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November 3, 2011  |  
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It’s safe to assume that most women have aspirations of getting married one day, some sooner than others. While I have my own set of grown-up fairy tales when it comes to walking down the aisle, I also have a grown-up list of things to do before I happily utter those two words: “I Do.” Similar to a bucket list (things you would like to do before you actually kick the bucket), these items are things I think every woman, including myself, should experience before marriage.

Once you’re married, if done right, that’s how you will hopefully spend the rest of your life. The days of making your own decisions without having to consider the feelings of a partner will be over…forever (or something like that); and if that’s not enough to scare you, consider this: instead, you will have to consider someone else wholeheartedly before moving forward with plans or life-altering decisions. Until then, single women should experience certain things, meet certain people, and potentially get certain things in order (like that enormous credit card debt lingering since college).

While everyone’s ‘Before I Get Married’ bucket list will vary, here are a couple of considerations to get you started in creating your own.

Splurge On an Irresponsible Gift for Yourself

While some women may do this more than necessary, others are more financially cautious with their money and choose not to splurge on any items outside of their tax bracket. Still, every woman deserves, at least once, to treat herself to one item that even the most financially cautious woman can’t resist. Whether it’s that expensive pair of shoes or an even more expensive electronic item, go ahead and splurge…just once. Because once you’re married, your splurging budget may be linked to someone else’s bank account besides your own.

Date A Person of Another Culture

You can’t knock it ‘til you try it. While race shouldn’t be such an overlying factor, dating someone from a different culture provides you with a different perspective. Maybe you’re dead set on marrying your chocolate Morris Chestnut, but you can’t knock dating outside of your race until you try it…at least once.

Have a Seasonal Fling

What you decide to do or not do during your seasonal fling is all upon your discretion, but every woman should enjoy just one of those infatuating moments that takes your breath away–if only for a season.

Go On a Date With An Older Guy            

While you don’t have to marry the older guy or even date someone old enough to be your grandfather, dating an older man provides you with a different, more seasoned perspective when it comes to men. Note that dating a man three or four years older is not necessarily considered an ‘older guy.’ I’m referring to someone at least 10 years your senior.

Take A ‘Me’ Day and Ignore Everyone

When you get married, you may have to spend a good amount of time tending to your man or even later down the line, your kids. Because of this, your ‘me’ days may be far and few between or possibly never even happen. Plus, it will be somewhat irresponsible to declare a day off and leave kids unattended and a house in total chaos while you soak in a candlelit bath for hours.


Get Your Finances In Order

You prefer not to marry a broke man with bad credit. Don’t expect a man to want to marry a broke woman with bad credit. Try being responsible before you’re married. If you can get your finances in order, attempt to get them together instead of bringing financial baggage into a marriage.


Go Out and Hit On A Guy

Even the shyest woman should see what it feels like to hit on a man at least once. Compliment a stranger and ask for his number, or buy him a drink, even. What you decide to do after hitting on him is solely up to you; but allow yourself to be a flirt for once and make the first move. Flirting as a married woman isn’t something I would recommend (but you’re going to do what you want to do), so go ahead and boldly get it out of your system.

Take a Wild All-Girls Vacation

Enjoy an all-girls vacation where you can all swear, ‘what happens in (insert vacation spot here), stays in (insert vacation spot here).’ Just be careful that it’s not caught on camera.

Be Settled in Your Career or At Least On Your Way To Settling

Some people may not agree with this and it’s understandable why they may not. Keep in mind though, I am not saying that you should have it all figured out before you get married. Still, you should be working in your profession or at least have a general idea of the path you want to take. Why? Because let’s say 10 years down the line you finally figure out that you want to pursue acting. Three kids and a husband may put a damper on these plans. This is not to say that you wouldn’t be able to pursue your dreams at this point; but it sure would make you second-guess your decision.

Learn to Cook at Least Three Edible Meals

While I am certainly no advocate for a woman slaving over a stove every day of the week if she doesn’t want to, I do understand that a man has to eat. Maybe you won’t be able to whip up an eclectic mix of meals throughout the week, but before you get married you should have at least three go-to meals that you can cook for you and your husband. Suggestions? Baked chicken can never steer you wrong.

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