How Your Beauty Priorities Change As You Get Older

September 20, 2017  |  
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Women can be very shortsighted about their beauty and their bodies when they’re young. We nearly put yourselves in the hospital with all the Pilates and the CrossFit and the juicing and the hot yoga and the waist trainers. We will devote hours a day to a body and an aesthetic that, honestly, we can only keep up for about a decade of our lives aka somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of our lives. That’s not a very long time to enjoy that look, considering how much time, energy and money we put into it. We throw our little savings at expensive gyms memberships and workout clothes. We devote our little free time to exercise. We don’t enjoy the foods we want, all so that we can perfect this body that we will inevitably lose soon. That’s why our beauty priorities change drastically towards our 50s. Here is how a woman’s beauty priorities change as she gets older.

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You want to look healthy instead of hot

It’s not about looking out-of-this-world hot. It’s about looking healthy. It’s more about not looking certain things (not looking tired, not looking sick, not looking run down, not looking old) than it is about looking “hot.” Words like “vibrant” and “radiant” come to mind more than “sexy” or “cute.”

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You know your style perfectly

Shopping doesn’t take you long anymore. You know the three shops that have clothes you love. You know the corners of those shops that have the styles that flatter you. There are several cuts and designs you don’t waste your time on anymore. You walk into a store and you can describe the pant you want down to the seam. “Bootleg. High rise. Side zipper. Nothing else. Thank you.”


Looking good after the beach vs at it

You’re more concerned with how you’ll look after hitting the beach than while you’re at it. That means you’re out there in a huge floppy hat, big sunglasses, and a moo moo, sitting under an umbrella. You’re not out there in a tiny bikini with no shade whatsoever.





You want healthy hair

You aren’t chasing that haircut that is all the rage. You aren’t chasing that dye job that everyone is sporting. All you want is healthy hair. The hair products you buy promote the fact that they’ll make your hair healthier and stronger, rather than giving you “bed head” or “beach waves.”

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Sleep is everything

You know that if you don’t get a good night’s rest, there isn’t enough makeup in the world to cover it up. Your dark circles will be out of control and your skin will look puffy. Your eyes will be bloodshot and somehow even your hair will look limp. You’ve shifted some of your finances away from beauty products and over to things that help you sleep (masks, noise machines, etc.) but to you, they’re one and the same.


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So long as you’re not “fat,” that’s good enough

You aren’t thriving for abs. You aren’t obsessing over toned arms. You aren’t working on those calf muscles. If you have a healthy BMI and at least a flat(ish) stomach, you feel pretty damn good about yourself.




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You have a lower tolerance for stress

Stress and beauty are closely related to you. When someone causes you stress, you don’t only think, “This doesn’t feel good” but you also think “This won’t look good!” You can feel those lines on your face intensifying as this person makes you grimace. Fighting stress becomes a part of your beauty routine.




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You love a good moisturizer

You and your girlfriends could talk for hours about where to find the best moisturizer. You’re something of a connoisseur in the matter. You have day creams, night creams, evening creams, sun creams, fall, winter, spring and summer creams. You could start a moisturizer store.




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Ha! Shaving! You forgot about that. I mean, you still do it like twice a month. But you’re so done with boys who require hairless vaginas and legs. You have too much to worry about and that has fallen to the bottom of your priority list. Listen: you’ll shave if you’re going to be in a bikini in broad daylight with people you don’t know very well. That’s it.

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You want less but better jewelry

You don’t want four chests full of costume jewelry between funky, bohemian beads for music festivals and large, chunky fake stones for New Year’s Eve parties. You’ve started a collection of fine jewelry. It’s elegant but understated. It’s just blingy enough to attract admiration, but it doesn’t steal attention away from your outfit.



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You choose one body part and highlight it

Rather than highlighting your entire body in a tight little dress, you choose one body part and highlight it. In fact, you have a few features that you believe look pretty damn good for your age, like your collarbone and shoulders, or your lower back.





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You understand the power of smell

You know how influential scent can be. You’ve tried every perfume out there and you know exactly which ones make you feel and even look healthy, happy, enchanting and vibrant. You know that you need to play on several senses now to create an aesthetic.


You know your colors and you don’t stray

You have a list of colors that you’re not messing with. It doesn’t matter if your friends insist they look good on you or the sales women keep bringing you pants in those colors. You know how you look in those colors and you don’t touch them. Meanwhile, you have about 24 dresses in that color that does look great on you.




You give your hair up to a stylist

You’re not risking anything on coloring your own hair at home anymore. You need a stylist who can use products that will strengthen your hair. You don’t even do your own blowouts or curling at home for big events. You understand that you need to turn your delicate tresses over to a professional.



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You master the lip line

You and your friends are on the hunt for the best lip liner. The hunt never ends. Your lips are thinning out or somehow losing their natural color so lip liner is everything. You aren’t messing with unnatural shades like blue or metallic silver anymore. You just want products that make your lips look the way they looked, on their own, when you were 30.

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