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Yes, you miss him. You miss the consistent sex, the affection, the dependable date to plus-one events and being able to say “we” before every sentence. You lost some things in the breakup. But what about the things you gained?! Normally, it would take you weeks if not months to discover them. But, I’m just going to line them up here so you can start getting excited about your new single life now:


The freedom to sleep with that other guy:

Is there a certain bartender you always flirt with? Or someone in a different department at work that you always give seductive glances to in the elevator? Guess what? All of those fantasies you used to have about him might become a reality! You’re 100% free to find out…

More time with friends:

When our lives get busy with relationships, work, family—anything at all—we rack up a long list of friends we have been meaning to see. A list of friends who, every time we see them, we leave asking ourselves “why don’t I see her more? I love her!” Well, now you can see her more!

The realization that you will survive:

Nothing beats falling in love…almost nothing. The only thing that beats falling in love is that moment when you realize you have fallen completely and utterly out of it. That moment after months of crying and wallowing and hermitting when you see a picture of your ex and you realize “I don’t miss him anymore.” And you also realize you feel strong and whole again. That is a pretty amazing feeling.


Not having to deal with his annoyances:

Did he put all of his laundry in your basket for you to do? Were you consistently late to events because of him? Did your home seem to forever smell of some weird vitamins he took or a food he kept around? Think of all of the things that drove you nuts about him and be thankful that they’re gone!


Lots of first dates:

When you’ve been with someone for a while, they stop trying to impress you. You know it’s true. Not only that, but it’s not financially realistic to go on all of those exciting dates you used to go on when you were first getting to know each other. Now you get to relish in plenty of first dates. Nice restaurants, ice-skating, dinner cruises, the theater. All of the things men pretty much only take you to do when they’re trying to impress you.

The freedom to talk Shyte:

Face it; you love talking a little bit of healthy Shyte about your dates. You love making fun of their little quirks, neuroses, personality flaws. If you’re not in a relationship with a guy, you can dish out the dirt to your girlfriends and you all have a healthy, care-free laugh about it. When you were with your boyfriend, if you talked Shyte about him, your friends got that look on their face—that “uh oh…is this going to be a real problem” look.

Taking your friends up on those set-ups:

Even if your friends liked your boyfriend, they probably couldn’t help once or twice saying that they knew someone else who was perfect for you. Of course they would politely end that by saying “but I know, you’re with your man and you’re happy.” Not anymore! Think of all the friends who had set-ups for you and ask them to set it up!

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