this list actually be famous?

    • Mykia_d_pearl

      I know yall didnt forget about Lil Mo’s daughter’s names…..Heaven Love’on Stone and God’Iss Love Stone. Smdh…..

  • Let’s not forget the name of actors Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa’s son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. Though the father being part Hawaiian might explain it a little.

  • Umkoofu

    Those names are weird

  • Herman Cain

    these names scream :”my parents are hood ,but want to seem sophisticated”…fail.

  • birthday girl

    I am a teacher and I must say the names are getting more difficult to spell and pronounce as the years go by! I feel sorry for many of these kids when they get older. If a potential employer can’t even figure out what your name is …. then into the trash can your resume goes. For example.. one of my students was Cash Money Moore, another was Che’Foxy.

    • Topanga

      I agree with you, Birthday Girl, but there also might be a racial bias when it comes to names. There was a recent study showing that when (phony) applicants interviewed for a job and said their names were Ebony and Jamal, they were less likely to be hired than if they used less “ethnic” sounding names. There’s nothing ghetto about Ebony or Jamal. Jamal is an Arabic name. I think the employers had a bias against people with those names, thinking that they WOULD be ghetto–loud, lazy, and unreliable. These are horrible stereotypes of my people, but there are many Americans who believe them to be true.

    • all this is doing is dooming their children to a life of mediocrity and minimum wage jobs.  people who work in human resources will be able to instantly spot the black applicants from the white ones simply by their names.

  • JudgeMental

    Tylenol and Advil are pretty lame too.

    • yes they are lame, IF someone named their offspring after two well-known pain relievers.

  • Oreke

    Camera is a west african name and the name of the author Camera Laye who the wrote “the African Child”. Do some research before getting all uppity.

    • T.

      And? Because its African its no longer ugly? Please go have a seat Umbookoo

      • Gebrela

        you are an ignorant brainless twit. just because umbookoo doesn’t translate  in english doesn’t mean it lacks orgin in native african language.

    • nobody’s getting uppity, as you claim, but THINK about it for a minute, at first glance, no one’s going to break that name down and place the emphasis and pronunciation on the first syllable, as it is in the case of the late arthur ashe’s daughter, making the proper pronunciation “kuh-MER-a; most folks are going to see that name and the first thing that will come to mind is “cam-a-rah”, that is the device one uses to take pictures.

  • Ifuaskme2

    I like Audio science. Clever. Anyway, I’m still waiting for the ‘celebrity’.

  • Pete2polly

    Does this have anything to with that “Kodak moment”?

  • Xander

    Would this count as “Black people’s problems” because they -give- the crappy names or “White people’s problems” because we have to hear them?

    “Le-a”  (=Ledasha, “Tha dash don’ be silent!”)

  • Toijanichole78

    Aurther Ashe wife has/had a passion for taking pictures. It’s not pronounced like camera.

    • that’s correct, it’s pronounced “kuh-MER-a”; i’ve spelled it out phonetically. 

  • JBK007

    couldn’t get ‘hood-er’?  Talk about a bad choice of names to describe something (or someone).  Think you’re trying to say, these names could not be any more ghetto…..

  • mhmm

    People should make sure they don’t confuse “hood names” with ethnic names…people would think a name like Monique or Chanel is hood when it’s really french.

  • Louise White81

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  • Ginger

    Who is Shannyn Sossamon and why is she a celebrity? 

  • Kwamefi9

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith made the name Jayden/Jaden popular for boys, it is #5 on the list. Britney’s son is also named Jayden.

    Even Sarah Palin’s kids names Bristol, Trig, Willow are rising on the top. It will be soon popular as Jennifer and John.

    One last thing, where did the name Rihanna come from, I believe it’s from a name Rhiannon.

  • Hmmm…”Hood” baby names.  I just won’t…

  • Anonymous

    “Anything that ends in an que is probably not a good look”. What about Dominique…

  • Romeo isn’t his given firs name.  It’s Percy, like his old man.  Romeo is his middle name.

  • For *Ving* naming his child Reignbeau is cause brother is secretly on the down-lo and we all KNOW what a rainbow flag signifies right!

  • Nekoj47

    Good things they can all live off their parents money/name because in the real word they would have a hard time getting a REAL job.

    • Huny

      You’re so right!  Those resumes usually get tossed!

    • Huny

      They better use initials like  J.P. Morgan or J. Paul Getty or S. Epatha Merkerson or C.C.H. Pounder

  • What makes a name “ghetto” or “hood”:

    When uneducated people in a condensed urban area name their children outside the “normal” Americanized names. The name thus could potentially harm them from getting a job.

    1. Prefixes such as Sha, She, De, De, Le, La
    1.b Extra ghetto for prefixes with Ra, Re, Te, Ta, Qua

    2. Endings/Suffix with “ia”, ius or (schwa)…(anything that makes the schwa sound ending is ghetto)
    3. having regular names and tossing said prefixes mentioned above ex. DeMarcus, DePatricia
    4. When you can take a Pre set prefix and combine it into a preset suffix thus creating a totally unheard made up name Ex. sha-tamarl-ia, De-derik-a, Qua-shontrav-ius

    In conclusion it doesn’t take much to have a ghetto name…The more unique the better, popular the name combined with a prefix, the ghetto-er the name sounds. ex. DeMatthew, ShaGreg. It’s fun to create ghetto names, have fun and enjoy.

    • Huny

      I know someone who named their son LaTevin.  I also know a Phaleighsha.  OMG! I could go on and on!

    • Too true…too funny.

    • Kaila P

      This is hilarious , you shhould post this somewhere loooool

  • Huny

    WTF is up with George Foreman naming ALL of his boys GEORGE?!

    Frank Zappa has Moon Unit and Dweezil!  And what’s up with Soleil (Sun) Moon Frye (Punky Brewster)! 

    …and Toni Braxton–Denham (Denim) and Diesel (Dye-sel)

  • Ari

    Oh…so Dominique isn’t a good look??…I resent that…

  • Eric

    How can I take this article seriously when the person that posted this name is just as ghetto as the people on this list. Renay Alize WTF? Sounds like a corner store name to me. Hood first nAme with a liquor brand last name. LOL GTFOH

    • Cocolicious

      Renay and Alize are French names. Renay is the alternate spelling for Renee which means ‘reborn’. Alize means ‘strong wind’ in French. It’s the alternate spelling for the name Alice. Alize also means ‘joyful’ in Hebrew.

      What can anyone guess about the author of this article? Maybe Renay Alize is her pen name, and not her real name.

      But what if it’s her real name?

      Perhaps she is, or has heritage, from France or any of it’s current, former, territories worldwide. She could be from the island of Martinique for all we know. She might be Louisiana Creole raised in suburbia California. What if she’s of French Canadian heritage raised in the New York?

      Why does it automatically have to be assumed that the author is hood, or has a hood name = a name ignorantly given, or given without significance?

      Why does it have to be assumed that people haven’t a clue about the meaning or implications of the names they give their children, specifically if they are poor, or from the hood. What if she, indeed, was raised in the hood – to poor immigrants from Haiti, who speak French natively. She could be hood-born 2 generations removed from African immigrant from the Ivory Coast, born into a family that continued their native French dialect among themselves, and they all have French names.

      Perhaps she has no link to France or it’s subsidiaries, and is descendant of African-American slaves, share croppers, servicemen, hardworking, educated people and someone just happen to know French (via education, cultural exposure, military service, former significant other – you just never know). And, subsequently, she was raised in the hood – poor. Would that, necessarily, mean that a name like Renay Alize is hood?

      What if she was born, in the hood, before 1984 when the Alizé branded beverage was created and placed on the market for people to purchase?

      What now?

      • This must be renay alize…Perhaps NOT renay has any french heritage, quit with the B.S. talk.

        How are you going to defend her and her name, when the title of the article is determining what’s “hood”. Renay or cocolicious or who ever you you are, are engaging in hypocrisy. Who are you to determine what’s a hood name. Then write an essay, when someone claims that your name is hood only to defend it, by silly little linguistic maneuvers and hypotheticals. Lmao. Downright crazy.

        How is the author going to assume Pilot Inspeckter is hood? We can go back and trace the origin of these words and come up with all sorts of unlikely hypotheticals about the kids background, just like you have done.

        • Cocolicious

          I’m not Renay, I’m Cocolicious. I never tried to define what a hood name is. I agree with you, actually.

      • tastythoughts

        *speaks into mike* its still a horrible name to give a child *drops mike*

  • Cocolicious

    Every time I come across the name Jer’Majesty I can’t help but to think of the scene in Disney’s cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland when the Queen of Hearts is addressed by her subjects. lol

    Yamma could be an alternate spelling for the ‘Sanskrit’ name Yama (pronounced Yaemah) which means restrainer. 

    Camera could be an alternate spelling for the ‘West African’ name Camara which means teacher.

    Yes, Zonnique and Cymphonnique are very ‘creative’ one-of-a-kind names.

    Reginea sounds very French Creole. Maybe it’s another form of Regina which is ‘Latin’ for ‘Queen’. It could have been worst, he could have named her La’Majesty.

    Why can’t we say that some of these names are simply unique instead of calling them ‘hood’ names.

    To me, hood, implicates ignorant, in poor taste or criminal. A lot of these are cultural innovations, or just alternate spellings. What’s so bad about that (yeah, even though I still will shake my head at a Jer’Majesty).

    • You’re either gullible or an idiot, if You think James brown knows anything about Sanskrit….Or either you are very very smart and are a Lawyer. Your tactics should be applauded.

      • Cocolicious

        Why wouldn’t he? He traveled the world. Why do you think that a person like Jame Brown wouldn’t know about Sanskrit?

        • Fantasia, waka flocka, and soulja boy traveled the world too..

          • Cocolicious

            Don’t underestimate what they might know or be aware of simply based on their socio-economic backgrounds.

            • Fantasia just got her GED, waka flocka said he would major in geometry, soulja boy got exposed by kat stacks. Not underestimating based on their socio-economic backgrounds at all. 

              • What does that have to do with James Brown? You’re too stupid to stay on track for even 2 posts and have done nothing to proove your point. Kill yourself and do the world a favor.

    • Kaila P

      They could have also named Regina, La’Dawyniqua after her daddy loool btw I do know a girl named Dawyniqua one named Dwashema and one named Dwiquanna

  • lilkunta

    author your name is renae alizay, so stop throwing shade.
    also master p’s son is named Percy Jr, his nickname is Romeo.
    He has like 8 kids total, but only 5 were with his wife Sonya.
    He cheated on his wife resulting in Cymphnique and Veno.
    Some of his other kids are named ,Vercy,Hercy,Intylyana ,Tytyana

    • Cora

      Wtf? Lmao. Are those names real?

    • Borntrippy80

      are YOU his wife?

    • LOL.  It this really true?  Shoot…I can’t even pronounce those names.  So ridiculous.

  • Leena

    How is the name Romeo ghetto?  Also, his real name happens to be Percy.  While I agree that I personally find most of these names horrible, why do we get to decide what names are “right” for society?  While I know the reality is that someone named Cymphonique would have a hard time in the business world I feel like we are trying to justify people’s discriminating behavior.  All names are made up.  A lot of common names are actually weird sounding, at least to me, it’s just that they’be been around so long people don’t think about it, like what was mentioned about Beyonce’s name.  

    • Tranurse

      well, when you name your kids, you should think of a couple of things imho.  1. what their business cards are going to look like and 2. are they gonna get beat up on the playground.

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  • NATH40

    bha ha ha haaa…what a name..!

  • Rebecca

    Jason Lee’s son looks like Stewy. Audio Science, Camera, Reignbeau really?!?

  • N~ T

    Arthur Ashe’s daughters is named Ca-Mer-ra not Camera….LOL

    • Guest

      then they need to spell it right and put an accent on the e.

  • britt

    I hope Renay Alize is just ur pen name….pot meet kettle 🙂

    • gloria kerry

      I am in Air Force and seek ing someone .

      I need a woman who can love me back 

      …I also got a username mason66 on _____【M’ilitary S’oulmáte.C óM】–_____ 

      It’s the largest and best club for seek ing Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force,
      Police Force, and the admirers of those who wear the uniform.
      I just hope you don’t mind me being a soldier …Please Check
      it out!I’m serious

  • Mira12

    this Reignbeau thingy… LMAO
    let alone the other names….

  • Prissy

    Meanwhile.. the chick who wrote this “article” is named Renay ALIZE…. I’ll wait… 

    • Mira12

       Alize comes from Alizé (a-lee-zay) which is the name of a type of wind in French.

      • Live_in_LDN

        Are you justifying the name or just throwing out some general knowledge?

        That’s no better from naming your child Chardonay (hate that name!), Pinot Grigio or lets go for something ‘classy’ like Champagnique.

        I’m going to name my child Smirnoff and my second Southern Comfort then.

        • Cocolicious

          No, Alize is a common given name and surname in France, that’s what it means – “a strong wind”. It’s another form of the name Alice.

          • Xander

            I spent two years in France… never met a single “Alize”. 
            It is NOT common by any means.

        • Guest

          She said WIND not WINE.

      • Cynthia

        I think you mean “wine”

        • Guest

          no she meant Wind.

      • Get Stuffed!

        Are you burnt? It is not french, it doesn’t have anything to do with wind and there are at least 5 different origins from hebrew to basque( spain)

    • IceQueen

      Prissy that was so insensitive to point out that glaring contradiction. LOL!

  • Mitchle23

    Jermajesty needed to have more than one spot on this list. I heard it a few years ago and still have not come to terms.

  • Bhfkjhfjhwjhsa

    JERMAJESTY!!!???!!!! LMBAO!!!!

  • L-Boogie

    Hood names are not cute!  Although these children may be wealthy it is important to consider that they may want to go into the corporate world where their name will be considered apart of the package.

    • Live_in_LDN

      They’re wealthy enough to change their name legally and hire a lawyer to fill out the tedious paper work whilst they spend daddy’s money in the south of France.

      • Cocolicious

        “whilst they spend daddy’s money in the south of France.”


        Hey, hey, Alize!

      • IceQueen

        Best answer ever. LOL!!!

      • Let’s add LeBron to the mix and Nick Cannon’s son Moroccan.

        • amen to that….money does not necessarily equate having good sense…or taste for that matter.

  • Myrashya08

    Doesn’t Ving Rhames have a son named Blue?

    • Huny

      Cher has Elijah Blue.

    • Guest

      blue isnt all that uncommon.

      • it may not be all that uncommon, but let’s keep it real, blue is a COLOUR, NOT A NAME!!!!!!

        • Kaila P

          I know right, could you believ Beyonce and Jay-Z wanted to copyright that name, I mean who in their right mind would want to name thier child blue

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  • IllyPhilly

    Pilot Inspetor? WTF, Dude did name his kid Facebook, I can’t get over that.

  • Girliusmaximus

    Pilot Inspektor. What the fudge!?! Can you see the face of the person in vital records looking at that birth certificate?

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Actually Reginae might be the best/less hood out of all of them lol

  • WTF is up with these names.

    • REALLY?  with a name like latuarean you have the audacity to ask wtf is up with a name?

      • 1. The A comes b4 the U f&ck head, get it right.

        2. Why the he!! are you stalking my other profiles?

        3. Would you be happy if I had some old fashion simple azz name like FRANK.

        4. Go choke on a bowl of swollen d!cks

        • word

          Lataurean (spelt different but pronounced the same) is an outhouse in the English speakingCaribbean and Great Brittin….give your mom a side eye.

      • word

        ‘Lataurean’ is an outhouse in my country.

  • Smarty86

    Um beyonces name is ghetto as well..regardless if that’s her mothers maiden name or Whatever the story is..I remember when I first heard it I was like “beyonce?” With an inflection in my voice and face twisted up..it’s just because were used to it that no one gives it second thought anymore..but the name is still terrible and ghettoI sounding to me.

    • Mira12

       Lol and if you think of all the Destiny’s Child’s (former) members….
      Beyoncé, Kelendria (Kelly), LaTavia, LeToya, Michelle (the only one that’s not hood!)

      • MissMe

        Michelle’s real first name is Tenitria…Yikes

        • IllyPhilly

          LMAO! For real. Straight country!

    • Stacy L

      I knew I wasn’t the only person reading this who just KNEW I was going to see Beyonce on here..

    • Wow

      “Beyince”, pronounced Beyonce, her Tina knowles’ maiden name. The name has French-creole origins. It’s not “ghetto”. *sigh*

      • ohreally!

        That is ugly as a first name no matter what origin it is *sigh* and Solange isn’t any better *sigh*

        • Cocolicious

          What’s so ugly about it compared to common names like Chauncey (some people pronounce it ‘Chaun-Say’) or Shauntay or Chante (pronounced Chaun-Tay)?  Along with Beyince/Beyonce, they are, also, rooted in the French language.

          Beyonce is only spelled one-letter-off from it’s orignal form, which doesn’t make it a hood name to me, especially when the name was alterned by someone who actually inherited the name. It still has it’s original meaning.

        • at least solange isn’t some ghetto-fabulous name comprised of two or more names with La or De prefixes or “que”, “q” or “z” suffixes.  i’d rather name my daughter solange than la’shantaniqua.

          • Kaila P

            PREACH FRANK PREACH!!!!!!!!

        • word

          PSA..when a perfectly good french name is murder by an hood, broken English accent…it automaically becomes ghetto, case in point..beyonce and solange…I agree with you ohreally!!

      • sholla21

        Solange is a pretty popular French name.

        • Get Stuffed!

          I’ve been reading all these stupid posts and have come to conclusion that the writer Renay Alize, you and everyone else on this site are mildly retarded if not fully retarded. SOLANGE is GERMAN and means “as long as”, not french. By the way, there is a long history of taking names and adding to make them sound french. Keyshond is a dog… What the Hell is a Lataurean. The names are ALL ghetto no matter how you slice it! 

          • Eliza

            The name Solange has nothing to do with whatever german phrase you’re associating it with. It IS French, with a long history and Latin roots, and is very much out of place in this discussion. Get your facts straight before you go mouthing off about other people’s intelligence. Google is your friend.

          • sorry but big fail for you; solange is NOT german, it is french and it is a very popular name in france.

          • word

            agreed…..giving your child a foreign name doesn’t make him/her exotic or cute….the mothers of the le’ shaniquas and de’vaughntes of the world need to spend less time on made-up names and more time on building a stable family structure and college tuition funds.

      • WhatInTarnations!?

        The word liquor has a Latin origin…..so is it okay for me to name my baby Licka Cabinet if I claim my Latin ancestry? 

    • Guest

      I think Beyonce is a pretty name.

  • givmeabrek

    Really ppl……get a baby book and give ur child a name with some meaning…….Jermajesty, Audio, Cymphonique and Camera, WTF

  • mrs.j.cole

    hey quick question is angelique a ghetto name?

    • Nezz

      No, it’s a French version of Angelica.

    • word

      no it is french..but in the ghetto…it’s ghetto…. these people should work over time to not be a stereotype…name all boys..peter or mark and all girls..lisa or betty. PUBLIC SERVICE ANOUNCEMENT.

  • tastythoughts

    LMAO my mouth dropped at reignbeau….AHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA

    • Chessica450

      they forgot Michael Jackson’s kids!!! Blanket??? really?? -________-

      • sholla21

        Blanket is just a nickname. 

      • Kaila P

        loool I hope you’ll do your research before you comment, blanket was a nickname given to him by the MEDIA

  • Abrutha

    Ashe’s wife is a professional photographer

    • JAZZ

      So that makes it okay to name your kid CAMERA??

      • Cocolicious

        IT’s her kid. What’s if it’s not pronounced that way you think it is. What if it’s derived from another spelling/meaning than what you think it is.

        • tastythoughts

          what if its not pronounced camera….LMFAO why is that even justifiable….grown as woman named camera…did u say derived from another spelling? and meaning? LOL…im cracking up but if you have the answer please do share…..ctfu…camera…lawd

          • I think it may be pronounced cah-MER-uh…which isn’t so bad.  RIP Arthur Ashe.  

            • tastythoughts

              still camera…lol

              • WSSNW

                Its pronounced: CA MER RA

                • tastythoughts

                  smile for the camera…click click click

                  • LiiSH

                    Lol what if it were spelled Kamerah or something? Would that make if better?

            • Mary White111

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              …@love it ★★★★★★ 😉 Love means more ! DON’T MAKE YOUR CHRISMAS LONELY!

            • IceQueen

              You mean like Chimera? Wasn’ t that like an ancient monster or something?

              • Msvejay2

                Ok ice monster

                • IcyQueen

                  LOL! Chimera girl is that you? And yes, my legal name is IceMonster. LMAOOO. I already know your name is Taquanetta or something far worse. Happy holidays Taqueeka 🙂

            • DKNA123

              Of course Derek, I agree completely ! That’s the exact thing I was thinking. It’s obvious. & even if it is pronounced the way its spelled – camera. Who cares? It’s not your child’s name so get over it.

              • Kweku

                wtf? It’s not your child’s name so get over it?? These are people who will need to navigate through life on their own some day! They will go to school, the DMV, start a business, or may want to run for office in the future. If you want to express yourself, get a tatoo or change YOUR name!

            • Yes I think it is pronounced like that^^^^

        • WhatInTarnations!!

          Yup its “her kid” and “my company” so don’t get mad when little “Licqua Cabinet” can’t find reputable work.

          • Africanwriter011

            I lol’d to that!!!!

    • IceQueen

      No excuses.