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I have to give it to Keyshia, she is one of the few people who can look great in almost any hair color, and she’s done most of them! As versatile as her hair has been over the years, we had to give her some props with an album that looks back on all her big hair hits! However, because we’re not bias, we’ve also got to showcase a few of her big hair what the hot messes!? You know, so you guys know what NOT to try. In the end, it’s always all love though! So check her out and take notes…

Copper Coif

You’ve got to love this look! The copper red is very vibrant against her skin and not too bright, and that’s always a plus. On top of that, the cut is very fun but not edgy, so the entire look is pretty romantic–especially with the soft, luscious curls that frame her face very nicely. It’s a very mature look compared to some of her experimental styles done at the beginning of her career…



Man, when Keyshia came out, there was something sooooo tacky about her, and this hairstyle doesn’t help to disprove my statement. She came out the box in long red locks with some blonde highlights. While that’s not all that bad, it was the way she rocked her bangs that had me confused. Flipped up though? What year was she living in? The whole look drove me crazy as it was just one hood mess–sorry but it kind of was.

Sleek and Short

This look is pretty classic now that so many women have come to embrace the fun that they can have with short hair (long locks are no longer what people are thirsty over). The hair, in a nice jet black, is swept up into a sophisticated bump at the top of head, and the clean tapered sides make it a great look to rock day or night. We also have to give her props for the big, beautiful earrings that she was able to showcase so well since her neck was free and in full view.


Mullet Mess

Oh, my bad, I didn’t get the memo that we were bringing the mullet look back…not.

Such a cute girl, but this look is NOT cute on her. The two-toned mullet cut she threw on with its brown swept short bangs at the front and long black tail was not a good look or idea. Experimenting with your dos because you can is cool, but this one was a bit too left and too retro for me.

Two-Tone Top

This is how you wear two-tone color without looking like you’re in high school. Not only are the colors pretty and not too hard on the eyes (like her red meets blonde combinations of the past), but the length and the curls are just right and tight. Just enough spunk for her classy attire.

Graffiti Hair Hell

Not only did this woman shave the side of her head (that trend needs to DIE and never come back!), but she also went ahead and had hearts shaven into it and THEN put color in the hearts! I know she probably used those hair color paint sprays, but how old are we? I was trying to do stuff like this with my hair in junior high, not as a grown up! I got love for you Keysh, but not for this look.

Blondie (or Brownie)

Ignore the rhinestone thingies on her lips and check out the hair! The soft wavy look is very fancy and fun for our girl Keyshia, and the length is one only she could pull off without looking cray. Long and blonde (or long and brown, this Tweet Pic she sent out is a little blurry!) is not a look we’ve had the chance to see Keyshia in much, and I must say, she looks fab!

“If I Were the King, of the Foreeeeeeest!”

When Keyshia sang the national anthem at the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao fight in ’08, it looked like she might have been in a fight herself. That, or the wind and humidity had her wig in a tizzy because she was looking like the lion from The Wizard of the Oz. It’s just a crazy look that’s all over the place and received more attention than her rendition of the national anthem. Not to mention that the wig just looked dry and dusty…

Fried, Dyed and Laid to the Side (in a good way)

Who doesn’t love the short hair with the long top look? It’s such a playful look, and Keyshia killed it! The tapered edges were smoothed down and cut down, and the curls up top are very chic and work with the majestic and romantic feel of the video (“Heaven Sent”). Probably my favorite look on her. Of course, there are so many looks by Keyshia that are winners, but these are just some of my favorites on her. What do you think of her chameleon style when it comes to her hair? Let us know below…

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